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How to enjoy Shibuya MODI

Shibuya is an office district, and it is a town where you can enjoy shopping and fashion.The new trend has been created every day, and the city’s appearance has changed.Marui City Shibuya, which has been watching such Shibuya, was renovated and was reborn as a new landmark as a new …

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Best 30 shopping spots in Shibuya,Tokyo

Many routes are on board, and many tourists from outside Tokyo are in Shibuya, Tokyo.There are many places where you know their names even if you don’t live in Tokyo, such as scramble intersection or 109. This time, I will introduce 30 places of recommendation and sightseeing spots for Shibuya, …

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Best 18 shopping spots in Shinjuku

Shinjuku Station boasts the highest number of passengers in the station.There are many lines of traffic, and many lines are crowded, so there are many ticket gates.When you arrive at Shinjuku Station, it often happens to be a ticket gate far away from the destination when you exit from the …

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Best “Kawaii” 18 shops in Harajuku

This time, we introduce 20 shopping spots in Harajuku, where Japan is the birthplace of “Kawaii Culture,” which has been published overseas. The original fashion and culture originated from Harajuku, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and others, and the word “Kawaii” has become popular in the world as “Kawaii” (Kawaii) culture. In …

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16 Best shops in Narita Airport

Narita Airport, the gateway to overseas, is always crowded with travelers and business travelers both in Japan and abroad. We look forward to traditional crafts that are popular in Japan, such as popular roses, popular gourmet food, alcohol and cosmetics, and traditional crafts that are loved by foreigners in Japan, …

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Shibuya’s popular 30 shopping spots

There are many attractive shopping spots in Shibuya, where youth culture is originated in Japan.From young people to adults, from art to retro, you can enjoy the fun shopping time in Shibuya. In this article, I will introduce you to the 30 recommended shopping spots for Shibuya sightseeing.If you have …

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