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Best “Kawaii” 18 shops in Harajuku

This time, we introduce 20 shopping spots in Harajuku, where Japan is the birthplace of “Kawaii Culture,” which has been published overseas.

The original fashion and culture originated from Harajuku, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and others, and the word “Kawaii” has become popular in the world as “Kawaii” (Kawaii) culture.

In this article, we introduce a cafe where you can enjoy such a Kawaii culture as a cafe, a grocery store, an adult shopping spot in Harajuku, where you can enjoy a calm atmosphere, and a shop where you can feel the spirit of Japan that you want to show when guests come from abroad.

Please refer to it when you go out on holidays, sightseeing, or visiting foreigners.

Takeshita Street

The shopping spot for Harajuku, which I introduced first, is Takeshita Street.Takeshita Street, just after leaving JR Harajuku Station, is a center where you can transmit the Kawaii culture to the world.

Takeshita Street is a place where fashion and sweets are always created, and it is always crowded with foreign tourists and school excursion students.It is a shopping spot popular among women in their 10 s, because there are many shops that deal with reasonable goods, character goods, and apparel products for teenagers in Harajuku.

Location : Jingu-Mae 1 chome, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo 150 – 0001

Catte Street

The shopping spot for Harajuku, which is introduced in second, is Catte Street.The road about 1 km from Harajuku Station to Shibuya direction is called Catte Street.In Catte Street, there are flags shop for outdoor brands such as Patagonia and Columbia, North Face, and flags shop for standard select shops such as Beam and Journal Standards.There are many brands such as 6% DOKIDOKI, a brand representing Harajuku culture, and a brand and fashionable old clothing store, such as NADIA.

In Catte Street, there are many unique but elegant shops, such as a custom-made bike shop and a hidden cafe, which is not less crowded than Takeshita Street, which was introduced first, and it is relatively calm in Harajuku.Catte Street is a place where many fashionable fashion brands are gathering, as there are many fashion brands in fashion.You can enjoy shopping while enjoying shopping without getting bored when you go to Harajuku and Shibuya.

Address : Jingu-Mae 5-10-10, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo 150 – 0001

Candy Agogo Harajuku Takeshita St. Store

The shopping spot for Harajuku, the third place to introduce, is a candy agogo Harajuku Takeshita St. store.On the first floor of Takeshita Street’s cute cube Harajuku, candy agogo, you can buy a variety of colorful sweets from around the world by weight.
The store sells colorful sweets by color, and the entire store is very photogenic with rainbow color.It can be said that it embodies Kawaii in the whole store.
Because of the fact that you can buy colorful and cute sweets from all over the world by weight, the store is always crowded with students and high school students.

Address : 1-7-1 Cute Cube 1 f Jingu-Mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Phone Number : 03 – 6804 – 6671
Hours of Business : 10 : 00 – 20:00


The shopping spot for Harajuku, which is introduced in fourth, is Laforet.Located ahead of JR Harajuku Station through Takeshita Street, Laforet is one of the largest shopping buildings in Harajuku.Laforet, which consists of 13 floors, is a shopping spot that has been sending fashion fashions in Harajuku for more than 40 years.There are not only popular apparel brands, but also select shops and limited-period shops, so there are shops that are only available in Laforet.The annual Grand Bazaar held 2 times a year is famous for many people, especially young women, who come to store in many places.

At Laforet, you can enjoy a variety of fashions ranging from popular brands, such as Snidel, gelato pique, Lowlies, and others, which are popular in their 10 s and 20 s, to high-brand brands such as vivianwestwood, which is popular among street lovers, and high-brand brands such as.

Laforet has many tenants in fashion brands for ladies, but there are also brands that can be enjoyed by men’s brands and couples, so you can enjoy shopping with men without getting tired of shopping.

At the museum floor on the sixth floor, you can also enjoy exhibitions on fashion, music, art, and movies.If you come to Harajuku and enjoy fashion, it is one of the shopping spots that you want to stop.

Address : Jingu-Mae, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo 150 – 0001, Shibuya Ward, 1-11-6
Hours of Business : 11 : 00 – 21:00

Solado Takeshita Dori

The shopping spot for Harajuku, which is introduced in fifth, is Sorado Takeshita Street.”Look at Kawaii Street for Kawaii Dori,” said Sodo Takeshita Street.The following is an example of the concept of a fashion building.It is a fashion building that is popular among teenagers such as love toxoid, lepopia, and pink latte, and it is always crowded with school trips, young women, and so on.

One of the reasons why it is popular is that of Tapioca, a long-established Pearl Lady, which is now popular in fashion, and paradise, which is popular among women.

Address : Jingu-Mae, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo 150 – 0001, Shibuya Ward, 1-8-2
Hours of Business : [Weekdays] 10:30 ~ 20:30 ※ SWEETS PARADISE (3 f) is 11:00 ~
[Saturdays and Sundays holidays] 10:30 ~ 21:00

Omotesando Hills

The shopping spot for Harajuku, which is introduced in sixth, is Omotesando Hills.Omotesando Hills is a shopping building where you walk from Harajuku to Aoyama direction on Omotesando Street.There are many people in the neighborhood who are lined up with a brand of cosmetics brand in high brands and department stores, so they have an impression that they are more calm than Takeshita Street and Laforet.

The building designed by a famous architect, Ando Tadao, is characterized by an open atrium, and the floor is not a stairway but a slope. It is designed to be friendly to families with a stroller and a wheelchair.Every year during the Christmas season, a beautiful illumination is displayed in the atrium, and many visitors visit it every year.

There are many famous chocolat shops like Jean-Paul Hévin, Yugoslavia and Viktor, French bar, roast beef specialty shops, sushi restaurants, etc.There are many shops that are recommended for lunch time and tea time of a calm adult, so you can take a break and take a break in the hustle and bustle of Harajuku.

The main feature of Omotesando Hills is that it has a VALENTINO, a Jimmy Choo, a, a Harry Winston, a fashion and jewelry brand, and a high brand of jewelry. Boucheron.It is a perfect place for adult women to enjoy shopping, as well as a number of tenants in the, Jo MALONE LONDON, and Recreation Arts department. SHU UEMURA.

Address : 10, 12, Jingu-Mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150 – 0001, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, Japan, No. 4
Hours of Business : 11 : 00 – 21:00
Phone : 03 – 3497 – 0310


The seventh fashion spot in Harajuku, which is introduced in the first place, is fantiuk.Fantiuk is an old clothing shop opened in 2012 and is a shop specializing in old clothes and new clothes from sports brands in the 80 s and 90 s.Fantiuk is a popular store where you can find the trendy old clothes in the street culture.There are many shops in Harajuku where Japan’s street fashion is originated, so there are many people who prefer street fashion.

There are 1 reasons why fantiuk can be bought at a reasonable price even though the handling of dead stock is high and the quality of the product itself is high.

Address : 21-22 Field Building 3 f, Jingu-Mae 3 chome, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo 150 – 0001, Shibuya WARD, TOKYO
Hours of Business : 12 : 00 – 20:00
Phone : 03 – 6434 – 0987


The shopping spot for Harajuku, which is introduced by the ninth, is KAWAII MONSTER CAFE HARAJUKU.I think there is a cafe that you can think of as a Kawaii culture and a kind of interior that is a bit poisonous and a little poisonous.The Kawaii Monster CAFE HARAJUKU, produced by Sebasa Masuda, who is also a leading member of Harajuku culture in Harajuku, has been a symbol of the Kawaii culture, as it has been featured in the media.It has become popular among many media in Japan and abroad, so it is one of the popular spots in Harajuku where tourists come from not only Japan but also from all over the world.

KAWAII MONSTER CAFE HARAJUKU is popular not only for interior decoration but also for dishes, so it is very popular for the Kawaii culture of Harajuku.The rainbow color pasta, parfait, and cupcakes are colorful, so you can’t imagine what they taste like.Dishes with colorful, eye-catching and colorful dishes are popular among tourists because of their social appearance.

When you enter the store, a giant cake mold, Merry-Go-Round, which is a symbol of the store, will meet you.
KAWAII MONSTER CAFE HARAJUKU has 4 zones.This is a cute Tearoom that features colorful mushrooms, mushroom disco, mushroom disco, feeding bottle, huge animal motif, jellyfish that shines in Moody while dark, and motifs like giant macaron, ice cream, etc.

There is a photogenic spot in every zone of social network that makes you feel the charm of a different store every time you visit.KAWAII MONSTER CAFE HARAJUKU welcomes a colorful, venomous fashion clerk who embodies the concept of a cafe called Monster Girl.It seems that a commemorative photo with them is also popular.

Address : 31-10 YM Square 4 f, Jingu-Mae 4 chome, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo 150 – 0001, Tokyo
Hours of Business : 11 : 30 – 22:30
Phone : 03 – 5413 – 6142

Flying Tiger Copenhagen

The shopping spot for Harajuku, introduced on the tenth, is Flying Tiger Copenhagen.Flying Tiger Copenhagen, where you can buy colorful, affordable goods from Denmark, is now open in various places in Japan, but this Omotesando store is the first flagship shop in Kanto.

In the store, there is a wide variety of colorful goods such as kitchen goods, stationery, children’s toys, and interior decorations.If you walk around while walking around the store, you can buy goods that are a little twisted and have a unique design that is a little bit twisted, and you can put them in a shopping basket.The goods sold in Flying Tiger Copenhagen are sold in many times, so there are many items that match seasonal events, so you can enjoy many times.

Address : Jingu-Mae 4 chome, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo 150 – 0001, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, 3-2
Hours of Business : 11 : 00 – 20:00
Phone : 03 – 6804 – 5723

Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku

The shopping spot for Harajuku, introduced on the eleventh, is Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku.Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku, located on the opposite side of Laforet through Takeshita Street, is a fashion building opened in 2012.At the time of opening, it became a big topic by opening the Japanese first store in the casual fashion brand American Eagle.Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku is a relatively calm fashion building compared to a fashion building located on Laforet and Takeshita Street.

The courtyard on the third floor is popular among tourists and family members as you can enjoy nature while you are in the middle of Harajuku.You can also see people who take a drink from Starbucks on the third floor and take a break on the bench.

At Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku, there is a restaurant that has become famous for its world’s best breakfast and ricotta pancakes, and there are often lines lined up on the stairs.The buildings in the Harajuku area, called the Hotmelt battlearea, are very popular, and there are more than 1 hours of waiting in time when they are crowded.

Also, there are some free Wi-Fi that can be used in the building at Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku, so there are many foreign tourists.

Address : Jingu-Mae 4 chome, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo 150 – 0001, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, 30-3
Hours of Business : 11 : 00 – 21:00
Phone : 03 – 3497 – 0418

ASOKO (Harajuku)

The shopping spot for Harajuku, introduced on the twelfth, is the ASOKO Harajuku store.A grocery store from Minamihorie, Osaka, located along the Meiji Street near Laforet, which has passed, is a store of Harajuku, which is located along the street. Meiji-Jingūmae Station ASOKO.

A shop logo and a shop logo drawn with red letters are a trademark of a store logo.This is a popular store that can be obtained with a petit poplar with a cute, unique design.A cute handheld mirror with a design that is cute, like a cute, nail polish shaped pen, and so on, is attracting a lot of support among young generations.

ASOKO Harajuku stores sell not only unique stationery, but also a lot of household goods such as Souptdish and kitchen goods, so they are popular among housewives.There are a lot of cute plastic umbrellas with rainbow color umbrellas and many kinds of umbrellas on board, so some foreign tourists buy it as a souvenir.There are accessories that can be purchased at 100 yen, so most of them can be purchased under 1000 yen, so you might want to buy a lot of them.

There are many goods that can only be purchased here, such as collaboration goods with anime characters and goods with the logo of TOKYO, so please look for goods that you can buy only at ASOKO Harajuku when you shop at Harajuku.

Address : Jingu-Mae 6 chome, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo 150 – 0001, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, 27-8
Hours of Business : 11 : 00 – 20:00
Phone : 03 – 6712 – 6752

Oriental Bazaar

The shopping spot for Harajuku, which is introduced on the thirteenth, is a Oriental Bazaar.The Oriental Bazaar is located near the Omotesando Hills, and the building that looks like a Shinto shrine, which looks like a shrine, has a strong presence in a luxury boutique.

Oriental Bazaar is a popular shopping place in Omotesando since 1951, and is a popular shopping spot that is popular because it handles many Japanese souvenirs for foreign tourists at present.

The Oriental Bazaar is located on the basement, first floor, and second floor, and there are 3 floors.In the basement, there is a T-shirt, a T-shirt that can feel the heart of kimono, and a Chinese T-shirt, which is popular as a souvenir for Japan, and a hand towel with a chic pattern.On the first floor, there are many accessories that are perfect for souvenirs such as a Japanese pattern teddy bear, a kanzashi, a small bonsai kit, a luncheon mat with ukiyoe painted on it, etc.On the second floor, we mainly sell expensive traditional crafts such as folding screens of Japanese paintings, helmets and swords, antiques of 1 points, antique kimonos, and so on.

Oriental Bazaar is a shop where you can see a lot of souvenirs from abroad, so I think you will be very happy when you look for souvenirs to foreign guests or when you come to Harajuku from abroad.The clerk is also a foreign tourist, so he can speak English, so he can be relieved.

Address : 9-13 Kikita Heavy Building, Jingu-Mae 5 chome, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo 150 – 0001, Tokyo
Hours of Business : 10 : 00 – 19:00
Phone : 03 – 3400 – 3933


The shopping spot for Harajuku, introduced on the fourteenth, is LINE FRIENDS STORE HARAJUKU.The LINE FRIENDS STORE HARAJUKU located on the street opposite to Takeshita Street on the opposite side of Laforet is a shop that sells the character goods of communication application line mainly.

In the store, there is a huge stuffed toy of a popular character, Brown, so it is popular as a place to take pictures.LINE FRIENDS STORE HARAJUK is popular in its 20 s and 30 s, with its popular characters such as Connie, Brown, and dishes, pin badges, baby goods, etc.There are many items that can only be bought here, such as Japanese ningyo-yaki and the collaboration product with L’OCCITANE of body care brand, so many people come to shop for limited items.

In the store, there are 4 photo pots in total other than a huge stuffed toy of brown, so it is popular as it becomes a social network appearance.

Address : 4 f – 3 f Zero Gate, Jingu-Mae chome, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo 150 – 0001, Shibuya-ku, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, 31-12 f 1
Hours of Business : 11 : 00 – 21:00
Phone ; 03 – 5785 – 3001

Architecture and Sneakers

The shopping spot for Harajuku, introduced on the fifteenth, is Architecture and Sjerkers.Founded in 2015 as a store for high-end sneakers, Architecture and Sjerkers is a store that is popular among men and women as a store for adult sneakers.We choose high-sense sneakers like Nike, Balenciaga, Meison Marga, and NHollywood, regardless of whether they are high-tech or low-tech technology.

A spacious interior, like a living room in the house where the warmth of the wood is felt and where the sofa is located, has become a space for grown-up adults in their 10 s and 20 s, and is a space for grown-up adults.In addition to selectobrand’s products, they also sell sneakers exclusively for shops, so those who want to check them are shopping spots.In addition to men’s, there are also products of women’s babies and kids, so it is wonderful to have matching family items.

Address : Jingu-Mae 3 chome, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo 150 – 0001, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, 34-10
Hours of Business ; 12:00 – 20:00
Phone : 03 – 5414 – 1320

Awesome Store

The shopping spot for Harajuku, which is introduced on the sixteenth, is a Awesome Store.The Awesome Store that features a red neon sign and a Brooklyn style fancy building made of brick and concrete is a general store opened in 2014.It is popular to get a wide range of goods such as stationery, fashion goods, interior, cosmetics and cosmetics in a reasonable price at a reasonable price.

The cushion covers that can change the atmosphere of your room can be purchased for around 1 300 yen, and the interior goods such as artboards with vintage feel are also popular.There are lots of fake green, so there are many things that are perfect for Brooklyn style and men’s interior, which are trendy now.It is a colorful, fashionable paper napkin, paper plate, paper cup, birthday party cracker, and a birthday party cracker that can be used for a birthday party, so it is also a shopping spot that you can use to prepare for celebrations or to prepare a surprise.

Address : 150 – 8-7 IIDA building first floor, Jingu-Mae 5 chome, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo – 0001, Tokyo
Hours of Business : 11 : 00 – 20:00
Phone : 03 – 6450 – 6021

Kiddy Land

The shopping spot for Harajuku, which is introduced on the seventeenth, is a kiddyland.Located near Harajuku’s Catte Street, the kiddyland is a popular shopping spot that is popular among foreign tourists, especially at shops specializing in popular character goods and toys in Japan and abroad.

Kiddyland consists of 5 floors from the first floor, the first floor, and the fourth floor, and there is also a specialized section of popular characters such as Relakkuma, Hello Kitty, Snoopy, etc.The kiddyland Flag Shop Limited item is also available, so it is one of the shopping spots to visit if you want to get character goods at Harajuku.

Address : Jingu-Mae 6 chome, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo 150 – 0001, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, 1-9
Hours of Business : 11 : 00 – 21:00
Phone ; 03 – 3409 – 3431


The shopping spot for Harajuku, introduced on the eighteenth, is Satomi.This is a shop in Harajuku, after the Kyoto main store in Kyoto, which is the second store behind the Kyoto main store.This is a wide variety of furoshiki specialized in furoshiki (furoshiki), such as authentic furoshiki furoshiki (furoshiki) made from silk, which is easy to use in casual and daily use, such as the one that is made from silk, and the minappelhonen of a popular brand.

There are many sizes ranging from small sized furoshiki that can be used for bento and gift wrapping to large size bags that can be used as a bag.There are many formal items that can be used for daily use, such as formal ones that can be used for ceremonial occasions.

Even though I’m interested in Furoshiki, people who don’t know how to use it is safe.A workshop is held regularly to teach you how to use Furoshiki.There is a workshop in which you can use the Furoshiki as a bag to get a basic idea of what is called Furoshiki. You can get many tips for using Furoshiki in your daily life.

Furoshiki, a traditional cloth of Japan, is popular among foreigners too.We also have a variety of gifts for foreigners, such as those with illustrations of Kabuki actors, and gift gifts and souvenirs from other countries, such as Furoshiki, where famous Japanese paintings are drawn.

Address : Jingu-Mae 2 chome, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo 150 – 0001, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, 31-8
Hours of Business ; 11:00 – 19:00
Phone ; 03 – 5414 – 5678

Zaritot Shop of Flowers Atelier

The shopping spot for Harajuku, introduced on the twentieth, is Zarita Shop of Flowers Atelier.A small flower shop with a small flower shop that does not seem to be in the center of Harajuku, surrounded by greenery, is a shop where dry flowers and fresh flowers are beautifully decorated, attracting attention from various industries such as apparel.

In the store where you can feel the warmth of the wood, you can feel the warmth of the sun, and you can feel as if you are in a hiding place.It has attracted attention from various industries, and it is popular in the arrangement of wedding and party scenes, but it also has the owner’s desire to enjoy flowers on a daily basis, so it has been able to order small bouquets of bouquets by individuals.

It is a gift shop that sells flowers, tableware, food and flowers as gifts for flowers, so it is perfect for people who want to prepare a gift that is great for people who are important to you.

Address ; Jingu-Mae, 150 – 0001, Shibuya-ku, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, 5 17 9 1 f
Hours of business ; 11:00 – 19:00 Thursday closed
Phone ; 03 – 6427 – 60/03/03 – 6427 – 6004


This time, I introduced you to the shopping spot 20 in Harajuku. How did you like it?Harajuku has a variety of shopping spots ranging from shops that embody colorful, pop Kawaii culture to relaxing spaces that adults can enjoy, so you can enjoy it in a wide range of generations.

There are many selection shops where you can buy souvenirs that can feel Japanese culture, as well as a selection shop where you can enjoy a lot of things, so you can use it when you guide guests from abroad.Using this article as a reference, please enjoy shopping in Harajuku where you can feel Japanese culture and fashion.