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The movie in Toyosu is here!Recommendation of “UNITED CINEMAS Toyosu”

“UNITED CINEMAS Toyosu” is recommended when you are watching movies at Toyosu.In addition to the experience of cutting-edge movie technologies such as 3 d and 4 dx Digital Theatre, it has a rich membership system that offers a lot of benefits, so it is a great theater for those who love movies.There are 12 screens available, and you can store more than 400 people with the maximum screen.For those who love movies at Toyosu, please enjoy watching movies at UNITED CINEMAS Toyosu.

The charm of Toyosu Movie’s standard “UNITED CINEMAS Toyosu”

When you want to see a movie at Toyosu, it is recommended to use the movie “UNITED CINEMAS Toyosu” which is located inside Lalapo and Toyosu.It is recommended that you use the movie as a date on a date with a lover or a couple of couples when you are looking for a movie you like.You can not only have a discount point card, but you can also watch movies at a discount price such as a late show or a ladies’ day.Let’s look at the charm of UNITED CINEMAS Toyosu first.

Excellent convenience

just right away from Toyosu Station

It is located at the 3 f of the movie “UNITED CINEMAS Toyosu” and Toyosu at Toyosu’s movie theater “Toyosu”, and it is located in a place where you can access a 2 or 3 minute walk from the station.You can use parking lots and parking lots within Lalaport and Toyosu, so you can access it by car or bicycle.Lalaport and Toyosu have plenty of restaurants, such as gourmet, fashion and specialty shops, so you can make effective use of the free time before and after the movie.

Large and small screen

that makes use of the wide area of the site.

With a large area of a large area, there are 12 large screens with a size of up to 413 people and a screen size of 22.6 × 9.3 m, with the largest number of people in the screen with a maximum of people. 10.Inside the screen, including the largest tenth screen, you can see 4 screens with 3 d support, allowing you to watch a 3 d movie, such as action movies, with a realistic view of the 12 screens.

where you can experience the advanced movie viewing technology “4 dx Digital Theatre”

The “4 dx Digital Theatre,” which is a cutting-edge movie broadcast technology, not only has 3 d, but can also be enjoyed as if it are in the movie world, with the experience of moving around the scene or experiencing the scenes such as rain and wind, as if it were as if it were in the movie scene.If you have never experienced a 4 dx Digital Theatre, please try it at UNITED CINEMAS Toyosu.

A sheet

that can be used for a long time.

In UNITED CINEMAS Toyosu, movies can be viewed with a relaxed space and relaxed with a relaxed space so that they can enjoy watching movies.The chair is designed to be able to move in front of the chair while sitting down while sitting in a chair, and the front of the front of the chair is designed.It is a movie theater recommended for those who like movies, because they can easily stretch their legs and enjoy watching movies.

The aisle and the toilet are the atmosphere

in the stylish movie theater.
UNITED CINEMAS Toyosu’s secret secrets are not only the number of screens, cutting-edge technologies, and comfortable viewing, but also the enhancement of cinema facilities and the fashionness of the movie theater.When you enter the movie area of Lalapova and Toyosu, the warm warm light lights will change the atmosphere, and the spacious reception and popcorn will come out at once in the spacious reception area.

The passage on the way from the entrance to the screen and the restroom are also the atmosphere of the movie, and the excitement of the movie is increasing.This is the best way to experience a satisfactory movie experience, so the UNITED CINEMAS Toyosu is recommended when viewing a movie on a date or watching a movie at Toyosu.

Couple and Couples Recommended Premier Pair Sheets

In addition, it is recommended that you use UNITED CINEMAS Toyosu’s premier pair seats when you watch movies at Toyosu with couples and couples.This sheet, located at the top of the screen, is a spacious seat where you can sit in a set of 2 people, so you can enjoy a large screen movie as if you were relaxing in your living room.You can also enter a lounge at the Premium Lounge in the lounge, so you can stay at the cafe after the movie.

Internet booking

I recommend you to reserve a ticket in advance when you watch a movie at UNITED CINEMAS Toyosu.Not only can you specify a seat, but the ticketing procedure becomes very simple, so you can enter the movie theater smoothly after you get to the movie theater.When a popular movie is a popular movie, there is a long line, but it’s not smart to line up in a row when you’re on a date.The time will be shortened by yourself, so you should make a reservation in advance with your favorite seat in advance.

You can watch the movie free of charge by storing the points!

UNITED CINEMAS Toyosu has a membership system of Club – spice, so you can save points every time you join the movie.There is no admission fee, so let’s apply for the movie together when you make a reservation.You can also enjoy drinks and snacks according to the points you have saved, and you can enjoy movies free of charge.Please join the movie lovers of Toyosu.

The movie lovers who love Toyosu

are recommended to join the “Premier Members.”
UNITED CINEMAS Toyosu has a high ranking membership system called Premier Members, which is limited to about 700 people.During the period from the first half of January to the end of the third month, recruitment and renewal are carried out, so the recruitment period may become the number before the end of the recruitment period because it is a popular membership system.The popular secret is the member benefit.The movie lovers of Toyosu are full of special benefits.

You can get a movie ticket!

The Premium Members fee is 5,000 yen, and the annual fee is 27,000 yen, so it may be a bit expensive to use for watching movies, but the bonus is rich.You can get 10 general tickets, 2 premier pair tickets, and 2 general seat tickets at the time of membership or renewal.It is a great bargain for people who look at movies every month.

All-You-Can-Eat Popcorn & Soft Drinks 1 cups Free

Every time you watch a movie, you can get 1 free drinks, and popcorn is all-you-can-eat.Speaking of movies, popcorn and drink are considered as a set, but it is a very good privilege to get them free of charge.You can also buy snacks such as potatoes and beer at a special discount price.

You can always use the premium lounge at the lounge “Breaththe” in

The Premium Lounge in the lounge “Bresthe” is a luxury space that you can only use with the Premier Pair seats, but you can always use this lounge at the Premier Members.You can also spend a wonderful time at Lalaport and Toyosu, so it is a good bonus for people living in Toyosu residents or businessmen near Toyosu.

In addition, in the VIP room of the full private room in the upper part of the upper floor of the “Breathe”, the charge rate normally is free of charge for the charge fee of 20,000 yen.It is a perfect lounge for dating, so if you have a lover, please consider joining.

where you can view the Tokyo Bay Fireworks Display

The lounge is a lounge facing the bay of Tokyo Bay, so you can enjoy a spectacular view at the Tokyo Bay Fireworks at the summer.Once the season is near, the seats will be reserved, and Premier members will be able to make a reservation for the seats.This is a valuable opportunity to experience a memorable fireworks from a wonderful lounge.

Breazza’s meal ticket 10000 yen

The annual fee is certainly a little, but if you are planning to dine with a meal, you can get a meal ticket for 10000 yen, so those who like to watch movies are actually only happy.Why don’t you reserve a VIP room and enjoy a delicious meal with Breathless meals and drinks?Also, if you order a food menu at a price of more than 1,000 yen, the drinks will become free of charge for 1 drinks, so this is a very good deal.

The movie in Toyosu is decided by UNITED CINEMAS Toyosu!

In UNITED CINEMAS Toyosu, you can enjoy various kinds of movies that make use of all 12 screens.With the introduction of 3 d and 4 DX Digital Theatre technologies, you can enjoy your favorite movies in the form you like.The premium membership system is the best way to enjoy movies, and the theater is also recommended for those who love movies.