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How to enjoy the Shinjuku idol stage

Do you like idols?It is not an exaggeration to say that anyone has experienced a long time.I think there are many people who are encouraged by their songs and dancing, and others think they are excited.However, depending on the popularity of the idol, it’s frustrating that you can’t get a chance to see the live or the handshake event.

In Shinjuku, there is a place in Shinjuku where you can fulfill the wish of “I want to meet idols more closely”.That’s the idle stage.

In this article, I covered the idle stage in Shinjuku.Please take a quick look until the end.

Basic information about the Shinjuku idle stage

Shinjuku idle stage is

What do you imagine when you say “idle stage”?The Shinjuku Idle Stage is a cafe with a stage where you can talk with members of an idol group and take photos throughout the year through 365 days.

There is a table and a round chair at the cafe, and you can accommodate about 100 people.The live concert was held on a daily basis, but now there are a few live performances on the moon.

By the way, “Idle Stage” is also available not only in Shinjuku but also in Akihabara, which is a sacred place for Japanese sub-culture such as maid cafes and anime, and also in Nagoya.Why don’t you try a different atmosphere?

This allows you to encounter a variety of idle groups.It’s easy, but I’d like to introduce the group.

First, the idol group “Sakura Shinderella” is the idol group’ Sakura Shinderella’.It debuted in 2016 and is dedicated to the idol stage of Shinjuku, Akihabara and Nagoya as a dedicated theater.In 2016, it was a popular idol group that has been working in not only Japan but also Asia as well as 1,500 live performances.

In 2018, “24′ clock”, “ONE + ONE + ONE”, “4 u” and “150” were created as a sister group.

“24 o’ clock” is an idol group based on the concept of “The best of cool” produced by the choreographer, “Anne Hyeong-seok,” who was the choreographer of the first, who was in charge of choreography of the girls’ generation and so on.

“ONE + ONE + ONE” is an idol group produced by the idol group “Hayakawa Hirotaka” who wrote lyrics and compositions from the top artists of Nogizaka46 and other top artists.

In addition, “150” has been selected as a theme song for ending Fuji TV’s “Miracle Experience! Ambire” theme Song.

“Shinjuku Idol Stage” is a place where you can see the current idol.

Access to the Shinjuku Idle Stage Parking

    Access : 5 minute walk from Shinjuku Station
    Address : 1 chome, 16-5 don Quiote Building, Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 5 f
    Phone number : 03 – 6273 – 8771
    Parking : Pears
    * The entrance of the Shinjuku idol stage is the entrance to Don Quijote Shinjuku Building, not the Don Quixote section.

Shinjuku Idle Stage Business Hours and Rates

Operating Hours

    Month to Friday : 18 : 00 to 24:00
    Saturdays, Sundays and holidays : 11 : 00 to 29:00
    * There are variations in the time of live time depending on the schedule.
    Please check the official website for details.

Cafe Rate

    Soft Drinks Course
    75 minutes 1,880 yen
    110 minutes 2830 yen
    130 minutes 3380 yen
    * All-you-can-drink course of soft drinks.

    Alcohol course
    75 minutes 2,480 yen
    * Alcohol + Soft Drink All-You-Can-Drink Course.

    150 yen per 5 minutes extended
    * Both soft drinks course and alcohol course are available.
    * The food is ordered separately.

LIVE time

    If you want to enjoy the live time, the following admission fee is separately charged in addition to the cafe fee mentioned above.
    Once you pay the entrance fee, you can freely see the stage of the same day.
    Monthly : 700 yen
    Gold to Day Holidays : 1,200 yen

    [Discount Service] Student discount – Live admission fee half of LIVE admission by student ID.
    Ladies’ discount – LIVE admission at live, half price + 1 members and preview
    It is recommended for those who want to enjoy not only the ladder discount, but also the Akihabara idol stage.At the second restaurant, the cafe fee is 500 yen discount + Admission fee is free.

How to enjoy the Shinjuku idle stage

Members and

First, I will ask the members to accept the reception.The members of the reception vary depending on the day.By the way, not only the regular members, but also the trainees are mixed together, so please find your favorite child.

Conversation with Members

Next, if you wait for your favorite seat, the members will come to the table, so you’ll enjoy the conversation for a while.I hear that this conversation is fun and many people visit it every day as a repeater.However, please be aware that you may not be able to talk with the members depending on the congestion situation in the store.

Members and the Preview

Finally, you can take a 2 shot photo of your cell phone or tablet as a souvenir!As each member of the team is working on clothes and hairstyle, please try to take pictures of the cuteness.

Previously, there was a course called “Photo Booth” as a separate course.This is the only course for the “Shinjuku Idle Stage”.As the content, I was able to designate 1 members of my favorite member, drink drinks in a dedicated space, and take photos.

Shinjuku Idle Stage Summary

How was it?I wrote about the “Shinjuku Idol Stage” this time.This is a valuable place where you can see the idol group, which is now gaining popularity.In addition to Shinjuku, the idle stage is also available in Akihabara and Nagoya.Each idle stage has a unique spot, so it is recommended to change the mood at other places.

Please refer to the schedule of the official homepage for the contents of each idle stage.Why don’t you visit them once when you want to cheer up or when you want to cheer up?