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How to enjoy SHIBUYA 109

Speaking of Shibuya, there is an image of 109!It is famous as a sightseeing spot where you can enjoy shopping as a fashion building for young people.The apparel shop in the store has a popular brand among students, and there are a lot of affordable prices.It is a place where many young women in their 10 s visit, but recently it is a good symbol of Shibuya that foreigners visit for sightseeing.

This time, I will introduce you to the popular shops and cafe restaurants in such a “SHIBUYA 109.”.


It is a tenant building close to Hachiko at Shibuya station, and it is built on the Y line of Wenhua street and Dogenzaka.It is popular as a shopping spot representing Shibuya, especially among young people.

The SHIBUYA 109 opened in April 1979 features a cylindrical elevator tower and a tower shaped elevator tower, and its walls are covered with aluminum panels.It is easy to see from the scramble crossing in Shibuya, so the advertisements of cosmetics, cell phones, trend singers and entertainers are put on it.

This year marks the fortieth anniversary of the founding of the company in 2019. The concept is to change the concept of “a place where a wide range of young people dream and hope to fulfill the dreams and desires of a wide range of young people” to the concept of “a place where the dreams and desires of a wide range of young people are fulfilled,” as well as the “IMADA MARKET” and the YouTuber.It continues to change and exists as a landmark in Shibuya.

In front of the entrance, many events are held every season, and it is very lively.There are more than 120 tenants in the SHIBUYA 109, and it seems that there are some shops that are produced by entertainers, so you can enjoy it just by going around the store.There are some shops where you can’t go around, so there are some shops that you are sure to have.

SHIBUYA 109 is

This is a shopping building that transmits trendy fashion and small items.The name’ 109′ includes the theory that the word’ 10. 9 (Kyu)’ in the Tokyu group came from the word’ Ichimaru, Kyu’, and the theory that it came from the fact that business hours were from 10 to 9.

In the weekend, many foreign tourists are also seen, and it becomes a spot where photography takes place.Shibuya is now a tourist attraction, with many foreign visitors visiting the scramble intersection, and SHIBUYA 109 is also one sightseeing spot from the perspective of the world.

It’s connected directly from the underground shopping mall at Shibuya station, so you can safely go to the bad weather.This “Shibuya Chi Kamichi” is a road connected to the SHIBUYA 109 from Shibuya Hikarie.There is a sign, so I think you can go to the SHIBUYA 109 without getting lost from the station, so you’ll be relieved.

Opening hours access, access and parking of SHIBUYA 109

[Address] Hokkaido 150 – 0043 Shibuya-ku, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 2-29-1
[Inquiry] 03 – 3477 – 5111
[Business hours] 10:00 ~ 21:00.Except for New Year’s Day, it is open throughout the year.
[Access] By train : It takes about 5 minutes by walk from Shibuya Station.
・ JR East Yamanote Line, Saikyo Line and Shonan-Shinjuku Line
・ Tokyu Toyoko Line Tokyu Denen-toshi Line
・ Keio Line Inokashira Line
・ Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Hanzomon Line and Fukutoshin Line
For cars : There is no parking for 109 exclusive.Let’s use a nearby coin parking lot or use a parking lot.You can use the Tokyu Department Store parking lot at the parking lot or at Park Shibuya Udagawacho of the contract parking lot.1 shops \ 5000 or more are free of charge for 2 hours.

SHIBUYA 109 Recommended shops

Then I’ll introduce you to a lot of popular shops with more than 120 shops!Please check if there are any fashion or shops you like!

Sneep Dip

Sneep DIP

Offers a fashion where women think they’re cute

This is a theme shop.This brand is characterized by its cat and fashion collaboration.

What kind of people are recommended?

  • The age is for a wide range of generations, including those in their 20 s and 40 s.
  • Work : It is popular among university students and housewives.
  • Scene : It is a feminine fashion, so it is recommended for a date of outing or party.
  • Popular item : A dress with a feminine look, a smart phone case with a decoration, and a wallet are popular.
  • Price : Generally, it seems to be more than $ 3000.
  • Shop bag : Sneep dip and logo on black ground.

There are also cats and fashion collaborations, and there are a lot of stylish goods for pets.This product, such as a kotatsu, a collar, and a hat, has not only a cat, but also a dog, as well.

The official Instagram is [/ button]


a brand that offers a fast fashion that allows you to create individuality with awareness of the trend.

Is a brand of concept.

What kind of people are recommended?

  • Age : For women in their 20 s and 30 s, it is a little for adults.
  • Job : Female Woman
  • Scene : You can get a mature look when commuting to work or for office use.
  • Popular items : Slim pants, sexy blouses, etc. are popular.
  • Price : The price is fairly low, so some items can be coordinated with \ 5000, so you can make a total coordination!
  • Shop bag : Black polka dot with black polka dots on the black ground.

SPIGA has a similar brand, but it is characterized by its few exposed items, and it can differentiate itself from other brands.It gives you a good balance of the moderate playful and elegant image.

The official home page is [/ button]


A brand that is a brand that is a brand brand that incorporates a new proposal in a style material / shape and answers the feeling of “wanting to enjoy a woman’s fashions” around the axis of “MODE = trend.”Is the concept.

What kind of people are recommended?

  • Age : 20 to 30 s
  • Job : College Student and Female
  • Scene : Recommended for trips with friends or outdoors.
  • Popular items : Wide pants, high waist skirt, etc. are popular.
  • Price : Top is 2000 ~ $ 10000, and it is an affordable price with an outer wear of \.
  • Shop bag : Black text with EMODA and logo on the black.

In a mode based on white and black, it skillfully incorporates a new style with a conscious trend, and creates a cool woman with chic and sexy taste.Although it has a simple design, it is popular to have a beautiful silhouette with a beautiful feminine silhouette.

The official home page is [/ button]


This is a new BASIC STYLE with a VINTAGE FEELING and a LA casual style in the theme of “LIKE USED” “LIKE USED”.Mannish rock and feminine. This is a “large closet”

that lets you choose a variety of different styles freely, so that you can choose a style that matches T · P ・ O, and you can choose the clothes you want to wear every day.

This is a brand with a concept.

What kind of people are recommended?

  • Age : 10 to 20
  • Job : High school students and university students
  • Scene : Recommended for girls’ gatherings and events.
  • Popular items : T-shirts with a lot of different types that are easy to match with casual pants are popular.
  • Price : It can also be worn at a reasonable price of about $ 10000.
  • Shop bag : Gray with yellow and logo on the logo.

It is also a feature of SpraY’s characteristic of a variety of flavors, so the mix style can also be used as a mix style.There are a lot of casual and basic items, so you can find items that are easy to match with any of the items.The price setting is quite cheap, so it is a brand recommended by students.

The official home page is [/ button]


The elegance and modern style is perfect for the

jeans.Real closed

that lets you enjoy a variety of styles for modern women who are “able to choose with their own value” regardless of their country or age.

This is a brand with a concept.

What kind of people are recommended?

  • Age : 10 to 20
  • Job : Junior high school students and university students
  • Scene : Recommended for gathering, drinking or gathering.
  • Popular item : The shoulder top that is easy to match with bottoms and high waist is popular.
  • Price : The top is about \ 2000, and the outer is around 10000 ~ the price is reasonable.
  • Shop bag : MURUA logo with black on white background

The simple color and design are very unique, so you can make a difference with a similar design.It is a recommended brand to express your own fashion.

The official home page is [/ button]



An accessaccessor Lee Shop with a cool, cool and cool casual theme.This item is made with gorgeous and edged one rank top item.Always conscious of gold color.

This is a shop that deals with accessories and small goods.

What are you dealing with?

  • Bag : There are many bags, tote bags, and a variety of character bags.
  • Smartphone Case Wallet / Wallet
  • Necklaces, Earrings and Bracelets
  • Hat, cap and clock
  • Scrunchy hair dressing

What kind of people are recommended?

  • Age : 10 to 20
  • Job : High school student – University student
  • Scene : A single point of clothing for college life.
  • Popular item : Leopard pattern tote bag, shoulder bag is popular.
  • Price : Many are available for purchase, so you can buy a trendy item at a reasonable price for a price of $ 500.

We have a variety of products for young people who are sensitive to trends.It is a popular restaurant among Japanese and foreigners.We also have an affordable accessory and a stylish watch.

The official home page is [/ button]


The dazzlin is

The right healthy and charming feeling, and the dazzlin unique sweet and casual, adds a mature and cute real close

The theme of is proposed, and it has a theme of cuteness and adultness

What kind of people are recommended?

  • Age : The target is about 18 to 26 years old.It is also popular among high school students.
  • Job : Student and / or Employee’s OL
  • Scene : You can wear suyet casual styles with a variety of scenes that can be worn as a work wear or a holiday.
  • Popular items : one piece dress, skirt, short pants, etc.The design, comfort, feminine silhouette, and ease of wearing are popular.
  • Price : It’s not very cheap, but it’s not too expensive to reach.
  • Shop bag : dazzlin logo with white letters in beige.

There are cute items for young children, and cute items for adults.
* There is also a select brand dazzlin moi that has a slightly higher age than the dazzlin.

The official home page is [/ button]



We will continue to “present” individuals and brands that are not yet in the world.

This is a concept shop.

This is a shop where you can sell Omnichannel sales for individuals who don’t have shops or brands, influencers, or startups.There are shops selling apparel shops and cosmetics shops in Korea.We are doing sales promotion activities using the media of the SHIBUYA 109, and it is fully backed up.

We are selling a brand that is popular in Korea, including the first Japanese brand, and we are selling and selling Korean trendy fashion.It is a new type of shop that offers planning proposals for social media such as the biggest fashion SNS app “StyleShare (Style Share)” and the “109 News Deya Editing Division” (109).

There are a lot of limited edition goods, so it is fun to look at it frequently and find your favorite fashion and accessories, since it will change the brand depending on the season.

Official Instagram is [/ button]

Ober Tashe

Ober Tashe

A trend sensitive woman that offers a high quality item with trendy materials and details at a price that you can buy every season.

This bag brand is a concept bag brand.

The shoulder bag, tote bag, backpack and other kinds of bags can be purchased at an affordable price of about \ 3000 to $ 6000.We also sell a carry case that students can use for graduation travel.There are various items from a little adult to a cute type of character.

What kind of people are recommended?

  • Age : 10 to 30
  • Job : High school students, university students, and women’s
  • Scene :
  • for commuting and commuting to school, for travel, etc.

  • Popular items : The shoulder bag has a wide variety of popular items.
  • There are many bags with a price of \ 3000 to \ 6000.
The official online store is [/ button]

SHIBUYA 109 cafe restaurant

There are only 2 restaurants in the SHIBUYA 109.I recommend you to go around the store while taking a break at this store.

Cafe Maison

The entrance of the cafe is bright and open, and the interior of the shop has a cute atmosphere and features a pastel colored wall.It is a smoking cafe where smoking can be done, so it is safe with your family members.It is good for women to come with their friends, and it is a good place to take a break with a couple of couples.

There are many kinds of food menu, such as fluffy omelet, omelette rice, dynamic salad with whole tomato, and rice system such as “Women’s Ramen for Women,” supervised by the founder of Ramen critic, Setsuji, and various kinds of desserts such as desserts.

In particular, ramen is made of a kind that can only be eaten here.

  • “Thick Tomato with Melted Cheese -”
  • “The traditional ginger soy sauce from the core”
  • “Sesame Fragrant creamy Tantanmen noodles”
  • “Cold Jelly Ramen”

Yes, it is recommended for men and men.Just looking at the menu, you can find a lot of delicious menu that looks good and looks very delicious!

The popular product is a cake.There are a lot of exquisite cakes that are made from only high-quality materials purchased from a Maison Confectionery Studio.The cake is delivered every morning from the studio, and it can also be used for the order cake, so you can also use it for birthdays or events.We also have cakes and cookies for take-out, so we recommend it as a gift.

The fluffy and chewy pancake is

  • “Original pancake” is a rainbow pancake with a lot of seasonal fruits.
  • “MIX berry nuts pancake” has plenty of berries and nuts.
  • The Birthday Special Pancake plate will give you a message.

Is found here.

Also, there is a fresh French toast with a crisp inside and a new sensation with a soft texture.

  • “MIX berry nuts French toast”
  • “Caramel Nuts Banana French Toast”
  • “Chocolate Banana Cinnamon French Toast”

Everything looks really delicious, so I can’t decide which one to choose!

There are 66 seats in the restaurant, and there are smoking seats, and there are 16 seats in the smoking table.The menu is prepared for foreign languages, and it is compatible with English and Chinese, so it is good for foreign tourists as well.Even when you come with your friend abroad, you can guide him with peace of mind.

Business hours : 10 : 00 to 21:00
10:00 ~ Cafe menu
11:00 ~ Grand menu
Inquiry : 03 – 3477 – 5180

Christian Napoli

There are 19 types of pasta made with authentic Italian ingredients such as raw ingredients, pasta and cheese, olive oil, tomato sauce, etc.There are 5 kinds of pastries, and you can also choose pasta and luxurious set.You may also have a good time to take a break from Italian!

All of the pasta comes with soup, so you can make a large amount with \ 157 (including tax).There are 5 big types of pasta.

  • “Kiriko’s Recommended Spaghetti”
  • “Spaghetti with cream sauce”
  • “Spaghetti with Tomato and Meat Sauce”
  • “Mayonnaise spaghetti”
  • “Spaghetti with olive oil”

And there are many different types.The spaghetti with mayonnaise is a bit unusual and it is a bit rare.The pasta is basically priced at \ 900 to \ 1100.With Parfait, you can eat it with \ 1344 (including tax).A set of pasta and parfait, which are a bit extravagant, may also be good for a holiday.

There are 5 flavors of parfait.

  • “Strawberry chocolate”
  • “Green tea adzuki beans”
  • “Blueberries”
  • “Chocolate banana”
  • “Strawberry”

This is a single item, so \ 504 (including tax) is a great bargain because it is a good bargain to order with pasta.The parfait is very delicious, so why don’t you try it once?

Business hours : 11 : 00 to 22:00
Inquiry : 03 – 3477 – 5173
All seats are non-smoking.


A few years ago, SHIBUYA 109 was the image of a fashion building incorporating fashion fashions, the holy land of Gyaru.However, recently, it has been a bit different from the old era of Giraragi, which has been selling Korean trend items and selling apparel brands and goods.However, the brand in the store has a lot of fashion fashions, so it is a very enjoyable place for young children.

This year, the fortieth anniversary of the one hundred ninth anniversary is showing the excitement.I am really looking forward to the new fashion building as a new fashion building in the SHIBUYA 109.

This is a great sightseeing spot that is recommended for visitors to Tokyo sightseeing, couples’ dating, shopping shopping with families, tourist destinations, tourist destinations, and foreign tourists.Why don’t you go to the SHIBUYA 109 that is the symbol of Shibuya?