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How to enjoy the Shinjuku Central Park

Shinjuku is one of the largest cities in the world where the number of passengers who get on and off the road is around the world.Many people visit Shinjuku every day, but there are many people who get tired of a lot of people.In such a case, it is convenient …

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How to enjoy the “Path of Bamboo” of Arashiyama

The “Arashiyama” sightseeing spots, where you can enjoy delicious scenery, such as delicious green tea, yuba, and so on, are popular, and they are popular in urban areas and autumn leaves.The popularity is not only for Japanese but also for foreigners. This time, we will introduce the attractions of Arashiyama, …

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How to go to Kyoto from Tokyo

There are various ways to access Kyoto from Tokyo such as highway bus or bullet train.It is important to consider not only the charges but also the time required and the degree of comfort.To tell you the conclusion, when you want to give priority to the price, I recommend you …

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Best travel spots in Kurama, Kibune area

Kurama, Kibune area is an attractive tourist city where there are many tourist spots with deep history and tradition, such as Mount Kurama, where MINAMOTO no Yoshitsune is said to have been trained in Tengu during his childhood.You can enjoy traditional riverbed dishes, the Himatsuri of Kurama, one of the …

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How to enjoy Arashiyama Trolley Train

Arashiyama Torokko Train is a popular Torokko sightseeing train connecting Arashiyama and Kameoka area.You can enjoy the beautiful nature through a retro sightseeing train, and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Arashiyama.There are many popular tourist spots around each station, so I recommend you to visit popular tourist spots …

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Best sport around Lake Biwa

Lake Biwa, the largest freshwater lake in Japan, has many tourist spots.There are many attractive places around Lake Biwa, such as sightseeing spots where you can feel the nature of Lake Biwa, castles and museums that can feel history from the Sengoku period, and gorgeous food spots, so you can …

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