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[The way to enjoy Marui in Ikebukuro] Way to go and the nearest exit and recommended shop.

Where do you go when you do shopping?There are various places in Tokyo, so I am worried.

This time, I would like to focus on Ikebukuro and introduce you to the recommended shops in Marui, Ikebukuro.Please try to use it as a reference when shopping at Ikebukuro!

Basic information

of Ikebukuro Marui

This is a shopping building in front of the station that was established in 1952.It is easy to access the store, because it is possible to enter the store without getting wet even on rainy days or snowy days from the station premises in Ikebukuro.There are 81 tenants, and the building is from the first floor to the seventh floor.

Ikebukuro Marui is

At the shopping building of Marui Group, the third store was established after Nakano Main Store and Shinjuku Eki-eki Store. It is the “Ikebukuro Eki-eki Store.”.The number of tenants is the largest among the Tokyo Metropolitan Marui, and there are 81 stores, while Marui Marui is 41 and Shinjuku Marui is 76.

There are 5 anime shops compared to other Marui, so the Ikebukuro store is also a strong advantage.There are many shops that sell anime and other goods around the Ikebukuro Station, so you may find something different from the one with the same hobby when you go to play.

Access to Ikebukuro Marui Parking Lot, Parking lot, and the nearest exit

Address : 3 chome 28-13, Toshima City Nishiikebukuro, Tokyo 171 – 0021

Nearest station : Ikebukuro Station

The closest exit is the exit 1 a.It is possible to go to the ground on the back of Marui, and it is connected directly to the Ikebukuro Marui from the underground passage, so it is easy to access and convenient on rainy days, cold days, etc.The Fukutoshin Line and Yurakucho Line are the closest, and the Marunouchi Line, JR Yamanote Line and Seibu Line are a little distance from the ticket gate of the station.

Parking : There is a parking lot dedicated to Marui.

Inquiries in parking lots : 080 – 5763 – 9222

Parking fee : 600 yen for the first 60 minutes, and 300 yen for 30 minutes after that.The maximum usage fee for the day is 1500 on weekdays and 1800 on weekends and holidays.

It is available between 11:00 and 20:30.The parking ticket service costs more than $ 1000 and is free of charge for 1 hours. \ 5000 or more is free for 2 hours and \ 10000 or more for free.If you do shopping with Epos Card, it is a very good service, as it is free of charge, and it is 1 hours free of charge.It’s in Tokyo, but you can enjoy shopping comfortably.

Ikebukuro Marui Business Hours and Closed

Business Hours : 11 : 00 to 20:30
Cafe “A canne de combat Paragne” only from 11:00 to 23:00
Last order food : 22 : 15 drinks : 22 : 30
Closed : There may be some changes due to events, so if you are concerned, please inquire.
Contact phone number : 03 (3989) 0101 reception time : 11 : 00 to 19:00

Recommended Shops Cafe & Restaurant

at Ikebukuro Marui

I would like to introduce some shops that have been picked up and recommend some of them out of 81 shops in all shops.Some shops can receive a special bonus from “Epos Card,” so let’s check them out!

North face

This is an outdoor brand that was born in San Francisco, USA in 1968.There are various trekking shoes that are perfect for outdoor use, and various clothes and goods.

It is available for men, ladies and kids, so you can wear it with your family.The design itself has a lot of simplicity, and it is characterized by its “THE NORTH FACE” on clothes and T-shirts.This is a popular brand regardless of age, since it is easy to use as an everyday wear and easy to mix and match.

  • What is the age layer?
    I recommend it by the age of 40 from college students.
  • What is the price?
    The price is a little higher than \ 10000 to \ 40000.

A. R

This is a shop that handles dresses that emphasize women’s silhouettes.This brand has a cute feminine look, and it brings out the appeal of an adult woman.

From parties, we are selling handbags, accessories and pumps, focusing on a variety of occasions such as wedding ceremonies, after-parties, and so on, so we can put together a total coordination.We have a lovely dress that can create a mature atmosphere without forgetting the cuteness, so I think you can find a piece that you like.

  • What is the age layer?
    I recommend it to my kids until my 40 s since I can wear them for my mothers’ school events and so on.
  • What is the price?
    There are a lot of items from \ 5000 to \ 20000.

A canne de combat per

It is a cafe with a calm atmosphere based on the image of Provence, South France.The restaurant was born in Kobe in 1991, and it is a specialty tart shop, so you can enjoy the tart cake made by the chef who cares about the temperature of the day.

The cakes and tarts made with seasonal fruits are made with a tart crust made with fruit and cream, so it is a unique variation.We have plenty of food menus, such as pasta and salad, and we recommend it as a shop that is recommended for lunch, too.

In this case, you can get a bonus from “Epos Card,” so if you have a card, you will be 5 percent off by showing the card at the time of accounting.You can enjoy a delicious meal in Otok, Vukovar-Syrmia County.

Samantha Tabitha

This brand is popular among young women.This shop features pastel colors, vivid color bags and accessories, wallets and other features.There are many kinds of bags, such as a popular fashion, and there are many cute and casual items.

Some wallets are designed by the design, so there are some women in their 30 s who are likely to have it.But from the atmosphere of the whole store, the 20 generations are the main target from the high school students.

  • What is the age layer?
    I recommend you to be in early 20 s from high school students.
  • What is the price?
    The cheapest ones range from \ 10000 to \ 50000.The price range, which is easy for students to get, is popular.

The kiss

This is a shop with a large number of simple silver accessories.Pairing rings and necklaces are popular among couples, with the theme “LOVE & amp ; HAPPY.”.It is a great gift for 2 people, and it is recommended as a present, so it is a store that you want to use as a gift for an important woman as well.

There are also a lot of products with heart marks, and there are also collaboration products with Disney.The accessory of my favorite character is very cute.

  • What is the age layer?
    This is recommended for couples and women in their 10 s and 20 s.
  • What is the price?
    You can purchase a pair of rings from \ 10000 to \ 20000.Many items are priced at less than 200000 yen, and the price is also very popular.

Ikebukuro Marui Group

How was it?Since you can use underground passages from the stations in Ikebukuro, access is quite convenient, and there are a number of tenants and many shops with a number of shops, so there are many shops that you can use as a daily shopping, and there are shops that you can use for a few days, so you can also buy a small number of shops, and you can buy a lot of shopping from your daily shopping, so that you can use the underground passageway for a number of people, and there are many shops where you can use a lot of information from a 81 stores.

Please go to Ikebukuro Marui by all means when you go to Ikebukuro.