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How to enjoy the Meiji Jingu Stadium

A baseball ground located in the outer garden of Meiji Shrine where ginkgo trees are beautiful is a “Meiji Shrine Sphere” which is crowded with many fans of baseball fans.

Do you know what kind of fun you can enjoy at Meiji-jingu Stadium?If you come to visit it, you’d like to enjoy it.

In this article, I’ll introduce you to the basic information of Meiji Jingu stadium and the popular gourmet food sold at the stadium, so please don’t miss the “I want to enjoy Meiji Jingu Stadium more fun”!We will also discuss the “New Jingu Sphere,” which has become a topic of conversation.

Basic information on the Meiji Shrine Sphere

The Meiji Jingu Stadium is a baseball ground that is called the “Sacred Place of Baseball” in Japan, and it is called the “Holy land of baseball” in Japan, and it is called the Koshien Stadium.In the Meiji Shrine Stadium, which is also known as the “Jingu Sphere,” a number of hot fighting fights are held regardless of professional aam.

Meiji-jingu Stadium is

The Meiji Jingu Stadium opened in 1926 has been used as a baseball stadium for Tokyo 6 University Baseball (Waseda Gijuku, Meiji, Hosei, Tokyo, and Ritsu) and Toto University baseball stadium as a baseball stadium in 1926.The stadium where the famous games, such as the early battle of the early stage of the game, are held, is also known as the home of Tokyo Yakult Swallows.

In the artificial lawn of Meiji Jingu Stadium, the Japan’s first standard long pile artificial turf has been introduced as a baseball stadium used by professional baseball.The artificial grass, which is not limited to the natural grass, is considered to have a dramatic impact on the foot and back of the player, and it is possible to enjoy a dramatic match from the audience’s seat.

The stadium is designed so that the audience can enjoy watching baseball according to various scenes and objectives.It is fun to cheer with friends, family members and groups as well as to cheer for them.

Varied Audience Seats “Meiji Jingu sphere”

  • Box-type Ponta Dream Sheet, 2 Ponta pair Sheets
  • 4 table Mynavi Corporation sheet
  • The Seven-Eleven Deck where the table is installed in all seats.
  • The Peach Hip Bar with the Cushion and Cup Holder with the Cushion and Cup Holder Installed on it.
  • The most Suitable Heineken Party Deck Area for Group Viewing
  • Environment station with side tables
  • The wheelchair seat that you can watch with the wheelchair as it is.
  • Single stand seats

The Meiji Jingu Stadium is also a nice point where you can use free Wi-Fi.The stadium is equipped with a wide range of facilities, including a nursing room that is convenient for children, a smoking room, a smoking place for smokers and a coin locker, and a coin locker (paid fee).

Also, Meiji Jingu Stadium is the main venue of the “Jingu Gaien Fireworks Fireworks” held in mid-August every year.Other than that, Chichibunomiya Rugby Stadium is held at the main venue of the Meiji Jingu Outer 苑軟 style ground.It’s a good idea to enjoy the performance of a big guest’s live performance before the launch.The special stage after the fireworks finish will also become exciting.

Meiji Jingu Stadium
Address : 3-1 Kasumigaokamachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160 – 0013.
Official tickets for the official ticket “swatiae” : 03 – 3404 – 8999
Response time : 9 : 00 to 17:00 (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are also available)
Homepage : http://www.jingu-stadium.com/

Access to Meiji Jingu Stadium and the closest station and parking lot

Then let’s check how to access Meiji-jingu Stadium.I’ll introduce you about access by train and information about parking lots.It is a convenient location where you can walk 5 minutes from Gaiemmae Station.

Approximately 5 minutes walk from Exit 3 of Gaiemmae Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line.
12 minutes walk from Shinano-cho Station on the JR Sobu Line.
Approximately 12 minute walk from the A2 Exit of the National Stadium on the Oedo Subway Oedo Line.
15 minute walk from the JR Sobu Line’ Sendagaya’ station.

There is no parking for the Meiji Jingu Stadium.In the case of going out by car, you can use the public parking “picture gallery parking”, but on Sundays and holidays, the traffic regulation on the circumference of the outer garden of the Jingu is regulated.If you want to use a parking lot at the time under the regulation, please make sure to enter the park from “Gaigaito-dori Street.”.Please check the following website for details.

Traffic control

Meiji Jingu Sphere Web Site : http://www.jingu-stadium.com/access/regulation.html

In this article, I will introduce you the nearest parking lot with the maximum price, so please refer to it.The parking fee may vary, so make sure to check the local charge when you use the parking lot.

Parking name : “Times Kitaaoyama TEPIA” * 23:00 – 7:30 may not be accepted.
Address : 2-8 Kitaaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107 – 0061 Tokyo
Business hours : 7 : 30 – 23:00
Maximum price : 2,400 yen for 5 hours after parking.
Hourly fee : 200 yen per 0 : 00 to 24:00 / 15 minutes.
Location : Underground
Total number : 30 units
Closed : December twenty ninth – January third
Credit card : available
Parking name : “TNS Gaiemmae” is not allowed to enter or exit between 23:00 and 7:00.
Address : 2-9 Kitaaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107 – 0061 Tokyo
Business hours : 7 : 00 – 23:00
Maximum price : 7 : 00 to 23:00 maximum 2,800 yen 23:00 ~ 7:00 up to 500 yen
Time rate : 400 yen every 7 : 00 to 23:00 30 minutes
Location : Underground
Total number : 19 units
Credit card : available
Parking name : “NTT LePerc Aoyama first parking lot”
Address : 7-15, Kitaaoyama 2 Chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107 – 0061
Business hours : 24 hours
Maximum price : 23:00 to 7:00 1,000 yen (repeat)
Time fee : 500 yen 23:00 to 7:00 30 minutes every 7:00 to 23:00 30 minutes every minutes. 500
Location : Underground
Total number : 5 units
Credit card : not available

Capacity and seating table of Meiji Jingu Stadium

How much capacity is the Meiji Jingu Stadium with the facilities?Next, let’s look at the number of houses and the seating table.

Meiji-jingu sphere capacity

  • Occupancy : 31,805 people

Do you know the “Jingu-arai” which was the heart of business people in 2018?The Jingu drink series is a combination of 500 yen draft beer and a gourmet one coin, and it has expanded the number of visitors to the shrine stadium.In 2018, it was said that the number of mobilization per 1 games exceeded 27,000.

The number of mobilization increases has been increasing over the past 6 years.That’s amazing!

This year, the popular “Jingu Festival” is held.The selection (8 shops) gathered from all over Japan will gather at Meiji Jingu Stadium!The new name “Jingu Sphere Lemon Sour” from the Jingu Sphere is sold for 500 yen.It is sure to be served with juicy karaage and sweet sour sour.

Meiji-jingu Stadium Table

Meiji Jingu Sphere Web Site : http://www.jingu-stadium.com/seats/

By clicking on the seat sheet on the website, you can check the view of the stadium and a kiosk near the seat.If you find a seat you are concerned about, check it as soon as possible!

Rebuilding the Meiji Jingu Stadium

Do you know that the “Redevelopment Plan for the Meiji Shrine Gaien,” which was triggered by the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, has become a topic of conversation in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics?It is said that the old Meiji Jingu Stadium was replaced with Chichibunomiya Rugby Stadium, and it was planned to be completed in fiscal 2027.

It is said that a Meiji Shrine personnel who wanted to incorporate a new element visited Petco Park (PET CO. Park), a San Diego Padres base of the Major League Baseball (MLB).

The Petco Park baseball stadium in San Diego on the west coast of San Diego is gaining popularity in ballpark stadiums equipped with entertainment facilities, including hotels and restaurants in the vicinity of the hotel.

Newly opened new Jingu stadium is planned to have a hotel and a commercial facility nearby.I’m looking forward to the new Jingu stadium.

Meiji Jingu Stadium is also being rented as a waiting place for people in the Tokyo Olympic Stadium for 70 days from July 6 to September 13, 2019. The Yakult Swallows, which is based in Meiji Jingu Stadium, faces the problem of “securing an alternative stadium.”.

Reserved at Meiji Jingu Stadium

At Meiji Jingu Stadium, you can use baseball fields in general loans, filming, recording, corporate events, baseball classes, and so on.It’s possible to rent and play with the Tokyo Yakult Swallows’s home base.It’s very attractive that you can play baseball at the same place as the baseball player you are looking for.

The application method is described on the website, so if you want to play a game, you can find out what the general terms and conditions are, and then try to apply for it.

This article introduces you to the basic usage fees and option fees you are concerned about.Please inquire separately about the price of the shooting and recording, as it is the amount of the soft baseball.

Meiji Jingu Sphere Basic Usage Fee

[Loan period] June 29, 2019 (Sat), 30 days (Sunday)
※ The usage fee is without tax.

  • Use time 8:00 – 10 : 00 : 260,000 yen
  • Use time 10:30 – 12 : 30 : 260,000 yen
  • Use time 13:00 – 15 : 00 : 260,000 yen
  • Use time 15:30 – 17 : 30 : 260,000 yen
  • Use time 18:00 – 20:00 (including certification fee) : 270,000 yen

Partial option charges

※ The usage fee is without tax (optional fee for 2 hours for 1 games).

  • The scoreboard “Full pattern” : 65,000 yen (Team Name, Player name, BSO score display)
  • scoreboard “BSO score display only” : 35,000 yen
  • Speed gun “Only when using the scoreboard” : 20,000 yen (ball speed measurement, large vision display)
  • Broadcast facility announcement fee : 25,000 yen (the same amount is used for broadcasting facilities)
  • Special Set “Scoreboard Full Pattern Announcement Blu-ray Set” 150,000 yen

The umpire is not included in the charges.Please make arrangements for the trial by yourself or contact the “Gaien Umpire Club” (Phone number : 03 – 3402 – 9971).The inquiry time is from 10 am to 4 pm.(Sundays and holidays)

General loans in June 2019
Homepage http://www.jingu-stadium.com/rental/

The appeal of Meiji Jingu Sphere and How to enjoy it

Next, let’s look at the appeal of Meiji Jingu Sphere and the way to enjoy it.If you want to enjoy sightseeing and watching baseball, it may be good to look for accommodation in the nearby area.

Speaking of Meiji Jingu Stadium, it is an area where nature overflows even though it is close to Shibuya and Shinjuku where there are many people.It is also attractive that you can go to a baseball stadium while enjoying a stroll.

The baseball ticket is relatively easy to use, so you can easily watch it when you want to enjoy the atmosphere of the stadium.If it’s a cheap ticket, you can buy it at a price of 4,000 yen.

It is also attractive to see the difference between players and coaches around the stadium.It’s impossible for other teams to think about, but it will be easy to sign and shake hands.

Watching the Yakult Swallows

There are no players in the Tokyo Yakult Swallows who have bad deeds even if they lose the game.Even the Yakult fans cheering at the Jingu Stadium don’t jump to the other team.It may be important to say “win the game,” but it is not the only team that is looking for victory.

The Tokyo Yakult Swallows is known as “a good family,” and it is called “a good team.”.I understand that the number of Yakult fans is increasing as well.

The Tokyo Yakult Swallows, which is loved by everyone, celebrated its fiftieth anniversary in 2019.I heard there are various events for the fans who cheer up.

There are reserved seats and non-reserved seats for the seats for watching baseball.If it is a reserved seat, there is no worry of taking a seat.You can spend a lot of time to find the food you are concerned about, or to stop at the goods shop until the game starts.

There are many fans who enjoy the popular mascot “Tsubakuro” in the stadium, and in the “Today’s story” section, the comments in the “Today’s story” section are filled with comments on the sketchbook.There is also a time when you can put a present into a guest seat using a bazooka.During the inning, you can enjoy the Tsubakuro’s good dance performance.It’s full of attention.

Why don’t we buy a ticket immediately and go to see a player and Tsubakuro at Yakult Swallows?Just walking into God Miyanomori will increase your feelings.

Yakult Goods Shop

You can buy the items that make the game fun at the Yakult goods shop.The stand filled with the popular cheering goods “Mini Umbrella” is a masterpiece.Let’s shake an umbrella with the Tokyo Ondo and enjoy it.

“Tokyo Yakult Swallows Official Goods Shop Tsubakuro Store” * Directly managed by the team.
2-2 Kasumigaokamachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160 – 0013
Phone number : 03 – 5414 – 2896
Opening hours : 10 : 30 ~ 1 hours after the end of the game.
Operating hours at the time of stopping the rainy season : 10 : 30 – 17:30 (if it is announced before 16:30), 10:30 – 1 hours after the announcement of discontinuation (if it is cancelled after 16:30).
Uninvited day : 10 : 30 to 17:30
Closed holidays : Mondays (only in the off-season) and the year-end and new year
Access : On the premises of the Jingu-soft stadium on the way from JR Shinano-cho Station to Jingu Stadium.
“Tokyo Yakult Swallows Official Goods Shop Stadium Street Store” * Directly managed by the team.
Kasumigaokamachi, 3-1 Jinguba,, 160 – 0013, Shinjuku-ku, Shinjuku-ken. 6
Phone number : 03 – 5770 – 8960
Opening hours : 10 : 30 ~ 1 hours after the end of the game.
Operating hours at the time of stopping the rainy season : 10 : 30 – 17:30 (if it is announced before 16:30), 10:30 – 1 hours after the announcement of discontinuation (if it is cancelled after 16:30).
Uninvited day : 10 : 30 to 17:30
Closed holidays : Mondays (only in the off-season) and the year-end and new year
Access : Along the stadium street connecting the Gaiemmae Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line to the Jingu-odori Stadium.

Gourmet that you can enjoy at Meiji Jingu Stadium

The pleasure of watching baseball is a superb gourmet that you can enjoy while watching it!I want to enjoy the food with one hand in the summer.Do you know that the stadium gourmet of Meiji Jingu Stadium is delicious?

I have a menu designed by the players, so I would like to convey a lot of gourmet information in this article.

catering car’s light

At the catering car, you can buy the popular Karaage helmet, fried red bean paste, Deep-fried Takoyaki, Kebab sandwich, stretchy cheese hat dog, Tsubakuro’s famous Japanese pancake, and Tsubakuro grilled with Japanese pancake.

Tsubakuro grilled is a Japanese sweets made by a Japanese confectionary chef in Shinshu.It is perfect as a souvenir.


catering car menu

  • “Asakitchen” deep-fried helmet : 700 yen, 1,200 yen
  • Red to Yakisoba : 600 yen (limited to the stadium menu)
  • “Happy Kebab” Stretch cheeshaddog : 500 yen (limited to Jingu Sphere Limited Edition)
  • “ISOMURA” Tsubakuro grilled : 250 yen (chocolate flavor, curry flavor, etc.)

Noodle Gourmet

In the noodle gourmet, you can enjoy the “Gogo No. 55” and GO GOGO’s Gogo ramen, and you can enjoy the splendid ramen, the original starr’s original star beetle, and the short pasta with the Soriscia, a short pasta made with miso ramen.

The pasta is a menu that was not in the Jingu Stadium until now.I am selling it with Gucci (forty second Tomotaka Sakaguchi).


  • “Shiie” Murakami’s Gogo Ramen : 1,000 yen
  • “Toshihisa GUTS LAND” Valentin MISO : 980 yen
  • “Shiie” original star wrestler II : 1,000 yen (limited to the limited edition of the Jingu Sphere)
  • “HUB” Gucci short pasta with salsiccia : 950 yen

Rice Bowl Gourmet

There are a lot of stamina menu in gourmet food.They have a werdaskarvi rice bowl and a demi-glace cheese Katsuo rice bowl with plenty of cheese, which is the favorite of pitcher’s favorite cheese.We also have delicious rice bowl dishes with particular attention to the naming.

You can enjoy the taste of Suimei Tei, which has been around for about 60 years, and you can enjoy it at the stadium.You can enjoy traditional curry rice and popular rice bowl gourmet in Zelkova, a long-established company that has more than half a century of business.


  • “Suimei Tei” werdaskarvi rice bowl : 1,000 yen
  • Masanori Ishikawa’s demi-glace cheese katsuo rice bowl : 900 yen
  • “Tsubame Shokudo” Yoroushi rice bowl : 700 yen
  • “Zelkova” Galbi Rice Bowl : 730 yen

Fast food

The first food that is easy to enjoy is the menu that is essential for watching baseball, such as fried potatoes, mixed wieners, octopus dumplings, pizza and hamburgers, and it is also an attraction of the Jingu Sphere.I would like to eat it with alcohol or something like this.

First Food Menu Example

  • “Pizza La Express” stone and margherita pizza : 850 yen (rare item only for the Jingu Stadium)
  • “Freshness Burger” Norichika Aoki’s American BIG Teriyaki Burger : 750 yen (American size)
  • “Tsukiji Silver Cake TOKYO Stadium” Green Onion Mayo Nishi-yurajiang Octopus Ball : 700 yen
  • “Tsubame Shokudo” Okumura Strong Potato : 800 yen

Sweets Gourmet

Why don’t we enjoy sweet sweets after enjoying delicious gourmet foods?We sell the summer limited edition of Jingu pine ice, snow mie 3 (Sun) Day, and the cute waffle sweets that tickle the hearts of women.I love Japanese sweets from Tsubakuro!

Example of Gourmet Gourmet

  • “Stadium Shop” Jingu Pine Ice : 500 yen (sold in May)
  • “Stadium Shop” Yamada Puri II : 500 yen (limited quantity)
  • “Angel Snow Yukimi no Yuki” (Sun) : 3 (Sun) Day : 700 yen (summer only) :
  • “Satin Ice Cream” Julie Ice Cream : 780 yen (with 16 seal)
  • “Pink dot.” Berry Berry Waffle Bowl : 500 yen

Meiji Jingu ballpark Aggregation

This time, I introduced you how to enjoy the Meiji Jingu Stadium.How was it?I learned that the Meiji Jingu Stadium, which is the home of Tokyo Yakult Swallows, is a stadium where access to delicious stadium gourmet is possible as it is convenient to access from the station.

The Meiji Jingu Stadium is adjacent to the main stadium of the Olympics, so there are many fans who worry about securing an alternative stadium during the Olympics.I can feel relieved if the fans in the Tokyo metropolitan area are able to walk.

I am looking forward to the new Jingu stadium, which is a major stream ball park type, in 2027.Enjoy a lot of baseball at the new Meiji Jingu Stadium and enjoy it!