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How to enjoy “Cherry blossom park” (Roborobo Park)

The Roppongi Hills, a large-scale commercial facility, is also known as a redevelopment project.The part of the plan was “Sakurazaka Park.”.The robot character is a symbol, so it is known as the “RoboRobo Park” and the “Robot Park,” and it is popular among children.

The park itself is very narrow, but the charm is full of charm.Let’s introduce you to the sights soon.

What is the cherry blossom park (Roborobo Park)?

“Sakurazaka Park” is located on the opposite side of the southern part of Roppongi Hills at the southern part of Roppongi Hills, and is located across Sakurazaka.This park is a park designed by Choi Jeong-hwa, one of the most popular artists in Korea.

This park, which is full of robots and slides, is nicknamed “Roborobo Park.”.The world view of colorful toys is creating a lively space for adults.The design that the artificial and natural nature coexist is also attractive.

Colorful 10 slide

The slide is one of the playground devices that children love.There are 9 straight lines in the slide.There are 8 slides of basic straight slides in one of the spiral slides, and a total of 10 slides in the Sakurazaka park.This is just like a slide in a slide.

The red, blue, yellow and green color of red, blue and yellow gives you a sense of tension just looking at the plastic slide.You can’t stop looking at the colorful colors and various shapes and sizes, so you can’t stop getting excited.

Also, the height is different from small to large, so it is possible to enjoy the children from the elementary school to the elementary school.It is a very popular playground equipment, so there are always many people, but there are many slides, so children seem to be able to slide the slide without waiting for a lot of time.

Most Popular Roller Slide

Among the most popular, it is a long roller slide.There is a long line that can be used as a holiday.To slide a roller slide, you have to go up a steep slope, so it’s a good exercise for the children.

And the tip of the slide is facing the road, but there is no worry that there is a fence, so you don’t need to worry about jumping out.The entrance of the slide is the height that a small child can climb by himself, and it is easy to play as it is easy to play as it is just beside the child’s child.

This roller slide has a lot of trees, blocking the sun during the day and making a shade that is easy to spend.It does not hit direct sunlight even in summer, so there is no concern about dehydration, heat stroke, or sunburn of the child.

The rattle sounds when you slide, so the children seem to enjoy it, but the neighbors will become noisy, so try to play with the rules.By the way, this roller slide is banned from 8 o’clock in the morning to 8 o’clock in the morning from 午夜.

It is a place called Roppongi, and the children who are playing are multinational, so it is fun for children to interact with friends who are different from usual.

Totempole with the 44 robots in the

The symbol of Sakurazaka Park is a robot Totem of a robot with 44 robots.

The tower, which has a robot that makes it an image of tin toys, has a message that adults want them to be excited.

It may be good to go back to your child’s heart and play with your child as much as possible.

Portable Robot Type Robot

A playground gear with a spring that is often used in the park.Normally, there are many vehicles such as an airplane or an animal pattern, but it is a robot type at the “Sakurazaka Park”.

There are 5 spring playground equipment.This playground equipment is colorful, so the tension of the child’s tension is sure to rise.

It has a wider area, so it is stable when you put it on, so you can enjoy it even with a small child.There are some seats near this spring playground equipment, so you can watch a child while you rest, so adults can relax as well.

The floor that does not hurt even when you fall down

The soft ground is one of the recommended points, and even small children can play with peace of mind.The bottom of the slide is the bulk chip (wood chips), and the other places are covered with elastic material, so it doesn’t hurt even if you fall down.

You can enjoy cherry blossoms with full bloom in spring

The “Sakurazaka” is the back street that is parallel to the “Keyakizaka” where the high-class boutiques in Roppongi Hills are lined up.The cherry trees planted as roadside trees became the origin of the name of “Sakurazaka.”.

Sakurazaka park is located in the middle of this Sakurazaka, so it is popular as a cherry blossom viewing spot.This Sakurazaka and the streets are very crowded, so you can enjoy cherry blossoms while walking.

From late March to early April, you can enjoy the light up of cherry blossoms along with the Mori garden.

If you’re tired of playing, go to Roppongi Hills’ Oyakorest FamilyRoom’

When you are tired of playing outside, I recommend a resting room on the second floor of the hill side in Roppongi Hills.

The subject is a guardian attached to the school and is not enrolled in the preschool.There is a kitchen room and looping of the Bornelund, and you can take a break while your child is playing.

There is also a space limited to the age of 2 years until the baby area.This is surrounded by a fence that can be locked, so I am relieved.

In this corner, you can change diapers, breast-feeding areas, and microwave ovens and hot water, so you can also make baby food and milk.The usage time is from 10 to 21.

There is no restroom in the park, so be careful


There is no restroom in the Sakurazaka park.You need to be careful as you have to cross the land bridge to the residence.

Children who are absorbed in playing can suddenly talk to the toilet, so it might be better to take them to the bathroom to look at the timing.

Access parking lot at Sakurarunu Park

Name Sakurazaka Park (Roborobo Park)
Address Tokyo Minato-ku, Roppongi 6 chome 16 No. 46
Phone number [Minato-ku Cooperation Promotion Division Civil Engineering Division] 03 – 5114 – 8803
* This number is the number of the Civil Engineering Division of the Cooperative Promotion Division, Minato Ward, Minato Ward, Japan.
Rate free
Official Site Sakurazaka Park Official Site
Nearby station Azabu-juban Station, Roppongi Station
Parking Details Please go to the nearby parking lot.

“Cherry Blossom Park”

There is a sense of “Tokyo Roppongi”, an adult town, but there is a park that children can enjoy at the back of Roppongi Hills.The colorful slides and the robots in the park are sure to make the kids crazy.Please go there when you go to Roppongi with your parents.There is a cafe where children can have children, so it’s good to see children enjoying tea slowly after the children fully enjoy the park.