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How to attack Kidzania Tokyo in order to satisfy 120% satisfaction

Kidzania Tokyo is an entertainment facility where children in Lalaport and Toyosu can experience their careers.There are more than 60 pavilions and more than 100 kinds of activities, and it is a facility where adults can enjoy the experience of smiling and enjoying the experience of their experience.It is a very popular facility, so it is essential to study and prepare for 100% of the time.

Kidzania Tokyo is

Kidzania Tokyo is an entertainment facility where children in Lalaport and Toyosu can experience their careers.There are 100 kinds of children who can experience a job experience called the pavilion, and children are happy with their children’s experience, and they can enjoy the experience of their children’s experience. This facility is perfect for children and adults.

There are so many families in the Kidzania Tokyo, and there are many people who use it repeatedly.Therefore, it is necessary to acquire advance preparation and efficient movement in order to experience the experience of Kidzania Tokyo with high satisfaction.With this article, we will master the Kidzania Tokyo attack and let’s go sightseeing in Kidzania Tokyo with children and children satisfied.

Experience a rich variety of pavilions!

At Kidzania Tokyo, there are more than 100 kinds of pavilions, and you can enjoy the experience of the general society of adults while giving or paying a limited amount of money in a facility called Kizo while you are doing a job experience.There are many kinds of pavilions, such as restaurants, transportation, manufacturers and machines, nurses, media and so on, but it is important to choose the pavilion that you want to experience in advance, and to participate in the pavilion, so that you can participate in the pavilion in advance.

If this pavilion is not available, you should consult with the children in advance, such as the pavilion, and decide which pavilion you want to participate in.

Kidzania Tokyo entrance procedure


Kidzania Tokyo

You need to make a reservation in advance when you join the Kidzania Tokyo.You can make a reservation by making a reservation, so please take advantage of the Ponta points.In addition to the regular plan, you have a variety of plans, such as an Advanced Ticket plan that offers a 20% discount, and a Premium Program plan that can reserve 1 normally 3 activities, so you can make a reservation with your plan.

Reservation in the loit is

Receiving an entry card when joining Part 2.

When you join the second part, you need to receive a numbered ticket (an entry card).We are distributing the tickets in front of the Kidzania Tokyo in front of the hall between 10:15 and 15:30, so let’s get a numbered ticket first, so let’s get a numbered ticket for the first time in front of the. 3.The order in which you get a numbered ticket is the order of entry, so you need to get a numbered ticket as soon as possible to make a reservation for the pavilion you want.Also, you will be given a job schedule card and a “job schedule card” that you need to make a reservation at this time, and so be sure to keep it carefully.

If it’s past 15:30, let’s line up at the end of the line in front of the airport counter in Kidzania Tokyo.

line in the specified wait location
If you are participating in Part 1, you should wait for the entrance waiting place for the 1 f center port of Lalaport and Toyosu to be the waiting place if you come in front of 10:00.Also, you can enter from the center port before the business hours of Lalaport and Toyosu, so if you’re going to go there earlier, please come in from this entrance.If it’s after 10:00, it will be placed at the entrance waiting place in front of the reception counter in front of the airport reception counter, which is the reception counter of Kidzania Tokyo.

If you join Part 2, the waiting place and time are listed on the entry order card.Let’s arrange them so that they won’t be late.


30 minutes before opening

The entrance starts at about 30 minutes before the opening of the garden.Let’s go through the procedures at the airport reception counter at Kidzania Tokyo and enter.There is a simple baggage inspection, so if you have a bag, let’s show it to you.You can get the “Traveler’s Check”, “City Map”, and the “JOB Schedule card” at the entrance reception.

Traveler’s checks are 50 kizo, and you can participate in activities that you can enjoy by paying Kizo immediately after entering the entrance.The city map contains the location of the pavilion activity in the Kidzania Tokyo, so you can find the location of the pavilion you want.The JOB schedule card is the card required to accept and reserve the activity, so keep it carefully.

Also, it is important to wear light clothes in order to get better with Kidzania Tokyo.If you have heavy luggage, I recommend you to keep it in a locker located in Lalaport and Toyosu.

Let’s take the restroom in advance.

After entering the hall, you’ll be busy by booking and participating in the pavilion.It’s also important to leave the restroom in advance, because the time you go to the restroom will be too much.There are restrooms in Lalaport and Toyosu, so you should go to the restroom by changing the order when you are lining up.

Booking a Desired Pavilion, Participating

After the entry, you will use the JOB schedule card to reserve and accept the activity.In the case of a regular plan, it is a basic idea to reserve an activity that starts at a time after the entry, and then joins another activity that starts immediately after the entry, so that the activity is reserved for the first time.After you have joined the activity, you can reserve another activity, so it is better to proceed with the Booking → Join → Participation (activity reserved) → Reservation flow.

Consider the pavilion you want to participate first

KidZania has more than 60 pavilions and 100 activities, so it is important to work systematically.The Kidzania Tokyo’s website introduces each pavilion, so you can make a plan to use it, so let’s try to use it.The city map is also available, so you can run efficiently if you remember the location of the hope pavilion.

The rental car, which is a popular activity, can be boarded by getting a driver’s license by receiving an activity at the Driver’s License Test Station, so it is good to visit it at some timing.

It is

better to work with multiple children .
Each activity is often less than 10 people, so if you take more than one child, you may find it difficult to work with more than one child, so if possible, you can work with more than one child, so that you can work with more than one child, and so on the other side, you can work with more than 1 children.Also, the reception at the pavilion is only possible for children, so it is impossible for adults to stand in line.The city is the center of the child, so let’s leave it to the autonomy of the child and let’s move it freely.

The clearance time is

If you don’t have time to participate in other activity, such as 20 minutes, you can do a part-time job by doing a part-time job.You can get a part-time job information at the Work consultation center, and there are rare part-time jobs limited to the season, so please join us.When you make a bank account at a part-time job, you can make a bank account for the next time you make a bank account, and then you’ll be able to use it with interest from the next time you come to the bank.

Timing of meals is important

In order to move around a long time, it is important to eat a meal in the middle of a 5 hour period.In the pavilion there is a pizza shop and a hamburger restaurant, and children can eat meals made by themselves here.Adults can eat meals from the KidZania and meals from the outside at the second floor of the lounge lounge.

Attack the Kidzania Tokyo in advance

In order to enjoy Kidzania Tokyo from 120%, it is important to prepare in advance.Choose the pavilion you want and make a reservation for the day, make a reservation, and make a smooth movement of the activity.