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How to enjoy Kisara

Have you ever done “monomatics”?I think there are a certain number of people who worry about how to do a party performance every time the year-end party season approaches.No matter how hard I practice, I always feel sick when I think about making a mess at a banquet.In that case, let’s take a look at professional technology.

In this article, I’ll introduce you to a veteran show pub, “Kojima Kikaku,” in Shinjuku.I hope you can tell us the appeal of the entertainment that will make you burst into laughter.Please take a quick look at it.

Basic information Kojima Kikaku

Kojima Kikaku is

“Kojima Kikaku” is a popular monomaneki show pub in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

This restaurant has many popular personalities, such as the famous Tamori, who is famous for imitating, and Kintaro, who is famous for imitating Atsuko Maeda.

Since the beginning of the opening, there have been an increasing number of entertainers who appeared along with the trend of monomaneki programs, and now there are about 100 entertainers.Therefore, it is known as a famous spot in Tokyo, as it is known as a “sacred place of monomatics” and is arranged as a tour of Hato Bus and a schedule of school trip.

The restaurant has a table with a family style table arranged in a class of 100 seats, and it is easy to see the stage from everywhere.The show is almost full every time, and there are many repeaters, but there are many customers from the local area, and there are about 2 to 30 percent of them.

Access to Kojima Kikaku

    Access : 3 minute walk from Shinjuku Station
    Address : 3-17-1 in Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Shinjuku-ku, 8 f.
    Phone number : 03 – 3341 – 0213
    Parking : Pears

Kojima Kikaku business hours, rates, and booking methods

    Business hours : 18 : 00 – 23:00
    18:00 ~ 20:30 (Showtime 19:30 ~)
    2 : 21:00 – 23:00 (Showtime 21:30 ~)
    Closed holidays : Pears
    Price : 5,500 yen for 1 people (including tax)
    4,000 yen for 1 people (tax included)
    Reservation method : 2 months prior to use on the phone, you can accept it.
    Reserved number : 03 – 3341 – 0213 (Phone : 15 : 00 – 23:30)

※ It doesn’t have to be fully reserved, but most people make a reservation by making a reservation.The reservation is full, so I recommend you make a reservation beforehand.
※ Please be aware that if you are late for the start time, the reservation may be cancelled in some cases.

Forward Seat Promise Plan

Recommended for those who want to enjoy in front of their eyes.

In both sections, it is possible to use a fee of + 1,000 yen.Basically, it is a plan to guarantee the seats from the stage to the fifth column.

※ However, please be aware that you cannot specify a seat number or the like.
* If the group is in the fifth row, there will be additional seats after the 6 column name.
※ You cannot cancel or cancel the application at the time of the visit.

Please contact the store for details.

Contents of Kojima Kikaku


    Time zone : 18 : 00 to 20:30
    Price : 5,500 yen for 1 people (including tax)
    Content : Show + Buffet All-You-Can-Eat (More than 28 items) + Unlimited drinks

2 Contents

    Time : 21 : 00 to 23:00 (show is from 21:30 to 60 minutes)
    Price : 4,000 yen per person (including tax)
    Content : Show + All-You-Can-Drink

First Part and Second Common Notes

  • You cannot enter the preschool.
  • seats are “totally non-smoking”.

How to enjoy Kojima Kikaku and how to enjoy

Buffet Restaurant Menu

In the first part, you can eat dinner buffet.The buffet dishes only say “The most powerful!”, and there are always more than 20 kinds of dishes.There are various kinds of foods, such as marinade, gratin and Trifle, so they have desserts, so they won’t get tired of it any number of times.The chef of the first class hotel is only made by the chef, so the taste is sure to be delicious.

Among the most recommended is the “Curry”, which is praised by Mr. Kasuga of Audrey, who used to work as a part-time job.The special curry that has been stewed for more than 3 days and has a special curry flavor has a mild flavor of the sweetness of onions.Please try it once when you visit!

By the way, since the food is lowered after the show is started, there is a long line in the buffet every time.It’s better to secure a lot of food early as you can go to get food in the order that you have to go.However, don’t leave leftovers!

Also, you can drink various kinds of alcohol, such as shochu, whiskey and draft beer, and soft drinks, in the second part of the drink.The basics are self-service, and Shochu is set in each seat, but the water and the draft beer, soft drinks and soft drinks are taken from the drink bar.

Very popular monomanshow

At Kojima Kikaku, there is a famous person who opens up the scene until the show starts production.That’s Mr. Kawakura, manager of the store.

At the time of entering the restaurant, all customers are encouraged to apply the “Ishihara Army” and the “Kanna Hashimoto Chan” to the audience and the music group by the ratio of the number of people and the music group.

During a buffet meal, you can go up on the stage and take a picture of the photo.At that time, you can specify the pose with a good microphone performance.Since then, it has been set up for the show with the exquisite machine gun talk.There is a huge excitement to this show, so you can experience the stage where you can feel the laughter.

And when the scene is raised, the monomanshow will start at last.Every time in 1 hours of showtime, every 6 people show a fascinating stage.It is a short time of about 10 minutes per each person’s time, but it doesn’t feel like that, and it ends quickly with the excitement that doesn’t feel like that.

The performer can see the event in advance on the official website, so you can see the performer who is concerned about the event.Even more, after the show finishes, the performer will come around, so you can take a commemorative photo together.

By the way, it is prohibited to shoot a movie at this shop, but it seems like you can take a picture of the picture during the show.I recommend you to upload the photos you have taken to the social network on the SNS.Why don’t you share the photo with all the photos you’ve taken?

impressionist dispatch

We provide a service to send entertainers who appear in the show at the Kojima Kikaku in the whole country.You can choose from a total of 100 people who are regularly appearing in a show, a talent who has a business alliance, and a talent who has a business alliance.

Please contact us with peace of mind as we have experienced staff members who have experienced requests, such as “I have only a budget,” and “I want this talent to come in.”.

I hope that the event will be successful, this company offers the following services.

Have you ever thought that the product was different from the image when you bought the product?I want to avoid failure at the event.In this company, there is a service where you can go to see the talent beforehand.In “preliminary inspection,” it is possible to play while enjoying the actual showtime, and it is said that it is “the only system of the event dispatching industry.”.

In addition, there is also a good service that offers a full refund of up to 2 people if you request the dispatch.If you want to send the service, it is a service that you want to use.Why don’t you consider it once?

* If you want to apply, you need to apply.Contact the contact address below.
※ Please be aware that if you make a reservation or visit the Kojima Kikaku directly, it will not be covered by the refund.


impressionist dispatch

    Kojima Planning Entertainment Co., Ltd.
    Phone number : 03 – 3780 – 8787
    ※ Reception time : Weekdays 10:00 ~ 19:00 (weekends and holidays are closed)

If you are confident in the imitation of you can participate in the audition.

At Kojima Kikaku, every month, the audience auditions are held at 1 degrees per month.So far, many people have been found in the media such as Koie Furita, Hanawa, Kintaro, and Audrey.At present, about 100 entertainers appear in the show every day.Why don’t you try to make a debut at the “Holy place of monomanism”?

The examination is known as “Kojima Kikaku”, and the manager who has held over 1,000 auditions over 14 years will be in charge.The screening rate is strict, and the pass rate is about 10 percent for the challenge of about 250 people per year.It is a very difficult examination, as it is the holy place of monomanism.

However, it becomes a good opportunity to learn “How to appeal” every time you participate, so if you have confidence in your arms, why don’t you join them?

Audition Overview

Date and time : Beginning at 15:30 ~ 17:00 (reception : 15 : 00 ~)
Location : Shinjuku and Kojima Kikaku
Recruitment category :
Impressionist (There is no question about the genre such as a poem or a song.)

Comic Comedians (those who are in charge of MC at showtime, etc.)
It includes free talk, so it is intended for those who can enjoy a fun atmosphere.

Prepare :
A gem of a gem
Karaoke sound source (MD or CD. The CD edited on the computer may not be loaded).
Costume, etc.

* If you wish to participate, you need to contact the following contact address in advance.
* The number of participants may vary depending on the number of participants.
* If you are a member of the entertainment agency, you need to check the manager.
* Please be aware that it is impossible to participate in the event due to the number of people and time adjustment.
※ There are times when you change the schedule depending on the convenience of the store.

Audit-Inquiry Contact

    Phone number : 03 – 3341 – 0213
    ※ Reception time : 15 : 00 to 23:30

Kojima Kikaku

How was it?In this article, I introduced you to “Kojima Kikaku,” one of Tokyo’s tourist attractions.Were you able to convey the appeal to all of you as well as the high-quality monomanshow show, such as delicious food and specialty manager?

However, this is just a part of the appeal of “Kojima Kikaku.”.I think the real appeal is more than 100 times this.If you are concerned about Tokyo and Tokyo, why don’t you try to visit them once?

We also included information on the dispatch of talent and auditions.If you’re interested, please contact us more and more.