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16 Best shops in Narita Airport

Narita Airport, the gateway to overseas, is always crowded with travelers and business travelers both in Japan and abroad.

We look forward to traditional crafts that are popular in Japan, such as popular roses, popular gourmet food, alcohol and cosmetics, and traditional crafts that are loved by foreigners in Japan, as well as cute character goods that are unique to Narita.

In this article, we introduce recommended souvenirs that will be appreciated by foreigners, and introduce details such as terminals, locations and hours of business that can be purchased. Please use it as a reference to search for souvenirs efficiently.

Souvenirs at Narita Airport ① (Electric)


If you have any electric appliances you forgot to buy, please come here. We have a variety of useful goods that can be used on airplanes or abroad. We are mainly equipped with power conversion plugs, travel supplies, and home appliances in Japan (100 V, 120 V, 220 V), and audio equipment and beauty home appliances, which are packed with technology to be proud of Japan.

Location : Narita Airport Terminal 1 Store
Hours of Business : 8 : 00 – 20:00
Phone Number : 0476 – 32 – 5615


There are 900 camera shops in all over the country, and the top of camera shops is Kitamura. They have a digital camera, used camera, and lens, and they have an overwhelming assortment of items.

Mobile batteries for digital camera, spare battery, smart phone, etc. can also be charged. It is convenient to buy a digital camera memory card or to buy it when the capacity is out of space. There is a disposable camera that can be taken in water, so you can buy additional ones when you forget it, and you can also buy travel goods like pillows for in-flight use or belts for baggage.

Location : Second Terminal main building 4 f
Hours of Business : 07 : 00 – 20:30
Phone Number : 0476 – 34 – 8612


It is a specialty store specializing in watches and electrical appliances such as CASIO, especially in Japan’s brand products. We have carefully selected items from digital goods such as cameras, headphones, small electric appliances including rice cookers, and beauty home appliances.

There are many items that enrich your life, so it is fun just by looking at it, and it is a very exciting store.

Location : First Terminal Satellite 4 3 f
Hours of Business : 9 : 00 – 17:00
Phone Number : 0120 – 191 – 625

Souvenirs available at Narita Airport ② Japanese goods

Makanai Cosme

It’s a Skin care line store of a box with a cute picture of a cute picture of Japanese cosmetics, and a cute picture of a rabbit trying to make it sticky.

Founded in 1899, about 100 years ago, this brand originated from the women working in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture. It is very popular as a natural cosmetics.In order to create a beautiful skin that has a history of beautiful skin.

They handle hand cream, facial oil-blotting paper, hair care products, and so on, and I recommend the “hand cream of exquisite recipes that can be cured on the plane” of limited products. There is also a facial oil-blotting paper.

[Price] “Exquisite Recipe Hand Cream” Regular 1512 yen (30 g)

Location : First Terminal Central Building 4 f
Hours of Business : 08 : 00 – 20:00
Phone Number : 0476 – 32 – 8180


This product is easy to carry, based on the concept of a product that is convenient to carry, so it is a non-striped item that has many fans around the world. We have a variety of items that can be used for traveling, such as a stole that can be used immediately on board, a travel goods, such as a pillow, or a foldable eco-bag on a trip. Comfortable stationery will be appreciated as a souvenir.

As an aside, in MUJI at the third passenger terminal, which handles Flight, such as LCC, all of the 400 sofa bench around the gate lounge are arranged unmarked furniture from the doorway. You can relax in a table chair of oak solid wood.”

Location : First Terminal Central Building 4 f
Hours of Business : 07 : 00 – 20:00
Phone Number : 0476 – 30 – 3585 “


Popular select shop and PORTER unbelievably collaborated, which is “B Mark yoshida”.

The “GLOBAL STANDARD (GS / S)” line, which is limited to Narita Airport stores, allows customers to purchase travel items and gifts that are highly functional and beautiful, and are designed for quality and beauty. Let’s get the sophisticated product!

Location : First Terminal Central Building 4 f
Hours of Business : 08 : 00 – 20:00
Phone Number : 0476 – 32 – 6226

Souvenirs available at Narita Airport ③ Anime / character goods

Chiba Trade Center Unarikun Goods

“Unarikun” is a local tourist character in Narita City, where Narita Airport is located. Since the old city of Narita City has an eel restaurant, a combination of eel and airplane character has been created.

You can play the role of the ambassador for tourism promotion, and you can buy it at Narita airport at Narita Airport, such as a key chain, a hand towel, a coin closet, a chopstick, a chopstick, a chopstick, etc. It is not a standard item, but it may be good to give it as a souvenir. This items are sold on the fifth floor of the first terminal building, “Kumu” on the fourth floor building (north side) of the second terminal building building, “OMIYAGE KEISEI” and so on.

Location : 1 st Terminal Central Building 4 f
Hours of Business : 7 : 30 – 20:30
Phone Number : 0476 – 32 – 8470 “

Hakuhinkan TOY PARK

From popular characters representing Japan, the limited goods that can only be bought here are gathered! Here is a list of souvenirs and gifts from Japan’s popular anime culture.

“I’m Doraemon chokkorisan, 1,188 yen each (tax included)
This is a stuffed toy with a main character of Doraemon of palm size. If you want to take a trip, you might want to take a trip or something, and take a variety of poses, so why don’t you go for a trip with this Doraemon?

Location : 1 st Terminal Central Building 4 f
Hours of Business : 8 : 00 – 20:00
Phone Number : 0476 – 32 – 6458

Hello Kitty Japan Narita Airport Terminal 1 Store

You can buy Sanrio’s popular items such as Tamaya My Melody and sweets in Hello Kitty. Kitty’s stuffed toy (tax : 2,200 yen) that is unique to Japan is a limited item that can only be purchased by “Hello Kitty Japan”.

There is a variety of items that can be enjoyed by adults, including Kitty T-shirts, bags, pouches, handkerchiefs, and other items that are unique to the airport.

Price : 2,000 yen (tax excluded), T-shirt (tax excluded), 1,000 yen (tax excluded)

Location : First Terminal Central Building 4 f
Hours of Business : 8 : 00 – 20:00
Phone Number : 0476 – 32 – 7079

Cospa Akihabara Satellite Station

It is a store in Narita airport, “Cospa Akihabara” which run a head store in Akihabara. You can purchase popular anime, manga, and game character goods around the world.

The T-shirt of “Dragon Ball Kai” that uses a T-shirt as a one scene animation is also popular.

The back of “Mobile Suit Gundam” is a bit higher than 6,300 yen (tax excluded), so it is popular that you can experience it as though it is equipped with a machine.

Price : 2,000 yen (tax excluded), T-shirt (tax excluded), 1,000 yen (tax excluded)
Location : First Terminal Central Building 4 f
“Business Hours : 8 : 00 ~ 20:00”
Phone Number : 0476 – 32 – 7079

Souvenirs bought at Narita Airport ④ Sweets, food

Kit Kat

Kit Kat is a popular snack that foreigners buy as a souvenir.

It is sold at the airports at once, so I recommend you to buy it as a souvenir because it is sold in the airport at once, such as matcha, strawberry cheese, and Tokyo banana flavor. In particular, “Hokkaido Melon”, “Japanese Strawberry”, “White Peach”, “Kyoho grape”, and “Uji matcha tea, which are only limited to Narita Airport, are a must-have item. It is a gift that is perfect for handing out because it is packaged.

Also, I think it will be appreciated by foreign foreign friends as well as items of Mount Fuji package that are unique to Japan.

Price : 702 yen / 8 sheets
Location : BLUE SKY (Blue Sky) at Terminal 2 is rich in assortment

Shiroi Koibito

This is the “Shiroi Koibito” that is popular standard sweets even if you do not go to Hokkaido. At Narita Airport, you can buy it at “BLUE SKY (Blue Sky)” or something like that.

This is a cookie chocolate that is loved by people around the world as a tourist spot in Hokkaido, where a tour of the factory is popular. It is a delicious snack that is made of white chocolate sandwiched in a moist dough, and it makes you happy to eat it.

Price : 576 yen / 9 sheets, 761 yen / 12 sheets, 1,142 yen / 18 sheets
Location :
“ANA DUTY FREE SHOP” at Terminal 1
BLUE SKY (Blue Sky) at Terminal 2
Fa-So-La SOUVENIR Akihabara at Terminal 3

Peanut Monaka

You can buy a cute “Peanut Medium” that uses plenty of peanut, a famous product in Chiba, at Narita airport.

The manufacturer’s Yoneya is the first Japanese confectionery shop that has produced and sold Kuriyokan, and sells yokan, middle, potato pie, etc. The “Peanut” that can be purchased at Narita Airport is a superb dish where peanut boiled in sugar is stuffed into a peanut shaped bag during the middle of peanuts.

It seems to be unique to foreign countries, so it is very cute as a box, so it is perfect as a souvenir.

Price : 648 yen / 5 packs, 1,080 yen / 8 packs, etc.
Location : Second Terminal BLUE SKY (Blue Sky)
Tokyo Shokuhinkan in Terminal 1 and terminal 3

Kayano House

This is a store that was founded in 1893. This is a standard item in “Kayano House” where you can make the kelp, dried bonito flakes, dried sardines, grilled chin and 4 domestic ingredients made of carefully selected ingredients into a powder pack.

It is not necessary to prepare it, but if you don’t have confidence in cooking, you can use it from miso soup to simmered food, and you can make a Japanese food that is 1 ranks higher than usual.

There is also a Western-style soup stock, so it will be great when you make Pot-Au-Feu. Because the ingredients are crushed as they are, they can be used as seasoning by breaking the bag, and they can be made without making any trouble with dried bonito flakes and kelp. Since the retention period is longer than the Japanese taste, it is recommended as a souvenir.

Location : Tokyo Shokuhinkan Omotase Dokoro (Narita Airport Terminal 1)
Hours of Business : 7 : 30 – 20:30
Phone Number : 0476 – 34 – 8000


A long-established Japanese tea shop in Kyoto, founded in Kyoto, has been established in 220 of its founding sites.”Iemon”, a PET bottle used in Japan, was born in Japan, and was born in cooperation with Fukujuen.

This is the highest quality tea, takuro, and matcha that is popular as a souvenir. Instant tea, which can be enjoyed casually, is also preferred as a souvenir.

You can buy tools such as South area Ironware, tea bowl and chasen, so I recommend you to a friend of a foreigner who is interested in traditional crafts.

Location : Second Terminal main building 4 f
Hours of Business : 7 : 30 – 21:00

Boso Shrimp Senbei

You can buy “Boso Shrimp Senbei”, which is unique to Chiba, Boso Peninsula, which is rich in seafood, as a souvenir at Narita Airport, as a souvenir.

It is a rare souvenir that uses a lot of Ise lobster, and it is a souvenir loved by young people from young people.
Price : 1,231 yen / 30 sheets, 756 yen / 18 sheets

Location : BLUE SKY (Blue Sky) South Arrival Lobby (outside of Departure Gate)
First floor of the main building of Terminal 2
Hours of Business : 7 : 00 – 22:00


This time, I introduced the souvenirs of foreigners at Narita Airport, which is a gateway to Japan, by goods. It’s wide from Terminal 1 to Terminal 3, so I recommend you to calculate the time to choose a souvenir and arrive early.

There are many items that you want to get, such as Japanese sweets, fishery products, yuru-chara, and character goods of anime. I recommend electric appliances that summarize the technology that Japan should be proud of, and I want to remind you that every time you use it, you will be reminded of the fun travel of Japan, and that will be a chance for you to visit again.

If you are asked about the souvenirs of Narita Airport recommended by foreigners, please refer to this article.