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How to enjoy the Presbyopia museum

Do you know the “Presbyopia Spectacle Museum” located in Ikebukuro, Toshima City?This is a shop that sells cheap goods so cheap that you can buy the cheapest one in Japan.

Even though it is a cheap glasses shop, it is a little different from a yukata shop.From the appearance of the shop to the display of the store and the POP, it is really unique and the art level is very good.

There is also a lot of news about TV and other topics, and not only Japanese people, but foreign tourists as well.We will introduce you how to enjoy the “Presbyopia spectacle museum” that is unique and unique to the restaurant.Please use it as a reference to go out.

Basic Information of the Presbyopia Glasses Museum

What kind of shops are the cheap price and the “Presbyopia Spectacle Museum” which is popular as a unique spectacle shop?First of all, I’ll introduce you to the basic information of this shop.
If you know about the shop, you’ll definitely want to go out!Make use of this product to plan out.

The presbyopia glasses museum is

The “Presbyopia Spectacle Museum” is named “Museum,” but it mainly sells old glasses.In the past, the warehouse was refurbished as a wholesale dealer for eyeglasses, and it was reborn as an outlet store for spectacles and glasses, and started to be reborn as an outlet store for spectacles and glasses in 2009.

This museum is located close to the station, so you can easily stop by shopping and sightseeing. This museum is now popular not only with Japanese tourists, but also from foreign tourists.Is available.

The motto of the “Presbyopia Spectacle Museum” says, “Japan is the cheapest, Japan’s largest, and Japan is the best and Japan’s lightest.”.As you said, all the glasses that are arranged at the shop are cheap!I’ll introduce you later, but the old glasses are priced at 48 yen!The price is based on the general sense of the public’s common sense.

When you visit a shop, the first surprise is the appearance of the shop!All the exterior walls of the shop are filled with sunglasses and glasses.It is no exaggeration to say that it is the art that has the passion of the store.

It is not just the store that is shocking.All the shops are filled with sunglasses, glasses, and ceilings, and no longer knows where to find the display in the section.

The display of the shop is eccentric, but the POP on the glasses has a unique sense of sense, so it is very unique.It is full of a lot of things, so you can enjoy it by just looking around the store.

Its uniqueness is sold, and it is said that the “Presbyopia Spectacle Museum” is a sightseeing spot in Ikebukuro.The “Presbyopia Spectacle Museum” that can be enjoyed by people who wear glasses, not wearing glasses, is also recommended for date and sightseeing.The glasses are cheap, so why don’t you wear glasses or sunglasses as souvenirs?

Access to the presbyopia museum and parking lots and the nearest station

Use the train
4 minutes walk from the south exit of Ikebukuro Station.
(150 m right on the side of the Junkudo and the right on the east side)

There is no parking.Please use a nearby toll parking lot.

Business Hours and Holidays of the Presbyopia Glasses Museum

  • Operating hours : 10 : 30 to 19:00
  • Scheduled holidays : Wednesday

Appeal to the Presbyopia glasses museum

The “Presbyopia Spectacle Museum” is a hot topic in the media, with the uniqueness of the display inside and outside the store and the low price of the glasses.Even though it is an optician, it is not just a spectacle shop.I can feel the atmosphere of the whole glasses, but the display and the POP are full of humor, so it may be interesting and fun.

From the products called “Sunglasses for the Protection of the Comet,” “Sunglasses for the John Lennon,” “The sunglasses that sell only 1 bottles in 2 years,” and “The ninety percent off,” all the sunglasses are packed with the “Beef Price.”.

And the most surprising thing about the “Presbyopia Spectacle Museum” is the cheap price of glasses!This is the price of surprise that is out of the common sense of the public.Oh, there’s a service that you can get an old glasses free of charge!

I will introduce you to the attraction and enjoyment of the “Presbyopia museum” where you can find a lot of surprises and laughter!I’m sure you’d like to go!

You can buy glasses with the lowest price in Japan!

At the “Presbyopia spectacle museum,” you can buy spectacles, sunglasses, glasses and eyeglasses at an amazing price at an amazing price.

The old glasses are from 48 yen!The glasses made of titanium frames with high quality materials are 2950 yen.The perspective glasses are priced at 395 yen, all of which are surprisingly priced!In addition to spectacles and sunglasses, glasses and eyeglasses are available at a price of around 20 yen to 40 yen.

Another surprise at the museum of presbyopia is that you don’t need to pay for buying glasses.I am surprised to hear that payment can be made not only by cash, but also by postage stamp, stamp, book card, beer coupons, gift certificates of department stores, and so on.A shop outside the standard in many different ways!It’s worth visiting.

There are free glasses in the store

I told you at the museum that I can buy glasses at the price of shock, but this is very important.”You can buy glasses for free!”!As I expected, there is a difference in the shops where you can buy glasses and buy glasses.

But in fact, there is a condition to buy glasses for free.First of all, the first is “the first visit to the shop”, and the second is “I have a glasses exchange ticket” and the third is “I haven’t been there for a year or more.”.

This condition and the third and the first and the second are the unique points of this restaurant.From what it is, it is a restaurant with a lot of humor and a lot of buzz.

Presbyopia Glasses Museum

I have introduced you about the appeal and how to enjoy the “Presbyopia Spectacle Museum” above. How about it?This shop, which has an atmosphere that is not just the appearance of the glasses, is a unique shop that has a wide range of unique knowledge, including POP and POP glasses, and the price of glasses.
It is close to the station, so it is a nice restaurant where you can stop by while traveling.When I come to Ikebukuro in Tokyo, it is an interesting spot to visit not only glasses lovers but also those who don’t wear glasses.