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How to enjoy “21 _ 21 DESIGN SIGHT”

21 _ 21 DESIGN SIGHT (two to-one Design Site) is a design facility located in Tokyo Midtown.

Tokyo Midtown where many design related facilities are lined up, but 21 _ 21 DESIGN SIGHT is a place where planning exhibits and lectures themed on the theme of “everyday” are held.

This time, we’ll introduce you to the appeal and enjoyment of such 21 _ 21 DESIGN SIGHT.


First, check out the basic information such as the opening hours of 21 _ 21 DESIGN SIGHT, and check the attractiveness and the way to enjoy it.

“21 _ 21 DESIGN SIGHT” is where the design is touched

21 _ 21 DESIGN SIGHT is a design facility where you can open design and talk about a work designed based on a variety of themes.You can also touch the logo and the whole building from the professional design.

21 _ 21 DESIGN SIGHT’s logo was created by a professional designer, Mr. Sato.On a blue base plate, the “21 _ 21” written in white is designed as if it were a residential display.

The building was designed by an architect, Tadao Ando.In this way, 21 _ 21 DESIGN SIGHT is a place where the entire facility can be touched from the entire facility, from the building to the display.

History of “21 _ 21 DESIGN SIGHT”

21 _ 21 DESIGN SIGHT was opened in 2007.However, the history of 21 _ 21 DESIGN SIGHT dates back to the 1980 s.

21 _ 21 DESIGN SIGHT was born in the 1980 s when many of the creators in the 1980 s talked about the importance and potential of the design culture.

Based on this, in 2003, the designer Issey Miyake contributed an article on the theme of “Necessity of a place where design Culture is a Hub for Design Culture in Japan.”.As a result of a lot of sympathy in this article, it opened as a place to publish a design culture in 2007.

Since then, various exhibitions and lectures have been held to date.In 2017, the gallery 3 was established, and the designer Satoru Sato was appointed as the director of the museum, and continued development continues.

Name of “21 _ 21 DESIGN SIGHT”

The name “21 _ 21 DESIGN SIGHT” derives from the founder’s idea of “I want to make the design more interesting to the future.”.

In North America, the visual acuity is described as “20/20 Hamiltonians.”.At first glance, the visual and design seem to be unrelated, but the name 21 _ 21 DESIGN SIGHT was built based on this expression.

In “20/20 Hamiltonians,” the number of “20” was used, but with the intention of the founders mentioned above, the name was chosen to be greater than 20 in the name of “21.”.In addition, the name was used to describe the importance of seeing things, “Sight.”.

“21 _ 21 DESIGN SIGHT” access opening hours and admission rates

21 _ 21 DESIGN SIGHT Access Opening and Closing Hours and Admission are as follows :.

● When using a train
5 minute walk from the Toei-Oedo Line Roppongi Station, the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line’ Roppongi’ Station, and the Chiyoda Line’ Nogizaka’ station.

● If you are using the bus
– 4 minute walk from’ Akasaka Rokuchome’ bus stop’ Akasaka’ bus stop” Akasaka’ bus stop. FUJI EXPRESS
– 5 minute walk from the “Nogizaka Station Entrance” bus stop, “Hinokichou Park” bus stop, “Roppongi 7 chome” bus stop on the FUJI EXPRESS bus stop.

opening hours
– 10:00 to 19:00 (entry until 18:30)

The closing date is Tuesdays, New Year’s holidays and exhibition renewal periods.

・ General : 1,100 yen
・ University student : 800 yen
・ High school student : 500 yen
・ Junior high school students : free

※ The shop is free of charge.

Planning and Presentation of 21 _ 21 DESIGN SIGHT and Lecture

21 _ 21 DESIGN SIGHT offers planning and lecture on design of a variety of genres.First of all, please take a look at some of the planned exhibitions and lectures that have been held so far.

Planned exhibition
・ “The 100 Sofa Spring Exhibition Made by Wyeth Weiss” (Exhibits about Sofa using Organic Materials)
・’ Unit Exhibition’ (Exhibits related to units)
・ “Water Exhibition” (Exhibition concerning water)

・ “Design Talk” (About 21 _ 21 DESIGN SIGHT, a lecture that designers look back on)

In this way, 21 _ 21 DESIGN SIGHT offers lectures on overall design and a wide range of planning and exhibition of a wide range of topics.You can also check out the planned exhibition, future planning and presentation, and lecture sessions at the official site of the 21 _ 21 DESIGN SIGHT.

“21 _ 21 DESIGN SIGHT” Building and 3 galleries

21 _ 21 DESIGN SIGHT is impressive with a unique building built by an architect.Among them, there are 3 galleries.Let’s get to the appeal of each gallery!

Gallery 1 Attractiveness

In Gallery 1, you can enjoy planning exhibitions by genre, such as units and crafts.In Gallery 1, in addition to the planned exhibitions mentioned earlier, the following exhibitions have been held.

・ “Rice Exhibition” (Exhibits about the History and Customs of rice)
・ “Miscellaneous Goods Exhibition” (exhibits related to miscellaneous goods)
・ “U-Tsu Wa / Depression Exhibition” (Exhibits about Depression by Famous Potters, etc.)

In this manner, Gallery 1 exhibits exhibitions of things that have been melted into everyday life and have little chance to think about everyday.

Gallery 2 Attractiveness

Basically, it is often used in Gallery 1 and 2, so Gallery 2 exhibits exhibitions similar to Gallery 1.

You don’t have to keep planning exhibitions for 1 genres, so every time you deal with a variety of genres, you can enjoy it every time you go.

Also, as described above, there is a wide range of planning exhibitions in daily life, so there is an appeal to deepen knowledge about a variety of genres.

Gallery 3 Attractiveness

Gallery 3 is a space where you can enjoy corporate planning exhibitions.Some of the open planning exhibitions are as follows.

・ Planning exhibition of lifestyle items by Mujiruhin Ryohin
・ Planned exhibition by fashion brand “Sonia Emanuel”
・ Planned exhibition of stretch materials by textile manufacturer TORAY.

In the gallery 3, you can enjoy daily planning exhibitions such as daily necessities and fashion.However, Gallery 3 is different from Gallery 1 and Gallery 2, so there are many exhibitions that appeal to the 1 products and technologies.If you want to learn about the 1 products and technologies, please go to Gallery 3.

A popular souvenir shop at the “21 _ 21 DESIGN SIGHT” shop.

21 _ 21 The shop on the first floor of DESIGN SIGHT has 13 kinds of souvenirs.This time, I’ll introduce three of the most popular souvenirs in this time.

21 _ 21 pen

The 21 _ 21 pen is a stylish design, with a design that gives you a soft impression, so you can use it for both men and women.The body also contains a 21 _ 21 DESIGN SIGHT logo, so it is perfect for presents to you, as a gift for your loved ones.

In addition, the 21 _ 21 pen body uses “My My to laminot”, which was created by Naoto Fukasawa, the director of 21 _ 21 DESIGN SIGHT.LaMY to is a ballpoint series made of a simple and easy to write structure, so it is great not only for its design, but also for convenience.Please take care of yourself.

21 _ 21 pen

  • Price (tax included) : 2,291 yen
  • Online purchase :

21 _ 21 Graphics Plate

21 _ 21 Graphic plate is an item that anyone can easily draw a variety of designs.

It is a graphic plate of 21 _ 21 DESIGN SIGHT with a theme of “Everyday” and it is a graphic plate with 21 _ 21 DESIGN SIGHT logo and signs, as well as a design of arrows and toilet signs used in everyday life.Also, the color is 21 _ 21 DESIGN SIGHT SIGHT, and the same blue color as the logo is selected.

This graphic plate is a versatile item that can be used in a variety of ways.You can also enjoy illustrations with your children, or use them with a horizontal design to mark them.

21 _ 21 Graphic Plate

  • Price (tax included) : 756 yen
  • Online purchase :

21 _ 21 Portables

21 _ 21 Notebooks are Moleskine notebooks that are convenient for convenience and design.This 21 _ 21 notebook is an eye-type Moleskine note, so you can easily write characters, tables and graphs, and it is perfect for business travelers.It is a hard type with a thick surface, so it can be used as it is standing.It is a size that fits into your pocket, so it is convenient to carry it.

In addition, it can also be used to put illustrations and photos, so it is perfect for students and housewives’ diary and design books and book books.It has a blue logo with a logo, and it is a stylish 1 piece that reminds you of the 21 _ 21 DESIGN SIGHT logo.

21 _ 21 Notebook

  • Price (tax included) : 2,484 yen
  • Online purchase :

21 _ 21 miniature building model

21 _ 21 Miniature building model is a building model that can reproduce 21 _ 21 DESIGN SIGHT at a scale of 1 500.This item is made so that it can reproduce the actual product as much as possible to a very fine part.The various parts, including the pedestal, are built based on the drawings used during construction, so you can realistically build 21 _ 21 DESIGN SIGHT at home.

This item is not available online, and only those who come to 21 _ 21 DESIGN SIGHT are available.21 _ 21 DESIGN SIGHT If you want to recreate your design sight at home, definitely get it.

21 _ 21 Miniature Building Model

  • Price (tax included) : 3,024 yen
  • Online purchase :


21 _ 21 DESIGN SIGHT is a facility that can be touched by a variety of designs.Because it deals with everyday themes, it can also be enjoyed by those who have few chances to touch the design.In this way, you can enjoy 21 _ 21 DESIGN sight by the people who often see the design work.Please try to carry it.