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How delicious RINGO’s apple pie

Do you know “RINGO” located in the premises of JR Ikebukuro Station?RINGO is a restaurant where you can eat freshly baked custard apple pie.

RINGO’s custard apple pie is characterized by apple that has a texture that has a gritty texture, overflowing custard cream, and layered pastry that is layered with more than 100 layers.RINGO’s custard apple pie is a sweet dessert with not only a part but also an attractive charm.

As a result, since its opening in March 2016, the procession has been gaining popularity every day.This time, I’ll introduce you to the charm of RINGO in more detail.I’ll introduce you the outline of the store and access information, so please check it with those who like sweets.

Baked Custard Apple Pie “RINGO” is

What kind of shop is RINGO?Let’s check the outline and access information of the store immediately.

RINGO’s Attractive

The charm of RINGO is that you can eat freshly baked custard apple pie.In RINGO, we sell custard apples with 2 cm cubes of apple and custard apple pie with plenty of custard cream.

The custard apple pie from RINGO is a sweet that has particular attention to ingredients and manufacturing methods.The apple is made from Aomori’s “leafy apple” and the custard cream is made of Hokkaido milk and the original blend of flour and salt-free butter.

Also, since the pie crust is layered with 144 layers, you can enjoy a crispy custard apple pie that can’t be eaten at other shops.

In addition, it is attractive that you can buy freshly baked dishes as it has a shop in the shop.Because of its deliciousness, we sold 10000 units in 1 weeks during our pre-open test sales.As of April 2019, more than 3 years have passed since its opening in March 2016, its popularity remains strong.It is popular even on weekdays even on weekdays.

Address : 1 Chome JR Ikebukuro Station 1 f, Minamiikebukuro, Toshima City
Contact : 03 – 5911 – 7825

Access to RINGO Parking Lots, Parking lots, and nearest stations

● For trains
– 1 minute walk from the east exit of JR Ikebukuro Station.

● For buses
– 1 minute walk from the Toei Bus and the Seibu Bus’ Ikebukuro Station East Exit’ bus stop.
1 minute walk from the Toei bus’ Ikebukuro Station East Exit’ (bus stop number 10)

Parking Lot
There is no parking lot.Therefore, it is convenient to use the following coin parking which is close to you.

[Ikebukuro East Exit Public Parking Lot] Distance from

RINGo : 1 minute walk
Availability : 0 : 00 to 24:00
・ Address : Tokyo Toshima City Minamiikebukuro 1 chome 29-1

● Price (including tax)
(Ordinary Vehicles)
– within 2 hours : 320 yen (30 minutes)
・ For more than 2 hours : 300 yen (30 minutes)
– within 2 hours : 320 yen (1 hours)
・ For more than 2 hours : 300 yen (30 minutes)

If you park for more than 2 hours on weekdays, the driver’s JAF membership card will give you a free 30 minute fee.Besides, there are childcare discounts and disability discounts.

[Ikebukuro PARCO Parking Lot] Distance from

RINGo : 1 minute walk
– Available time : 9 : 00 to 22:00
・ Address : 1 Chome, Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima City, Tokyo 50-35
・ Price (including tax) : 300 yen (30 minutes)

If you do a certain amount of shopping at the Ikebukuro PARCO, the price for the following hours will be free.
– 2000 yen to 9999 yen : 1 hours
・ 10000 yen or more : 2 hours

Nearest Station
● JR’ Ikebukuro Station’

RINGO Business Hours and Business Day

RINGO’s business hours and business days are as follows :.
Business Hours
10:00 to 22:00
Business Day
365 days

Baked Custard Apple Pie Appeal

RINGO is a popular store that can hold a procession even on weekdays.What kind of appeal is there to the “baked custard apple pie” that you can buy in such a ringo?Let’s check the details immediately!

Custard Apple Pie Rate

Price of custard apple pie (including tax)

  • 1 : 399 yen
  • 4 : 1512 yen

When the shop is crowded, only 1 people and 4 people buy it.Please be careful at the time of purchase.

Plenty of custard cream

The charm of RINGO’s custard apple pie is a custard cream with plenty of custard cream.The amount will spill out if you cut it in half.The pie crust is thin, so some people wonder how they put a lot of custard cream in it.

In RINGO, I bake pie dough with apple only once, add custard cream, and bake the pie crust again.This makes the pie crust thicker and contains a lot of custard cream.

This custard cream is characterized by its smooth flavor that melts.Using a special machine with the latest technology, the custard cream is made without unevenness.The custard apple pie of RINGO has a lot of custard cream filled with this kind of ingenuity and appeal.

Crispy pie dough

The custard apple pie from RINGO also has an attractive appeal to the pie crust.The pie crust used in the custard apple pie of RINGO is characterized by its crunchy texture.

This crunchy texture is produced by layering the pie dough into 144 layers.The crispness of custard apple pie doesn’t become crispy as the amount of pie crust increases.I heard that the staff of RINGO spent a lot of time in creative work, and the 144 layer was the best.

Also, the pie crust of this custard apple pie has particular attention to the raw materials.To make it more crispy, the custard apple pie with RINGO uses specially blended flour and Hokkaido’s salt-free butter.

In addition, RINGO has a shop in the shop.Therefore, it is also possible to provide freshly baked custard apple pie with a crispy texture.

Cube Cut Apple

RINGO’s custard apple pie is also attractive for apples in the inside.RINGO’s custard apple pie uses apple processed with fresh state.

RINGO is particular about how to cut this apple, and it has been cut into 2 cm cubes so that it can be enjoyed while feeling the texture and aroma of apples.

In addition, apple that was added to the custard apple pie was harvested from the gold farm in the gold farm in Aomori Prefecture.This apple is characterized by its sweetness that is far from the sweetness of custard cream.This sweetness is due to a cultivation method that does not remove leaves.

Many apple farmers work to remove the leaves of apples before harvesting.Because the color of the leaves will fall due to the presence of leaves.However, apple leaves have a role to deliver sweetness.Therefore, the gold farm, which produces apples, incorporates a cultivation method that doesn’t take leaves.


RINGO is a shop where you can buy freshly-baked custard apple pie.

And RINGO’s custard apple pie is attractive with its chunky apple, plenty of custard cream, and crispy dough.Because of its charm, it is popular with many sweets lovers, and it has become popular every day.

Please go to RINGo by all means and try the popular custard apple pie.