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How to enjoy Pokemon Center mega Toukyo

“Pokemon,” which has gained popularity regardless of age, and has fans around the world.Do you know there is a “Pokemon Center Mega Toukyo” that handles such Pokemon’s official goods in Ikebukuro?

Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo has 1 Pokemon Center stores nationwide, with 12 stores nationwide.We sell a lot of official goods, and we sell limited items from Pokemon Center Megatokyo Limited.

Card game classes and card battle events are also held regularly, and many fans are visiting the company every day.This time, I’m introducing this Pokemon Center Mega Toukyo.In addition to the fun, we will introduce you to the outline of Pokemon Center Megatokyo, access, parking lots, and other information.Please try to use it as a reference when you come.

Basic information on Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo

Before checking the way to enjoy the Pokemon Center Megatokyo, first check the basic information.

Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo is

Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo is the official shop of Pokemon.It is located on the second floor of Sunshine City at 1 stores across the country.You can enjoy the purchase of official goods and card games, and are gaining popularity from fans of Pokémon.

Also, Pokemon Center Megatokyo is attractive for interior decoration.On the walls in Pokemon Center Megatokyo, pickachu and mega Charizard are painted.In addition, there is an object where monster balls appear, and it is popular as a shooting spot.

Address : 3-1-2 Sunshine City Specialty Town, Toshima City Higashi-Ikebukuro City, 2
Phone number : 03 – 5927 – 9290
Closed closed : none

Access to Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo and parking lots and the nearest station

The information about access to Pokemon Center Megatokyo, parking lots and the nearest stations are as follows.

● For trains
Approximately 3 minutes walk from Higashi-ikebukuro Station (Yuraku-cho Line, Tokyo Metro).
Approximately 4 minute walk from Higashi-Ikebukuro 4-chome bus stop (Toden Arakawa Line).
– About 8 minutes walk from Ikebukuro Station (JR Line, Tokyo Metro, Seibu line, Tobu line).

● For buses
– 4 minute walk from the “Sunshine city south” bus stop on the Kokusai Kogyo bus.
5 minute walk from the “Sunshine City” bus stop on the Kokusai Kogyo bus.

Parking Lot
The Sunshine parking in the Sunshine City area is convenient when you go to Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo by car.The business hours and other information are as follows :.

Business Hours : 0 : 00 to 24:00
Closed : None
Phone number : 03 – 3989 – 3452

● Usage fee (every 30 minutes)
– within 4 hours : 300 yen
– Within 4 to 10 hours : 2,400 yen (additional 300 yen per 30 minutes if it exceeds 8 hours)
– Within 10 to 24 hours : 3,600 yen
– More than 24 hours : add additional charges from within 4 hours, plus additional charges within 24 hours.

Nearest Station
● Higashi-ikebukuro Station
● Ikebukuro Station

Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo’s business hours and rates

The business hours and charges for Pokemon Center Megatokyo are as follows.
Business Hours
The business hours of Pokemon Center Megatokyo are 10:00 to 20:00.However, there may be some changes in the business hours of Sunshine City Alpa, which is equivalent to the business hours of, where Pokemon Center Megatokyo is introduced.

Pokemon Center Megatokyo is an admission free spot.Therefore, you need to pay the purchase fee for the official goods.This purchase fee can be discounted by using a service called “Exciting Tanfun”.

This is a service that allows you to discount a purchase fee of 5 percent by visiting a month that has a birthday date.It can be used regardless of age.For this reason, I recommend you to shop with your parents and children who come with you, if you come to the shop with their birthdays, and you can do shopping cheaply.Please be aware that you need to have an official certificate such as an insurance card, a driver’s license, and a passport at the time of the visit.

The charm of Pokemon Center Mega Toukyo and How to enjoy it

Next, I am going to introduce you to the charm of Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo and how to enjoy it!There are 3 main attractions and fun ways for Pokemon Center Megatokyo.

A lot of game software and card games

Pokemon Center Mega-Tokyo sells cards for game software and card games.There is a download version in Pokemon’s game software, so some people who go shopping at the store seem to be troublesome.However, if you reserve a package and receive it at Pokemon Center Megatokyo, you may receive limited goods.

In addition, at Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo, you can check the cards of the latest series, such as the “Name Detective Pickachu” and the “scaireijend” series.After purchasing, you can participate in a card battle event as it is.Please go to Pokemon Center Megatokyo and check the cards for Pokemon game card and card game.

You can purchase Pokemon related original goods.

At Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo, you can buy original items related to Pokemon.There are over 400 types of original goods that are handled at the Pokemon Center.At Pokemon Center Megatokyo, we deal with some of them.

Among them, “Pokemon Center Megatokyo Limited Edition.” (tax included 2,000 yen) is particularly notable.This official product is a stuffed toy sold only by Pokemon Center Megatokyo.Please check it by all means when you come to visit.

In addition to such stuffed toys, Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo has 8 categories of original goods, including stationery, kitchen utensils, and apparel goods.We have original goods that both adults and children can enjoy, so we can enjoy them with their parents.

The details of the product can be found on the “Goods” page of the Pokmont official website.It is better to check before the store.

Where you can enjoy the Pokemon Card Game class and the battle at the event

At Pokemon Center Megatokyo, there are events where you can enjoy a Pokemon card game and a card battle.I don’t need a pre-reservation or a participation fee, so I recommend you to participate casually.

Among them, “Pokemon Trading card Game Class Open” is an event held by Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo for beginners of Pokemon Trading Card Game.When you participate, you can get a card and playmat of the Eevee as a present.You can rent a Pokemon card for free, so you can participate in the event if you have a schedule.

The “New bullet fight opening” is a card battle event recommended for those who want to try Pokemon Trading card game.At this event, you can receive a variety of presents, such as the participation award or winning award, in response to the victory or defeat.If you prepare 60 Pokemon cards, you can participate without a reservation.However, please be aware that you cannot participate when you reach 36 people.

You can check the schedule and details of the event in pokemoncardgamesternardswebsuit.

Pokemon Center Megatokyo

Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo is a place where you can buy Pokémon’s official goods and enjoy card games.If you like Pokemon, why don’t you try to make a pleasant memory at Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo?