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Famous restaurant in Monzennaka-cho, the home of Fukagawa’s local “steamed rice with clams”

Steamed rice with clams is a local dish of Fukagawa area, which has been since the Edo period, and it is a boiled rice and boiled rice made with shellfish such as clams.Originally, it originated from rice that was eaten on board by the fishermen of Fukagawa in the Edo period.In Fukagawa area, there is a famous restaurant called steamed rice with clams, which is often used for commercials and media interviews, so please enjoy the authentic steamed rice with clams.

What is the local dish of Fukagawa [steamed rice with clams]?

“steamed rice with clams” is famous as a local dish in Fukagawa area, such as Monzennaka-cho.It is a dish that refers to boiled rice mixed with clams, clams and other vegetables, and vegetables such as green onions. It is also a dish that makes it easy to make at home, so it is popular not only in the Fukagawa area, but also in all over Japan.

In the Edo period, the Fukagawa area was close to the sea, and since it was possible to catch a large amount of green clam, fishermen in the Fukagawa area were able to eat rice with soup broth on board and eat it.From the Meiji period to the Taisho period, not only clam but also clams were used to be used, and it became a shape like the present’ steamed rice with clams.’.

steamed rice with clams type

In steamed rice with clams, there is a type of “Bukkake” type which has a type of “Takikomi” and a soup.Recently, there are a lot of steamed rice with clams with a cooking type, and rice cookery type Fukagawa-meshi has been offered to Ekiben and so on.

restaurant where you can eat steamed rice with clams in Monmonnaka-cho

In the town of Fukagawa and Monzennaka-cho, you can enjoy both steamed rice with clams and Bukkake type steamed rice with clams.Let’s enjoy the authentic steamed rice with clams in the local area.

“Fukagawa-juku Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine” on the Satomi Ishihara’s CM.

There is a scene in which the Satomi Ishihara is eating steamed rice with clams in Tokyo Metro, but the shooting place is “Fukagawa-juku.”.It’s located in the precincts of Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine, and it is a popular restaurant where you can see a procession on weekends and holidays.

The Bukkake type steamed rice with clams (1,950 yen) is a popular dish, and the plump large clams and exquisite broth are superb.The clams are made from those delivered directly from the production areas such as Edomae and Isewan, so they are simply fresh and unsmiling.The boiled rice is provided as a “Hamamatsu style”, so if you want to eat a fried gohan, you should order this one.Also, on Saturdays and Sundays, steamed rice with clams bento is sold at the restaurant, so you may want to buy a bento lunch and eat it with a Fukagawa Park.

In addition to rice, “Grilled Clam skewer (600 yen)” made with fresh clams is also superb.You can buy souvenirs and go home, so if you like the steamed rice with clams from Fukagawa-juku, you can buy souvenirs so that you can enjoy it at home.During dinner time, you can also order a superb clam dish and Kaiseki course, so it is recommended to use it for dinner at dinner.

There is a possibility of getting lost, but it is close to the statue of Tadataka Ino in the precinct of Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine, so it is better to mark it as a landmark.There are also a large portable shrine of Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine famous for the golden portable shrine and a monument engraved with a sumo wrestler’s bill, so after enjoying the steamed rice with clams, we recommend sightseeing in the Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine.

Fukagawa-juku Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine Branch
Address : 23-11 Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine, 1 Chome, Tomioka-ku, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135 – 0047 Tokyo
Phone number : 03 – 5646 – 8678
Business hours :
(Weekdays) : 11 30 to 15 00, 17 00 to 21 00
(Saturday and Sunday) : 11 30 to 17 00
Closed : Monday

Monzen Chaya

famous for Fukagawa-clams steamed in water.

“Monzen Chaya” is a famous restaurant where “Fukagawa-clam steamed rice” is often featured on TV.You can enjoy the original steamed rice with clams of an exquisite cooking type, and you can order the lunch time at a relatively reasonable price of 980 yen.

The prepped clams and shredded deep-fried tofu are cooked with a steamer, and the seaweed is sprinkled over the rice, and the broth from the clams is well absorbed into the rice, and the flavor is superb.In addition to Fukagawa-clam steamed rice, “Edomaeanago Steamed Rice” and “Hokkai no Mushi-Mushi Meshi” that are popular in the lunch time are served during lunch time, so they don’t get tired of going there every day.

The store faces the perpetual street, and it is a restaurant with a Japanese atmosphere, so you can find it quickly.If you go from Tozai Line, it’s about 2 exit 1 minutes, so it’s good to access by train.

Monzen Chaya
Address : 1 f, 5-1 Khubanmonnaka-cho, 1 chome, Tomioka-ku, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135 – 0047 Tokyo City.
Phone number : 03 – 3641 – 0660
Business hours : (lunch) 11 30 to 14 00 (dinner) 17 00 to 23 00
Closed holidays : particularly none

Where you can enjoy the authentic steamed rice with clams

Steamed rice with clams is a local specialty of Fukagawa which is famous nationwide, and it is easy to make, so it is a dish that can be eaten at home as well.However, all the steamed rice with clams sold in the Fukagawa area are superb.Please enjoy the superb steamed rice with clams made with plump clams when you come to Monzennaka-cho.