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How to enjoy the Shinjuku Kado-za

Do you know the “Shinjuku Kado-za” where you can enjoy a number of comedy events and performances?

Shinjuku Kadoza is a place where you can enjoy performances by entertainers who belong to the Shochiku Geino and performances by professional performers.This stage event is held almost every day.You can also buy the original goods of a talent belonging to Shochiku Geino at a shop in the Shinjuku Kado-za.This is a perfect place for a laughing fan.

In addition, there are also famous tourist spots, such as “Toho Cinemas Shinjuku” and Kabuki-cho, which are located near the Shinjuku Kado-za.It is also a 1 minute walk from the subway Shinjuku Station, so it is recommended for those who want to go sightseeing in Tokyo.

This time I’ll introduce you how to enjoy the Shinjuku corner!

How to enjoy Shinjuku corner

Shinjuku Kadoza is a spot where you can enjoy live and buy original goods.Let’s check the way to enjoy right away.We also introduce access information and event information, so please visit not only the first time to visit, but also those who are planning to visit again.

Shinjuku corner is

A spot where you can enjoy the live performances of the entertainers who belong to the Shochiku Geino.
The Shinjuku Kadoza is a place where you can enjoy live performances by a geisha from the Shochiku Geino.It is attractive that the distance between the stage and the audience seats is close to each other.The audience seats are 119 seats, so you can feel the performer in the stage nearby.

○ Talent’s original goods can also be purchased.
You can buy Shochiku Geino’s talent goods at’ Kado-za Shop’ in Shinjuku Kado-za.They also have an item that you can easily purchase as souvenirs such as original T-shirts, towels and other items.

A spot made to restore an entertainment hall that was started in the Edo period.
This Shinjuku Kado-za is the spot where the “Dotonbori 5” which was built in the Edo period was started.In 2008, this Dotonbori 5 theater closed its business.This led to the opening of the Shinjuku Kado-za theater in 20011.

Address : 3 chome, 20-8 WaMall Top House, Shinjuku-ku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 4 f
Phone number : 03 (3226) 8081

Access to Shinjuku Corner and Parking lot

Information on access to the Shinjuku Kado-za and parking lots is as follows.

● When using a train
– 5 minute walk from the east exit of JR Shinjuku Station.
1 minutes walk from the exit of B9 on the subway “Shinjuku Station” and the “Shinjuku Sanchome Station” exit.

● If you are using the bus
– 1 minute walk from the Toei bus and Keio bus’ Shinjuku 5 chome’ bus stop.
– 1 minute walk from the Toei bus and Keio bus’ Kabuki-cho’ bus stop.
– 3 minute walk from the Toei bus and Keio bus’ Shinjuku-higashi Exit’ bus stop.

Parking Lot
There is no parking space for Shinjuku Kado-za.When you come by car, it is convenient to use the “Subnade parking lot” nearby.

[Subnade Parking]
The distance to the Shinjuku corner : 1 minutes walk
Availability : 0 : 00 to 24:00
Closed : None
– Address : Shinjuku 3 chome, Shinjuku-ku, Shinjuku-ku – 15-12

● Usage fee for Subnade parking lot
Every 30 minutes, the following charges are charged.
・ Large cars (Nos. 1 to 3) : 360 yen (including tax)
・ Ordinary cars (other than 1 – 3) : 320 yen (including tax)
・ Motorcycles : 220 yen (including tax)

Ticket reservation method for Shinjuku corner, ticket reservation method, day ticket

The following information about the fare, ticket booking method, and ticket reservation of Shinjuku Kadoza is as follows :.

The price of the Shinjuku Kado-za varies depending on the performance.I will introduce you some of the rates for some live concerts so far, so why don’t you use them as a reference?

● Amezano Live Vol. 68
・ Price : 2500 yen for advance tickets and 3000 yen for same-day tickets
・ Date of implementation : May 3, 2019

A live dish where you can eat the ingredients with the eggplant.
・ Price : 1500 yen for advance tickets and 2000 yen for same-day tickets
・ Date of implementation : May 10, 2019

Ticket Reservation Methods
① Find your favorite stage event from the official homepage of the Shinjuku Kado-za.
② Click on “Buy ticket”
③ On the displayed page, click on the performance you want to see again.
④ Click on “Apply for tickets”.
⑤ Enter the number of people in the purchase ticket column and select a credit card company.
⑥ Press “Go to login” to enter information or click “New registration”.
⑦ If you are registering, enter the account you want to use for the registration and enter the necessary information on the 選美.
(8) Enter information about the credit card to be paid.
(9) Proceed to the confirmation screen and purchase the ticket.

Day ticket
You can buy tickets for the day at “Theater Reception” at Shinjuku Kadoza on the day of the performance.You can check if the tickets are sold on the official Twitter at Shinjuku Kado-za.

Holding event

At Shinjuku Kado-za, events by artists and comedy comedians are held almost every day.Among them, I will introduce some of the events held regularly by Shinjuku Kado-za.

Event held at Shinjuku corner (part of the event)

  • White A LIVE “TECHNO Circus : Performance events with white A” events
  • Shochiku Geino Young Battle Live smile : The event that determines the popularity of the moon by the vote of the customer
  • The Live of the eggplant is the live : “The eggplant” is a comedy live The laughing live

○ White A LIVE “TECHNO Circus”
What I really want to pay attention to is “White A LIVE” TECHNO- Circus “.This event is a performance group “White A” that lets you enjoy electronic music, video and human performance.Since its formation in 2002, White A has performed 500 performances worldwide.This is a group of talented people who won a number of awards overseas.In Japan, there was also a performance of the stage in NHK Kohaku Utagassen.

At Shinjuku Kado-za, you can see performances by artists and comedy performances by entertainers.If you’re interested, please go to see it.

SHOP where you can purchase original goods at Shinjuku Kado-za

At’ Kadoza Shop’ located at Shinjuku Kado-za, you can buy the original goods of a talent belonging to the Shochiku Geino.There are various original goods such as original portable phone strap, can badge, and DVD, and it will be a souvenir of the visit if you buy it.

Also, Shochiku Geino has many popular comedians, including 2 people, including “Okaki” and “TKO.”.In addition, there are some comedy comedians, such as Buruma Konno, who attracted attention in “R- 1 Gap 2018” in 2018 and has recently become popular.If you buy the original goods of these popular entertainers as a souvenir, you will be pleased.

Also, this corner shop sells original goods that you can’t buy easily.If you want to buy a souvenir from Tokyo that is a little different from others, or if you have any talent, please stop by.

Location of corner SHOP : next adjacent to the “Theater Reception” in the Shinjuku corner.

Shinjuku Corner Coordinate

The Shinjuku corner is a spot where you can enjoy performance by a professional artist or a professional artist who belongs to the Shochiku Geino.In particular, you can see various stages from popular comedy comedians to maniac comedians in comedy performances.

This is a Shinjuku corner where you can enjoy a variety of enjoyable ways, such as visiting a comedy entertainer, or visiting a live comedy performer who doesn’t know about it.The tickets on the day are sometimes sold, so I recommend you to go there casually on the day.If you are interested in stage events such as comedy or performance, please try to visit them.