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How to enjoy “Detective BAR ANSWER” in Roppongi

The name of the bar in Roppongi is “Detective BAR ANSWER” in Roppongi.This is a popular restaurant where the active detectives serve as a bartender.While enjoying a good cocktail, you can enjoy the items you actually use in detective activity and enjoy it.

In addition, it is one of the charms that can actually be consulted, and it is possible to have a private consultation in a private room.

In this article, I’ll introduce you to the appeal and enjoyment of Roppongi’s popular bar “Detective BAR ANSWER”.If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy alcohol in Roppongi, please try to use it as a reference.

The charm that is only here in the Detective BAR ANSWER

The nature of “Detective BAR ANSWER.”.The answer is the BAR where the real detectives work as bartenders, that is, the bar where the bartender is the active detective.

This is quite strange, but it doesn’t just mean the staff’s detective will give you a cocktail.

The bartenders of “Detective BAR ANSWERS” are real detectives, so they are the real people who undertake the investigation and conduct reconnaissance and work as they request.These bartenders will respond to your wishes.

The “Detective BAR ANSWER” is also packed with special attention to the display and cocktails in the store.First of all, you can see a lot of detective goods lined up in the store.And when you look at the menu, all of the names of 20 cocktails are full of humorous names associated with the detective.Of course, the flavor is authentic, so it’s ok to move around with only cocktails.

I’d like to ask you something I care about, but I think the detective bar is too big. You can easily talk to me about the good cocktail power of this detective bar.

The staff are all active detectives!

When you open the door of “Detective BAR ANSWER,” a female restaurant head of the cool beauty, who is dressed in the disguise goods of the shop, will greet you.

All of the staff members are active detectives, starting with the head of the store.His career was a gathering of reporters, including a former weekly reporter and a cameraman.Therefore, TV and magazine companies sometimes offer them, and they appear as well.

Not only the existence of the store, but all of the staff in it is just one dream collaboration bar in Neustar Il’s world.

There are many detective goods in the store

In the store of “Detective BAR answer”, the rare detective goods collected by real detectives are exhibited without any regrets.

For example, in the seated table, there was a picture of the scene where men and women walked on the scene where men walked on their shoulders, and the evidence (of course, reproduced).Besides, there are a wide array of detective hats, such as a court, a hidden camera, a dark vision scope, and an infidelity checker.

These detective goods seem valuable, but you can buy them.It may be an irresistible service to the maniac.

The cocktail name is also a detective, and it is interesting

There are 20 kinds of cocktail with “Detective BAR ANSWER” in total.The name is all from the detective, and each theme is very deep.

  • The name is “Chameleon”
  • that reminds me of a smart detective who changes clothes and dresses with the environment.

  • The “spy”
  • of the name that simply represents the detective who has the espionage activity as it is.

  • I want to try to deceive women like this, “Evil Woman” with sharp sweet taste “Small devil”
  • The “Secret Association” and the “Secret Love”
  • are the names of the names that are said to be the most requested in the detective business.

    A “Survey Result”

    where the glass branches into a white and black cocktail, respectively.

In addition, there are a variety of cocktails with authentic flavors, such as “Anti-cheat cocktail”, “triangle relationship”, and “anser” which is the name of the restaurant.

Besides cocktails, there are various kinds of Non Alcohol Cocktail, including whiskey, shochu, beer and various kinds of alcohol.

The full consultation is possible with a private room, so it is safe

Because it is a bar, it is easy to put in, but I don’t want to ask anyone else about serious advice, so I don’t want to ask anyone to ask me about the private room.

There are various types of rooms, such as a soundroom with a spacious sofa, a stylish table private room, a private private room, etc.It seems that I can consult with you without asking.

Cocktails and dishes are delicious and reasonable

“Detective BAR ANSWER” has a somewhat high threshold, so I’m worried about the price.That’s a misunderstanding.

It’s a very reasonable price from 800 yen for cocktails and 400 yen for food and food.There is a very economical set with food and drink with food and drinks, 3000 yen, and sometimes we offer discount services.

Also, even though it is so cheap, the taste of cocktails and the taste of food are authentic.Everyone is easy to carry, and the stomach seems to be satisfying.

Basic information of “Detective BAR ANSWER”

There are 6 counter seats, 10 table seats, two private rooms, and 5 to 6 private rooms in the store.In the case of eating up to 30 people, it is possible to use up to a maximum of up to people.

[Address] Tokyo Minato Ward, Roppongi 6-8-8 Gody Bldg 2 f
[TEL] 03-5772-9554
[Business Hours] 19:00 ~ next 5:00 (last order 4:30)
Closed days, Mondays / holidays, and holidays
* If you want to talk about mail or phone calls, you can take 24 hours 365 days regardless of the business hours of the store.(free of charge)

“Detective Bar Answer” Access Parking lot

“Detective BAR ANSWER” is located on the second floor of the miscellaneous residence building on the middle of the potato wash slope in Roppongi.

Recommended access methods
It’s a 3 minute walk from the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Roppongi Station, and it’s also a 3 minute walk from the Oedo Line Roppongi Station.

Go up to the ground from exit 3 and turn right at Roppongi street in front of you.If you keep going down the potato wash slope, there is “Roppongi Gori” near the middle of the slope, and it will be on the second floor of this building.

“Detective BAR ANSWER” Business Hours and Consultation Hours


[Business hours] 19:00 ~ next 5:00
Closed holidays : Sunday / Monday / holidays

Detective Services

* Email and telephone consultation and interview are free of charge for 24 hours 365 days regardless of the business hours of the store.

Budget and charge STRUCTURE


Cocktails – Alcohol ⇒ 800 yen ~
Appetizer & Food ⇒ 400 yen ~
Food & All-You-Can-Drink Course ⇒ 3000 yen ~

Detective Fee

Address survey ⇒ 86,400 yen ~
Business establishments specified ⇒ 86,400 yen ~
Cheating survey ⇒ 86,400 yen ~
Detecting the wiretapping device ⇒ 54,000 yen ~
Marriage survey ⇒ 108,000 yen ~
Internet trouble ⇒ 86,400 yen ~

※ Free of charge, free of charge, free of charge, etc.

“Detective BAR ANSWER”

How was Neustar Il’ Detective BAR ANSWER’ introduced above?

The “Detective Bar Answer” is a perfect space with a full range of real bar, a full bar, and a “detective BAR ANSWER” full of playfulness and service spirit. It is a very nice space filled with staff members and staff members who want to be involved with the detective.Please try to walk with me.The wonderful detectives are waiting for you.