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Go to Yumenoshima’s popular indoor pool “Bumb Tokyo Sports Cultural Center”!

In Yumenoshima, there is a popular indoor heated swimming pool inside the Bumb Tokyo Sports Culture Center.Not only 25 m pools with 7 lanes, but also a pool for beginners and a pool for children, so you can enjoy swimming from adults to children.In summer, the water slider is also installed, and it becomes lively with the pleasant voice of children.When you want to play in a pool in Yumenoshima, go to the Bumb Tokyo Sports Cultural Center.

What is the popular pool “Bumb Tokyo Sports Culture Center Indoor Hot pool” in Yumenoshima?

The indoor pool, which is popular in Yumenoshima, is located in the “Bunbu Tokyo Sports Cultural Center”, which is located in the “Bunbu Tokyo Sports Cultural Center,” which is located in the cultural facilities and accommodation facilities, with the traces of the area where all the sports facilities were established as the Yumenoshima General Gymnasium.Unlike the Yumenoshima General gymnasium, the popularity pool is popular throughout the year, as it is a warm indoor hot spring swimming pool that can be enjoyed all year round.

At the BBO Tokyo Sports Culture Center, the following facilities are available, so you can enjoy not only swimming pools but also various sports and cultural experiences, so you can enjoy it all day long.There is also a lodging facility, so it is recommended to use it at a group’s training camp.

Sports Facilities

  • Main arena : Basket, volleyball
  • subarena : badminton, table tennis
  • Futsal Court
  • Judo field
  • Kendo field
  • Training Gym
  • Archery
  • Indoor heated pool

Cultural facilities

  • Actors Studio
  • Music Studio
  • Creation space
  • multihole

When you want to play in a pool in Yumenoshima, this Tokyo Sports Culture Center will become the most promising candidate, but as mentioned above, it is very important to be careful not to get lost in the facility as mentioned above.

Access to the Yumenoshima Pool Parking Lot, Parking and business hours

The nearest station to Yumenoshima pool is “Shin-Kiba Station,” and the Yurakucho Line, the Keiyo Line and Rinkai Line are accessible, so it is very convenient to access.It takes about 13 minutes by foot from the station, but it is the way to the side of the Yumenoshima Park, so you can feel the nature of the Yumenoshima resort, so you don’t have to worry much about it.

  • Turn the Shin-Kiba Station to the right and go straight.Turn right at Shinkiba station of Shinkiba Station and go straight further.
  • Cross the intersection below the elevated elevation and go further.
  • The pedestrian bridge called “Yukari bridge” can be seen on the right hand, so you can walk across the pedestrian bridge
  • If you get off the pedestrian bridge, move the road in the Yumenoshima Park for about 5 minutes.
  • You’ll see an orange building on the left, so the Tokyo Sports Culture Hall will be there.
  • Enter from the front entrance

If you are walking on foot, follow the procedure above.Also, there is no parking space for the Tokyo Sports Cultural Center, so if you go by car, you will have to use the Yumenoshima Park parking lot.The entrance of the Yumenoshima Park parking lot is a landmark of a large blue signboard that stands along the Meiji dori.If it is within 9 hours, it is 300 yen for 2 hours, and 100 yen for every 1 hours, so it is a parking lot for a lot of parking, so it is easy to use as a parking lot.

Also, you can access by bus or taxi, and there is a taxi stand in front of Shinkiba station, so it is good to use a taxi when you’re late.Also, the Toei Bus’ Yumenoshima’ bus stop stops at a distance closer to the Tokyo Sports Cultural Center, and it takes about 5 minutes by walk from there, so it is an effective way to get there by the Toei bus instead of by train.

Bumb Tokyo Sports Cultural Center
Address : 1-3, Yumenoshima 2 Chome, Koto Ward, Tokyo 136 – 0081
Phone number : 03 – 3521 – 7321
Business hours : 9 00 to 22 00.

How to pay and use the Yumenoshima pool

The rate of Yumenoshima pool is 310 yen for high school students and above, and 210 yen for junior high school students and 1 times, so it is very reasonable to use the service at a very reasonable price of yen. 1.Other convenient prepaid cards, commuter cards, and free passes are also issued.

Prepaid cards are sold at a price of 3,000 yen for 1 cards, and you can use 3,600 yen for 1 cards.The commuter pass is sold for 1 months, 6 months, and 12 months, and the price structure is as follows.

  • 1 months : 2,580 yen for high school students and higher, 1,860 yen for junior high school students and younger.
  • 6 months : High school students> 12,860 yen
  • 12 months : High school students> 25,720 yen

Also, the following price is available for the free pass that you can participate in the fitness gym, sauna and bus, studio and pool program lessons.

  • 1 day free pass : 1,240 yen
  • 1 month free pass : 6,180 yen

Even if you don’t need a free pass, you can use it at a discount rate if you want to use a sauna and a bus.You can use a ticket vending machine installed in front of the front desk in front of the first floor to buy a ticket with a discount of 570 yen. You can also use a sauna or bus at the front desk.If you are using it on a cold winter day, you should also use a sauna and so on.

Precautions when using Yumenoshima pool

You can buy goggles and other items locally, but you need to bring a swimsuit and a swim cap because they are not rented.With a bath towel, try to bring a swimsuit and a swim cap with your own clothes.Also, you need to be careful because you can’t get into the pool by wearing precious metal such as glasses or accessories.

When you use a locker, you need a 10 yen coin to put a lock on the locker.It will be troublesome if you go to a locker, so you should prepare it beforehand before going to the pool.

I think you can use a floating ring when you go with a child, but only a doughnut shaped ring that has a body covered with a floating ring is available.Please be aware that you cannot use a beach ball or a foot-shaped swimming ring, so please be careful.

Yumenoshima Pool “Bumb Tokyo Sports culture center indoor swimming site” information

Yumenoshima swimming pool is a wide swimming area with 3 pools, so you can use it comfortably from adults to children.The water depth and the usage rules are different, so let’s enjoy swimming in a swimming pool with a pool that fits the age.In the summer, the “Water Slurper” which is very popular will be lifted.The experience of going down to the pool while rotating is a big adventure for the children.This is a popular facility where boys and girls who are used in a row or a few times are not left behind.

25 m pool

The 25 m pool is equipped with 7 lanes, so you can swim slowly or swim quickly, so you can swim comfortably as well.There is also a diving platform, so you can practice diving during a program lesson.

You can also use up to 5 courses, so it is a pool that you recommend when you use it in a group.Please check the conditions for the use of the group as follows.

  • below : up to 5 courses
  • Weekends and holidays : 11:00 ~ 17 : 00 : Maximum 4 courses
  • Weekends and holidays : 9:00 ~ 11 : 00 : Maximum 4 courses
  • Saturdays, Sundays and holidays : 9:00 ~ 10 : 00 : Maximum 4 courses
  • 7/20 – 8/31 : not available for subscription

Pool for beginners

The pool for beginners is a pool with water depth of 0.8 m to 1.0 m, and swimming beginners can use swimming pools for training purposes.It is a perfect pool for those who like swimming, who like to contact with water, or those who swim in a swimming pool with a pressure of 25 m and feel pressure.

You can also use it as a private service, so please consider if you want to use it at a group.However, it is necessary to be careful because the price of the general fee increases by 50 percent when it is used for the purpose of profit.

  • Below :
  • Saturdays and Sundays : 11:00 ~ 17 : 00 : half rent
  • Saturdays and Sundays : 9:00 ~ 11 : 00 : half rent
  • 7/20 – 8/31 : not available for subscription


for infants
The pool for children is a pool that can easily be enjoyed by children with a depth of 0.4 to 0.5 meters.As a matter of course, parents need to accompany their parents, and parents need to wear swimsuits and swimming caps, so you shouldn’t forget to prepare them.Also, you can’t wear water playing pants, so please be careful.

Water slider

In the Yumenoshima pool, the water slider is installed only in the summer, and it becomes an extremely popular water attraction.It is a popular facility where you can jump into the pool 2 times after the start of the season, and the lively voice of the children’s voices is popular during the summer season.Please enjoy the water slider when you go to the pool with your child.

Pool Lesson

Swimming pool lessons are also offered at the Yumenoshima Pool, and it is a very pleasant program for those who want to learn about swimming.If you participate in the lesson, you need a free pass for 1 days or a free pass for 1 months, so please buy it in advance.The time schedule of the lesson is like the summer.

  • breaststroke (beginners) : Tuesdays : 11:50 to 12:20
  • stroke : Wednesday 14:35 ~ 15:05
  • Crawl (beginner) : 12 : 25 to 15:55
  • Aqua walking : 14 : 00 to 14:30

Sports Sauna & Bus

Sports saunas and buses are provided with sports saunas and buses that allow you to sweat comfortably after exercising, so that you can relax your body in a pool.If you are using a sauna or a bath, you will need to pay a 670 yen fee, but if you use it with the pool, you can get a discount of 570 yen and 100 yen, so please purchase a discount coupon at the front of the first floor.If you have a free pass ticket, it is included in the contents of the free pass, so you can use it as it is.

There are 3 types of baths, jet bath, bubble bath and water bath, and shampoo and body soap are also provided.Let’s take a bath after the sauna and spend a pleasant time.


On the first floor of the Tokyo Cultural Gymnasium, there is a restaurant that can be used at any time, including breakfast, lunch and dinner.Enjoy a delicious meal at a restaurant after enjoying swimming in the swimming pool.

You can enjoy lunch set at 930 yen for lunch set, which includes curry, soba, tonkatsu and other items, and you can enjoy lunch set with rice, salad, miso soup, miso soup, etc.Also, the time zone is provided with a party plan, so you can eat delicious dishes for each season, so please consider using it.


The Yumenoshima pool is a pool where children and adults can enjoy the pool.3 kinds of pools are suitable for their friends, family use, and swimming practice.There are also plenty of saunas, baths and restaurants, so you can spend a lot of time in the swimming pool after you have been in the pool.Also, there are a lot of sports facilities other than the pool, so you should go to the Bbrick Tokyo Sports Cultural Center when you want to play sports a day.