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How to enjoy the Disney Store Shibuya Koen Street

If you go from Shibuya Station to Koen-dori Street, you will see a cute building with a pink castle at the entrance to the entrance.This is the “Disney Store Shibuya Koendori Store.”.Let’s introduce you to this restaurant with full of attractions and full of fun.

Basic information of the Disney Store Shibuya Koen Street

Address Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, 20-15
Humax Corporation Pavilion Shibuya Koen Street
Phone 03-3461-3932
Official HP http://www.disney.co.jp/store/storeinfo/101.html
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/explore/locations/243680044/?hl=ja

Disney Store Shibuya Koen Street Stores

Disney Store is an official store that sells Disney products.You can buy Disney character goods without going to Disney Resort.

There are multiple shops across the country, but there are no shops that can enjoy the world’s view of Disney at the “Disney Store Shibuya Koen Street” in the “Disney Store Shibuya Koen Street”.The biggest attraction is that the scene is displayed as it is.

It is a 3 minute walk from Shibuya Station, so it is very accessible, so it is crowded with many people every day.There are many customers from overseas, so I can’t help but feel the popularity of Disney.Not only shopping but also a limited time event is popular, so there seem to be many fans who come to see it.

Disney Store Shibuya Koen Street Store Business Hours Access, Access and Parking

Business hours : 10 : 00 to 21:30
– third floor ticket counter until 21:00
Access : About 2 minutes’ walk from Shibuya Station 6 (north) exit.
Approximately 4 minutes walk from Hachikou exit of Shibuya station.
– About 5 minutes walk from Shibuya Station west exit.

Parking lot

Parking Lot Number of units Operating Hours
Times Paula Shibuya Building Parking Lot 30 08:00 to 22:00
Tree Building Toll Parking Lot 20 08:30 to 23:00
.Tokyu Department Store Main Store Underground Parking 258 9:50 to 22:30
THE PARKing cocoti 96 6:00 to 24:00
Trust Holdings Shibuya Square 34 (weekdays) 8:00 ~ 22:00 (weekends) 8:00 ~ 20:00
Shibuya Hikarie Parking 402 6:50 to 24:00

The Shibuya Koen Street stores sell lots of goods on all floors from the first floor to the third floor.We have a wide range of items, including stationery, lunch boxes, and other items that are popular as gifts, stuffed toys, and other items that are popular as gifts.

Currently, Tokyo’s 23 wards include Sky Tree, Odaiba, Ikebukuro, Takashimaya, and Shibuya, and 5 shops, including Shibuya and Shibuya, but this is the best selection of the “Shibuya Park Street Store.”.

The items are always replaced according to the season and the special feature, so there are a lot of stock, so it is a good point to get the official goods in a timely fashion without going to a Disney Resort.

This store and the second floor are selling popular products such as smartphone case, accessory and stationery, but it is very crowded on weekends.Especially, the accessory corner is so far away from the product, so I recommend you to go there during the daytime on weekdays.

You can choose your favorite character, you can choose a limited item, and the Disney goods are really exciting.
You can enjoy shopping while soaking in a world of Disney dreams, so you don’t get tired of visiting it any number of times.It is definitely the Disney Store’s best store.

Purchase a Disney ticket

On the third floor, you can buy a variety of park tickets, which you can enter at the Tokyo Disneyland and the Tokyo DisneySea park at the park.

1 day passport

Date Specifying No Date

over 18 \7,400
12 – 17 years old (junior high and high school students) \6,400
4 – 11 years of age \4,800
65 \6,700
starlight passport

Date specifying

over 18 \5,400
12 – 17 years old (junior high and high school students) \4,700
4 – 11 years of age \3,500
After 6 Passport

Date specifying

over 18 \4,200
12 – 17 years old (junior high and high school students)
4 – 11 years of age
2 day passport

Date specifying

over 18 \13,200
12 – 17 years old (junior high and high school students) \11,600
4 – 11 years of age \8,600
3 day magic passport

Date specifying

over 18 \17,800
12 – 17 years old (junior high and high school students) \15,500
4 – 11 years of age \11,500
4 day magic passport

Date specifying

over 18 \22,400
12 – 17 years old (junior high and high school students) \19,400
4 – 11 years of age \14,400

This ticket office is open until 21 o’clock in the evening, so you can stop by after work, so it is convenient.Also, it is a ticket that you should buy at the park, but it is attractive that you can buy it relatively smoothly here.

You can also buy tickets for Disney on Ice and other items.

Disney Store Shibuya Koen Street Store’s Interesting

The Disney Store Shibuya Koen Street is one of the most famous Disney Store in Japan, and it can be said that it is a restaurant where you can experience the world view of Disney’s world.

The entrance is the image of the castle, and the entrance of Mickey Mouse is sure to increase before you enter the shop.The interior is also a Disneyland.The colorful and melty interior doesn’t stop the excitement.

The spiral staircase is connected to the third floor from the first floor, and this spiral staircase is decorated with a stylish ornament.This staircase and the store are crowded, so you need to be careful because it’s difficult to get up and down the stairs.There is no escalator, but there is an elevator, so if you are difficult to move on the stairs, please use that one.

On the third floor, there is a room of TOY STORY Andy’s room, Peter Pan’s Wendy room, which is popular as a photo spot.In addition, there are various Disney characters and scenes that reproduce scenes of movies, so you can enjoy the world of fun.

Please try to find your favorite character.
Peter Pan’s Tinker Bell is in the place, “Oh, that’s where Tinink is?”.
If you find a character in an unexpected place, the tension will increase.

Also, there is a Disney official ticket, and the official goods lineup is more abundant than the other stores.

And the biggest attraction of “Disney Store Shibuya Koen Street” is an event that decorates one piece of color, such as “White Snow Princess” and “Beautiful Woman and Wild Beast,” which are held for a limited period of time.

The store becomes a special decoration specification, so if you feel like you have entered the world of the story, fans will be very busy during the event period.

This is a shop that is packed with Disney’s world view, so it is a must-recommend spot for Disney lovers.As with the cast of Disney resort, the staff always show me with a smile, so it is a point that makes you feel better.

“TOY STORY” Andy’s room

On the floor of the third floor is Andy’s room in “TOY STORY.”.
On the desk, ham and rex are absorbed in video games.
It seems like Woody and Buzz are discussing something on the shelf.

The view from the window of the room is reproduced faithfully.
This is a room with details such as the painting of Andy’s painting on the wall and the details of the room.

“Peter Pan” Children’s room

The third floor of the same story is the Wendy’s room in Peter Pan.
If you adjust the angle well and take pictures, you can take 1 pieces as if you’re in a real room.
There is also a shadow of Peter pan on top of the mirror.
This is an area with a perfect view of Instagram.

The “Beauty and Beast” bell

On the second floor there is a princess’s stained glass.

The design is tailored to the story of each princess.
The main color of white snow is red, and the motif is apples.
The bell of “Beauty and Beast” is designed with the main color of yellow and the motif of red rose.
Other princesses such as Cinderella and Aurora Princess are also exhibited.

The object of “Pinocchio” on the third floor of


On the third floor, there is also “Pinochio.”.
He was tired and sat down, and he sat down in a book, and he sat down on the book and spoke to him, “Jiminy Cricket.”.

Do you always say, “Always obey your conscience?”?
I am just looking at the quality that I am mistaken as’ real?’.

“Alice in Wonderland” White Rabbit

The spiral staircase connecting each floor of the store is made with the motif of Alice in Wonderland.
On the stairs above the first to second floor is a white rabbit with a clock with a clock.
“Alice in Wonderland Alice in Wonderland” doesn’t stop the excitement.

Especially the stairs that continue from the first floor to the second floor are slightly illuminated, and the tip of the spiral staircase is “Wonderland”?It seems to be an illusion.One of the attractions of “Disney Store Shibuya Koen Street” is that you can enjoy walking around the store as if you were experiencing an attraction.

Disney Store Shibuya Koen Street Store

The entrance to the entrance to the “Fantasy Gate – Disney Fantasy World of Disney Fantasy” is the interior of the Disney World’s entire opening.”Disney Store Shibuya Koen Street” is a spot where adults and children can enjoy.

You can enjoy the wonderful world of Disney at Shibuya without going to the Disney Resort, so please try it once.And when you come to the store, please try to thoroughly watch every corner of the store.You can find a character in an unexpected place.Looking for these characters is one of the fun ways to visit.

Also there are a lot of photogenic spots, so it seems possible to take a lot of photos that are displayed on SNS.Of course, you can enjoy shopping, but you can also enjoy a lot of high-quality decorations that can be said as “Disney.”.