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How to enjoy Mitake park

Do you know the Yoshitake Park in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo?The Yoshitake park is a 10 minute walk from the JR Shibuya station. It is a park that you can enjoy with the playground equipment, a little rest, and so on. It is recommended to take a rest when you are tired of the hustle and bustle of Shibuya.

I’ll introduce you how to enjoy the oasis Yoshitake park, an urban oasis that is relaxing and is surrounded by trees!

Basic information in Yoshitake park

Yoshitake Park is

Yoshitake Park is a 6 minute walk from Shibuya Station, and it is located at the back of Meiji Dori, and it is a convenient park to access.It’s not a big park, but there is a playground and a temporary office in Shibuya ward office in Shibuya ward, where children love the playground.

The Yoshitake park, which is surrounded by natural surroundings, is a perfect park for people who are tired of the crowds, tourism and shopping in Shibuya.There is also a Miyashita Park nearby, so you can access it at a distance of about 1 minutes, so it is recommended to visit along with the Yoshitake park.

There is also a smoking area in the park, so it is a pleasant spot for smokers.

Yoshitake Park Access Parking and parking

  • Address : Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Shibuya-ku,
  • 1-18-19

  • Access : 6 minute walk from Shibuya station
  • 10 minute walk from Meiji-jingumae station.
    16 minute walk from Harajuku station.

  • Parking : There is no parking space in the park.Please use the nearby toll parking lot.
  • Operating hours : 8 : 30 to 22:30

Jordan coat

In the Yoshitake park, there was a basketball court with 2 basket goals, and the name of the court was named “Jordan Coat.”.As its name suggests, this basketball coat is a basket coat donated by the “Michael Jordan,” which is known as the god of basketball.

On May 23, 2004, a wedding ceremony was held at Yoshitake Park. On the day of the ceremony, the Michael Jordan himself attended the ceremony and celebrated the birth of the court with a small and junior high school student who lived in Shibuya Ward, Shibuya Ward and in Shibuya Ward, Shibuya Ward.Many people gathered to pray for the god of basketball, “Michael Jordan,” and it was very hot at that time.I heard that “Jordan Court” was open for free everyday, and various events were held as well.

At the entrance of the court, there was a message from “Michael Jordan” and a bill.

“Jordan Court” was demolished for redevelopment in 2015, but it used to be a famous place in Shibuya where students gather on weekdays.

Yoshitake Park Attractions

Yoshitake parks have a variety of fun ways to enjoy, such as the spherical playground equipment that children can play, the rest centers where they can rest even though they are small, and the communal cooking with the support of the Nojuku every Saturday.I would like to introduce you to the highlights of such Yoshitake parks.

Ball type playground equipment

For those who were born and raised in Shibuya and those who related to Shibuya, the symbol of this park is what this “ball-shaped playground equipment” is.
Yoshitake parks have been drastically reduced for redevelopment, but still this type of playground equipment has been left behind.This type of playground equipment looks like a kind of object, but actually the sphere looks like a slide.

It is a symbol of Yoshitake park, and the “spherical playground equipment”, which is an art, is still loved by children even now.

Joint Cooking

At the Yoshitake Park, there is a joint cooking of the Noyado support from 16 o’ clock every Saturday.It is an organization that supports Noyado in Shibuya Ward.

The menu is considered based on the ingredients and seasonings that are prepared on the same day, and it makes a single dish, if possible.I heard that they separate food from a vegetable shop and a farm that are in favor of the activity.It is said that more than 200 people gather together and eat together and eat together!

It is an event where you can expand your world by having a experience that you can’t experience easily.You can participate directly on the day, so why don’t you try to participate?

Shibuya Ward Office Temporary Office

The “Shibuya Office Temporary Office” built in the Yoshitake park started to work at the new office building on January 15, 2019, and as of April 2019, it is said that this building has not been used.

Yoshitake Park Summary

I have introduced some Yoshitake parks that have been loved by the people of Shibuya. How did you like them?

Yoshitake Park had a basket coat called “Jordan Court” and was a gathering spot for young people and children.The redevelopment of Shibuya has greatly reduced the size of the park, but since long ago, it has been a resting place for the rest of the rest of the park, and it has been set up as a resting place, a restroom, and a smoking area. It is a resting place for adults to rest.

Also, every Saturday joint cooking is a very rare event in other parks.If you’re interested, please go to the Yoshitake Park.