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How to enjoy “Ebisu Beer Kinenkan”

I think there are many people who make a habit of drinking a cold beer.The place where you drink will vary depending on the family or the store, but if you drink beer anyway, why don’t you drink beer while receiving a lecture from a beer expert?

The “Ebisu Beer Memorial” we introduce this time is a free admission facility, and it doesn’t charge for the tour itself.However, this biggest attraction is available on a guided tour with one coin (500 yen).This is a must-recommend spot for those who like beer, especially those who like Ebisu Beer most.

I will introduce the basic information of the Ebisu Beer museum and the contents of the tour, so please read it by the end of the tour.I hear there are many repeaters too.

Basic information The Ebisu Beer Memorial Museum

First of all, I’ll introduce you the basic information of the “Ebisu Beer Memorial museum.”.I’ll mention how to access the Ebisu Beer Memorial Museum and the business hours and rates, as well as the history of the Ebisu Beer Museum, so I’ll be able to look at it from a different point of view before I visit it, so I’ll be able to enjoy it more.

History of the Ebisu Beer Memorial Museum

Ebisu Beer is a beer manufactured and sold by Sapporo Beer Co., Ltd.In 1887, the predecessor of Sapporo Brewery, “Nihon Sake Brewing Company” was established in Mita, Meguro Ward, Tokyo. In 1890, Ebisu beer was born in the world.2 years after birth, he grows up until he is called the representative beer of Tokyo.

After that, the trademark of beer was once disappeared from the world as it was damaged by the earthquake and air raids, and beer became a distribution product. However, in 1971, Ebisu Brewery revived as a special Ebisu beer.In 1964, the company’s name was changed to the current Sapporo Brewery Company.

In 1988, the production site was moved to Chiba, and the Yebisu Garden Place was opened at the Yebisu plant in 1994, and the Ebisu Beer Memorial Museum, which was introduced in 2010, was opened to the public.Although it has a history of more than 130 years of history, it continues to evolve without being arrogant, and has been making beer out of the world.

Access to the Ebisu Beer Memorial Hall and parking

[Train using the train]

  • Hibiya Line and Ebisu Station : 5 minutes by walking sidewalk sky walk
  • JR Yamanote Line / Saikyo Line / Ebisu-eki Station East Exit : 5 minute on foot walk by walking walk
  • 3 minutes walk from the sky walk end of the sky

[Use the 】

  • About 3 minutes by car from JR Ebisu station
  • (There is a parking lot in the Yebisu Garden Place, so if you’re going by car, please use it.)

[Parking Fee 】

  • Basic charge : 160 yen per 15 minutes
  • Maximum rate (operating hours) : 7 : 00 to 24 : 00 : 3000 yen
  • Maximum rate (night operating hours) : 24 : 00 to next 7 : 00 : 1600 yen
  • Service : 1 restaurants 5000 yen or more, 19 ~ 1,000 yen (for customers who have drunk)

Business hours and rates of the Ebisu Beer Memorial Hall

Business hours : 11 : 00 to 19:00 (Final entry until 18:30)
Closed day : Mondays (the following day if it is a national holiday), the year-end and new year, and the temporary closed day
Fee : Free viewing (free)
ヱビスツアー (500 yen for adults, 300 yen for junior high school students and 20 years old, free for elementary school students and younger)

How to enjoy the Ebisu Beer Memorial Museum [ヱビスツアー]

From here, I will introduce you to the “ヱビスツアー,” which I would like to experience if you are visiting the Ebisu Beer Memorial museum.I heard that there are many people who like beer, and there is a lot of appeal that they want to go to, and there are some people who go there many times as a repeater.One coin (500 yen) is worth more than that, so if you are visiting the Ebisu Beer Memorial museum, it is recommended that you join the tour.

You can apply for a tour on the day, but there may be some people who make reservations in advance, so you may not be able to join the tour at the time of your request.In particular, many people participate in weekends and holidays, so it is recommended to make a reservation beforehand if you want to participate.

Basic information in ヱビスツアー

Admission : 500 yen for adults, 300 yen for junior high school students and 20 years old, free of charge for elementary school students and younger.
Tasting : Up to 2 cups
Time required : about 40 minutes
Start time : 10 minutes from 11 o’clock to 17 o’clock in weekdays, 40 minutes (only 10 minutes at 17 o’clock)
Weekends and holidays : 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 50 minutes (ending at 30 minutes at 17 o’clock) from 11 o’clock to 17 o’clock.
Reception time : Received by 10 minutes before each start.
Capacity : 18 persons (up to 10 people in the previous day)

The guide of the Ebisu Beer specialist’ Brand communicator’ and can tour around the building

When you apply for the tour and turn around, the expedition to the Ebisu Beer Memorial Hall begins.I am concerned about the birth stories and history of the beer which I always have with my friends and my friends.The tour comes with a Ebisu Beer expert called a brand communicator, explaining stories and behind-the-scenes stories from birth to the present.

If you deepen your knowledge of Ebisu Beer, you can drink Ebisu Beer more deliciously than before, so let’s listen carefully to the story of the guide.

The history of Ebisu Beer can be found in photographs, models, signs and so on

There is a gallery of Ebisu Beer in the building, and guides explain it based on them.It is an attractive point that you can learn more about Ebisu Beer because the guide guides carefully explain the points you don’t know if you are looking at it.

At the beginning of the sale, there are many interesting episodes, such as the story that the common people have brought Ebisu Beer, which was an unaffordable flower, to the common people, the story that was featured in the comic books, OISHINBO and NEON GENESIS EVANGELION, etc., and the story that became famous.

You can try 2 different types of Ebisu Beer tasting at the communication stage

Thank you for waiting, ladies and gentlemen.The first half of the tour was the tour of the tour by the guide, but the second half of the tour is fun and delicious tasting time.As for tasting, there are 1 people who have changed their brands according to the time, and as of April 2019, there are 2 types, “Yebisu” and “Yebisu”, which are types. 2.

This tasting is a luxurious item that not only allows you to drink Ebisu beer, but also gives you a good way to drink the right way to drink, and also with a snack with salt peas.There are almost no shops where you can drink 2 glasses of Ebisu Beer for 500 yen, and there are few restaurants with snacks, so this is a good deal.

You might imagine a cup of about 1 glasses, but you can put 2 glasses into a glass of 260 ml, so those who are weak may get drunk.If you drink alcohol unexpectedly, it will become difficult to do so, so please be careful not to overkill those who are weak to drink alcohol.

How to learn how to pour delicious Ebisu Beer

Now, don’t you think the tour is finished after you finish drinking 2 cups of Ebisu Beer?In fact, while tasting, the Brand communicator is talking about a variety of things, one of which demonstrates the good way to demonstrate the good way to drink beer at home.

It is said that a detailed pouring method is learned at the site, and when you pour it into a glass with this method, it creates a creamy bubble like the one in the server, and it is said to be a completely different flavor from the beer just poured into the glass.If you often drink beer at home, try to practice the pouring method you’ve learned here.

The Ebisu Beer Memorial at the Tasting Salon [Tasting Salon]

If you have a 2 cup of Ebisu Beer and a snack at 500 yen, but still not satisfied with it, go to the tasting salon in the building after the tour finishes.At tasting salons, you can drink Ebisu Beer that you couldn’t drink on a tour, so you can drink at a price that is cheaper than drinking at a typical restaurant.

There are various kinds because it is run by a company that manufactures and sells Ebisu Beer.There is a snack menu, so it might be good to stop by after the tour after the tour.

Where you can enjoy your favorite Ebisu Beer.

In tasting salons, Ebisu beer, which was not tasted at the tasting salon, is also available on the menu, and the original snack is also prepared.Every snack goes well with Ebisu Beer, and it is unbearable for those who like beer.There are always about 5 kinds of Ebisu Beer, and some of them are changed depending on the time.Try to enjoy your favorite Ebisu Beer, and try to compare the Ebisu Beer of various brands.

You can enjoy the atmosphere with non-alcohol beer, soft drinks, people who cannot drink alcohol, and drivers who can’t drink alcohol.Let’s enjoy it with each style.

Type of Ebisu beer you can drink at the tasting salon (as of April 2019)

  • Elvis Beer
  • ヱビスプレミアムブラック
  • Amber Yebisu
  • Yebisu Stout Creamy Top
  • ヱビスマイスター

Yebisu Beer Cocktail

The tasting salon also has a beer cocktail menu, so I like beer, so I recommend it to those who like beer cocktails.Beer cocktail has a limited menu lineup for a limited time, so it doesn’t always have the same menu when you go there, but it’s not good to have a beer cocktail with delicious Ebisu Beer, so please try it.

Operating hours and rates of the Tasting salon

At the tasting salon, you need to buy a special coin for salons, and all menus are labeled as coins.

1. ヱビスコイン : 400 yen
Beer, Beer Cocktail : 1 ヱビスコイン (400 yen)
Food menu : 1 to 3 ヱビスコイン (400 yen ~ 1200 yen)
Business hours : 11 : 00 to 19:00 (last order is 18:30)

Finally buy the original item at the souvenir shop and go home

Learn about the history of Ebisu Beer on the tour and enjoy the beer at tasting salons and tasting salons, and at the end of the tour, let’s look at the museum shops.At the museum shop, you can find various items, such as the original goods, T-shirts and glasses, which you can only buy from here.

There are not only souvenirs, but there are also items that you can easily send to your family and friends, so there is no way to stop by.The museum shop doesn’t have to participate in the tour, so you can only buy the goods.If you have any goods that you have been concerned about before, let’s stop by and buy it.

I think there is a congestion in one of the items I am concerned about when I visit the Ebisu Beer Memorial.The Ebisu Beer memorial hall is a popular spot, so many people visit it even on weekdays, but as compared to weekends and holidays, it is available, so it is recommended to visit weekdays!The inside of the building is spacious, so you may not be concerned about many people while visiting, but there are a lot of people who are tasting salons, so there may be a lot of people lining up.

It is recommended to visit your time at the time of the week 11:00 to 14:00, because it is relatively crowded.

Ebisu Beer Memorial Museum
Address : In Ebisu 4-20-1 Yebisu Garden Place, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Business hours : 11 : 00 to 19:00 (ヱビスツアー last week : 17:10 / Saturday / Holidays 17:30)
Phone number : 03 – 5423 – 7255


I introduced you to the Ebisu Beer Memorial Hall. How did you like it?It is too extravagant that you can use it at 500 yen even though it is a luxurious content with 2 glasses of Ebisu beer, and it comes with snacks.Also, it is a waste of knowledge about Ebisu beer, so you can also learn how to pour it at home, so it’s a waste to don’t use it!

Tasting salons are also different from tours, but you can enjoy Ebisu Beer and light meals at a reasonable price, so I recommend tasting Ebisu Beer over there.It is a spot where people who like beer and others can enjoy, so please visit the place by visiting the nearby place.