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Best 16 clubs in Roppongi

There are many clubs where you can enjoy music and drinking in Roppongi. It is a luxurious interior decoration space, and you can enjoy a cute drink, and you can dance to the music that resonates with your belly. It is still popular as one of the games in Roppongi.

VIP rooms and ladies space are properly maintained, so you can enjoy the club comfortably depending on the purpose of use. In this article, we will introduce the 16 most popular clubs in Roppongi. If you are looking for a club where you can play in Roppongi, please check it.

Roppongi V 2 tokyo

Roppongi V 2 Tokyo is a typical club in Roppongi, as it is called “Roppongi club” in Roppongi, 2. This club have been running on the Lower Building 13 f, but now they are moving to the 1 f and B1 F of the TOWER OF VABEL.

All of our customers, music, customer service, and so on are the highest quality, and rich people, handsome men, and cute women gather at this store. The dress code is of course strict, and when you enter the store, you can’t enter the store if it is judged to be a little different from the atmosphere of the club, so be sure to check the dress code beforehand.

Also, women may be worried about being hit on, but they have a lady seat, so if you want to take a break, you can rest in an area where you can’t get close. On the other hand, if you stand normally, you will get a lot of alcohol, so you can wander around when you want to enjoy a pleasant night in Roppongi.

Ordinary men are also required to play smart, so if they are too noisy or persistent, they may be ordered to leave the shop at that time, so let’s enjoy playing in accordance with the atmosphere of clubs.

Address : Roppongi 7 chome, Minato-ku, Minato-ku, Tokyo 13-7
Hours of Business : 21 : 00 – 5:00
Phone Number : 03 – 5474 – 0091

Six Tokyo

Six Tokyo is a club located in the traditional club building “Loville”. It is sometimes used for performances such as artists during daytime, but you can enjoy music with DJ in the night at night.

Six Tokyo is a club centered on music, and guests dance to the tracks. It’s a club recommended by people who want to enjoy music and enjoy dancing.

Address : Roppongi 5-5-1 Robuilding 2 f, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Hours of Business : 22 : 00 – 5:00
Phone Number : 03 – 3470 – 6066


MAHARAJA ROPONGI is a synonym club for Disco Club, and it is a club where dancing is performed on a standing platform that is often broadcasted on TV and other media as a successor to the bubble era, and that place is “MAHARAJA ROPPONGI”.

There is a place where you can enjoy dancing in accordance with music now, and you can enjoy it as a club where you can enjoy music. You can enjoy club music in the 1970 s and 80 s, and you can listen to songs such as “parapara” that hit in the 90 s.

There is an image of a young man called Club, but in the “MAHARAJA ROPPONGI”, there are many people who are more than middle and higher in the middle than in the case of “MAHARAJA Roppongi”, so you can enjoy it with peace of mind even after the age of 30.

Address : Roppongi Plaza Building 5 f, Roppongi 3-12-6, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Hours of Business : 19 : 00 – 25:00
Phone Number : 03 – 6804 – 1798


“MUSE” is a popular club that continues to be popular in the Roppongi Azabu area. There is a spacious space that can accommodate up to 1,200 people in a store like a cave, so you can enjoy music in a fashionable space.

Dress code is very strict, so you can’t enter damaged jeans or short pants. Also, since men have checked cards at the entrance with identification cards such as business cards, many of the business workers in the area around Roppongi area are in a club.

Muse is also famous as a club where you can easily hit on and be hit on in the Roppongi area, and it is recommended that those who don’t like it go to other clubs.

Address : Nishiazabu 4-1-1 Azabu Kasumicho Mansion B1, Minato Ward, Tokyo
Hours of Business : 21 : 00 – 5:00
Phone Number : 03 – 5467 – 1188

DiA Roppongi

DiA Roppongi is a relatively new club that opened in 2017. The interior design is wonderful, and you can enjoy music and drinking in a fashionable, tension space.

DJ booth that is staged by projection mapping is a must-see. Only the VIP room that has been selected is a full private room, and a limousine service is also available.

It is a club that is relatively adult, so it is a club where people don’t hit on a lot, so I recommend you to come here when you want to relax a little time.

Address : Minato-ku, Roppongi 3-8 – 15 6 Motoki, 3 f
Hours of Business : 22 : 00 – 5:00
Phone Number : 03 – 6447 – 4416


Alife (A Life) is a legendary club that has raised a club scene in Roppongi area. You can enjoy music and drinking in a wonderful space combining luxury and fashion, making it a club that adults can enjoy.

The main feature is the music that the Deep Bass Sound of the main floor sounds. The music that echoes to the core of the body rises as you approach the main floor, reaching peak when you arrive. If you want to spend the night with the best music, I recommend you go to “alife”.

Address : Nishiazabu 1-7-2 ECONACH Nishiazabu Building, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Hours of Business : 19 : 00 – 5:00
Phone Number : 03 – 3408 – 1111

Red Area Roppongi

“Red Area Roppongi” is a popular club for young people.It is an entrance free, and it is crowded with men and women of university students.

Men account for high ratio in this club because men are also free of entrance. If you want to dance badly among young energy, it’s better to go to “Red Area Roppongi”. Also, there is no women’s seats, so women are always doomed to be kept hitting on.

Address : 14-11 Kento 2 floor, Roppongi 3 chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Hours of Business : 18 : 00 – 22:00


“ELE TOKYO” is a popular club for adults and social meeting place. The exterior and interior design are decorated with very high design, and the luxurious space is created.

It is based on playing at VIP seat, and it is characteristic that you can spend the best time by using money. Basically, women often come to play on VIP seats, so don’t worry to be hit on in main floors.

People under 22 are not admitted to enter, so there are no young people, so it is a place where adults of the society play.

Address : Azabu-juban 1-4-5 Fukao Building 1 f – B1 F, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Hours of Business : 22 : 00 – 5:00
Phone Number : 03 – 5572 – 7535


ESPRIT TOKYO is a club that was renewed in 2015. It is a club that is easy for beginners to enter, so it is recommended club for those who have not been to Roppongi club yet.

Sound is also excellent, and there are many fans who come here to enjoy music. There are many popular hip hop and all mix, so it’s easy to get a song that you know, so it’s safe.

Most customers come to enjoy music, so I don’t often see that they have an aggressive hitting on that breaks the atmosphere.There are a wide range of age groups in their 20 s and their 30 s, so you can spend a lot of time in each of them.

Address : Roppongi 5-1-6 Roppongi B & V Building 2 f, 3 f, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Hours of Business : 22 : 00 – 5:00
Phone Number : 03 – 3470 – 1371


MEZZO is a popular bar & lounge in Roppongi Club Area. You can enjoy delicious alcohol in an elegant, calm space of adults. I recommend you use it as a break place before you go to the club after dinner.

The VIP room of 2 f is a private room, and it is suitable for enjoying a delicious meal and space with an important person.

At 1 f, you can enjoy fruit sour, which is famous, and you can enjoy delicious alcohol. Also, you can make a reservation of VIP room of club and arrange a limousine at the Freon desk, so let’s use it.

Address : Roppongi Street Building 1 f – 2 f, Roppongi 5-1-7, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Hours of Business : 17 : 00 – 5:00
Phone Number : 03 – 6438 – 9711

New Lex Tokyo

“New Lex Tokyo” is a long-established Roppongi club club with a number of celebrities. It is popular as a club where many famous artists, models and celebrities from abroad come to visit, so you can enjoy music.

Music that you know is played, so you can enjoy it even for beginners. There are many overseas customers, so they are surrounded by an overseas club as if they were a weekend club. There are signs and photos on the wall of the store when you come to the store, so you can enjoy watching them.

Address : Roppongi 3-13-12 Elsiru 2 f, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Hours of Business : 21 : 00 – 5:00
Phone Number : 03 – 6434 – 7729


“CUBE” is an event space where you can hold parties such as DJ events and live concerts.

The highest quality acoustic equipment is available, and it is possible to hold music events in the best environment. You can also use it as a place to hold a chartered party as well as using the event.

You can borrow it at a reasonable price, so if you are considering a music event, please use it.

Address : Azabudai 3-4-11, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Hours of Business : 6 : 00 – 24:00
Phone Number : 03 – 3589 – 0933


“7 Sense” is a club in Roppongi, opened in 2013.This is a club with fans in a wide range of people who like the atmosphere of clubs, with a lot of people support the price structure and the atmosphere of clubs that are easy to get in.

Because there are many regular guests of clubs, there is moderate, and there is no childish atmosphere. VIP seats and ladies seats are also fully equipped, so you can enjoy the space of clubs comfortably each time.

There are plenty of alcohol like wine, so if you want to enjoy sake and music in a fancy space, please go and see it.

Address : 14-7 arrow building B1, Roppongi 3 chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Hours of Business : 22 : 00 – 7:00
Phone Number : 03 – 6804 – 5196


IBEX Tokyo is a club where you can enjoy hip hop, R & amp ; B, and Reggae music.

Floors are divided into bars and main floors, and sofa seats are also installed. It is the individual freedom to enjoy music, relax. There is a calm atmosphere where club lovers gather, so there are moderate.

You can enjoy international time in the atmosphere like a foreign party on weekends.

Address : Roppongi 3-11 – 6 21 Taimei Building 5 f, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Hours of Business : 22 : 00 – 6:00
Phone Number : 03 – 3746 – 1075


“JUMANJI 55” is a club that can make a noise in a store with a mysterious atmosphere. There are many young customers, and energetic dance and time are taking place.

There is not much of an adult audience, so it’s a club recommended by people who want to spend a lot of energy exploding in Roppongi. There are many students who want to make a debut in the club, but it’s better for those who want to make a club debut, but it might be better to go to another club for the adult space.

Address : 3-10-5, 1 f / 2 f, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Hours of Business : 03 – 5410 – 5455
Phone number : 19 : 00 ~ 1:00


“LINE CLUB” is a club where you can enjoy international spaces. 1 f can be enjoyed in a standing cafe bar, and you can enjoy music and dance at 1 f underground.

Many of the guests are foreigners, so they are recommended clubs for those who like the atmosphere of night clubs abroad.

Address : Roppongi 3-15-24 – B1 F, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Hours of Business : 22 : 00 – 9:00
Phone Number : 03 – 5785 – 1885


There are many clubs in Roppongi, but it is important to understand the features of each club and to use a club that suits you, because each of them has characteristics of a customer base and atmosphere.

When you want to enjoy music, when you want to enjoy drinking in a fancy space, or when you want to enjoy dancing, you can choose a club in accordance with each condition. Also, I recommend you to walk around the club in a day.