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Enjoy the Toyosu date!31 major satisfied dates in Toyosu

It is recommended that you design a course around Lalapo and Toyosu when you go to Toyosu Date.You can also make standard dates such as movies and cafes, and you can also enjoy the dates unique to Lalapo and Toyosu, such as the creation of dog run and custom gift, and the boarding of event cruises.

Lalaport and Toyosu Center


UNITED CINEMAS is a movie theater in Lalaport and Toyosu, and it is also a standard spot for Toyosu date.You can enjoy movies at a movie theater that boasts a wide area with a clean area with a total of about 12 clean rooms.There are a lot of shops, and there are a lot of movie goods sold, and popcorn and drinks are offered as well.

You can reserve your seats on the Internet, and you can get tickets at UNITED CINEMAS Toyosu’s ticketing machine immediately, so you don’t need to spend a lot of time in line up to get a seat, so you don’t need to spend a lot of time in the line.The movie theater has a very stylish atmosphere, perfect for dating on a date.There are many different tenants in Lalaport and Toyosu, and it is recommended that you spend time at a furniture shop or a fashion shop until the movie is screened.

Characteristics of UNITED CINEMAS Toyosu

On the date of UNITED CINEMAS Toyosu, I recommend you to watch the film of the 4 dx Digital Theatre which is leading the industry in the industry.The 4 dx Digital Theatre is a system that matches the scenes of a movie with a system that can reproduce the impact of the motion and the like, so it can be entered into the movie with more realism.Enjoy the cutting-edge system with your favorite movielover.

It is also recommended to use Premier pair seats when you are looking at a romantic movie with less action.It is a luxurious seat with 2 people at the top of the screen, and you can enjoy the movie in a 2 person space without worrying about the surroundings.When you go to UNITED CINEMAS Toyosu with lovers, it’s better to reserve this seat in advance.

Access to UNITED CINEMAS Toyosu, operating hours

UNITED CINEMAS Toyosu is located at 3 f, Lalapo and Toyosu.If you go from Toyosu Station, you’ll get to Laladoya and Toyosu by walking straight from Exit number 2.There are parking lots and bicycle parking lots, so you can use it when you’re driving a drive date.There are plenty of restaurants and cafes that can be used for dinner at Lalaport and Toyosu, so it is recommended to eat rice after the movie.

Address : 4-9 Urban Dock LaLaport Toyosu, 2 Chome, Toyosu, Koto Ward, Tokyo 135 – 0061 Tokyo
Phone number : 0570 – 783 – 789


Breath e is a cafe and bar that is built at UNITED CINEMAS Toyosu.You can enjoy delicious sweets, cakes and light meals, and enjoy wine and cocktails while enjoying beautiful scenery during the night time.The ceiling is high and the interval between seats is wide, so it is a perfect cafe to talk after the movie because it has a very loose time.After enjoying a movie date at Toyosu, let’s share a relaxing time at this lounge.

Breazza’s feature

I recommend using the Premium Lounge when you are using Breath on a date.The dedicated space on the 2 f is a high quality space, and it looks like a lounge in a high quality tower condo.If you spend the time after the movie in this high quality space, it will become a more memorable date.You can also use this lounge when using premium pair seats at UNITED CINEMAS Toyosu, so please consider making a reservation for the premier pair seat.

In addition, there is a VIP room in a private room at the back of the Premier Lounge.The night view the night view of Tokyo Bay, so the mood is perfect as well.

Breathe access, operating hours

“Bresthe” is located at UNITED CINEMAS Toyosu.It’s just on the left after you get out of the entrance to the movie theater, so you’ll probably get lost.It is closed at the time of the sales and late show by 23 o’clock, so let’s be careful about the time.

Address : 3 f, 2-4-9 Urban Dock LaLaport Toyosu, Toyosu, Toyosu, Koto Ward, Tokyo 135 – 8614 Tokyo City.
Phone number : 03 – 6219 – 3002
Business hours : 10 00 to 23 00.
Closed holidays : According to Lalapo and Toyosu.

3. Pet shop ILIO

“Pet Shop ILIO” is a pet service shop in Lalaport and Toyosu.It is an essential place for people living with pets at Toyosu, as it offers a variety of things such as puppies and other services, as well as services such as salons and hotels.If you are dating with pets, you can share the open time with the dog run of natural turf, which is said to be one of the largest in Tokyo.

Characteristic of Pet shop ILIO

If you want to use a pet shop ILIO when you go on a date, it is recommended that you look at the puppy.While looking at a cute pet, you can spend a lot of time with a quiet time, so you’ll get better as a future, and you’ll be able to talk about future topics such as wanting to keep a puppy in the future.

Access to pet shop ILIO, operating hours

The “Pet Shop ILIO” is located at 1 f in Lalaport and Toyosu.Go to Lalaport and Toyosu and go to the seaside side, and there is a shop near the dog run.There is a cafe where pets can accompany you, so you should use this cafe when you go to a date with your pet.

Pet Shop ILIO
Address : 2-4-9, Toyosu, Koto Ward, Tokyo 135 – 8614 Tokyo
Phone number : 03 – 5875 – 2211
Business hours : 10 00 to 21 00.
Closed holidays : According to Lalapo and Toyosu.


“GOOD GIFT GO” is a shop where you can customize a gift.You can make a birthday present and a birthday present from a present, so you can make everything from the present to the broadcast, so you can give it a unique present in the world around the world.You may want to go with this shop when you make an anniversary date and make a present for each other.It may be good to make a wedding celebration of a common friend or a birth celebration together.


The characteristic of “GOOD gift go” is that you can customize the original present you like.When you give a present, there are many cases where you have to focus on wrapping, message card, etc. except for gifts, but there may be situations where the wrapping is not good.”Good Gift Go” allows you to make a gift by yourself and make a gift, so you can make a perfect gift as a gift.All your customized presents will be more comfortable to you.

GOOD GIFT GO access and business hours

Good Gift Go is located at 1 f, Lalapo and Toyosu.It’s located in Southport and there is a Starbucks Coffee in 2 f, so you may want to customize the gift while enjoying the tea.UNITED CINEMAS Toyosu is located at the top 3 f.

Address : 4-9, Toyosu 2 Chome, Koto Ward, Tokyo 135 – 8614, Tokyo
Phone number : 03 – 5859 – 5614
Business hours : 10 00 to 21 00.
Closed holidays : According to Lalapo and Toyosu.

5. Toyosu Park

“Toyosu Park” is a park located next to Lalapo and Toyosu, and the beautiful lawn is spreading.Lalaport is a square where you can see Tokyo Bay, and the scenery is wonderful as it is used for shooting dramas and so on.In particular, you can enjoy the beautiful night view of Toyosu at night, so you can spend a leisurely time sitting at the bench and stairs in Toyosu Park.

Characteristics of Toyosu Park

The Toyosu Park can be used at night and at night, but the recommended time is the night time.The deck facing Tokyo Bay in Toyosu Park connects to Harumi and you can take a walk slowly.It is recommended to share the quiet time of the precious Toyosu while enjoying the beautiful night view and the view of the waterfront.There are a lot of cafes in the Harumi area, so you can walk there as well.

Access to Toyosu Park and operating hours

The “Toyosu Park” is a large park next to Lalapo and Toyosu, or a wide park.If you go from the station, you’ll arrive at Laladogo and Toyosu, or you’ll arrive at the park with a lawn next to you.On Saturdays and Sundays, you can also see a smiling scene where children play cheerfully.

Toyosu Park
Address : 3-6, Toyosu 2 Chome, Koto Ward, Tokyo 135 – 0061, Tokyo
Phone number : 03 – 3642 – 5099

6. Around Asakusa and Odaiba on the water bus

In Toyosu, there is a water bus that you can go around Asakusa and Odaiba.There is a station next to the Urban Dock LaLaport Toyosu square, so you can get on the bus next to the bus stop next to the monument of the whale.”TOKYO CRUISE” can ride on the ship “Himiko” and the “Hotaruna” which Mr. Matsumoto of the GALAXY EXPRESS 999 watched.The ship has an advanced design like a spaceship, and there is no doubt that if you know the work, there will be a lot of work if you know the work.

Characteristic of Water Bus

The most recommended way to use the water bus on a date is event cruises held every season.In the spring, there is a flower-viewing cruise where you can enjoy cherry blossoms in the Sumida River, and in summer there is a fireworks display cruise where you can enjoy the fireworks display of the Sumida River from above the boat, and there is a regular event cruise.You may get tired of just a water bus, but if you participate in a seasonal event, it will be a memorable date.

Access to water bus, operating hours

The water bus’s station is located next to the monument of the whale’s tail, which is located next to Lalarango and Toyosu.Tickets are not usually reserved, so you can buy them at the ticket office next to the ticket office.The number of trains is not high, so it’s smooth to check the operating time beforehand.

Water bus
Address : 2 chome 4, Toyosu, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135 – 0061, Tokyo

7. Caricature Japan

Caricature Japan is a shop where you can paint an interesting explosion.There are services that you can write on the spot and services that you can draw from photos.I recommend you to write an explosion smile on a date, and make a good souvenir as a mug or a T-shirt.

There are schools where kids can enjoy art and children’s kids, so it is good for a date on a date of a couple with a small child.It may be crowded on Saturdays and Sundays, so you’ll be relieved if you make a reservation beforehand.

8. Kidzania Tokyo

Kidzania Tokyo is a hands-on experience spot for children in Lalaport and Toyosu.Children work at each store in the area, and you can see them from the glass through the glass and monitor.It is very popular with children because you can do a fresh experience of shopping in the exclusive currency of the area you earned by yourself.There are more than 100 kinds of jobs, so it’s smooth to keep the stars of the activity you’re looking for before you go.

I recommend you to spend a relaxing time while looking at the child’s smile while visiting the Kidzania Tokyo when you go to Toyosu date with your child with your child.You can also take photos, and there is a photo service by a professional photographer, so there is no doubt that it will be a memorable date.You can also spend a relaxing time at a lounge while your child is doing a job experience.

9. Game Center “Amuseum Toyosu Store”

The museum is a game arcade next to the movie “UNITED CINEMAS Toyosu” at Lalaport and Toyosu movie theater.I recommend you to use it before and after a movie date because there are a lot of facilities such as UFO catcher, medal game, and Purikura.There are also cases where you can get a discount service by a half pass of the movie, so please stop by the Amuseum Toyosu store when you use UNITED CINEMAS Toyosu.Let’s leave the date on the UFO catcher and the Purikura.

10. Anniversaire Toyosu

Anniversaire Toyosu is a wedding hall next to Lalapo and Toyosu, and it is one of the largest chapel in Tokyo.You can see the beautiful scenery of the large staircase from around the area, and you can see the fact that the wedding ceremony is actually held on the day of the Great Peace.

In the case of couples who are planning to marry, it is also recommended to participate in a full course tasting, try on a dress, and try a date when you can experience the inside of the wedding.If you don’t participate in the fair, you may be able to get married to the other person if you look at the couples who have a happy wedding from outside.Why don’t you just go through Anniversaire Toyosu at the time of the Toyosu date?

Anniversaire Toyosu
Address : 1-7, Toyosu 2 Chome, Koto Ward, Tokyo 135 – 0061, Tokyo
Phone number : 03 – 5560 – 1122

Shopping shop

Shopping shop recommended for Toyosu date
The standard Spot, which is a standard of Toyosu Date, has many shops, such as the standard spot, which is the center of a date, as well as the shops that are enjoying pleasure.If you stop by a shopping store, you’ll see a good deal of a date, and you’ll find a more dating atmosphere.It may be good to buy a matching cup and so on.


KALDI COFFEE is a restaurant where you can enjoy coffee and rare imported foods around the world.There is also a tasting service for popular coffee.The delicious imported foods that are lined up at the store are only the ones that you want to eat, so you just look at the products you want to drink, so the conversation is lively just by looking at the product.It is good that you can buy each favorite product as a gift of a date, and you can eat it with the date after you have a date.


PLAZA is a selection shop of cosmetics products, such as cosmetics, living goods, and sweets, and there are a lot of surprises.If her favorite cosmetics brand is sold, it may be a good idea to see it as a gift for trial purposes.If you look at her reaction in a shop that has a variety of cute and interesting products, you can understand her tastes, so you can use it as a reference to choose a future gift.

Also, depending on the season, the event events such as the rare sweets are held in a space in the terrace deck, so please take a look at it if you have time.


Zaara is famous for fashion, but at “Zara Home Lalaport and Toyosu”, the latest trend of home decoration in the world is broadcasted.It is recommended to find a favorite product for couples who live together because they have bed linen, tablecloth, room wear and so on.Even if you are not living together, you can enjoy the feeling that you are living with the natural nature by just looking at the products related to life, and it may lead to further progress in the relationship between the 2 people.

We are offering new products 2 times a week to communicate the latest trends, so we can talk about recent trends, too.


I recommend ACTUS when you want to see a stylish import furniture.The popular sofa “VSASSE SOFA SOFA” and the original chair “AOYAMA ARM CHAIR” are full of furniture with excellent designs.As there are furniture in the drama, you might be able to see the furniture that your favorite actor used directly.

In addition, there are a lot of furniture and miscellaneous goods, such as a shelf and a living table, so let’s enjoy a stylish space with your lover.

15. Afternoon tea living

The afternoon tea is famous as a shop where you can enjoy delicious sweets and tea, but in the afternoon tea living, it is also recommended as a shop where you can find a cute interior and goods, so it is also recommended as a store where you can find a souvenir for a little date.

Especially, it is good to use tableware that you often use as a living, so you can search for tableware that you can use for 2 people.


I recommend “LAURA ASHLEY Home” when you want to see the elegant furniture and interior.It is an interior shop that offers the lifestyle of the United Kingdom, and it has elegant furniture and daily necessities.A popular custom-made curtain is a must-see.The room set, which is released every season, is very attractive and can be used as a reference for room design as well.Please use it for a break during the date of a date or to relax.

17.Franc franc

“Franco franc” is a store specializing in interior and goods, popular among women in their 10 s and 30 s.There are many people who buy a gift as they have a lot of cute small items.It is a good gift set and a wrapping, so you may want to use it as a gift for a common friend.

The mugs and glasses with a stylish shape provide fun in your life, and the cute bath salts give you elegance and a sense of elegance.Please give her a present as a gift for a date.

18. Mujiruhin

Mujiruhin is a popular interior shop with simple design and furniture, so it is recommended to use it on a date.The sofa that fits the popularity of the popular body that has been rumored to spoil people can sit, and if you have never sat down, you’ll be surprised by the new feeling.In addition, there are plenty of items to make your life more fashionable, such as a coffee maker and aroma Huser.If you have any items you need, please look for it by Mujiruhin Ryohin.


Smapla is a smartphone accessory and a specialty store for repairing iPhones.I think many people use their smartphones with their own cover, but there are many kinds of covers available in SmaPla, so you can find your favorite covers.Why don’t you buy a matching cover for a date?

Also, the iPhone’s screen crack and battery replacement will respond during the day, so if there seems to be a problem with the condition of your lover’s iPhone, you may want to leave it to the first part of the date and fix it for repair.I’m glad to hear that the most frequently used iPhone comes back with the repair, and the evaluation of your lover will increase.

20. Kinokuniya Shoten

“Kinokuniya Bookstore Lalapo and Toyosu Store” is a recommended date spot for couples who like this book.The site has a wide area, and it has a wide range of magazines, including magazines, journals and books.If you want to find a book you are concerned about, or when you want to buy a new book, please drop by at Kinokuniya Bookstore.

Also, since the author’s talk show and the signing session are held regularly, please join us when fan writers come to Lalaport and Toyosu.

21. Tokyu Hands

Tokyu Hands Lalaport and Toyosu store have a wide store area, and it is recommended for a wide variety of items such as stationery goods and daily goods, so it is recommended to use it for shopping during dates.You can order a fountain pen and other items, so it is convenient to look for a souvenir.There are many kinds of alarm clocks, so why don’t you buy them as a souvenir for a date?

There are also a variety of convenient goods, so we recommend the “Fish flavor meal” that can be used in a microwave oven, such as “Fish flavor meal” that can make grilled fish in a microwave oven, and “picking master” that can pick up corn grains at once.

22. but dreams and / or

However, “Yume Yume” is a large candy shop located in a shopping mall such as a Tokyo Soramachi.The nostalgic candy is sold, and you can spend a lot of time remembering the time when you are a little child.It’s a good idea to try to buy a big candy that can be done from now on.Let’s listen to the story of a little girl while enjoying a nostalgic candy.

The popular cafe that you want to stop in a break on the date

There are many cafes where you can find a cafe during a date, but there are many fashionable cafes in the surrounding area, not only in Toyosu and Toyosu, but also in the surrounding area.I’ll introduce you to a stylish cafe in Toyosu to make your date look better.If you are considering using a cafe on the Toyosu date, please refer to it.

21. Les Deux Bleue (LedBlue)

Les Deux Bleue is a cafe that can be used with one dog in Lalapo and Toyosu, and it is a recommended shop when you are accompanied by pets.It is a store that faces the bay of Tokyo bay, so you can enjoy the cafe time while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the dog run and Toyosu.This is a restaurant that offers good health care for women who are concerned about beauty and health, as they offer healthy pasta and sweets that don’t use gluten.Also, the popular “Kuroge Wagyu stone-cooked hamburger steak,” which is made every day, is superb, so please make sure you order it when you’re on a date.

Discount coupon information and reservations


J. S. FOODIES is a restaurant where you can eat casual foods with trends around the world.We have healthy and delicious “avocado cheese burger” and our own smoothie, voluminous parfait, and other products that are good for women too.In addition, there is a lot of salad bars in the lunch time, so it is very economical.

The restaurant is a wooden style, and it is a restaurant where you can enjoy a warm atmosphere with a warm atmosphere. You can enjoy lunch while you’re on a date.Kids’ chairs are also prepared, so you can use them with your children with their children.


CAFE is a glass cafe that is based on a concept of the creation of a community community in Toyosu.The spacious ceiling and open terrace are very open and you can spend a lot of time with them, so it is recommended to use them on a date trip.

The cafe offers plenty of food, such as pasta, pizza, hamburger and other lunch menus, as well as a hearty dinner menu such as the Australian Rib Eye One Pound steak, so you can enjoy eating it as well.

There are times when events such as cooking classes and cooking classes are held, so please join us whenever you want.

The popular spots

at the night date of Toyosu.
Toyosu is a land where the landforms are mixed with inland areas such as high-rise condos and high-rise buildings, along with those that contact with the bay of Tokyo Bay. It is also a night view where you can enjoy a unique night view during the night time.It is nice to enjoy the night view of Toyosu while enjoying dinner, but you can enjoy the night view by enjoying the night view in Toyosu’s night view if you have time.Please visit the night spot as a finishing point of the Toyosu date.

24. Harumi Bridge Park

Harumi Bridge Park is a seaside park developed along with Toyosu Park, Lalapo and Toyosu Park from the Gas Science Museum and is located along the Harumi Canal.The Chunkai Bridge Park, which is used for shooting dramas, has a very nice atmosphere, and the park that is lit up at night brings a very romantic atmosphere.There are not many people, but there are not many people, so you can enjoy the night view of Toyosu in a quiet space.

While listening to the sound of the quiet waves, you can enjoy the night view of a high-rise building in the distant rainbow bridge and the Harumi area.After having a dinner date with Lalapo, why don’t you enjoy talking with 2 people while enjoying the night view at Harumi Bridge Park?

25. Harumi Wharf Terminal

Harumi Wharf Terminal is also known as the entrance to the sea of Tokyo, and it is also an important place for water transportation, where a luxury ship is anchored and a place connecting Tokyo and the world is connected to it.The terminal near the terminal is maintained, and the night lighting time is very beautiful.All kinds of monuments in the terminal are sophisticated and will enhance the date of their dates.Since it has a slight distance from Toyosu, it is also an empty spot of night view.
The terminal not only allows you to view Tokyo Tower and Rainbow Bridge, but you can also enjoy the night view of the building tower condos in Lalaport and Toyosu and Toyosu.Why don’t you look at the night view view of Toyosu from the place where Toyosu date is a bit away from Toyosu, and feel like the afterglow of the date that day?

26. Harumi Rinkai Park

Harumi Rinkai Park is a terrace on the seashore that is about 600 meters long, which is just on the right hand side of the Toyoharu Ohashi Bridge from Toyosu.There are plenty of lawn parks and sports parks, and it is a quiet and romantic space that is very good for dating at night, although it is the second largest size in a ward park.

You can enjoy the night view of Toyosu area from the terrace on the beach, so it is recommended.The bench is scattered to put on the beach, so why don’t you sit down on the bench while you’re tired of walking and look back on today’s date?

27. Toyosu Guruse Park

Toyosu Guruchi Park is a seaside park surrounded by Toyosu Park and Showa University Koto Toyosu Hospital around Toyosu Wharf.It is still under construction, so it is open to some sections, but the sidewalk of a wooden park has a very nice atmosphere, and the night time is especially good for romantic lighting, so it is recommended for dating.If you want to enjoy the night view of Toyosu while taking a leisurely walk, why don’t you take a walk around Toyosu Guruchi park at the end of the date?

Popular spots

that can be used for dates around the Toyosu river
The Toyosu Date is recommended to design a plan centering on Lalaport and Toyosu, but there are many sightseeing spots that can be used for dates other than Lalapo and Toyosu.If you are staying at Lalapo and Toyosu all day, please try to put the sightseeing spots you would like to introduce in the plan.


“TOYOSU PIT” is a base that conducts activities to support reconstruction of the Tohoku region through entertainment activities, and is a live stage with a standing capacity of more than 3100 people who are standing up.Many artists are holding this “TOYOSU PIT”, and profits from this base are used for the reconstruction support activities in the Tohoku region.While having a date to enjoy live events at Toyosu, you can also cooperate with reconstruction support activities, and you will be able to make a pleasant date.

When planning the Toyosu date, please check the event schedule of “TOYOSU PIT” together.

Address : 1-23, Toyosu 6 Chome, Koto Ward, Tokyo 135 – 0061, Tokyo
Phone number : 03 – 3531 – 7888
Operating hours : Friday, 10 00 to 22 00.
Closed holidays : particularly none

29. Gas Science Museum

Gas Science Museum’ is a science museum that you want to use when you go to a date with your children.You can learn about the question of where the gas is located and what role it plays. It will not only help you learn, but it will also stimulate the intellectual curiosity of the adults.The museum is very spacious, so you can spend a relaxing time, so you can use it for a family together on holidays.

Gas Science Museum
Address : 1-1, Toyosu 6 Chome, Koto Ward, Tokyo 135 – 0061, Tokyo
Phone number : 03 – 3534 – 1111
Business hours : 9 30 to 17 00.
Closed : Monday


“WILD MAGIC” is an outdoor park in Toyosu where you can enjoy barbeque with empty-handed barbecue.”Barbecue” is often featured in the media, but you can enjoy various outdoor experiences such as a cafe facility where you can easily use a cafe, a wedding venue that has a romantic atmosphere, and a ceiling where you can stay at a set tent.

The wedding, which is a large site with 300 square meters of land, is very open, and the party held in an outdoor tent will be a memory of all the rest of the life.

Address : 1-23, Toyosu 6 Chome, Koto Ward, Tokyo 135 – 0061, Tokyo

31. Toyosu Forest

Toyosu Forest is a commercial building between Harumi Street and Kyaki Dori, and there are many restaurants and shops in the first floor.There are also famous tenants such as “Village Vanguard Diner” and “Bistro Ishikawa Teitei” which have many fans, so I recommend you to use this restaurant as a meal.

Also, Toyosu Forest is a very stylish road nearby, so it is recommended for walking while on a date.Enjoy the plant watching while walking leisurely.

Toyosu Forestia
Address : 2-24, Toyosu 3 Chome, Koto Ward, Tokyo 135 – 0061, Tokyo
Business hours : 7 00 to 23 00.


In Toyosu, there are many dating spots around Lalapo and Toyosu.You can also enjoy dating a night view at night, and a date to enjoy movies and cafes, cruises, and so on during Saturday and Sunday.There are many attractive shops that are not known unexpectedly, so please find a shop that you want to try in advance.