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Go to the popular hot springs “Hakusan Hot spring” and “Ooedo-Onsen-Monogatari” near the Toyosu area!

There are some hot springs and spas near Toyosu, and it is recommended if you want to take care of your everyday fatigue, or if you want to relax while shopping at Toyosu Station.From the famous hot springs spots, we introduce the local hot springs spots that Toyosu residents love.

Hakusan Hot Spring

First of all, we introduce the local hot spring “Hakusan Yu” which is a local hot spring that has been loved by residents since 1955.Hakusan Hot Spring is famous for artificial carbonic acid hot springs, and it’s about 10 minutes walk from Toyosu Station.It is the only hot spring in the Toyosu area, and you can use the main electronic money such as Pasmo, Suica, Waon, Nanaco, Rakuten Edy and ID while protecting the tradition.

Access to Hakusan Hot Spring from Toyosu

If you go to Hakusan hot spring from Toyosu, exit exit number 4 from Toyosu Station and walk straight along the exit of the exit.Turn right at the intersection of the Edagawa 1-chome intersection, which has a pirate ship with a prominent Asanagi park, and it’s on your left, about 100 meters away.There is no parking lot or parking lot near the parking lot, so you should go on foot or stop at a nearby parking lot.

There is a laundromat nearby, so it’s good to wash the laundry at the same time and wash the laundry efficiently.Also, restaurants such as “Tomato House” and “Oki” of Yakiniku restaurants are within walking distance, so you can enjoy meals in Onsen-mae.

Hakusan hot spring
Address : Edagawa 1 Chome 6-15, Koto Ward, Tokyo
Phone number : 03 – 3645 – 0862
Business day : Days to Fridays 15:00 to 24:00
Closed holidays : Saturday

Appeal of Hakusan Hot spring bath

Hakusan Hot Springs have a variety of attractions, including the ability to use major electronic money, as well as the scenic view of traditional local hot springs.

Artificial carbonic acid hot spring

The biggest attraction of Hakusan hot spring is artificial carbonic acid hot springs.There are 3 types of baths in the hot springs, such as this artificial carbonic acid hot spring, bubble bath and bed bath, all of which are popular, so they want to soak all of them.

Carbonated hot springs have a moderate temperature, but the bubbles of carbonic acid give you a lighter body and a lighter body, soaking for about 30 minutes, and it is effective to recover from cold and fatigue, and to recover and improve the fatigue and fatigue.When you want to think about it while soaking in a bath, you may want to leave the bath quickly, but if it is an artificial carbonic acid hot spring in the hot bath, you can take a long bath without forcing it to do so.

is available for free until 24 o’clock.

What I’m happy to say is that there are things like shampoo, conditioner and body wash, so you can go to the hot springs empty-handed by empty-handed.Towels are also charged, but you can buy them at the entrance shop.

In the dressing room, you can use a free locker key, and there is a traditional analog scale, so you can feel the sense of elegance.There are lockers on the monthly pole, so if you want to go regularly, it is more convenient to make a contract.

Traditional coffee milk

Speaking of a local bathhouse, it is a coffee milk after taking a bath, but of course, it sells coffee milk as well.Also, the local ramune soda and beer are sold, so let’s enjoy a full bath after the bath according to your preference!

Oedo Hot Spring Monogatari

It is the Oedo Hot Spring Monogatari in Odaiba that you can take from Toyosu to Yurikamome.You can enjoy a non-routine space inside the facility, as if you were straying into the town of Edo.

You can enjoy a wide variety of bath types!

You can enjoy not only the Ooedo-Onsen-Monogatari at the center of the very popular bath, but you can enjoy a variety of hot springs, such as a footbath that can enjoy Doctor fish’s fish therapy, a silky hot water bath, an open-air bath where men can enjoy a bath while enjoying the night sky, and a hot water bath that can be enjoyed by the female side.

Enhanced entertainment

You can borrow Yukata at Ooedo-Onsen-Monogatari, so you can enjoy the town of Edo as a Yukata.You can enjoy entertainment before you enter a hot spring, such as Yo-yo fishing, Shuriken, Sushi or Ramen.

The access from

Toyosu is also excellent!

From Toyosu to Ooedo-Onsen-Monogatari, take Yurikamome to get off at “Tokyo Teleport” and you’ll find it in front of you.It takes about 18 minutes, so you can enjoy the scenic townscape from Toyosu to Odaiba by enjoying the monorail from the monorail.

Also, there is a large parking lot, so you can access it by car.

Tower Mansion with Natural Hot Springs [Apple Tower Tokyo Canal]

The “Apple Tower Tokyo Canal Court” in Togumu is recommended for those who like to live in Toyosu and want to live in Toyosu.This is an amazing natural hot spring facility dedicated to the residents of the mansion, and you can enjoy natural hot springs every day.

The share section is very good and it is an attractive condo tower, so if you think about moving to Toyosu, please consider it!

Toyosu Market Hot Spring Facility [1000 Guest Visits]

The Toyosu market is a hot topic, but it is planned to have a commercial area established in Toyosu market, and it is planned to attract a hot spring for 24 hours.

The open plan is around the summer of 2019, just before the Tokyo Olympics, and it is still a recent story, but it will become popular if there is a huge hot spring facility at Toyosu, which is a tourist attraction, and it will become popular.


Around Toyosu, there is an attractive hot spring facility, where you can enjoy the local hot spring “Hakusan Hot Spring” and the leisure hot spring “Ooedo-Onsen-Monogatari.”.I want to go into a hot spring to relieve my everyday fatigue!If you feel like it is, please use either of them.