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How to access 3 airports from Kyoto

There are 3 airports near Kyoto, and it is important to use them in accordance with the purpose, since the handling of domestic and international routes is different. There are various ways to travel from Kyoto to airport, including bullet train, limousine bus, train, taxi, car rental, etc., but it is important to choose the best way of moving while emphasizing the 3 points of “fast, comfortable” and “economical.”.

In this article, we will provide you with the recommended access methods to neighboring Itami Airport, Kansai International Airport, and Kobe Airport, as well as the features of each airport.If you want to fly from Kyoto and move to the next city, you can find the best way to travel by referring to this article.

How to navigate and feature in each airport accessible from Kyoto

Kyoto is a global tourist city, and many foreigners visit Japan every year to experience Japanese culture in Kyoto. In order to enjoy tourism, it is important to make an effort to move, and it is essential to move more quickly and comfortably for increasing the satisfaction of tourism.

Kyoto has 3 airports nearby.

  • Itami Airport
  • Kansai International Airport
  • Kobe Airport

Let’s take a look at how to travel from Kyoto to each airport, and the characteristics of each airport.

How to access Itami Airport from Kyoto and features

of Itami Airport

If you want to travel from Kyoto to Itami Airport, it is recommended that you use the Airport Limousine Bus operated by Osaka Airport Transport.

You can take a bus from the bus terminal of hachijo entrance at Kyoto Station and arrive at Itami Airport in Osaka for about 50 minutes. You can enjoy the scenery of Kyoto and Osaka on the way, so you can use it as a sightseeing bus.

Also, the fare is 1,310 yen for adults and 660 yen for children, so you can move faster, more comfortably, and more cheaply than traveling by taxi or rental car. You don’t feel tight at a limousine bus, so you can move in a comfortable space.

Itami Airport Features

Itami Airport is called the official name of Osaka International Airport, and the biggest feature is close to Osaka City. It can be used as a base for sightseeing in Kyoto and Osaka, as it can be moved in 30 minutes by airport limousine bus to Umeda, Nanba, Tennoji, which is a tourist attraction in Osaka.

Also, flights that are operated mainly on domestic flights, so for tourists visiting Japan, there may be little opportunity for direct access to Itami Airport from abroad.When accessing Kyoto from another city, such as Tokyo or Fukuoka, you will be able to travel conveniently and comfortably when you get an air ticket to Itami Airport.

How to access Kansai International Airport from Kyoto

features </ h> of Kansai International Airport

If you are going to Kansai International Airport from Kyoto, I recommend the following 2 means.

  • Bullet train
  • Limousine Bus

From Kyoto, you can take a seat between Kyoto and Kansai by taking a bullet train “Kansai Air Express Haruka”. The required time and charges are as follows.

  • Fee : 2,850 yen (non-reserved seat, one way)
  • Time Required : 1 hours 15 minutes

In addition, Kyoto and Kansai International Airport are operated by limousine bus, so if you want to move leisurely, I recommend you to use a bus. It’s better to use it when you can’t get a ticket for bullet train.

  • Fare : 2,550 yen (4,180 yen for one way round-trip ticket)
  • Time Required : 1 hours 35 minutes

Either way, you can sit on your seat, and you can relax until you reach your seat. If you travel from Kansai Airport to Kyoto, you may want to use one of the means of transportation.

Features of Kansai International Airport

Kansai International Airport’s feature is that it has full of regular flights with other countries.In particular, in recent years, there has been an expansion of LCC service routes, which connect Japan and overseas at a cheap price. You can access not only Asian countries such as China and South Korea but also Europe, the United States, and Hawaii.

It is convenient for 24 hours, so you can travel directly to Osaka and Kyoto. If you want to travel directly from overseas to an airport near Kyoto, I recommend you to use Kansai International Airport.

How to access Kobe Airport from Kyoto, and introduction of Kobe Airport features

If you travel from Kyoto to Kobe Airport, it is best to get on the JR and Port Liner. However, unlike the limousine bus and bullet train, it is a little hard to move, and it may be difficult to move with a package for sightseeing or work because seat is not secured .

The moving means will be as follows.You can move around about 1 hours and 10 minutes, so if you move from Kyoto to Kobe Airport, you can move in the following way.

  • Kyoto – Sannomiya Station : JR, 1,080 yen, time required : 52 minutes
  • Sannomiya Station – Kobe Airport Station : Port Liner, 330 yen, 18 min

Kobe Airport Feature

Kobe Airport is a small airport off Port Island, Kobe City. Compared to Itami Airport and Kansai International Airport, it is a small airport, but it is an airport that is very convenient for moving to various cities in Osaka.

Moving from the airport mainly takes advantage of the “Port Liner”, but it is also connected to the hub station, which is a hub station in the Osaka area, and it can be moved in a relatively easy manner, as it is connected to the Sannomiya Station, which is also a hub station in the Osaka area.You can travel directly from Sannomiya to Kyoto, Himeji and Nara, as well as Kyoto, so you can use it as an airport if you want to move to these tourist cities.

The domestic flights are mainly for small airports, but it is also advantageous that it doesn’t take time to move in the airport. If you want to move efficiently in Japan, it will be recommended airport.


There are various ways to move, but by choosing a way to move quickly and comfortably, you can easily enjoy sightseeing and business trips without any extra fatigue. Also, each airport has its own features, so it’s better to choose an airport to move according to your own purpose.

There are some cases where you can buy bullet train tickets and limousine bus tickets in advance, so I recommend you to check beforehand.