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Basic and Bargain information about Aeon Higashiun Store from Toyosu

Aeon Dongun stores, which can be accessed from Toyosu, boast the largest area of R & D in the nearby department stores, and there are a lot of tenants, so it is almost enough to complete shopping related shopping here.

If you have moved to Toyosu or live near Toyosu, but have never been to Aeon Higashiun, please mention the attraction of Aeon Higashiun shop along with this article and try shopping once.

Basic information on AEON East Store

Aeon Higashiun is a large supermarket located in the Toguma area next to Toyosu.It is a distance of about 10 minutes by foot from Toyosu.Also, parking lots and parking cars are fully prepared, so you can go there by car, so there is a bus stop nearby, so you can go there by bus.

It is the largest site area in the neighborhood, and not only can you do extensive shopping, but you can also spend most of the shopping related shopping, such as various hospitals, nursery schools, food courts, and mobile shops.

Toyosu and Toyosu have a lot of competition, and there are a lot of competition among them, including Ito-Yokado. There are many competition, but the food section is open for 24 hours, making it a reassuring ally for residents in the Toyosu area where many busy businessmen are busy.

Location and access information of the AEON East store

The specific address of Aeon East Store is shown below.

1-9-10 Higashi-Nebula, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135 – 0062

If you are walking on foot from Toyosu Station, refer to this guide .

You can get there in a 10 minute walk from Toyosu Station, but you should also use the bus at the parking lot, parking lot and nearby bus stop, so try to make good use of these traffic.

Parking information at AEON East store

At the AEON East Store, parking lots are located at 2 places, parking lots on the first floor and parking lots on the roof, and there are 160 parking spaces on the first floor and 500 parking spaces on the roof.Both are available for 24 hours, and the parking fee is free up to 2 hours and 30 minutes, so it is a good design for those who enjoy shopping.

After that, it costs 250 yen every 30 minutes, but if you spend more than 3,000 yen at the Aeon Higashicloud store and take the receipt to the service counter on the first floor, you will be able to do so for free of charge for 1 hours.

Bicycle Parking Information

at the AEON East store
At the Aeon Higashiun store, you will have to go through the pedestrian bridge by bicycle from the Toyosu side, but there is a space where the second floor of the pedestrian bridge and ions is connected, and you can stop the bicycle in the vicinity of the road.Also, there is a bicycle installation around the first floor, so please make sure to use it.

Bus information at the AEON East store

There are 2 ways to take a bus by bus to the Aeon East store. You can use the free cycling bus and the Toei bus.

There are 2 free cycling buses, A course and B course, and there are about 1 days and 8 flights per 1 fortieth and to 18:00 flights respectively. 10:00.However, there is no station near Toyosu Station, so it is better to use Toei bus if you come from Toyosu Station.

The A course of free cycling bus is the following course.

  • Aeon Tocloud Store
  • East cloud 2 complex entrance
  • Ariake-tennis-no-mori

  • Soft Town
  • Harumi Garden Plaza Front
  • Tsukishima 4 chome,
  • Kachidoki 3 chome Yubinkyokumae
  • Tsukishima Glance Tower Front
  • Monmonnaka-cho SKY HIGH
  • Higashiyutaka Estate Prior
  • Sunny is the Zenmonnakamachi mae
  • Etchujima Kaishomae

The B course of the free cycling bus is the following course.

  • Aeon Tocloud Store
  • Tokyo East
  • Kiba San Heights
  • Shiohama 2 chome apartment in front
  • Shiohama 1 chome apartment in front
  • Edagawa bridge
  • Lark Place Sunny Town
  • Rengran Marina Previous
  • Shiomi Association parking lot
  • Tatsumi’s forest Kaihin Park
  • Tatsumi Port House

How to get to the Aeon East Store by bus from Toyosu

If you go to Aeon Higashigumu by Toei bus from Toyosu Station, please take the following bus from the line.

  • gate 19
  • Sea 01
  • East 16
  • East 15

The station where you get off at’ Togumabashi Intersection’ is located in front of the Aeon East shop’s eyes.If you want to know the location of the bus stop around Toyosu Station, please refer to “[Save] Toyosu, convenient for travel in Toyosu,” and refer to the “Yurikamome, Train (Yuraku-cho Line) and Bus Information List.”.

AEON East Store Discount Flyer Information

It is necessary to obtain information on the leaflet information and the coupon information in order to buy at the AEON East Store at a reasonable price.If you don’t have a paper flyer, Shufoo!Get the latest ion tocloud discount information and campaign information from the flyer .

Also, the “AEON shopping app” is also distributed with ions, so you can get the coupon information from your store by installing it on your smartphone, so please make sure to use it.

Tenant stores at AEON Higashiun store

Aeon East Stores offer a wide range of stores and sales products and services that can be purchased as long as they are related to their lives.

When you’re actually going to go, you should check this floor operating time and make sure your store is running during the business hours.


Aeon East is a large supermarket that boasts the largest area of the area, and it is the foundation of the lives of people living near Toyosu.This is a very reassuring place where you can go freely when you want to go, because you have a lot of access and food is sold for 24 hours at night.If you have never been in the Aeon East Store yet, please try to visit us once again.