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Recommended for lunch!Toyosu’s “Saizeriya Super Viva Home” – Toyosu / Famana / Italian

“Saizeriya Super Viva Home” is a store in the popular Italian style restaurant, “Saizeriya,” located in the Toyosu area.You can enjoy the standard menu Doria while drinking drink bars, and there are plenty of take-out, so you can enjoy Saizeriya dishes at the office or at home.

There are various kinds of wine, spaghetti and pizza that are only available in Italy, so if you want to go to Saizeriya when you are in Toyosu, please go to “Saizeriya Super Viva Home Store”!

Characteristics of “Saizeriya Super Viva Home Store”

“Saizeriya Super Viva Home” is an Italian family restaurant located on the second floor of a Super Viva Home where everything related to life is gathered.Saizeriya is popular among the family members, but it is often seen in the area near Toyosu Station where there are many offices, so I often see businessmen using it during lunch hours.

Safe supply of high quality materials

The Saizeriya Super Viva Home stores use carefully selected ingredients for cooking, according to the concept of Saizeriya.We also strictly manage the manufacturing processes in our production processes and carry them to the store with thorough safety focus.And since the final cooking is carried out at the restaurant of “Saizeriya Super Viva Home”, safe dishes that make use of the better materials are provided.

Missearch is also popular

Also, one of the pleasures of “Saizeriya Super Viva Home” is the “missearch” that Saizeriya is developing.This error search is made for kids, but it is difficult to solve it unexpectedly, so I will solve it by getting absorbed in it.I recommend you to find a way to change the mood of lunch break for the businessman in the Toyosu area and your mom.


At the Saizeriya Super Viva Home store, you can also take out the dishes made with doria, pizza and the menu made with the spicy chicken.It may be crowded around noon, so it is good to eat at a nearby park, your house or your office near the take-out.

Phone reservation

In addition, it is also possible to reserve a seat by phone in advance at the Saizeriya Super Viva Home.If you know that you are going to the Saizeriya beforehand, it is a good idea to make a reservation and reserve a seat in advance.

“Saizeriya Super Viva Home” meal menu

At the Saizeriya Super Viva Home store, you can eat delicious menus offered by Saizeriya.The menu, the grand menu and the lunch menu are different every season, so let’s check regularly.

Doria Gratin

Speaking of Saizeriya, Doria is also a sign menu of Saizeriya.You can always eat the same menu, but it’s fun to eat and compare all the menus.

  • Milan-style Doria : 299 yen
  • Spinach gratin : 399 yen
  • Shrimp and Squid Doria : 499 yen
  • Seafood Gratin : 499 yen


You can enjoy various kinds of spaghetti at the “Saizeriya Super Viva Home Shop” in the Italian family restaurant.Try to try one that you don’t usually eat.

  • Peperoncino : 299 yen
  • Amatriciana Bianca : 399 yen
  • Parma style spaghetti : 399 yen
  • Meat Sauce Boronia style : 399 yen
  • Arrabiata : 399 yen
  • Tarako Sauce Sicilian Style : 399 yen
  • Peperoncino : 399 yen
  • Carbonara : 499 yen
  • Spaghetti with tomato cream : 499 yen
  • Spaghetti with squid ink : 499 yen


You can also enjoy the pizza that represents Italian cuisine at the Saizeriya Super Viva Home shop.Let’s use it for lunch break and afternoon break.

  • Salami and Pancetta Pizza : 399 yen
  • Margherita Pizza : 399 yen
  • Squid and Anchovy Pizza : 399 yen
  • Vegetable and Mushroom Pizza : 399 yen


I want to eat Italian dishes, but I want to eat meat too!”Saizeriya Super Viva Home stores” also satisfy the needs.Try the delicious hamburger steaks and steaks.

  • rib steak : 999 yen
  • Grilled Chicken : 499 yen
  • Italian hamburger : 499 yen
  • Soft Chicken Baked with Cheese : 499 yen
  • Hamburger steak : 399 yen
  • Demi-glace Sauce Hamburger Steak : 499 yen / li>
  • Vegetable Sauce Diavola Hamburger Steak : 499 yen
  • mixed grill : 599 yen
  • Yakiniku and Hamburger Platter : 599 yen


I want to enjoy the rice dishes occasionally!You can also enjoy Hayashi rice and Paella style pilaf at the time.If you’re shopping at Bibhome and suddenly want to eat rice, go to the Saizeriya Super Viva Home store!

  • Oven-baked Mediterranean Pilaf (Paella Style) : 499 yen
  • Hayashi & Turmeric Rice : 499 yen


As Saizeriya Super Viva Home stores are Italian family restaurants, salads are also available.Enjoy the salad with a delicious dressing!

  • Shrimp Salad : 349 yen
  • or pork and soft-boiled egg salad : 599 yen
  • chef’s salad : 299 yen
  • Soft green bean hot salad : 199 yen
  • Seaweed Salad : 299 yen

Hors d’Oeuvre

The hors d’oeuvres from the main dishes are also available!Enjoy the main dishes until the main dish arrives while eating the spicy chicken and prosciutto.

  • Spicy Chicken : 299 yen
  • Prosciutto (Parma Matured Uncured Ham) : 399 yen
  • chorizo (spicy sausage) : 399 yen
  • Fried Potato : 199 yen
  • Oven baked escargos : 399 yen
  • Popcorn Shrimp : 299 yen
  • Fresh cheese and tomato salad : 299 yen
  • Celery pickles : 199 yen
  • Sautéed Spinach with Bacon : 199 yen
  • Squid paprika Sauce : 199 yen

Pan Rice Soup

It is possible to order a single dish with bread or a main dish that you want to eat when you are a little hungry, as well as a dish that you can order as a single dish.There is also a warm soup, so please try it together with cooking!

  • Focicthio : 119 yen
  • cinnamoinfoccaccio : 169 yen
  • miniphilcell : 169 yen
  • puchowska : 139 yen
  • rice : 169 yen
  • Corn cream soup : 149 yen


The desserts that you can enjoy after meals are also complete at the Saizeriya Super Viva Home shop.Enjoy the desserts you like from Tiramisu to puddings and jello after meals!

  • Tiramisu : 199 yen
  • trivaiskulam : 369 yen
  • Italian pudding : 249 yen
  • Milk gelarate : 199 yen
  • Coffee jelly : 299 yen
  • Pudding and Semifreddo Assortment : 399 yen
  • Chocolate cake : 299 yen
  • Arma Rena Kubota : 199 yen

“Saizeriya Super Viva Home Store” drink

At the Saizeriya Super Viva Home Store, you can enjoy the favorite drink bars, and you can enjoy the wines that are unique to Italy.Why don’t you try to talk with your friends, colleagues and family while enjoying wine at the Saizeriya?

Drink bar

I think everyone has been helped by a drink bar at the Saizeriya’s drink bar.You can enjoy your favorite drink from adults to children with a rich variety of kinds.You should order a drink bar with the food and drink as much as you like.

Soft Drinks

  • Pepsi Cola
  • Pop Melon Soda
  • CC lemon
  • BOSS Iced Coffee
  • Clean Sparkling Orange
  • Lipton
  • refreshing white grape
  • amber orange
  • Oolong tea

black tea type

  • Apple Tea
  • Darjeeling Tea
  • orange tea
  • strawberry
  • Sencha

Hot coffee

  • Blend coffee
  • American coffee
  • cappuccino
  • espresso


It is about Saizeriya that we have a variety of wine from the family restaurant.If you want to enjoy wine reasonably, go to Saizeriya and enjoy the aroma and flavor of wine.

  • Glass wine : 100 yen
  • decanter (250 ml) : 200 yen
  • decanter (500 ml) : 399 yen
  • Lambasco Red : 1,080 yen
  • lambelskorze : 1,080 yen
  • Kasuga & Co. : 1,080 yen
  • Red Saizeriya Premium : 2,160 yen
  • White Saizeriya Premium : 2,160 yen
  • Kasuga & Co. Lunalyse : 2,160 yen
  • Bell Deck O : 1,080 yen
  • Gappa : 379 yen


Also, those who like beer, those who like beer, or those who have made a car can drink beer and all free food, so they can drink it without worry.

Basic information on Saizeriya Super Viva Home store

The Saizeriya Super Viva Home store is located at the Super Viva Home 2 f of the that is loved by the residents near Toyosu.It is close to Toyosu Station, and there are plenty of facilities in parking lots, so it is also recommended as a meal when you go to Toyosu on Saturdays and Sundays.

Address : Toyosu 2 f, Toyosu, Toyosu 3-4-8 Super Viva Home, Koto Ward, Tokyo 135 – 0061, Tokyo
Phone number : 03 – 5548 – 5381
Business hours : 11 : 00 to 23:00
Closed holidays : particularly none

Access Information

From Toyosu Station in Yuraku-cho, exit 3 or exit 1 b is close to the exit.Exit number 3 is the exit at the intersection of Toyosu Station, so you can go to the left, and if you walk straight, there is a Super Viva Home on the left side.The exit of the 1 b exit is the exit of Toyosusentabiru, and you can see the Vimba home as soon as you get out of the stairs.

If you go directly from Toyosu Station, you should use either exit.

Parking lots and bicycle-parking

There is a parking lot in a wide space at a Super Viva Home store, so you can go to a Saizeriya Super Viva Home shop by car.If it is a regular business day, it will be free for 1 hours, and it will be free for more than 2 hours by shopping at 1,000 yen or more, so you can enjoy your meal slowly.

Also, there is a lot of facilities in the bicycle parking, so you can go to the nearby area by bicycle.


Saizeriya Super Viva Home store is a popular restaurant where you can enjoy the menu of a popular restaurant Saizeriya at Toyosu.It is in the 2 f of the local popular Super Viva Home, and it is supported by many people from businessmen to families and students.

Please drop by when you go shopping at Toyosu or during a lunch break while working at the hotel.