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The charm and fun of “Ghibli Museum” where you can find memories

Ghibli Museum is a world-famous museum where you can experience the world of Ghibli. Not only can you touch the production site of a Ghibli movie, but you can also enjoy short animations and planned exhibitions.

It’s a popular spot to visit many times, such as a cat bath that can ride cats bus that goes to Totoro, or a area where you can find robot soldiers who appear in Laputa.

In this article, we will introduce the outline of Ghibli Museum and the recommended tourist spots.

Basic information for Ghibli Museum

Ghibli Museum is an art museum where you can experience the world of Studio Ghibli. The official name is “Mitaka City Animation Museum,” and you can enjoy the experience of making a visit to the production site of Ghibli films that are loved by a wide range of people, ranging from children to adults.

The owner of the museum is Hayao Miyazaki, who has served as the first director, and Goro Miyazaki, director of Studio Ghibli, and Kiyofumi Nakajima, president of Studio Ghibli, the head of the studio, as the second director of Ged.

Ghibli Museum entry fee and ticket purchase method

The entry of Ghibli Museum is designated as a date and time, and you will have to purchase tickets at Lawson in all over the country. Even though it is called date and time designation, it is not a change system, so you can play early in the morning and play until night.

Tickets are sold on tenth of every month for 1 months, so you can’t buy tickets for 1 years or so.The price is very cheap, and the following is the rate structure.

  • Adult : 1,000 yen
  • High school students and junior high school students : 700 yen
  • Elementary school student : 400 yen
  • Infant : 100 yen
  • 4 years old : Free

At Ghibli Museum, you can enjoy the world of Ghibli at this reasonable price, and you can also enjoy short animation. Entrance is 4 times a day, and the time is set for 2 hours from 10 o’clock.


to purchase a ticket for Ghibli Museum

There are 3 ways to purchase Mitaka Forest Museum at Lawson.

  • Buy at store
  • Buy from the Internet
  • Buy on Phone

Buy at store
The easiest way to buy a ticket for Ghibli Museum at LAWSON is to buy it in front of the store. LAWSON has a terminal called Loppi, where you can purchase tickets for concerts and events across the country.

The procedure to purchase an admission ticket with Loppi is as follows.

  • Select the “Mitaka Mori Art Museum” on the Loppi top screen
  • Select a month
  • Select the date and time to purchase the ticket
  • Complete the application
  • The application ticket is printed from Loppi and comes out

You can get the ticket by taking the application ticket to the LAWSON counter and paying the price on the spot.

Buy from the Internet
If you don’t have a LAWSON nearby, or if you want to make a purchase after checking the available date and time, I recommend you to buy a ticket on the Internet. The procedure to purchase a ticket for Ghibli Museum on the Internet is as follows.

    • Accessing Rochike
    • Search

Ghibli Museum

  • Specify the date and time from “This is an application”
  • Check the “Reservation Number” and the “Due date” that will come by email
  • Go to Lawson within the time limit and enter the reservation number from the “Person with various numbers” of Loppi
  • The application ticket is printed
  • Bring it to the store and get a ticket

Buy by phone
You need to be careful about how to buy a phone on the day after the ticket release date and the day after the release date. The release date is “0570 – 084 – 633 (10:00 – 24:00)”, and after the day of release, “0570 – 084 – 003” is the phone number. You can’t call from abroad, so you need to be careful.

When you purchase on the phone, you will be informed about the reservation number and the expiration date, so make sure to issue a ticket from Lawson’s Loppi in the same procedure as you buy it on the Internet.

How to Access Ghibli Museum

Ghibli Museum is located in a green place of Inokashira Park Saionji, and the nearest station is JR Mitaka Station. It can be accessed by walking on foot or by community bus from Mitaka Station. If it’s a community bus, it will arrive in about 5 minutes, but it’s convenient, but I recommend you to walk leisurely on a beautiful trail on a sunny day.

Spots for each spot in Ghibli Museum

Ghibli Museum provides a wonderful space where you can remind childhood where the world of Ghibli is projected, and you can enjoy the experience of looking back your heart when you are a child. There are many places to look for, so please try to find various surprises and discoveries in addition to the places you can see in this article.


At the entrance of Ghibli Museum, Totoro and Makkurokurosuke welcome to the place labeled “Ticket Vending Machines”, giving you the impression that you came to the world of Ghibli. It is written as “Ticket Vending Machines,” but you can’t actually buy a ticket here.

The reception will teach Totoro, so let’s go to the white building of the red entrance. When you walk from the entrance to the reception, the green nature of Inokashira park will soothe your daily fatigue.

There are cute designs in the lamps and windows in the building, and there are some places where the character of Ghibli is written. Looking around a beautiful window glass while looking for a favorite character is also one of the ways to enjoy it.

Many characters are depicted on the ceiling, and various characters such as Kikis Delivery Service Kiki and Nausicaä who ride on the Airplane Maiden, which appears in the Nausicaä of Valley of the wind, are depicted. It is very worthwhile to look around just at the entrance, and it is a space that I love for those who love Ghibli.

You can get a ticket at the reception, but this is a 35 mm film, which can be used for movie screenings. You can get until you get it, but you don’t know what to do with it.

Central Hall

It is a place where the center hall is located immediately after the reception, and the open space which is open from the first basement floor to the second floor is created. Ceiling doors are spinning around the ceiling, and there is a picture that ponyo swims like a fun swimmer, so it’s a must-see.

The central hall, which inspires adventurous, like a spiral staircase, various entrances, and so on, brings back the sight of a child’s mind, and returns it to the mind of a child looking for a fun treasure in curiosity.

Permanent Exhibition Room

A permanent exhibition room, the Place where movies are created, consists of 5 rooms, where you can experience the flow of a single movie by navigating around each room.

The pencil, many illustrations, sketches, and storyboard that actually used to create a pencil and a lot of illustrations give you a glimpse of the real reality of making a Ghibli movie.

Planning Exhibition Room

The planning and exhibition room is an exhibition room focusing on specific works, production studios, writers and so on. The exhibition period is 1 years, and it varies depending on the plan such as 3 months or six months. By looking at the planned exhibition that changes periodically, you can learn more about the world of Ghibli.

There are many fans who visit Ghibli Museum many times, so it’s interesting that this project exhibits are interesting.

Neko Bus Room

where cat bus dream comes true

As the name suggests, “Neko bus room” is a place where you can ride on a cat bus that comes out of a “Tonarino totoro”. If you are a “Tonarino totoro” fan, you can get a free adventure by taking a ride on a cat bus that you want to think about at one time.

The soft space is a neko bus that you can imagine, and it is packed with the charm of adults from adults to children by just looking at it. You can actually board a neko bus only at elementary school children or younger, so you should be able to enjoy it by looking at it from the outside.

“The World of Laputa” that Meets your pure heart

When you go up the spiral staircase and go on the roof of the museum, you will see a robot soldier who appears in the sky of a castle. Like the scene that appears in the movie theater, the grass stands quietly in the grass, where grass grows, and it plays a role that protects the Ghibli Museum.

After passing through a robot soldier and moving further into the world of Laputa, you can find a flight stone that is carved with a letter of Laputa. It is a must-see area for laputa fan.


with Ghibli Museum recommended picture books and children’s books

“Tryhawks” is a book reading room where you can find books for children, who are recommended to have a feeling of depression in Mitaka woods. From the desire to experience fun places in the world, there are a number of books on the world’s fun children’s stories.

If you visit Ghibli Museum with your child, check the books on the Tryhawks.

Video exhibition room “Dosei za” where you can enjoy short animation

The most popular facility, Saturn, is where you can see the original short animation of Studio Ghibli, a studio Ghibli studio, and a short film of recommended short films, where you can enjoy the world of animation in a movie theater like a movie theater in the world of Ghibli.

About 80 people can enter at once, and they are held regularly, so you can enjoy at least once at least once at a time of entry.

Manma Aiuto

Manma Aiuto is a Ghibli Museum goods store, where character goods and original goods of art museums are sold. There are many convenient and cute items that can be used in everyday life such as Totoro’s ornament, pin badges, handkerchiefs, stickers and so on, and it’s a nice shop for those who like Ghibli.

Cafe Mugiwara Bosi

In Cafe mugiwara Bosi, you can enjoy dishes made from fresh ingredients made in organic farm culture, and enjoy light meals such as cutlet sandwiches and cakes. The indoor atmosphere is nice, but I recommend you to eat at an outdoor terrace seat on a sunny day.


Ghibli Museum is an attractive museum where you can enjoy children from adults to children. It is a place where you can feel nostalgic atmosphere when you look back childhood l, and it is a place like home, and it is a popular spot that you want to visit once.

When you feel like you are busy in your daily life, why don’t you visit a Ghibli Museum and talk with your child when you are a child?