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How to enjoy Apple Store Shinjuku

I think there are quite a lot of people who think they must not live when they lose their lives in the society.I often use Apple products such as the iPhone.

However, are you fully working with your Apple products?Are you satisfied with the minimum range of utilization?If there’s any abnormality in the product I have, can I deal with it immediately?

It seems like Apple products continue to use with a variety of questions and concerns, but let’s use Apple Store at this time.In April 2018, Apple Store Shinjuku, the latest store, was established.I will show you how to use the Apple Store Shinjuku and how to enjoy it.

Basic information in Apple Store Shinjuku

Address : 3? Shinjuku-ku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160 – 0022.30?13. Shinjuku Marui Main Building
Telephone : 03 – 5656 – 1800
Business hours : (Monday – Sunday) 10:00 ~ 21:00
Nearest stations : Shinjuku Sanchome Station, Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line, Fukutoshin Line, and Toei Shinjuku Line
Official site : https://www.apple.com/jp/retail/shinjuku/?cid=aos-jp-seo-maps

“Apple Store Shinjuku” is

“Apple Store Shinjuku” is a shop that offers Apple services and software support for Apple’s purchase and repair of Apple products.

In addition, Photo Music Movie application?-?HUH?Many people who want to improve their skills, such as those who have a chance to do so, have a session where they can enjoy their skills every day.

The Apple stores that have been installed so that people with Apple products such as the iPhone and other products can take full advantage of the features are the “Apple Store.”.Among many directly-managed stores, Apple Store Shinjuku is the latest store, with new information being released.

Visit Apple Store Shinjuku to improve product maintenance and skills and experience a variety of fun experiences.

Access to “Apple Store Shinjuku” parking lot

“Apple Store Shinjuku” is located on the first floor of the Marui Main Building, which is located along the Shinjuku Street.It’s better to go from Shinjuku station to the east exit.As for the access to Apple Store Shinjuku, go to the ground on the ticket gate at the east Exit of JR Shinjuku Station and proceed to the right.

If you walk toward Yotsuya on the Shinjuku street, you will see “Bicqlo” on the right side, so if you look at it, it will become the Marui main building in which “Apple Store Shinjuku” is located.It takes about 5 minutes by foot.

It is convenient to use the parking lot of Keio Shinjuku Oiwake Building when you come by car.

Operating hours and congestion hours in Apple Store Shinjuku

The business hours of “Apple Store Shinjuku” are from 10:00 to 21:00, and there are no regular holidays.It is a direct store of Apple, so it is different from the general store.As a regular dealer, customers come in and out for a variety of purposes, not just for purchase or repair purposes.

There are quite a lot of people who love Apple products, so there are many needs for those who visit it.The Apple store is a place where Apple’s “holy grail” can be said to be the holy grail.

Is it around 18 o’clock on weekdays where you have a lot of customers?Many people visit on Sundays and holidays through the first day.Still, the store is spacious, so you can use the service without any trouble.

Unless the event such as the new iPhone or the new product is released, it seems to be difficult to find it difficult to get crowded.

Attractions and How to Enjoy Apple Store Shinjuku

“Apple Store Shinjuku” was launched on April 7, 2018.This is the fourth store in Tokyo, followed by Ginza, Shibuya and Omotesando, and it is the eighth store in Japan.Recently, the open Apple directly-managed stores have been making a very enjoyable shop.

It is the same as the latest Apple Store Shinjuku in the directly-managed store, but it is the same as the ordinary Apple directly-managed store, but actually there are design details and Apple’s design philosophy.

Latest store design

Apple announced in its special event at the 2017 special event that all Apple Stores around the world will be updated to the Town Square type.

Apple Store Shinjuku is the first store in Japan to adopt the latest space design, which will be adopted by Apple stores worldwide.The front part creates an open space with a full glass of 37 m width, and the outer circumference creates an atmosphere that combines with the streets by planting Japanese native Ilex pedunculosa trees.

Looking at the latest space design, it seems like UX design, which emphasizes the experience of actually touching and experiencing the product, rather than displaying the product as it has been so far.

6 k display

At Apple Store Shinjuku, a huge video wall in front of the entrance shows a symbolic presence.A 6 k video wall with LED is installed with multiple units connected by a 3 CINNO LED digital signage, “Fine Pitch LED Display.”.

The logo of “Apple Store Shinjuku” designed in the neon style will be displayed, but it will be used in a workshop that is installed in front of the video wall.

Free workshop session session

In Apple Store Shinjuku, a new session where you can learn about various topics such as photos, videos, music, applications and designs, and a new session where you can learn about them every day is held every day.

– volod Torabo is a descendant of Chase Jarvis, and it is possible to learn it so that it can be created by creating an ideal ancestor.You can understand the basic skills needed to take photos and how to shoot portraits, leaving them out of the original concept, and putting the scene into frames from a new perspective.Try to get a lot of tips to make your photos more attractive.

The video lab is a comedian with Zach King and it becomes a magical part of a small screen when it is fun.You’ll learn a secret to participate in a session where everyone gets into a session, and learn how to make a magical editing technique.Let’s incorporate a new style into your video creation.

* Mikonreview is a joint development with the jungle of Florence Welch and it is possible to create original sound if you learn how to operate it.Master the original sound by mastering the tips of music creation and beat making, which are easier than you can imagine.

When the center of the desk is stroked, the outlet appears

When you visit Apple Store Shinjuku, you’ll notice the desk without any products, such as Macs or iPhones, on the right hand side of the front entrance.This space is a desk used for user support, and so on.

It’s just a desk, but I’d love to try it when I go to the shop.Actually, it has a strange outlet that opens and closes automatically.The sensor is attached to the center of the desk, and just holding your hands over it, the outlet will come out from the desk.

If you hold your hand 1 times, the outlet will be stored.However, if the power plug is connected to the outlet, the sensor is turned off, so even if you hold your hand by mistake, the storage will not be stored, so you can do it without worrying about it.

More than 160 staff

I heard that many employees working at Apple Store Shinjuku were working at a domestic or overseas Apple store, and their average working period was about 6 years.

In addition, when Apple Store Ginza opened its staff, he became the leader of “Apple Store Shinjuku.”.Our experience & amp ; experience staff are waiting for you to come.

“Apple Store Shinjuku” is a full Apple store with a strong Apple store


April 7, 2018 : “Apple Store Shinjuku” was opened with full support.At last, “Apple Store” was born in Shinjuku.By the way, it was surprising that there was no Apple Store in Shinjuku until now.

About 1 years have passed since the opening of the store, and we have been working to help customers with Apple products by selling Apple products, selling Apple products and repairing their iPhones and iPads, and helping them to use Apple products more effectively than the rest of the Apple Store.

Now it has a feeling of being deeply rooted in the area of Shinjuku, and it has become a hot spot in Shinjuku.It is not a big store like Ginza and Omotesando, but it seems that it will become a shop that is easy to use by Apple fans and is easy to use by Apple fans in future.