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Best 7 aquariums and zoo in Osaka area

There are many aquariums and zoos in Osaka area, including aquariums and historic zoos.

The “nifler” aquarium is now evolving, with the concept of “the Kaiyukan” that is said to be the world’s largest, and the “living museum” that is located in a facility with commercial facilities and commercial facilities.The aquariums and zoos are now famous spots that can’t be missed by Osaka sightseeing.

In this article, I will introduce you to the aquarium, the zoo, and the recommended 7 best aquariums in Osaka.


Kaiyukan was opened in 1990.The scale of indoor water tanks is one of the world’s largest aquariums with 5 fingers in the world around the world. It is now famous as a famous sightseeing spot in Osaka.The concept is Ring of Fire (Pacific rim) and Ring of life (Pacific Life cycle).It reproduces the sea of Pacific Ocean in a giant water tank.There are many people with families and couples, and about 60% of visitors have a lot of fans, and there is a lot of fans in the aquarium.

Kaiyukan’s popular animal

There are a lot of fish and animals in the Kaiyukan.There are some popular animals recommended by Kaiyukan, so I’ll introduce them to you.
Whale Shark
At the time of the Kaiyukan, there was no aquarium in the world around the world where whale sharks were bred, but the only aquariums in Japan were the aquariums in Japan, and only the Churaumi Aquarium in Okinawa was the only one in Japan.In the Pacific Ocean, the aquarium is also housed at the Kaiyukan, where there are 2 whale sharks in a large water tank with a maximum water depth of 34 m and a depth of 9 m.The whale shark swimming elegantly is very powerful, and it is overwhelming.The aquarium you can see in Osaka is only a Kaiyukan, so please take a look at it when you come.

Pusa hispida
There are many people who go to see Pusa hispida who are too popular on the Internet.It is sure that the form that looks like a manju will heal you very well.Please come to see me.

oriental small-clawed otter
The ototters with a long torso with a lovely round look are popular too.It is said that oriental small-clawed otter was named “oriental small-clawed otter” because his nails were small.I have a lovely meal time for a cute oriental small-clawed otter, so please go to see if you have a hard time with your rice.

The route

of Kaiyukan
The building of Kaiyukan is located from the third floor to the eighth floor of the entrance building.First, go through the “Fish gate” on the third floor and go up to the eighth floor by escalator.After that, the route goes down from the eighth floor to the bottom.The inside of the building is very large and there are some cold places, so I think there are some things that you can wear 1 sheets of clothes during a light season.


in permanent exhibits
Animals in permanent exhibits of the Kaiyukan exhibit can be found in oriental small-clawed otter, Raotters, California sea lion, Spotted Seal, South American coati, Penguin, Pacific white-sided dolphin, Capibara, Manbo and so on.

New feeling area

The new sensation area is an area where you can experience the world of living things such as temperature, sound and smell. In the Arctic area, the popular Pusa hispida and the open water tank with the reproduction of the Eudyptes chrysocome’s life in the area of the Falbiland (Malvinas) is an open aquarium where you can experience smell and voice.In the Maldives islands, it is a contact zone where you can directly touch sharks and sharks.This is a recommended area where you can see the acrylic panels, so you can see the animals’ facial expressions nearby, so it is recommended that you look at them.

Guided Tour

It is required to reserve, but we also have a guided tour.You can go to a backyard where you can see the living creatures, and guide you through the living things, so you can see the living creatures in detail, so you can visit the aquarium with a different look.Also, the aquarium inside the aquarium is transformed into an aquarium with a different atmosphere from the daytime. It is decorated with light and sound from 17 o’clock to the night of the night.The relaxing inside the building is perfect for the people who are tired, so I recommend it.

Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel

This is not an aquarium, but there is also a Ferris wheel “Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel” that boasts the largest height in the world (112.5 m).It takes about 15 minutes and takes 1 laps.You can enjoy a superb view of Akashi Kaikyo Ohashi Bridge and Rokko Mountain line when it is sunny.The cabin currently has 4 see-through cabins, so it is a see-through cabin with a view of the scenery.Please try to visit me.

Address : 1-1-10 Kaigan-dori, Minato-ku, Osaka-shi
Telephone number : Kaiyukan Information 06 – 6576 – 5501
Price : Adults (high school students, over 16 years old) 2,300 yen
Children (elementary and junior high school) 1,200 yen
Children (over 4 years old) 600 yen
Senior (over 60 years old) 2,000 yen
Business hours : 10 : 00 – 20:00 (* The opening hours vary depending on the month, so please inquire for details. * The final entrance is closed up until 1 hours prior to closing.)
Closed : Annual holidays

Access by train

  • About 5 minutes from exit 1 of Osakako Station Metro Chuo Line

Access by bus

  • Get off at Osaka City Bus “Tempozan Harbor Village”. You can get there by train number 88 from Osaka Station.From Namba Station, take the 60 train to Mount Tenpo and get on the train.
  • Get off at Nankai Bus Kaiyukan (Tenpo Mt. Tenpo) and get off at the limousine bus departing from Kansai International Airport and get off at Tenpo Mountain (Kaiyukan).

Auto access

  • From the Tenpo Expressway and the Osaka Port Line at Tenpo Zanzan Exit
Parking (8:00 – 23:00 ※ issued until 0:00)
The main parking lot with a large parking lot is located in the Tempozan Marketplace and the basement of Kaiyukan.* It is directly connected to each facility and can be accommodated.
Ordinary car (Tenpo Zan parking Lot)
200 yen per 30 minutes per week (maximum fee : 1,200 yen)
250 yen per 30 minutes of soil, day and national holidays (maximum fee : 2,000 yen)

Access access

  • Ride on the Capt. Line of the shuttle ship and ship at the Kaiyukan West Sea.


Nifler is a new type of museum that combines aquariums, museums and zoos in the aquarium, “EXPOCITY (Expo City)”, a large-scale commercial facility created by Kaiyukan in November 2015.The theme of the exhibition theme in nifler is “diversity.”.The inside of the building is divided into 8 zones.

8 zones

  • Contact the roost
  • Learn how to do this
  • contact
  • Wonder Moments
  • to give it to you
  • Contact
  • Contact the connection

Every zone welcomes a wide variety of cute living creatures.I’ll explain about each zone.

Contact zone

In a zone where you can see a lot of things, the color of the space gradually changes, and it is drawn into an artistic space like an art museum.It expresses a variety of different colors, and colorful fish colors can be colored in 13 water tanks.


In the “Contact with the Art” zone, the diversity of behavior is expressed, and in a water tank where you can see the ingenuity of fish, you can see the originality of living creatures.Here is a Doctor fish’s Gara Lupha.You can eat the keratin.

touching Zone

In the “Touch” zone, a variety of forms are expressed, and a variety of patterns are displayed in the mysterious space where light dots continue to appear.You can see the appearance of fish such as Gorgasia preclara and Toxotes.

Wonder Mode Zone

There is no exhibition of living Creatures in WONDERMOMENTS – Wonder, but you can experience the mysterious space of art by Artist Takahiro Matsuo.You can see 17 scenes in 10 minutes, and the sphere floating in the air shows the sculptures of water, the trees, and the space, and the shower of light.


In the “Get to Me” zone, we show the ability to live with the living creatures who are good at protecting themselves from their enemies.

Contact zone

In the “Contact with the Eyes” zone, large animals greet you at the clear waterfront.The White Tiger, the minihippo, and the Crocodylus porosus are waiting for you.It seems like the White Tiger in the cat is in the area where the White Tiger is in a hot day, and the habit of cooling the body into the water and cooling the body.Please go to see the White Tiger who is very powerful.

Contact zone

In the area where you can see the animals, you can see animals nearby as it is a playground for living creatures.I’m close to you, but I can’t touch it, so please be careful.You can experience the pleasures of carefree animals such as capavara, oriental small-clawed otter, Beaver and tortoise.

Zone Contact

In the zone where you can see the connection, the wall and floor show a stereoscopic picture on a 2 sided screen.Please try to find each connection by watching the screening.

Large Ferris Wheel, OSAKA WHEEL

There is also a large Ferris wheel in nifler, and the height is 123 meters higher than the Kaiyukan.Moreover, this floor is full of see-through, so it is very powerful.(For those who are worried, there is also a mat, so if you’re worried about it, please call the staff.) There are only 2 VIP gondolas.The seats have plenty of space, and they are made with special use.You can also get a special service, so please use it on a special day.

Address : nifler, 2-1 EXPOCITY, Suita-shi, Osaka-shi, Senri Banpakukoen
Telephone number : nivrelinformerson : 0570 – 022060 Phone time 9:30 ~ 20:00
Price : Adult (high school / over 16 years old) 2,000 yen
Children (elementary and junior high school) 1,000 yen
Children (over 3 years old) 600 yen
Business hours : 10 : 00 – 20:00 (※ The opening hours vary depending on the month. Please inquire for details. * Final admission time is 19:00.)
Regular holidays : There are 1 special closed holidays during the year.(Facility Periodical Inspection)

Access by train

  • Nearest station : Please get off at Osaka Monorail and get off at Bampaku-kinenkoen.

Access by bus

  • There is a direct bus service from Umeda Station to EXPOCITY (only on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)
  • There is also a free shuttle bus service on weekdays (* 2019 June 28 / * JR Senrioka Eki-Ekimae, Hankyu Kita-senri Eki-Ekimae, Hankyu Minami-senri eki-Ekimae only)

Auto access

  • If you are using Meishin Expressway, please come to the exit of Fukita IC in Kinki Expressway.
    If you are visiting by Chugoku Expressway, please come to the exit of Suita IC in China.

Parking fee

  • The parking fee for EXPOCITY parking is free of charge for 2 hours at the entrance to nifler.
  • Weekdays, Saturdays are free of charge for 2 hours, so the total is 4 hours free of charge.
  • The total amount of shopping in nifler and EXPO is up to 7 hours free on weekdays and Saturdays.The day and the holiday are free up to 5 hours.
  • The year-end and new year and the busy season may not be covered.
  • For parking tickets, please post the parking ticket at the information desk in nifler.* Please be aware that if there is no parking ticket, you can’t get a discount.
  • The discount is only the CITY parking Lot.

World Farm

The World Farm was opened on April 22, 1989.About 140 kinds of animals and about 1,500 heads of animals are living on a vast site with a total area of 400000 square meters.This is a large theme park where you can experience the experience of interacting with animals.On the premises, you can also eat fresh and delicious soft ice-cream from farms, as well as outdoor barbecues.There is also a contact hall where visitors can contact animals, interact with dolphins and whales, interact with dogs and cats, and touch small animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs.You can also play with a dog run, a goldfish scoop, a battery car, and a battery car that you can play with.

In the park, there are a lot of the world’s largest breeds, “Perschon Giant,” the world’s largest rabbit-duck, the world’s largest duck, the world’s largest dog, the world’s largest dog, and the world’s largest animal, “Cape Wolf Hound.” Please take a look at it. Please look at the rare animals from the world’s largest animal, “Capivara” and the world’s largest dog.

One of the characteristics of the World Farm is that you can contact most of the animals in the garden, and you can purchase it.The animals that are unable to be kept by the owner are picked up, and the search for the foster parent’s foster parents is actively carried out.The park is a leisure facility that you can enjoy with a natural hot spring, a log house that you can stay in, and a cottage, so it is recommended that you can enjoy the leisure facilities that your family can enjoy for 1 days.

Address : Kanan-cho Hakuki 1456 – 2, Minamikawachi-gun, Osaka-shi
Phone number : 0721 – 93 – 6655
Price : Adults : 1,500 yen
Children (3 years old – elementary school students) : 800 yen
Pet : 500 yen
Person with a disability note
Adults : 900 yen
Children (3 years old – elementary school students) : 500 yen
* For 1 persons with disabilities, 900 yen per person.
Business hours : 10 : 00 to 17:30 (change depending on the season)
Closed holidays : Tuesdays (day off on holidays), spring vacation, Golden summer vacation, year-end and new year holidays

Access by train bus

  • Get off at the bus stop on the south exit of Nagano Line Tondabayashi Station and get off at Sakurazaka 1 chome bus stop and get off at about 10 minute

Access in an automobile

  • From Osaka City => Route 14 Matsubara Line Miyake I.Go south from C to Japan National Route 309 line.Turn left at the Sabi Kamiyama intersection across the Itamochi tunnel.If you go straight along the road, you can see the guide signboard of the World Farm main gate.
  • From Kyoto and northern Osaka, go to Hanwa road from Kinki Expressway, get off at Mihara North Interchange, go straight on the side of the route, go straight on the Shimokuroyama intersection, go to the left side of the Japan National Route 309 line and turn left at the intersection of Sabi Kamiyama crossing the Itamochi tunnel.If you go straight along the road, you’ll see a guide signboard.
  • From the southern part of Wakayama Prefecture, get off at the south Interchange of Hanwa Road, go to Shimokuroyama intersection at the intersection of the Mihara intersection, go to the south of the Japan National Route 309 line and turn left at the Sabi Kamiyama intersection crossing the Itamochi tunnel.If you go straight along the road, you’ll see a guide signboard.
  • If you are visiting from the Nara Gosho, you can see the Japan National Route 309 line on the line by the Imperial route. If you go along the road on Route 27 along the road, you can see the guide sign on the main gate of the main gate of the World Farm Main gate. Mizukoshi Tunnel.

  • If you are visiting Nara Yamato-Takada, go over the Takenochi pass from Toma-cho, past the Taishi-cho’ Michinoeki’ (roadside station), turn left at the Taishi- Machiminami intersection, turn left at the road on Route 27, and go straight ahead along the road.If you turn left at the Hakuki Minami intersection (the family mart is the landmark), you will see a guide signboard of the main gate of the World Farm.
Parking lot
500 parking units
Free parking fee
(The parking fee will be charged only when the fireworks are held on August first. Car : 1,000 yen motorcycles : 500 yen)

Harvest Hill

The Harvest Hill is a vast experience type park with a total area of 350000 square meters, which was opened in 2000.Throughout the year, the flowers bloom throughout the year, with animals such as capella and rabbits, as well as the milking experience of cows and the Horseback riding, and so on, and you can also enjoy the milking of cows and the. 1.This is a large Agriculture Park that can experience pottery art by experiencing crafts by playing with athletic, go-kart, or grass slips.Depending on the season, strawberry picking can also be done.

Also, I recommend you to enjoy a barbeque, pizza and craft beer made in a homemade studio, so you can enjoy it all over 1 years, so I recommend you to enjoy it.

Address : Toyota 2405 – 1, Minami Ward, Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture
Phone number : 072 – 296 – 9911
Price : Adults (junior high school students or older) Regular rates : March to November 900 yen / Winter December – February 500 yen
Silver (65 years old or older) Regular period March – November 600 yen / Winter December – February 400 yen
Students (junior high school, high school, university, technical college, junior high school) Regular rates : March to November 600 yen / winter December – February 400 yen
Children (ages 4 and over) Regular rates March – November 500 yen / Winter December – February 300 yen
Free of charge for children (under 3 years old)
Business hours : 9:00 ~ 18:00 / Summer 9:00 ~ 21:00
Closed : Annual holidays

Access by train

    Take the Namba to Namba from Namba Station and get on the Izumichuo line, and get off at “Izumigaoka Station” and get off at “.”.


  • Take the Osaka Umeda Line to “Umeda Station” on the subway Midosuji line and get off at the terminal “Nakamozu Station” and get off at the last stop, “.” Nakamozu.From there, go to Semboku Rapid Railway and get on the train at Izumichuo. Get off at Izumigaoka Station and get off at the bus stop.
  • Take the Wakayama Station from Wakayama to Hanwa Line’ Tennoji Station’, get off at’ Mikunigaoka Station’, transfer to the Nankai Koya Line, take’ Izumichuo line semi express’ and get off at’ Izumigaoka Station.’.

  • On Kansai Airport, take a bus from Kansai Airport and get off at Izumigaoka Station and get off at Izumigaoka Station.

Access by bus

  • By bus terminal (bus stop number bus stop number 6) from Izumigaoka Station and by Nankai route bus, about 20 minutes by Harvest Hill bus stop.

Auto access

  • Leave Hanwa Expressway to Hanwa Expressway’ Sakai IC’ and turn left at the first intersection, and about 7 km, and on Route 2 (Route 61 of the prefectural Road Route), take the south to the south. 15
  • From the Hanshin Expressway Line to the Hanshin Expressway line, enter the Sakai-Senboku Expressway, enter Sakai Senboku Toll Road, exit the toll gate, exit’ Taihei-ji Temple Exit’ and immediately turn right at the’ Hirai Ohashi Bridge’ and turn right at’ Hirai Ohashi Bridge’ (Route 61) to the south, and then take the’ Hirai bridge’ to the south (Route No. on Route 2 of the prefectural road route 15). 7
  • On the outer loop line (Route 170 on the prefectural road) → Right turn right at the intersection between Fukuzecho and east (left side if you come from the direction of Kishiwada), enter the old road and turn right at the intersection of Yokoyama Elementary School and turn right at the intersection of Bessho’s intersection.
  • There is a defect in the guide, so please go straight to the prefectural Road 61 and turn left at the Harvest Hill intersection.


Misakikoen was opened in 1957 as a commemorative project commemorating the seventieth anniversary of the founding of Nankai Electric Railway.There are zoos, aquariums and amusement parks on a vast site with a height of about 330000 square meters.Outdoor large pools can also be used in summer.

In the Shiny Stadium, you can see the powerful show of Pacific white-sided dolphin and Bandar.Nearby, you can find a sea animal and a penguin house, and you can encounter the animals in the sea.There is a contact corner where you can touch dolphins, so you can contact dolphins nearby.

In the zoo, you can see animals such as Macropus rufud, giraffes, capiroses, zebras, oriental small-clawed otter, Sumatran tiger, Japanese macaques, and redpandas.Other birds include penguins, flamingo, reptiles and lizards, Mississippi crocodile, and iguana.In the zoo, there is an experience corner where you can feed a giraffe and a lion and an animal contact corner, so please check it as well.

There is also an amusement park, so it is an amusement facility where you can stay on the first.Please try to heal them with the cute animals.

Address : 3990 Tannowa, Misaki-cho, Sennan-gun
Phone number : 072 – 492 – 1005 hours : 9 : 00 – 17:00
Fee : Adults (junior high school students or older) 1350 yen
Children (2 years old to elementary school students) 700 yen
Student discount, silver discount : 950 yen
* Students older than junior high school students can offer discounts, and those with silver (65 years old or older) can offer discounts by presenting their public ID cards.
Operating hours : 9 : 30 to 17:00 ※ Depending on the situation, the opening time and closing time may be changed.The last admission time is 30 minutes before the end of the business.
Closed holidays : The holidays vary according to the month.Please contact us for details.

Access by train

  • From Namba Station to Misakikoen Station by limited express, about 50 minutes
  • by limited express

    from Nankai Line.

  • Nankai Line “Wakayamashi Station” to about 10 minute

Access in an automobile

  • Coming from Osaka.
    Departing from Hanshin Expressway via the Hanshin Expressway line Izumisano Minami I. C. C. and proceeding to the south of the Iwate Line Izumisano Iwate Line.Turn right at the Hatashiro northern intersection and proceed south by Second Hanwa national highway.It is close to the Tannowa ramp and travels south of the prefectural road 752.(I. C)
  • 20

  • Exit Hanwa Expressway> Hanwa Expressway Izumi Minami I. C and turn left at the north intersection of the Hatashiro and proceed to the south of Second Hanwa national highway.It is close to the Tannowa ramp and travels south of the prefectural road 752.(about 13 km from Izumi Minami I. C.)
  • Coming from Nanki to Nanki
    Exit Hanwa Expressway via Hanwa Expressway Hannan I. C, turn left at the Sakuragaoka intersection and proceed to the south of Second Hanwa national highway.It is just a short walk through the Tannowa lamp, and it is just right after the 752 lines of the prefectural road.(I. C)
  • 10

  • In the case of general road use, the Second Hanwa national highway is advanced to the north.It is just a short walk to the prefectural road 752 by the Koko lamp, the prefectural road 752, the Tannowa ramp, and the prefectural road route No.
Parking lot
The entrance to the parking lot is just on the right side of the Nankai Line “Misakikoen Station” elevated.(Parking fee : 1200 yen / 1 days)
* The surrounding roads, parking lots, and the Bon week, the Golden Week, the Bon period and so on are very crowded, so please take a train.
When you come by car, I recommend you to stop at a parking lot near the Nankai Electric Railway and change to a train and come to the park and ride.

Tennoji Zoo

The Tennoji Zoo was opened on January 1, 1915, opened on January, 1915. It is the oldest zoo in Japan, with its 100 years of opening in 2015. 2015 3.Currently, about 180 species of animals are housed in approximately 11 hectares of the garden, and the zoo is still crowded with the zoo as a zoo in the city of the city of Tokyo, with 1000 animals.The characteristic of the Tennoji Zoo is an ecological exhibition that reproduces the scenery of the habitat of animals that are being bred as possible, and the ecology museum “Ifer” and the “African Savannah Zone” where the Lion and the lion live in the “Africa Savannah Zone” where you can experience the natural environment where various living creatures live.

Events are also held, and seasonal events are held, such as the seasonal zoo, which allows you to see animals’ rice time and snack time, the experience of interacting with animals, and the time limited to the movement of animals that can’t be seen during the day.

Also, in Tennoji Zoo, there is a miracle chicken Masahiro.In the first place, it was a miracle of the animals to feed the zoo, but since it was too good to eat food, the teacher became a teacher of other chickens, but it was planned to become the feed of the weasels, but the next time he became sick, he was supposed to eat a few miracles, but he did not become ill. The Masahiro, who was supposed to eat many miracles, did not become ill.At present, I am lucky to have a walk around the park or ride a bicycle basket of a keeper, so I am lucky to see him.Masahiro’s soft ice cream is also available.

The story of Masahiro has become longer, but there are many other popular animals.There are cute animals such as giraffes, lions, jaguar, redpanda, koala, chimpanzees, sheep, camels, horses, rabbits, penguins, storks, and arctic bears, so please try to go there.

Address : Chausuyamacho 1 – 108, Tennoji Ward, Osaka City
Phone number : 06 – 6771 – 8401
Price : Adult 500 yen
Elementary and junior high school students 200 yen
Free preschool children
Annual passport (adult) 2000 yen
Annual passport (regional elementary and middle school students) 800 yen
* Those aged 65 or older who reside in Osaka city will be free of charge, so please bring the address and age of the driver’s license, etc. (original).
※ Those with physical disability, health and welfare pocketbooks, health and welfare handbook, survivor health handbook, war victim’s pocketbook, and medical education pocketbook are free of charge.Please bring a different notebook (original).
Business hours : 9 : 30 to 17:00 (entry until 16:00) ※ May, September and holidays open until 18:00, and the entrance to the kindergarten is until 17:00.
Closed holidays : Mondays every Monday ※ If it is on holidays, the next day of the holiday, the next year’s holiday and the new year’s holidays (from 12/29 to 1/1)

Access by train

  • New World Gate
    5 minute to 10 minute walk from Exit 1 of the subway Dobutsuen-mae Station.
    5 minute to 10 minute walk from Exit 3 of the subway Ebisucho Station.
    About 10
  • on foot from the Shin-Imamiya Station Tsutenkaku exit (east exit) of Nankai and JR.

  • ABCD gate
    5 minute to 10 minute walk from Exit Number 5 of the subway “Tennoji Station”.
    5 minutes to 10 minutes walk from the central exit of the JR Tennoji Station.
    About 10 minutes
  • on foot from exit 7 of Kintetsu Minami-Osaka Line on foot

    Osaka-Abenobashi Station

Access in an automobile

  • If you are using the expressway, there is an entrance to the Tennoji Park parking garage, which is the closest parking lot, after getting off at the exit of the Hanshin Expressway’ Matsubara-ji Tennoji.’.
  • In the case of Shimomichi, go to the intersection between the Machisuji and Tamamatsu-suji to the west, and the entrance to the Tennoji Park parking garage is the entrance to the. Tennoji-ekimae.
Parking lot
Tennoji Park parking garage (500 cars) Tennoji Park Chausuyama entrance parking lot (70 cars)
* Please contact the Tennoji Park parking garage (06 – 6773 – 0909) Tennoji Park Chausuyama Entrance Parking Lot (06 – 6779 – 8427) for details on the fare.

5 Month Mountain Zoo

It is said that the beginning of the 5 month mountain zoo was the start of the zoo in 1957 (1957) as a part of the spontaneous learning of children and children in Ikeda City.In the city of Ikeda, there were also more than 7 heads of the Vombatidae, including 2 heads of Bennett Wallaby, who was given by Bennett from the city of Lauson, Australia, and heads, including black sheep and wallabies, and the animals were also raised. 3.After that, in 2000, the rabbits, guinea-pigs, Maha, Emu and chickens started breeding, and after that, the fureai plaza was set up as the current 5 month mountain zoo in the current month mountain zoo. 2000.

The 5 month mountain is 300 meters above sea level, and the zoo is located at the bottom of the foot.It is a spot where you can see the hiking, cherry blossoms and autumn leaves beautifully in addition to the zoo.I recommend you to enjoy a light leisure.There are about 60 animals in the zoo, including Alpaca, Vombatidae, Wallabies, Sheep, Guinea Pigs and Tortoise turtles.It’s a small zoo, so it’s a large area where you can walk slowly inside the park.Those who want to see the animals slowly and see the animals slowly are recommended zoos.

Address : Satsukigaoka 5-2-5, Ikeda City, Osaka Prefecture
Phone number : 072 – 752 – 7082
Fee : Free
Business hours : 9 : 15 – 16:45
Regular holidays : Tuesdays (next week in the case of a national holiday)

Access by train

  • About 15 minutes by public transportation from Ikeda Station on public transportation
  • Hankyu Takarazuka Line

Access by bus

  • Hanshin Bus “Ikeda Station Kitaguchi” bus terminal 3 has 1 buses operated every 10 minutes every minutes. Satsukiyama Park.

Access in an automobile

  • Go north of the Nishihoncho intersection from the Hanshin expressway’s “Kohana” JCT to the east, turn the first traffic light to the right, turn left the traffic light to the left, and then turn left on the left side of the traffic light at the intersection of the first traffic lights and the “Kohana” junction from the “Kohana” junction to the one hundred seventy sixth.
  • The Satsukiyama Park has a parking lot, but it is a hilly area, so it doesn’t have a wide road.The traffic jams are expected on weekends and holidays, so when you come to the 5 month mountain zoo, you can enter the kindergarten smoothly by using public transportation, so please cooperate with us.

  • Satsukiyama Park and the parking garage in the gymnasium are available for those with disabilities.


I introduced aquariums and zoos in Osaka area, but there are many aquariums and zoos across the country.When you go to a variety of aquariums and zoos, the animals will not change, but the atmosphere will differ depending on the facilities, so the animals in the different places will be able to see the different atmosphere.Many aquariums and zoos are operated with the concept of a concept, so the atmosphere of the museum is more enjoyable than the animal, so you can enjoy seeing the atmosphere even more enjoyable.

Each animal has its own individuality, so it is fun to ask if there is a staff nearby.I hope you’ll go to see the beautiful animals in order to heal your fatigue.

Thank you very much for reading the article.