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How delicious “Soryu Togyokudou”

“Ryuryu- 唐玉” is a restaurant specializing in Dan Dan noodle shops, mainly in Tokyo.Among them, there are 2 stores in the Roppongi area.

There are some people in Roppongi who have an image of a high-class restaurant.However, Seiryu 唐玉 do is a restaurant where you can eat Tantanmen noodles at a reasonable price.

In addition, there are 13 kinds of Dan Dan noodles, and you can also taste special Dan Dan noodles, black sesame tantanmen noodles, mutant noodles made with lamb meat, beef ribs, and so on.Thanks to its deliciousness, it is popular to have a procession during lunch time.

This time, I’ll introduce you to the appeal of Ryuryudo 唐玉.

Appeal and Basic information

by Ryuryu 唐玉

A Seiryu- 唐玉 hall where you can enjoy various Tantanmen noodles.Let’s get to the point soon!I’ll introduce you the basic information of the store, so please use it as a reference when you come.

The same company as red tiger gyoza is managed by the company

Ryuryu 唐玉 do is a restaurant run by the same “Kuwa Corporation” as the red tiger gyoza.Corporation is a company that operates 87 Chinese restaurants, including Ryuryu 唐玉 and Red Tiger Gyoza.Seiryudo 唐玉 is a restaurant that has a Chinese restaurant, so you can come to the store with peace of mind.

In addition, Corporation operates not only Chinese restaurants, but also Japanese restaurants, Italian restaurants and accommodation facilities.Also, there are 7 restaurants in overseas, and there are 388 stores operated by Corporation (as of April 2017).

Famous Tantanmen noodles are famous for lunch time.

Ryutan 唐玉 is famous for its superb Dan Dan noodles, and it is a popular restaurant with a queue during lunch time.In particular, the Roppongi store has 35 seats, so there is a lot to go outside during lunch time.In the eating log, there was also a word-of-mouth word-of-mouth saying, “It was crowded at around 11:40, when lunch time was a little earlier than lunch time.”.

On the other hand, the Dragon Hanimachi store 88 seats, more than 2 times more than the one in the Roppongi store, but there is a queue in the lunch time, so it is very crowded.There are some customers who give up their lunch and give up their lunch.

However, in the 2 shops that are popular, the popularity of the “pinkUnderLine” rainy day is the goal.In addition, the Dragon Hanimachi store is a close day of the National Museum of New Art, which is close to the museum, and has a number of visitors to the restaurant, including Tuesday .Please come to the destination timing and enjoy the Tantanmen noodle lunch at Seiryudo 唐玉.

There are 2 stores in the Roppongi area

As we introduced you to the first place, Seiryu 唐玉 Hall has 2 outlets, Roppongi and Ryu Hanimachi, in the Roppongi area.The general features of the 2 stores are as follows :.For those who want spicy food with Dan dan noodles, the ones who are concerned about the different kinds of meat at the Roppongi restaurant, and those who are concerned about the from the dragon Hanimachi shop are recommended.There are spots where you can enjoy movies, shopping and art works near both stores.

Roppongi Store
● Especially spicy tantanmen noodle dishes.
・ Among the Tantanmen noodles in Seiryu-do 唐玉, there is a lot of spicy Kandan Tantanmen noodle, and there is a lot of spicy “Special Tantandan Noodles” with lots of ingredients.
– Near Roppongi Station
3 minute walk from the “EX THEATER ROPPONGI” where you can enjoy the movie.
7 minutes walk from the Roppongi Hills where you can enjoy shopping, movies and art exhibitions.

Hanimachi store
● Special noodles with a variety of meat.
There is “Gyubaradan” made with beef ribs, and “Mutandan Dan” made with mutton.
● Nogizaka Station
– 4 minute walk from Tokyo Midtown where you have a shopping area and a movie theater.
A 7 minute walk from the National Museum of Art, where you can enjoy art exhibitions.

I’ll introduce you to the details later.

Recommended Menu 唐玉

In Ryuryu 唐玉, there are 13 kinds of Dan Dan noodle menus, Gyoza and Chinese course, and so on.Next, I’ll introduce you to the 3 recommended menus.

White sesame tantanmen noodles / 13 kinds of Tantanmen noodles, especially easy to eat

You can eat 13 kinds of Dan Dan noodles in Seiryu 唐玉, but it is recommended that you eat it with white Sesame Noodles.This soup with white sesame tantanmen is characterized by its mild spiciness and its mild flavor with white sesame seeds.Therefore, even those who are not good at eating spicy foods can enjoy it.

The soup is rich, so it is perfect for those who like thick Dan dan noodles.In addition, it has a lot of green onions, so the aftertaste is refreshing, and it is easy to eat even though it is rich.

This is a “white sesame tantana” that is recommended for those who dislike spiciness and those who like a thick system.Please try to challenge.

White Sesame Tantanmen Noodle Soup

  • Price : 880 yen
  • spiciness level : 2

Large Gyoza

The other specialty of Seiryudo 唐玉, “Daigyoza”, is a large gyoza, as you can see, because it has the word “large.”.It is about 3 times more common than usual gyoza, so eating only 1 pieces is enough to eat.Therefore, if you order as a side menu, I recommend you to order the minimum number of 3 items.

The outside is crispy, and there is a lot of meat and Chinese chives inside it.When you put it in your mouth, the juice spreads, so some customers order it every time it comes to the restaurant.Those who want to try large gyoza, or those who want to eat their specialty because they are visiting the restaurant for the first time, would love to try it.

Large Gyoza

  • Price : 360 yen (additional 1 available, 120 yen per 3)
  • Level of spiciness : 0

Chinese course with Peking duck and shark fin

In Seiryudo 唐玉, I recommend not only a single dish such as Dan Dan and Gyoza, but also Chinese course with Peking duck and shark’s fin.The Chinese course offers you can enjoy all 10 Chinese dishes with 150 minutes of all-you-can-drink.

Recently, there is an increasing number of restaurants offering Chinese cuisine, and Ryuryu 唐玉 Hall is a restaurant that offers traditional Chinese cuisine that has been loved since long ago.The Chinese course is a perfect course for those who want to try Chinese food from Ryuryu 唐玉.

Prices and courses are as follows :.

Chinese course

in Ryuryu 唐玉

  • Price : 8,000 yen
  • 1 person

  • Chinese course contents
    Assorted seasonal ingredients with assorted appetizers.
    Steamed Dim Sum (2 Kinds) (Shrimp Gyoza, Pork Grilled Dumplings)
    ・ Beijing duck
    Szechuan-Style Stir-Fried Large Shrimp and Seasonal Vegetables
    Refreshing Stir-Fry of Greens and guts
    Japanese Beef and 3 Kinds of Japanese Beef Sauteed with XO Sauce
    Simmered whole shark fin with deep flavor.
    Fried Rice with Crab Meat Topping
    – Dessert

The basic information of the 唐玉 Hall, the atmosphere, the access information

Basic Information

● Address : Tokyo Minato ward, Roppongi 7-17-16 Yonekyu Corporation Building 1 f
● Business hours
・ Monday – Saturday : 11 : 30 to next day : 7:00
・ Sunday, holidays : 11 : 30 to next day : 5:00
* It may be changed depending on the year, the new year, the weather season, etc.
Closed : None
– Contact : 03 – 3470 – 0451

This item has a slightly dark look, so it is recommended for business or date.

access information
● When using a train
1 minute walk from the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line’ Roppongi Station’ (Exit Number 2).
3 minute walk from the Toei-Oedo Line’ Roppongi Station’ (exit 4 b).

● If you are using the bus
1 minute walk from the Akasaka route’ Roppongi 7 minami’ bus stop.
– 3 minute walk from the Toei Bus (Astringency 88)’ Roppongi 6′ bus stop.
– 3 minute walk from the JR Bus Kanto Kaguya Express, Yatoba-Express’ Roppongi Hills’ bus stop.

Ryuryu 唐玉 Hall Ryu Hanimachi Store Basic Information, Atmosphere and Access Information

Basic Information

Address : Tokyo Minato Ward, Minato Ward, Roppongi 7-5-10, Commercial Hall Building 1 f – 3 f
– Business hours
● Lunch : 11 : 30 to 15:30 (last order is 15:00)
● Dinner
・ Monday – Friday : 17 : 30 to 22:00 (Last order is 21:30)
– Saturday, Sunday and holidays : 17 : 30 to 21:30 (Last order is 21:00)
* It may be changed depending on the weather and season.
– Closed holidays : None (except for the year-end and new year)
– Contact : 03 – 5786 – 4917

Ryuryu 唐玉 Hall Ryu Hanimachi store has a guest seat from the first floor to the third floor, and each of them has a different atmosphere.
– The first floor is a bright space like a cafe, easy to enter.
Second floor : Chic atmosphere with chic Chinese furniture.
Third floor : A night view of the night view and romantic atmosphere

access information
● When using a train
4 minute walk from Nogizaka Station (exit 6) on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line.
4 minute walk from the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line’ Roppongi Station’ (exit 8).
12 minute walk from Aoyama-itchome Station (Exit 5) on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line.

● If you are using the bus
– 2 minute walk from the “Heart Vessel Research institute” bus stop on the Akasaka route.
3 minute walk from the Akasaka route’ Roppongi 7′ bus stop.
– 3 minute walk from the Toei Bus (Miyako 01 crossing)’ Tokyo Midtown’ bus stop.


This time I introduced you to Ryuryu 唐玉, where you can eat delicious Dan Dan noodles in Roppongi.There are various kinds of Dan Dan noodles and spicy Tantanmen noodles in Seiryudo 唐玉, and many people can enjoy Tantanmen noodles.If you are looking for a delicious Dan Dan noodle in Roppongi, please try to visit Ryuryudo 唐玉.