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Toyosu PIT Summary (access, seating tables, cafe, parking lots, lockers, and hotel restaurant information)

Toyosu PIT is a live venue in Toyosu, which was established to support reconstruction activities in the Tohoku region through entertainment such as live.It boasts the largest number of people in Tokyo, and many events are held every month.We introduce not only the access method of the Toyosu PIT, seat information, capacity, coin lockers, but also the parking lots, hotels and restaurants in the surrounding area.Please use it as a reference when going to Toyosu PIT.

What is the

Toyosu PIT?

Toyosu PIT is a large live house where you can enjoy various live performances in Toyosu.The PIT was derived from the acronym “Power into Toyo”, and was established as a base to support reconstruction activities in the Tohoku region through entertainment.The team smile is operated by the general incorporated association, which was established in October 2012. In addition, there are 4 locations in addition to Toyosu PIT, including the Sendai PIT, Iwaki PIT and Kamaishi PIT.

The total amount of profits from ToyoSU PIT is used as a fund for operating the PIT of the 3 Tohoku prefectures and as an activity fund for supporting reconstruction activities. As a result, it is possible to support the reconstruction support activities in the Tohoku region while enjoying entertainment.

In addition to music concerts, it can be used as a place for entertainment activities, such as dancing, musicals, comedy, and various events.

There is no high-rise building nearby, and you can enjoy the night view of the skyscraper in the Harumi area on the other side of the Harumi Ohashi Bridge during the night time.

Access to the Toyosu PIT and the nearest station

The closest part of Toyosu PIT is the “Shin-Toyosu Station” of Yurikamome, and it is located in a place about 2 or 3 minutes’ walk away from the north exit.You can go there by foot from Toyosu Station, but it takes about 1 km, so it takes about 10 minutes by foot, so if you can use Yurikamome, it’s more convenient to take a monorail to Shin-Toyosu Station.

If you are walking on foot from Toyosu, there is a nearby Gas Science Museum called “Shusu”, a “Toyosu Machinami Park” where you can enjoy a model house, a “WILD MAGIC” where you can enjoy barbeque, and so on, so please stop by.It is also possible to walk slowly to Toyosu Pit by passing through the “Toyosu Gurushiri Park” located along the canal.

How to access the Toyosu PIT from Shibuya, Shinjuku, Tokyo and Haneda Airport

The way to Toyosu PIT from Shibuya, Shinjuku and Tokyo Station, which is the main station, is the way to Toyosu Station and Shin-Toyosu Station as described above.

How to get from Shibuya to Toyosu PIT

If you go to Toyosu PIT from Shibuya Station, you can take the Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line and change to the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line at Nagatacho Station. The shortest way is to get to Toyosu Station.

How to get from Shinjuku to Toyosu PIT

If you go to Toyosu PIT from Shinjuku, take the JR Sobu Line or the Toei-Shinjuku Line to Ichigaya Station, then transfer to the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line and go to Toyosu Station.

How to get from Tokyo to Toyosu PIT

If you go to Toyosu PIT from Tokyo Station, you can go to Yurakucho Station next door by using JR Yamanote Line or Keihin-Tohoku Line and transfer to Yurakucho Line. It is the quickest and easiest way to get there.

How to get from Haneda Airport to Toyosu PIT

If you are visiting by airplane from far away, I think there are many ways to use Haneda airport, but there are many ways to get to Toyosu by way of “Yuraku-cho” from Haneda Airport to “Yuraku-cho” via “Yuraku-cho”, and it is expected to be very crowded, so you can’t make a lot of changes to the Tokyo Monorail.

There is a cheap limousine bus service from Haneda airport to Toyosu Station, so you can get to Toyosu Station by a few hours per hour, so you can get to the Toyosu PIT and get to the Toyosu PIT from there. It is the most important way to get there.

Parking lot information about the Toyosu PIT

If you are going to Toyosu PIT by car, it is recommended to use “Mitsui Repark Shin-Toyosu Ekimae” which is located in front of the Toyosu PIT.There are other parking lots around the Toyosu Pit, such as “Mitsui’s Repark Toyosu 6 Chome” and “Mitsui’s Repark Toyosu 5 Chome second”, but this is a little distance from Toyosu PIT, so it is a good idea to use it when you cannot park in front of Shin-Toyosu Station.

The maximum number of units to be accommodated is 126 units, and the rate system is as follows.

  • 0:00 to 8 : 00 : 60 minute / 100 yen
  • 8:00 to 20 : 00 : 30 minute / 200 yen
  • 20:00 to 0 : 00 : 60 minute / 100 yen
  • Maximum price : 2,300 yen
  • = 24 hours

If you buy a parking service ticket for Mitsui’s repark, you can use the number of the purchase amount as a payment for the parking lot, so it is recommended to buy this one as a commutation ticket instead of the commutation ticket.

In some situations, all parking lots close to Toyosu PIT are buried, so it may not be possible to use the parking lot.At that time, please refer to “ Low cost recommended parking lot 9, ” and try to find a parking lot close to Toyosu PIT and find a cheap parking lot.If you are worried, there is a service to reserve a parking lot in advance, so let’s use this.

Capacity and Seating of Toyosu PIT and Table, Drink and Lavatory

All guest seats in Toyosu PIT are seats on the first floor, and in case of standing, 3,103 people, and in the case of seating, it boasts a very wide area, which can accommodate up to 1,328 people.It is possible to enjoy a live concert and events in the largest live house in Tokyo.

Seat Table

The guest seats are almost square, and there are stages in front of the entrance, and there is a coin locker on the right, a coin locker on the left, and a toilet on the left side of the drink corner.The smoking area is outside the entrance, so if you smoke, try to smoke once you have been out.Since there are 2 30 cm steps in the seats, it is possible to catch the stage from the rear seat.The front row of the steps is a handrail, so if you want to secure the visibility, it is better to secure a seat in front of this handrail.

The customer seats are separated by 6 rows in the left, middle and right 3 lines, and the last block in the middle is the PA space used by the sound, so the total of 17 areas is the customer seating area.The most secure view is the front of the odd-numbered one, so if the seats seem to be vacant, you can get more live and enjoy it more in the event or the event.


You will pay 500 yen for drinks when you enter, but you will receive a drink coin at that time.With this drink coin, you can exchange it with soft drinks and alcoholic drinks at drink corner on the right side of the entrance.The offer is a cupcup, so you should be careful not to spill it during events such as all standing.You can also buy drinks in cash as well as drink coins.The menu for drinks is as follows.

Alcohol (500 yen at the time of purchase)

  • Asahi Super Dry
  • jack soda
  • Jack Cork (cache only)
  • jack ginger (cache only)

Soft drinks (300 yen at the time of purchase)

  • Coccola
  • Ginger ale
  • Minute Maid orange 80%
  • Irohasu PET bottle
  • Twill PET Bottle
  • Aquarius PET bottle


The restroom is located on the left side of the entrance and is located on the left side.There is also a restroom for wheelchairs, so it’s safe to visit the wheelchair with a wheelchair.There are also 27 toilets for women, but it is assumed that there are many women participating in the event, so it is a good idea to use it at a time with plenty of room.

The playroom where artists wait is the left

on the stage.
Because there is a room where artists and others wait for the artist to wait for the artist to wait on the left side of the stage, when the event starts, it is possible to find the right moment, so when the event starts, it is possible to capture the right moments.I’m excited to know where I am while I wait until the event starts.

Coin locker in Toyosu PIT

The Toyosu PIT also has a rich number of coin lockers, so it is convenient to leave your luggage in a coin locker during the event.However, the number of large lockers is limited, so it is better to use lockers at the station if you have a lot of luggage.

There are coin lockers in the venue and 2 places on the left after entering the venue and the entrance.The large locker is located on the left side of the building outside the venue, so if you are planning to use a large locker, please go to this place.

There are 1,551 coin lockers in total, and the breakdown is as follows.

  • Outdoor installation : 915 regular sizes, 36 large sizes
  • Indoor installation : 600 regular sizes

The price structure and locker size are as follows.

  • Normal size : 300 yen, width 22.6 cm depth 42.2 cm height 29 cm
  • Large size : 600 yen, width 22.6 cm depth 48.2 cm height 77.4 cm

Also, if you don’t have coins to use for coin lockers, you can find them at the drink counter at the venue, so please visit them.It’s on the right hand side just after entering the entrance.

Yurikamome “Shin-Toyosu Station” coin locker

If you don’t want to bring your luggage to the venue, and all the lockers in the venue have been buried, there is one way to leave your baggage in the locker of the station.There is a coin locker in a place near the ticket gate of the Yurikamome, which is closest to the Toyosu PIT, in a location near the ticket gate of the Shin-Toyosu Station.There are not many numbers, but there are 3 large lockers with carry bags, so you can consider using them depending on the situation as well, as there are also 11 large lockers.It is also a good point that you can pay with electronic money such as PASMO.

The coin Lockers

on the Yuraku-cho line Toyosu Station
On the Yurakucho line’ Toyosu Station,’ there are 1 places in the ticket gate, 2 coin lockers outside the ticket gate.The location of a coin locker inside the ticket gate is located just next to the escalator of the ticket gate heading toward Lalaport and Toyosu.

The coin lockers outside the ticket gate are located at the intersection of the exit gates of the 4 5 6 exit gates, which go straight after exiting the crossing gate of Toyosu Station, and the number is the most in the coin lockers in Toyosu Station.Also, there are a few places on the way to exit number 7 on the way to exit, which is convenient for the transfer to the right on the right and the Yurikamome on the right side of the ticket gate. Toyosu Station.If you are going to Toyosu PIT from Toyosu Station, you may leave your baggage here.

Event scheduled schedule scheduled for Toyosu PIT

Events held at Toyosu PIT are held not only on Saturdays and Sundays, but also on weekdays.When you are looking for events near Toyosu, you might find a schedule for events held at Toyosu PIT, and you may find something you’re interested in.You can check the latest schedule on the official site, and make sure to check the ticket reservation method, the fee, the opening time, and the purchase and participation conditions, so please check it out.

Toyosu PIT event schedule

Purchase Event Ticket for Toyosu PIT

Information on how to purchase event tickets for Toyosu PIT is disclosed in the event information of the ToyoSU PIT, which has been introduced above.In most cases, tickets are sold at ticket pia, and some events may sell tickets at multiple sales sites.You should check the ticket by checking the ticket site before you get the start date and so on, and prepare it so that you can buy the ticket smoothly on the day.The following are the sales sites where the event tickets for Toyosu PIT are often sold :.


around the Toyosu PIT

Harumi Grand Hotel

Harumi Grand Hotel is a hotel affiliated with Toyosu PIT and offers a plan to stay with Toyosu PIT limited.You can also go to the Harumi area across the Harumi Ohashi Bridge in the hotel, so you can go to the Toyosu PIT immediately, so it’s safe to get there.It is scheduled to be reopened on June 1, 2018, and you will be able to spend a comfortable stay in the building if you are staying.

The front desk is open for 24 hours, so you’ll be relieved at midnight as well.It is a good hotel for those who come from the local area as it is ok to go sightseeing in Tokyo until the late night of the day.You can also enjoy breakfast with Japanese and Western style breakfast, so you don’t need to look around the hotel looking for breakfast.

Hotel Rib Max Toyosu Station

Hotel Livemax Toyosu Station is the only hotel near Toyosu Station.The hotel opened in October 2017, and the interior of the hotel is very beautiful, and it is also a popular hotel for those who participate in events around the Toyosu area.

You can enjoy meals and leisure because there is Laladoya and Toyosu nearby.Since Toyosu has good access to Ginza, Shinjuku and Shibuya, it is also recommended as a base point for sightseeing in Tokyo.It is the easiest hotel to go to Toyosu PIT, so please consider staying overnight.

Tokyo Bay Ariake Washington Hotel

“Tokyo Bay Ariake Washington Hotel” is a hotel located in Ariake area.If you go to Toyosu PIT, you can go there from Ariake Station by Yurikamome.It is sometimes used as a wedding venue, and the inside of the building is very beautiful and well-equipped.There are also a lot of meals, so you can enjoy the night view of Toyosu, Harumi and Odaiba at a restaurant on the twentieth and twenty first floors.

Also, there is a shuttle bus to Tokyo Disney Resort, which is convenient for sightseeing around the area, as it is also convenient to travel around Tokyo, not only by the shuttle bus service to Tokyo Disney Resort, but also by the limousine bus to Haneda Airport.If you are satisfied with your stay, I would recommend staying at Tokyo Bay Ariake Washington Hotel when you go to Toyosu PIT from outside the Tokyo area, because the memory of your trip is better than your trip.

In addition, there are many hotels where you can stay comfortably at the Toyosu PIT.Those who are staying at a live event or planning to visit Odaiba and Disneyland at the same time as the Toyosu PIT event should also refer to the “Most Popular hotels around Odaiba” (the fifth most popular hotel in Toyosu).

Food information about the Toyosu PIT


The “MIFA FOOTBALL CAFE” is a cafe located next to the Toyosu PIT and is located in the football field.You can eat hot meals such as pizza, pasta and hot dog, so it is recommended to use it while waiting for the opening of the Toyosu PIT.It’s too cold to wait for the opening during winter, so let’s drink soup like corn soup and clam chowder and warm your body.

Lalaport and Toyosu Restaurant

I recommend you to go to the Toyosu area when you want to have a solid meal instead of a light meal.There are various kinds of restaurants, such as Chinese, Italian, bar, yakiniku and sushi, so you can enjoy your favorite meals.

Why don’t you try a delicious meal at Lalaboo and Toyosu while enjoying the afterglow of the event after the event of Toyosu PIT?For the popular restaurants in Lalaport and Toyosu, please check the “10 famous restaurants in Lalapo and Toyosu”.


Toyosu PIT is the center for supporting the reconstruction of the Tohoku region and is one of the largest live houses in Tokyo.Many events are held every month and are becoming a hub for entertainment.In order to enjoy the event of ToyoSU PIT, you should check the facility information, parking lots, hotels and restaurant information in advance.