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How to enjoy Mori museum

The Mori Art museum is an art museum in Roppongihiruzumoritawa.It is an art museum at the top of the forest tower, and it is also known as MAM by the name of the English name “Mori Art Museum.”.As an art museum in modern art, exhibitions, such as architecture, fashion, painting, sculpture and design, are held.

The museum tends to be a bit more difficult, but at the museum of art, there is a talk and workshops, and it is an art museum where you can experience a variety of enjoyable ways to enjoy the art museum and observation deck.I recommend the Mori art to enjoy art casually.

Today, I will tell you about the exhibition information that has been held in such a forest museum, the exhibition that will be held in the future, and the exhibition information that has been held so far!


Basic Information and Attractive of the Forest Museum

First of all, let’s hold down the basic information of the Mori Museum.

The Mori Museum has been opened since 2003, when Roppongihiruzumoritawa was built.Located in the highest level in Roppongihiruzumoritawa, this museum is the tallest museum in Japan as an indoor exhibition.

The museum does not have a closed day during the exhibition, so it is open until late at night so that people who want to enjoy art can easily visit the museum.The Mori Museum of Art’s tickets often include Tokyo City View, which is an observation facility, so you can enjoy the night view from the high-rise from the night of the night.The museum and night view are perfect for dates too.

I’ll give you basic information such as the museum of art, the access method, the voice guide, the catalog, the advance ticket information, and so on.

The museum continues to stimulate sensitivity in modern art

The Mori Museum of Art has exhibited various exhibits based on the concept of “modern art” and “internationalism.”.The area is wide, and exhibits exhibitions such as architecture, fashion, painting, sculpture and design.

It is an art museum where the art and design are created and enjoyed in the world during the contemporary period of contemporary art.It is also aimed at not just spreading, but also allowing people to talk openly and talk about art through a program called learning.

It is an art museum that allows you to incorporate into modern life or know the frontiers of modern art.It is sure to stimulate your life and thinking.

Relationship between the Forest Museum and the Roppongi Hills

The Mori Museum is an art museum operated by the MORI BUILDING Co.,Ltd..MORI BUILDING Co.,Ltd. is a central company that has developed urban development in Roppongi Hills.This company has set up an art museum in the top of Roppongihiruzumoritawa as a role to play in the culture of Roppongi.

Roppongihiruzumoritawa is a tower with a height of 238 m and a tower of 54 stories.The fifty fourth floor is the machine room, and the fifty third floor of the available tower is the Forest museum.There is a museum shop on the same floor, and you can get art souvenirs as well.

On the second floor of the 130 Liberty Street, there are other museums, such as the Mori Art Center Gallery, the Tokyo Sky Deck and the Museum cafe, and the museum cafe and restaurant, so you can enjoy it together.

Opening day of the Forest Museum, fee, access method, parking lot

The Mori Museum of art is basically closed during the exhibition period!However, it seems that the business hours are short only on Tuesdays.Let’s check the opening time and the last admission time after checking.

I think there are a lot of trains, buses and cars in the way of access to the bus.We will introduce you to these access methods.You can also use the Minato Community Bus “Chishishi”.Please check the official website for this.

ChiABCDDetail : http://www.city.minato.tokyo.jp/koutsuutaisaku/kankyo-machi/kotsu/bus/community-bus.html

Opening Hours

Please note that the closing time is early on Tuesdays.

Day of opening opening hours Final entry
Month / Water – Day 10:00 – 22:00 21:30
Fire 10:00 – 17:00 16:30


  • Depends on the exhibition to be held.
  • Basically includes the entrance to Tokyo City View, the observation facility on the fifty second floor.
  • Discount tickets are available for sale.
  • There may be a discount for disabled persons, group discounts, and so on.
  • Tickets can be purchased at the Roppongi Hills Forest Three World Trade Center F ticket counter.

Access Methods

The address of the Mori Museum : 10-1 Roppongihiruzumoritawa 53 story on the sixth floor of Roppongi chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106 – 6108 Tokyo.
There are trains, buses and cars in the way to go there.Let’s take a closer look at each.

  • Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line : 3 minutes’ walk from’ Roppongi Station’ 1 c exit (directly connected by concourse)
  • Toei Subway Oedo Line : 6 minute walk to Roppongi Station
  • 3 exit

  • Toei Subway Oedo Line : 9 minutes’ walk from Azabu-juban Station 7 exit
  • Tokyo Metro Namboku Line : 12 minutes
  • 4 exit on foot :

    Azabu-juban Station

  • Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line : 10 minutes
  • 5 exit walk on foot

    Nogizaka Station

● In the case of buses (from Shibuya)

  • Urban Bus RH 01 Line (Shibuya – Roppongi) : “Roppongi Hills” and
  • Keyakizaka

  • Toei Bus Metropolitan Route 01 (Shibuya – Shinbashi) : “Roppongi eki-mae” and “EX Theater Roppongi Mae”
  • Tokyo Bus Astringency 88 series (Shibuya – Shinbashi) : “Roppongi Ekimae” and “EX Theater Roppongi mae”

● Bus (from Shinbashi)

  • Toei Bus Metropolitan Route 01 (Shibuya – Shinbashi) : “Roppongi eki-mae” and “EX Theater Roppongi Mae”
  • Tokyo Bus Astringency 88 series (Shibuya – Shinbashi) : “Roppongi Ekimae” and “EX Theater Roppongi mae”

● Bus (from the direction of Gotanda)

  • Toei Bus Counter 96 Line (Shinagawa – Gotanda – Roppongi) : “Roppongi Ekimae” and “Roppongi Hills”

  • from the direction of “Shibuya” : Tokyo Expressway “Shibuya” exit 10 minute
  • “Suginami, Shinjuku” : Tokyo Expressway “Gaien” exit 15 minute
  • “Ikebukuro” : Tokyo Expressway “Kasumigaseki” exit 10 minute
  • “Meguro, Haneda, Shinagawa” : Tokyo Expressway “Ikura” exit 10 minute
  • “Ueno, Chiba and Shibakoen” : Tokyo Expressway “Shibakoen” exit 10 minute
  • Narita Airport : 90 minutes
  • Haneda Airport : 40 minute

Parking Lot

The P. 1 and P. 2 parking lots at Roppongi Hills are convenient.
When you buy a ticket from the Mori Museum, you can add a parking ticket at the ticket counter to add 1 points to the ticket at 1,000 yen.The parking fee will be discounted at more than 5 points.When you go to the art museum, always take a parking ticket to get a discount.

P2 Parking Lot (Hilside)

  • Usage time : 24 hours
  • Storage time : 7 to 21
  • Parking fee : 300 yen / 30 minute total 3,000 yen / 24 hour
  • Mechanical : Total length 5.3 m ; full width 1.9 m full height 1.65 to 1.95 m
  • weight : 2.3 tons

P2 Parking (West Walk)

  • Usage time : 24 hours
  • Parking fee : 300 yen / 30 minute total 3,000 yen / 24 hour
  • Self-propelled : Total length 5.0 to 6.0 m ; full width : 2.0 to 2.5 m ; full height : 2.2 m / li>

On the list of Roppongi Hills parking lots, you can check the information of empty cars and full cars in a timely manner.

Details : https://www.roppongihills.com/access/car.html

Exhibition of the Mori Museum and Audio guide and catalog / Goods

At the Mori museum, you can use a voice guide by an exhibition.The audio guide for the fifteenth anniversary of the exhibition of the “Exhibition of the Forest Museum,” held on February 9, 2019 (Sat) – May 26 (Sunday), was the voice guide of the Japanese model of the navigator : The navigator was in charge of the Japanese model Kozue Akimoto, and the guide number was 15 and the charge was 500 yen for the guide time of 20 minutes and the time spent in the explanatory time of minutes. 2019.It is nice that you can listen to art while listening to the explanation at 500 yen.

Catalogs are also sold according to the exhibition.In the above exhibition, the A4 variant and the catalog of about 240 pages were sold at 2,900 yen.It depends on the exhibition, but it will be offered at this price in the future.

In addition, in the museum shop, various items are sold according to the exhibition held.Why don’t you look for souvenirs and memories of the exhibition?

How to purchase the advance tickets for the Forest Art Museum

The advance of the Mori art Museum is held at Ticket Pia.At one exhibition, the general admission fee was sold for 1,500 yen at 1,800 yen.About 15 percent discount.

It is often sold until the last day of the exhibition, so if you decide to go to the exhibition, you can get a ticket by hand if you decide to go to the exhibition.However, when the quantity is sold out when the scheduled quantity of advance sale is sold out, it is possible to sell the advance ticket, so if it is decided to go, consider getting the advance ticket as soon as possible.

The web page of the Forest Museum : You can move to the ticket Pia page immediately from the “Pre-Purchase / Advance Ticket” in the tour of https://www.mori.art.museum/jp/.Please use it.

Exhibition at the Mori Art Museum

I’d like to introduce you to the exhibitions held so far in order to get a better Understanding of the Forest Museum.There are exhibitions in various fields, but this time we introduce three items : “The Future and Art Exhibition” (Tentative Title), “Exhibition from Catastrophe and Art”, and “Japanese Exhibition of Architecture : What’s brought about by the gene”?

Future and Art Exhibition (tentative title)

From November 19 to March 29, 2019, the “Future and Art Exhibition (tentative name)” will be held at the Forest Museum of Art and Culture in the year between March and March. 2020.Currently, it is still (tentative name), so the name may be changed.

This exhibition will show the art and design that was born with the influence of new science and technology.New science and technology include artificial intelligence AI, robotics and biotechnology.The impact of these technologies is to consider what kind of lifestyle the human beings will become in the near future and what kind of environmental problems will occur.

The exhibition from the perspective of the art and the art of the art

This exhibition was held in the Mori Art Museum in October 2018 to January 2019.The “catastrophe,” in the name of the exhibition, is a catastrophe.In the world, catastrophic disasters such as large-scale terrorism, the earthquake and volcanic eruptions can happen suddenly.This exhibition was held to inform people of such disasters and to communicate to the people in the future.

Usually, newspapers and television that inform the disaster are objective information.On the other hand, in the art works of this exhibition, it makes a great deal of appeal to people’s emotions and sensibilities, such as the sense of disappointment and pain, and the contradictions of society.

The catastrophe brings us hopelessness, but we do our utmost to recover from it.The art expresses the hearts of people who face the tragedy and how they work, learn what they learn and reproduce, and move.

Japanese exhibition of architecture of the gene.

This exhibition was held in the Mori Art Museum in April to September, 2018.Japanese architectural technology is based on traditional traditions since ancient times, and it is used for modern architecture as well.This Japanese architectural technology is paying attention to the world as well.This exhibition was divided into 9 sections to consider Japanese architecture and the Japanese genes that underlie it.
What are 9 sections?

  • Possible wooden
  • Transcendental aesthetics
  • Peaceful roof
  • Craft as a building craft
  • continuous space
  • Open compromise
  • The form of living
  • Discovered Japan
  • symbiotic natural

The Japanese architecture was once again realized to be wonderful, and it gave us new ideas such as the possibility of wood, the importance of coexistence with nature, and the wonderful sensibility of Japanese people.

How to enjoy learning in the Forest Art Museum

At the Mori Museum, a program called learning is held.This is prepared to understand modern art more broadly and to learn more about it with its peers.We have a wide range of learning programs, including gallery talk, kids and family, school, teens and seniors, and programs that eliminate the barriers for people with disabilities.

There are different programs in the exhibition, but I’ll introduce you to gallery talk and family hour hours.

Gallery Talk

An expert, who is in charge of the exhibition, conducts a tour style talk within the exhibition room.In the gallery talk so far, the participation fee was free (I. e., the exhibition ticket fee for the effective forest museum in the day was required), the first come-first-served day was held, and the number was 30.There may be some changes by the exhibition.If you are interested in gallery talk, contact us below to get information.
Gallery talk inquiry

Learning in the Forest Museum of Learning
Tel : 03 – 6406 – 6101 (Monday – Friday 11:00 – 17:00)
Email inquiry : mam – learning @ mori. co. jp

Family time to touch art with family

I think it is a little idea to go to a small child and an art museum.The reason for this is the size of the voice, the movement, the touch, the difficulty of the child’s content.

This forest museum offers programs for families that children and their families can enjoy.It is called “family hour”, and the explanation person is easy to understand, and there are various programs such as experiential art and photography, while it is easy to understand and talk with the children.

The program includes a variety of subjects, including children aged between 0 and 6, their parents and their parents, pregnant premothers and infants, and their parents and their parents in the third to sixth grade.It is popular that many programs are available for admission before the opening of the 10 o’clock.

There is a free event and a paid event.Please check on the Web page of the Mori art Museum, because it has already been applied.Would you like to have an art experience with your children at the family hour of the Mori art museum?

Mori Museum Family Hour : https://www.mori.art.museum/jp/learning/category/cat2/index.html

The attraction of the Forest Museum’s membership MAMC

The membership of the Mori Museum is known as “MAMC (mahamsha).”.
Mahamsha is a combination of Mori Art Museum and contemporary art of contemporary art.
There are 2 types of individual members.

  • Fellow : Annual fee : 22,000 yen (including tax)
  • benefactor : Annual fee of 44,000 yen (including tax)

Some of the benefits are available!

Bonus Content Fellow benefactor
The Forest Museum, Tokyo City View, and the Sky Deck and the members and their attendants are free of charge. Companion 1 Companion 2
Preferred entry 0 0
At the exhibition and opening reception Companion 1 Companion 2
Advance invitation tickets for each exhibition 5 sheets 10 sheets
Invitation Invitation Companion 1 Companion 2

In addition, there are still many benefits.Please check on the official page.
Personal members : https://www.mori.art.museum/jp/mamc/individual/about/index.html
I’ll introduce you some of the benefits.

The opening reception and the opening reception of art rings

At the Mori Museum, the opening reception and party are held before the exhibition is held.You can join these receptions and parties as a bonus for members and deepen their interaction with the art lovers.

This reception and party may also be an opportunity to deepen your knowledge and deepen your understanding of the artists and experts in the exhibition.

The program that is touched behind the art’s stage.

You can take part in the exhibition at the Mori Museum of Art and participate in the special learning program.The background of the creation of the work, the production, the sound of the artist’s flesh, and the deep fall of modern art can be reached.

It’s amazing that the artist who made the work actually can hear the story.It’s different from the fact that the curator and the art specialist talk to each other.

to enter the exhibition at the exhibition, Sky Deck and Tokyo City View free of charge.

Members of the Mori Museum’s membership MAMC can always use the museum.

In addition, the entrance to Tokyo City View on the lower floor of the museum and Sky Deck on the rooftop is free of charge.It’s very reasonable that the museum and 2 observation facilities can be used.The number of people who can accompany you varies depending on the member rank, so please be careful.

The appeal of the annual passport of the Forest Art Museum

The Mori Museum of Art’s annual passport will be available for the Mori Museum for 1 years.There is also a bonus, so if you plan to go there several times a year, it is definitely a bargain.Here is a summary of the annual passport fee and benefits.It is necessary for you to consider the annual passport.

How to purchase annual passports and

First of all, the basic information of the annual passport.

  • Price : 6,000 yen
  • Expiration date :
  • 1 years

  • Application Location : Roppongi Hills Forest Three World Trade Center Floor, fifty second floor
  • Design : 2 types of design : typical design, Roppongi astronomical Club Design.

The price is set to 6,000 yen.If the 1 tickets for the exhibition are 1,800 yen, if you go there 4 times in 1 years, the annual passport will be cheaper.The shopping place is 2 places in the tower where the museum is located.

Next, I’ll introduce you to the benefits of this passport!

Tokyo City View and Sky Deck can also be entered free of charge

You can enter the Sky Deck on the roof of the tower with the Mori museum for free.You can also enter Tokyo City View, which is just below the Mori Museum of Art, for free.

There are many cases where the free admission of Tokyo City view is available even if you use only 1 times of the Mori Art Museum.However, the admission fee for the Sky Deck is not free of charge, so the annual passport is a special bonus.

Where you can participate in the Roppongi Tenmon Club at a reasonable price.

The Roppongi Tenmon Club is a general term for astronomical events held at Tokyo City View and Sky Deck, rather than clubs with member organizations.Therefore, everyone can participate in a star sky event that is held every month during the fourth Friday and throughout the year of the star-gazing club.You can use it in a variety of situations, including dating on a date with your child.

If you use an annual passport, the entrance fee for Tokyo City View and Sky Deck will become free, so you can participate in the starry sky event.Why don’t you participate in the events at the Roppongi Tenmon Club?


The Mori Museum of Art is located in Roppongihiruzumoritawa and is located in the center of the city.Together with Tokyo City View, you can experience the city and modern art at the same time.The sensitivity is sure to be stimulated very much.I think it is only the city center that it is closed during the session and open until late at night.The night art museum and night view are very nice combinations.

Try to find things that suit you, such as learning, family hours, membership, annual passports, events of the Roppongi Tenmon Club, and so on, and look for a good deal with you.Please take a look at this article and try to visit the Mori Art Museum!