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How to enjoy Mejiro Gardens

“Mejiro Gardens” in Toshima City, Tokyo.The Mejiro Gardens is a park where visitors can access to history and culture free of charge.Surrounded by greenery and buildings around the pond, you can also feel the Japanese landscape.

You can also enjoy a variety of enjoyable ways to enjoy a variety of fun during the spring, such as those in the summer, fireflies in summer, and autumn leaves in the autumn.In summer, the event is held with parents and children watching fireflies.Even though you are in the city, you can show your children the appearance of fireflies.

This time, I will introduce you how to enjoy such a Mejiro Gardens.I’ll introduce you basic information such as the outline and the access method, so please check it.

Basic information about the Mejiro Gardens

Before I introduce you how to enjoy the Mejiro Gardens, first I’ll introduce you to the basic information of the Mejiro Gardens.

Mejiro Gardens is

Mejiro Gardens is a spot where you can feel history and culture in the nature.The park is operated by Toshima City in a park in garden where you can stroll around a large pond where you can enjoy walking around the pond.The buildings that surround the vast pond and the moats, which have been used since the Muromachi period, have been used since the Muromachi period, and there are moats that have been incorporated into the castle since ancient times, so you can experience the history and culture of the Kitayama-sugi.

In the Mejiro Gardens, you can also enjoy watching the appearance of fireflies and ducks, enjoying the viewing of the waterfall, and viewing the cherry blossoms.In this way, the Mejiro Gardens is a place like an urban oasis in the city, where it can be touched by nature and culture.

– Address : Toshima City’s Mejiro 3-20-18, Contact : 03 – 5996 – 4810 (Mejiro Gardens Management Office)

Access to Mejiro Gardens Parking lots, parking lots, and nearest stations

● For trains
– About 5 minutes on foot from JR Mejiro Station.
Approximately 15 minutes walk from JR Ikebukuro Station.

● For buses
– About 4 minutes walk from the Toei bus and Seibu Bus “Mejiro Ekimae” on foot.
– About 7 minutes on foot from Shimo-Ochiai 3 chome on the Seibu Bus bus.

Parking Lot
The Mejiro Gardens doesn’t have a dedicated parking lot.It is convenient to use “Mejiro 3 chome parking”, which is a 5 minute walk from the Mejiro Gardens.

Nearest Station
● JR Mejiro Station
● JR’ Ikebukuro Station’

Opening time of Mejiro Gardens and admission fee

Open time
● Other than Red Swan
・ January to June : September to December : 9 : 00 to 17:00
・ July August : 9 : 00 to 19:00
● Red Swan : 9 : 00 ~ 21:00

Enrollment Fee

Appeal and Fun Mejiro Gardens

Could you tell me about the basic information about the Mejiro Gardens?Next, we are approaching the appeal of the Mejiro Gardens and the way to enjoy it.

Red Swan

Red Swan is a place where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Mejiro Gardens with a sense of history.During the Taisho period, it was named Akatori because it was a place where a magazine called’ Akai Tori’ was produced at the place where today’s red swan hermitage is located.

The highlight of such red-bird hermitage is wood.Red Swan was built in “Kitayama-sugi.”.Kitayama-sugi is a wood that was put into a lot of tea houses when Sen no Rikyu was created by Sen no Rikyu.

The layout is also a must-see.Red Swan is a building built by “Sukiya-zukuri” (Sukiya-zukuri style building).This architecture is characterized by a layout where you can enjoy the scenery around you as an interior decoration.Therefore, the inside of the red Swan hermitage is large, and you can spend a relaxing time while enjoying the view.

Nagaya Gate

The roof and walls of the Mejiro Gardens’s Nagagaya gate are full of appeal.You can feel the history from each part, so please try to carry it.There are two highlights :.

The roof of the Nagagaya gate is made in the form of a gable.The gable style is characterized by the shape of hiragana.Before the Nara period, it was considered to be the building style of the roof with the highest dignity.The roof has been adopted since 1000 years ago, and it gives you a sense of Japanese history.

The moat of Nagagaya gate is in the form of Tsukiji moat.It is a moat made by filling mud with mud, and it has been adopted by many castles and government offices since ancient times.

6 mm viewing hall

The “6 mm float” is a rest area that has a roof in a space that protrudes into a hexagonal shape.The way to enjoy such 6 square meters is to look at the “Tencho Kazari” on top of the roof and enjoy the time and culture.

First of all, I want to pay attention to the design of the roof decoration.The top decoration of the 6 square-meter floats was made based on the image of Akai Tori, the same as red swan hermitage.”Akai Tori” was a magazine that was published during the Taisho period.I think you can feel the time when you look at the top decorations in mind.

Also, attention is paid to the texture of the roof decoration that has been made to harden the soil.The top decoration of the 6 square-meter floats is made by Mashiko-yaki (Mashiko).Mashiko-yaki is a traditional pottery that was introduced in the vicinity of Mashiko-cho, Tochigi Prefecture, from the end of the Edo period.In 1979, it has been recognized as a traditional craft by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.


Takimidai is a spot where you can enjoy the scenery of a Mejiro Gardens different from the red swan.It is located in a small place in the west even within the Mejiro Gardens, so you can see the view of the Mejiro Gardens from the different angles from the red swan hermitage.Because of the good view, it is also used as a place for tea ceremonies.

Especially in the fall, you can enjoy the scenery of the Japanese garden and the autumn leaves in Mejiro Gardens.Of course, you can see the beautiful autumn leaves around the pond, and the “copy autumn leaves” in the pond.

Also, there is a floating stone surrounded by a pond and a green on the way from Red Swan to Takimidai.Therefore, it is recommended that you feel the Japanese style of Japanese garden not only in Takimidai, but also on the road.


The Mejiro Gardens falls are attractive to the water flowing from the rocks and the green.According to the Mejiro Gardens brochure, 860 tons of Mejiro Gardens falls were found.From the height of 4 meters, 3 tons of water flows in 1 minutes.Why don’t you feel the nature of the water from the speed and the speed of the waterfall?

If the timing is good, you can see the rainbow that falls in the waterfall.When you go to the Mejiro Gardens, please try to carry it.


The pond in the Mejiro Gardens is a place that occupies a large space in the Mejiro Gardens.It has about 500 square meters, and its size is 150 tsubo.The depth is 1.2 m, and you can also enjoy the appearance of carp, duck and fireflies.

Every year, the event “Autumn Garden Light Up” is held in autumn to illuminate the area around the pond.The autumn leaves and plants around the pond are illuminated by colorful lights, so you can enjoy the Mejiro Gardens scenery different from the daytime.The design changes every year, so you can enjoy the view with a fresh feeling even if you have been there before.

appreciation of fireflies

Mejiro Gardens is a spot where you can do appreciation of fireflies.There is a “Firefly Biotope” where you can enjoy Heike-botaru firefly’s appearance, and you can see many fireflies every year.This firefly biotope was established as part of the “Hotaru no Sato Business” by the Toshima City Park Green space division.

There are related events, and at the end of March every year, we hold the “Hotaru no Yu” (Evening of Hotaru) where children and their children can enjoy appreciation of fireflies and so on at the end of the sixth month.In 2018, he enjoyed enjoying the performance of violin and enjoyed the appreciation of fireflies, so it was the contents that gave the picture books as a gift, so it was so popular as to reach the number of people.


From the end of April to late July every year, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Gamo duck in Mejiro Gardens.

The highlights are from late April to early May.At this time of the year, you can enjoy a swimming style in a pond in the Mejiro Gardens.In some cases, the parent and child of cargamo duck is resting at the edge of the pond and taking a walk, so the parents and children of the cargamo duck can be seen close to them.

It is characterized by its small size, small and fluffy feather.Why don’t you try to feel the healing with the calmers as well as the scenery in the Mejiro Gardens?


In the Mejiro Gardens, you can also enjoy cherry blossom viewing of cherry blossoms.At the end of the third, you can enjoy the appearance of weeping cherry trees in the pond and the view by the 6 mm viewing hall.

In 2019, we held a “Weeping Cherry Blossom Light Up” event as a related event.In the event, a part of the park is open and the illuminated night cherry blossoms can be enjoyed.The following are the results of implementation in 2019.

2019 “Weeping Cherry Blossom Light Up”

  • Date : March 27, 2019 (Wednesday) – April 2 (Tuesday)
  • time : 17 : 30 to 20:00
  • Admission fee : free

The weeping cherry blossoms are regularly introduced on the official website of the Mejiro Gardens.When you go to Hanami, you should check it in advance and go to your favorite time.

Mejiro Gardens Summary

The Mejiro Gardens is a park where you can get to know about history and culture.You can also enjoy cherry blossom viewing, waterfalls, and the appearance of firefly crabs and fireflies.Those who want to be healed by nature and the animals while touching history and culture should try to visit them.