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“Edomae-Sensen” (Edomae-steamship) on a houseboat in Shinkiba, Kachidoki

In Shinkiba, there is a’ Edomae-Sensen’ (Edomae-Sensen) where you can ride a houseboat while eating Monjya and okonomiyaki.There are 2 courses, the Odaiba round trip course and the Sumida River cruise course that leaves Kachidoki, and you can enjoy the scenery of Odaiba and Sumida River while eating a delicious monjya while eating a delicious monjya.The reasonable price structure is also popular as it has a reasonable price structure of 5000 yen and all-you-can-drink.

The recommended houseboat that can enjoy Tsukishima Monjya at the Shinkiba is the

In Shinkiba, there is a “Edomae-Sensen” where you can enjoy Monjayaki with a houseboat.There is a Odaiba course that can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Rainbow Bridge and Odaiba, along with the Sumida River course that goes around the Sumida river, and you can use it during lunch time from the lunch time.

It is easy to use from 2 people, so you can easily enjoy Monjayaki by a houseboat.Also, you can use it for 40 people, so it is recommended to use at a party of the company.

The price structure is also a very reasonable price structure, which is 5,000 yen from the Monjya all-you-can-eat and all-you-can-drink.It is nice to eat while enjoying the beautiful scenery seen from the houseboat, so please consider using it once.

Reservation method for Edomae-Sensen and discount information

You need to make a reservation from the official website or apply from the phone to use Yakatabune Monjya of Edomaesensen ship.Students are offered a student discount campaign, and the use of “Ukifune Maru” is 3,900 yen per day and 4,900 yen at night, so they can be used at a very reasonable price.To make a reservation, please apply at the following official website.

The official site of the Edosensen ship

Traveling course, boarding method, and toilet

on the Edomae-Sensen ferry

On the Edomae-Sensen ship, there is a “Odaiba Round course” that departs from Shinkiba and a “Sumida River Tour Course” that departs from Kachidoki.

The Odaiba round trip course is operated from noon to night, so you can enjoy the beautiful Odaiba night view from the sea from the casual use during lunch.This course is recommended for banquets and on a date.There is a round-trip service from the shuttle bus stop near Shin-Kiba Station, so the bus departs 40 minutes before the departure time, 30 minutes ago, 20 minutes before the departure, so you can get on the bus with plenty of time.There is a public restroom near the shuttle bus stop, so I recommend you to take the restroom here.

The Sumida River Tour course that departs from Kachidoki is available only during lunch time.You can enjoy a leisurely view of Tokyo Sky Tree and Asakusa by passing through the large bridge on the Sumida River.The cherry blossoms in full bloom in the spring season are worth seeing.The boarding place is a small boat near the Kachidoki Station.You need to gather 15 minutes before the departure time, so try not to get lost.

Edomae-Sensen Museum

Next to the waiting room for the Shinkiba departure course, there is a “Edomaesensen Museum”, where you can enjoy an exhibition where you can feel the Edo culture.It is recommended to watch the time before the departure, because ukiyoe is exhibited by ukiyoe, portable shrine, Lion dance, game-breaker fan, Motoyokozuna’s Chiyonyofuji, and the decorative commotion worn by the former Yokozuna’s Chiyonyo Fuji and Taiho.


where you can enjoy Tsukishima Monjya on a houseboat.

If you want to enjoy the standard Tsukishima monjya, it is recommended to use “Ukifune maru”.You can eat the standard menu of Tsukishima monjya, such as popular mixed monjya, spicy cod roe monjya, curry monjya, etc.I recommend a rare “dessert monjya” that is rare.Other than monjya, you can also order a variety of dishes such as sausages, enoki mushrooms and butter, okonomiyaki and yakisoba, so please make sure to use it.

The course where Ukifune is going around is only’ Odaiba round course’, and there are 6 flights from noon to night.You can enjoy monjya by running around the Odaiba coast, such as the Rainbow Bridge and the Fuji TV headquarters, with a total of about 2 hours.

The departure time is the following time, so let’s take a shuttle bus at Shinkiba so that you can get there in time.

  • 12:30
  • 16:00
  • 17:30
  • 19:00
  • 19:30
  • 20:00

“Tsukishima Maru”

where you can enjoy seafood monjya.

When you want to enjoy seafood monjya, it is recommended to ride on Tsukishima Maru.You can enjoy Monjya that uses lots of seafood such as tuna special monjya and salmon.You can also eat the standard “Mentaiko Mochi Cheese Monjya”, so you don’t have to worry about it.You can also enjoy seafood menu such as “Seafood Mochi Okonomiyaki” and “Garlic Butter Rice with Salmon and Shirasu”.We have Zenzai mochi for dessert, so let’s order it.

Tsukishima Maru is operated by 2 courses : the Odaiba round course for departure from Shinkiba and the Sumida River Tour course departing from Kachidoki.The Odaiba departure course from Shinkiba is operated during the dinner time, and it takes about 30 minutes longer than the Ukifune Maru to travel around the Odaiba by about 2 hours and 30 minutes.The Tsukishima maru has a view deck, so you can enjoy a view of 360 degrees from the top of the boat.The departure time of the Odaiba round course is as follows.

  • 16:00
  • 19:30

The Sumida River Tour course departing from Kachidoki is operated only during lunch time.During the spring season, there is a special cherry blossom viewing service that allows you to enjoy the cherry blossoms at night, so you can get on board at night.It is quite a party to enjoy the scenery of Sumida River from a quiet sea while eating delicious monjya and okonomiyaki.The normal departure time is as follows.

  • 12:00

Get on a houseboat with all-you-can-eat monjya!

From Shinkiba, there is a popular’ Edomae Steamship’ that goes around the Odaiba and Sumida River, where you can enjoy drinking alcohol while eating Monjya and okonomiyaki.The view from the sea is different from the usual view, so it is recommended when you want to have a refreshing time.Please use this product for banquets, dates, and meals with your family members.