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Best 12 hotels in Odaiba and Shiodome area

In Odaiba, one of Tokyo’s largest entertainment spots, there are many hotels that can be used for the purpose such as hotels for couples, hotels with a view of the sea, hotels with beautiful night views, hotels with reasonable prices, etc.

Then, how much does it cost to stay at a hotel in Odaiba and Shiodome area?Let’s look at the accommodation fee you’re concerned about along with the restaurant information such as the view of the popular hotel, the content of the facility, and breakfast and lunch.

In this article, the price of the restaurant and the overnight overnight lodging fee are “No tax”.Please check the latest accommodation fee in advance when you make a reservation for the hotel.


Odaiba’s popular hotel 1.Grand Nikko Tokyo Taiba

The popular hotel in Odaiba and Shiodome area that we introduce first is the five star hotel Grand Nicco Tokyo Taiba, which is recommended for couples.This is a popular city resort hotel with luxurious feeling that opened in July, 2016.

Address : 2 Chome 6-1, Minato-ku, Tokyo 135 – 8701, Minato-ku
Access from the nearest station : The new Yurikamome “Taiba” directly connected to the Rinkai Fukutoshin Line “Tokyo Teleport” station, approximately 10 minutes’ walk away from the station.
Phone number : 03 – 5500 – 6711
Official homepage : https://www.tokyo.grandnikko.com/

Facility Content and Service

The “Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba” from the first to the thirtieth floor offers a wide variety of facilities such as membership fitness, restaurants, wedding facilities, banquet halls, clinics and other facilities, and free Wi-Fi is available throughout the entire building.

View from guest rooms

From the spacious and elegant rooms, you can see Tokyo Bay, Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower that are full of panoramic views.

Accommodation Rates (Normal Period)

“Grand Nikko Tokyo Taiba” with 2 adults

  • Superior Room : About 16,000 yen
  • Executive twenty fifth floor – twenty sixth floor deluxe twin rooms : 31,000 yen / li>

Restaurant “GARDEN DINING”

“Spain Fair” is held at GARDEN DINING in “GRAND NIKKO TOKYO TAIba”.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Buffet

Restaurant : GARDEN DINING (Lunch Dinner : 90 minutes)
Period : March 1 to April 14, 2019 (Lunch Dinner)
Business Hours [Breakfast] 7:00 ~ 10:00 [Lunch] 11:30 ~ 14:30 (L. O.) [Dinner] 17:30 ~ 21:00 (L. O.)

  • Breakfast Buffet : 3,270 Yen ~
  • Lunch buffet : Adult weekday / 2,600 yen Saturday / Sunday / 3,300 yen
  • Dinner buffet : Adult weekday / 4,200 yen Saturday / Sunday / 4,700 yen

Hotel around the hotel

The Divercity Tokyo Plaza, the indoor amusement park Joypolis Tokyo, etc. are located within a walking distance of about 6 minutes’ walk from Odaiba Kaihin Park, which is a 3 minute walk from the hotel.

Odaiba’s Popular Hotel 2. Hotel Trusty Tokyo Bayside

The second most popular hotel recommended by Odaiba and Shiodome is the Hotel Trusty Hotel Trusty Tokyo Bayside, a 4 star hotel.This is a hotel with a calm atmosphere based on the concept of Modern New York.

Address : Ariake 3 chome 1-15, Koto Ward, Tokyo 135 – 0063
Access from the nearest station : about 5 minutes walk from the new Yurikamome’ Tokyo Big Sight’ station, about 10 minutes’ walk from the Rinkai Line’ Kokusai Exhibition’ station.
Telephone number : 03 – 6700 – 0011 (representative)
Official homepage : https://ct.rion.mobi/trusty.tokyobayside/

Guest Room Attractiveness

All rooms in all rooms are equipped with bedmaking (Duvet type) with a duvet.The Duvet room, which has become popular recently, can spend the best relaxation time.

Accommodation Rates (Normal Period)

“Hotel Trusty Tokyo Bayside” with 2 adults

  • Standard double room : about 18,000 yen
  • Superior Room : About 21,000 yen

Restaurant “Kuore”

At the lounge and standing bar, you can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner.In the morning the breakfast of fresh Kamakura vegetables, the breakfast of the fusion music is heard, while the stylish one plate lunch is played at night, and the jazz is played in the evening to create a mature space.

Lunch & Dinner

During lunch time, “Special” is provided for every day of the week.
Business Hours [Breakfast] 7:00 ~ 10:00 (L. O.) [Lunch] 11:30 ~ 14:00 (L. O.) [Dinner] 17:00 ~ 23:00 Food (L. O. 22:00) / Drink (L. O. 22:30)

  • Breakfast : 1,800 yen
  • Lunch : about 1,100 yen ~ about 1,400 yen
  • Dinner : 1,500 yen ~

Lunch Time Benefits

  • Wednesday : Ladies’ Day “Limited to Female Customers” Accounting 10% OFF
  • Thursday : Men’s day “Limited to men Only” Accounting 10% OFF
  • Friday : Special day : 100 yen discount per person
  • Saturday Sunday : Children below elementary school children’s ice service

Hotel around the hotel

Around the hotel, there is a 8 minute walk to the Odaiba Venus Fort, a shopping mall where you can enjoy the atmosphere of medieval Europe.

Odaiba’s Popular Hotel 3. Hotel InterContinental Tokyo Bay

The third most popular hotel in the Odaiba and Shiodome area is Hotel InterContinental Tokyo Bay, a five star hotel.
There is an attractive room where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Tokyo night, and the birthday of birthdays and special anniversaries will be nice.

Address : 1 chome 16-2, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105 – 8576
Access from the nearest station : Directly connected to the new traffic Yurikamome’ Takeshiba’ station, a free shuttle bus about 5 minutes away from the Tokyo Monorail’ Monorail Hamamatsucho’ station.
Telephone number : 03 – 5404 – 2222 (representative)
Official homepage : https://www.interconti-tokyo.com/

Facility Content and Service

The Hotel InterContinental Tokyo Bay from the third basement to the twenty fourth floor is equipped with relaxation salons, chapels, beauty salons, beauty salons, and other facilities, allowing you to use free Wi-Fi.

View from guest rooms

From the spacious hotel guest rooms, there are rooms where you can overlook the skyscrapers lined up in the Sumida river, rooms that can overlook the Rainbow bridge, rooms that you can see the Sky tree, and so on.

Accommodation Rates (Normal Period)

“Hotel InterContinental Tokyo Bay” with 2 adults

  • Standard twin room : about 32,000 yen
  • Superior Twin Room (see view) : about 38,000 yen
  • Superior Twin Room Bay View : about 31,000 yen

Restaurant Chef’s Live Kitchen and Manhattan

There are 8 restaurants in the Hotel InterContinental Tokyo Bay.In particular, I’ll introduce you to the breakfast and lunch buffet of the Rainbow View restaurant “Chef’s Live Kitchen”, a restaurant in Rainbow View.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Period : Lunch / March 1 to April 26, 2019 Dinner / February 15 – March 31, 2019
Business hours [Breakfast] 6:30 ~ 10:00 (L. O. 9:30) * Saturday and Sunday holidays 7:00 ~ [Lunch] 11:00 ~ 14:30 (L. O. 14:15) [Dinner] 17:30 ~ 22:00 (L. O. 21:00)

  • Breakfast : Standard Western food, Japanese food, omelet or fried egg : about 3,000 yen
  • Lunch : Spring & Cherry Blossom / Strawberry Buffet : Weekdays / About 3,700 yen / day / holidays / about 4,200 yen
  • Dinner : Ise lobster & Aged Beef foie gras Rossini style : about 7,800 yen

Hotel around the hotel

The hotel is a 8 minute walk from the World Trade Center, a 10 minute walk from the Hamarikyu Gardens, and a 13 minute walk from the Shiodome Italian town.From the observation seaside top on the fortieth floor of the World Trade Center, you can see the dynamic scenery of Tokyo.Why don’t you try walking while enjoying a stroll?

Odaiba’s Popular Hotel 4. Hilton Tokyo Odaiba

The fourth most popular hotel in Odaiba and Shiodome is Hilton Tokyo Odaiba, a 5 star hotel recommended for couples.It is close to the shopping area, and is a popular hotel located in a convenient location where you can easily access to business and commercial areas such as Ginza and Shinagawa.You can use a free shuttle bus to Tokyo Disney Resort only for guests.

Address : 1 Chome 9-1, Minato-ku, Tokyo 135 – 8625, Minato-ku
Access from the nearest station : Directly connected to the new Yurikamome “Taiba” station, a 10 minute walk from the Rinkai Line “Tokyo Teleport” station (available for free shuttle bus “Tokyo Bay Shuttle”).
Phone number : 03 – 5500 – 5500
Official homepage : https://www.hiltonodaiba.jp/

Facility Content and Service

“Hilton Tokyo Odaiba” is a convenient accommodation facility that offers a variety of facilities such as exsectiblewing, indoor swimming pools, outdoor jet buses, and other spa facilities, 24 hours business centers, and other facilities that are convenient for leisure and business use.

View from guest rooms

Located at the water front of Tokyo Bay, you can see the ocean, beautiful Tokyo city streets, Tokyo Tower, and Rainbow Bridge from the balcony that is located in all rooms.

Accommodation Rates (Normal Period)

“Hilton Tokyo Odaiba” used by 2 adults

  • Twin guest room : about 26,000 yen
  • Twin Deluxe Room : About 30,000 yen
  • Twin Superior Deluxe : About 33,000 yen

Restaurant “Seascape Terrace Dining”

In Hilton Tokyo Odaiba, there are 4 buffet style party plans in which you can enjoy the gathering of spring in a gorgeous manner.This article introduces you to the “Seascape Terrace Dining” restaurant where you can relax yourself with your beloved dog at lunch dinner time.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Buffet

Period : – April 26, 2019 (Hokkaido Buffet : Lunch Dinner)
Business Hours [Breakfast] 6:30 ~ 10:30 (Weekends / Holidays / ~ 6:30 ~ 11:00) [Lunch] 11:30 ~ 14:30 [Dinner] 18:00 ~ 21:30

  • Breakfast buffet : about 3,200 yen per adult
  • Lunch buffet : Adult weekday / about 5,000 yen / Saturday / holidays / about 5,800 yen
  • Dinner buffet : Adult weekday / about 6,000 yen / day / holidays / about 6,800 yen

Hotel around the hotel

The hotel is located at a location where you can walk about 2 minutes to Odaiba Kaihin Park and a 6 minute walk to the Divercity Tokyo Plaza and Joypolis Tokyo. It is located in a shopping district where shopping districts and entertainment spots are gathered together.

Odaiba’s Popular Hotel 5. Daiwa Roynet Hotel Tokyo Ariake

The fifth most popular hotel in Odaiba and Shiodome area that we introduce to you is “Daiwa Roynet Hotel Tokyo Ariake,” which was born in October 2018.This is a popular accommodation where you can enjoy the hospitality of the guest rooms and the guest rooms with comfort.

Address : Ariake 3 chome 7-3, Koto Ward, Tokyo 135 – 0063
Access from the nearest station : 1 minute walk from Rinkai Line Kokusai Exhibition station, 1 minute walk from Ariake station, Yurikamome, new traffic.
Phone number : 03 – 3599 – 6180
Official homepage : https://www.daiwaroynet.jp/ariake/

Facility Content

The 4-star Daiwa Roynet Hotel with high reviews of customers can use free Wi-Fi at all guestrooms.
It is also a separate type of bath and toilet, so you can enjoy bus time in a separate space in a separate space.

Rooms with a Rich Room

There are a women-only Ladies room, a standard twin room that is easy to use for leisure use and friends, a family-type room that can accommodate 1 extra bed beds, etc.

Accommodation Rates (Normal Period)

“Daiwa Roynet Hotel Tokyo Ariake” with 2 adults.

  • Standard double room : about 9,000 yen
  • Standard twin room : about 12,000 yen
  • Family room : about 37,000 yen

Restaurant “AKARIE” and “Cafe the roof”

The breakfast at the restaurant “AKARIE” in the hotel is a buffet of Japanese and Western cuisine, and lunch & dinner is a main grill dining in ala carte.In the “Cafe the roof”, you can enjoy lunch at night with a healthy plate, and at night you can enjoy hot meals and drinks at the dining bar.

Lunch & Dinner

Business Hours [Breakfast] 7:00 ~ 9:30 (L. O) [Lunch] 11:30 ~ 14:00 (L. O. 13:30) [Dinner] 17:00 ~ 21:00 (L. O. 20:30)

  • Breakfast buffet : about 1,800 yen
  • Lunch : ~ about 1,999 yen
  • Dinner : ~ about 4,000 yen

Hotel around the hotel

It is a 4 minute walk from the hotel to the Ariake Coliseum located within the premises of the Ariake Tennis no Mori Koen.Currently, it is closed for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games and is under renovation.I look forward to the completion.

Odaiba’s popular hotel 6.Villa Fontaine Tokyo Shiodome

The sixth most popular hotel in Odaiba and Shiodome area is Villa Fontaine Tokyo Shiodome, a four star hotel located in a very popular area.The high grade business hotel with high reviews by customers is close to Shinbashi and Ginza, so you can enjoy meals and shopping as well.

Address : Higashishinbashi 1 Chome 9-2 (in Shiodome Sumitomo Building), Minato-ku, Tokyo 105 – 0021
Access from the nearest station : 1 minute walk from the Toei-Oedo Line and the new traffic Yurikamome’ Shiodome’ station.
Phone number : 03 – 3569 – 2220
Official homepage : https://www.hvf.jp/

Facility Content and Service

There are free Wi-Fi, notebook rental (charge), rental conference room, and so on throughout the whole building.On the first floor of the building, a training machine designed by a master of Italian design is set up, and you can use it from 5 am to 11 pm.Foreign currency exchange is handled by the automatic exchange machine only in “Villa Fontaine Tokyo Shiodome.”.

Guest rooms

The spacious hotel guest rooms have a clean space with a modern atmosphere.The free bath amenities are also abundant, and the comfort of bed beds is popular.

Accommodation Rates (Normal Period)

2 adults’ “Villa Fontaine Tokyo Shiodome”

  • Twin room (no view) : about 23,000 yen
  • Superior Room (no view) : about 23,000 yen
  • Superior Queen Room : About 25,000 yen

Dining Table Clair

On Dining Table Clair (Dining Table Clair), the lunch buffet was launched in the first floor.You can enjoy a menu with more than 60 items in a buffet style.The menu and the venue are renovated for breakfast, and you can enjoy the Japanese Western buffet at sofa seats.

Breakfast Lunch Buffet

The lunch buffet is available only for those who are staying only on weekdays except for those who are staying overnight for 60 minutes.
Business hours [Breakfast] 6:30 ~ 9:30 (Saturday / Sunday holidays – 10:00) [Lunch] 11:30 ~ 13:30 (Last entry 13:00)

  • Breakfast : about 1,300 yen
  • Lunch buffet : about 1,000 yen

Hotel around the hotel

The hotel that is directly connected to the Shiodome Station where the skyscrapers are lined up is a perfect location for walking, just 3 minutes’ walk to Shiodome Italian town and a 5 minute walk to the Hamarikyu Gardens.

Odaiba’s popular hotel 7.Strange Hotel Tokyo Hamamatsu-cho

The seventh most popular hotel recommended by Odaiba and Shiodome is the front desk, “Strange Hotel Tokyo Hamamatsu-cho,” the third Star Hotel.The first robot hotel in the world is also known for its Guinness certification.This is an attractive hotel where you can get excited.

Address : 1 chome 24-11, Hamamatsu-cho, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105 – 0013
Access from the nearest station : a 1 minute walk from the exit of the Toei-Oedo Line and Asakusa Line’ Daimon’ station, a 2 minute walk from the north exit of the’ Hamamatsu-cho’ station on the JR Yamanote Line and Keihin-Tohoku Line, and a 4 minute walk from the central exit of the Tokyo Monorail’ Hamamatsu-cho’ station.
Phone number : 050 – 5894 – 3781
Official homepage : https://www.hennnahotel.com/hamamatsucho/

Facility Content

The robot hotel is unique to the front reception-type robot, the robot concierge unibo (Univolo), and the robot air clean ATMOBOT.There are free Wi-Fi services available for free, 24 hours for front desk, and free rental smartphones for all rooms, as well as “COGICOGI,” the share cycle that can be dropped off.

View from guest rooms

The hotel’s guest rooms are based on white and silver, making it a pleasant space for you to feel near the future.From the guest rooms of the high-rise tower view, you can see Tokyo Tower.The hotel industry’s first Phiten room is a guest room that leads you to a relaxed state of relaxation, allowing you to sleep comfortably.

Accommodation Rates (Normal Period)

“Strange Hotel Tokyo Hamamatsu-cho” with 2 adults

  • Tower View Twin Room : About 20,000 yen
  • Tower View Deluxe Room : About 21,000 yen
  • Phiten single room : about 15,000 yen

Restaurant “MUGI”

Breakfast comes with Dodeca Hot Dog Soup and drink, lunch at restaurants and food trucks and latte art, daily food trucks and food trucks.Dinner allows you to enjoy more than 200 kinds of beers around the world.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Business hours [Breakfast] 6:30 ~ 10:00 (staying only) [Lunch] 11:30 ~ 15:00 [Dinner] 17:00 ~ 23:00 (L. O. 22:30) * Day holidays closed (on Saturdays)

  • Breakfast : About 1,000 yen per adult
  • Lunch : 800 yen ~
  • Dinner : Set of Snacks Set 300 Yen ~

Hotel around the hotel

The hotel is a 1 minute walk to Tokyo and a 15 minute walk to Tokyo Tower, a 20 minute drive to Odaiba, and convenient access to sightseeing spots.

Odaiba’s popular hotel 8.Bayside Hotel Azur Takeshiba and Hamamatsu-cho

The recommended hotel in Odaiba and Shiodome area is “Bayside Hotel Azur Takeshiba, Hamamatsu-cho,” the eighth hotel.The hotel where you can feel the resort while you are in the center of the city can view Tokyo Bay from some guest rooms.

Address : 1 chome 11-2, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105 – 0022
Access from the nearest station : 1 minute walk from the new Yurikamome’ Takeshiba’ station, 7 minute walk from the Tokyo Monorail’ Hamamatsu-cho’ station, 7 minutes’ walk from the north exit of the’ Hamamatsu-cho’ station on the JR Yamanote line and Keihin-Tohoku Line.
Phone number : 03 – 3437 – 2011
Official homepage : http://www.hotel-azur.com/

Facility Content

The “Bayside Hotel Azur Takeshiba and Hamamatsu-cho” from the second floor to the twenty first floor have various facilities such as garden chapel, screening center, sky bath, beauty salon and other facilities, and it supports a free Wi-Fi service and a 24 hour front desk.You can spend comfortably during your stay.

View from guest rooms

The room has a room in Rainbow Bridge View and a room in City view, and you can enjoy a wonderful view of Tokyo Bay from the executive floor guest room on the nineteenth floor of the top floor.
The rainbow bridge light up is decorated with 3 illuminations that are said to be the first in the world.It is attractive that you can see the beautiful night view of Tokyo.

Accommodation Rates (Normal Period)

“Bayside Hotel Azur Takeshiba, Hamamatsu-cho” with 2 adults.

  • Double Room City View : About 19,000 yen
  • Standard Twin Room Ocean View : About 22,000 yen
  • Executive Twin City View : About 21,000 yen

Restaurant “Bright Coast”

There are 4 restaurants in the building, such as Teppanyaki and Kaiseki cuisine.In this article, we introduce the lunch and dinner at “Bright Coast”, an ocean-centered restaurant on the twenty first floor, and the “Omakami Kaiseki” in the breakfast room.

Breakfast Buffet Lunch Dinner

Breakfast Buffet Venue : Chef’s Choice Kaiseki – Sazanami – Sazanami
Business Hours [Breakfast] 7:00 ~ 10:00 (L. O. 9:30) [Lunch] 11:30 ~ 15:00 (L. O. 14:00) [Dinner] 17:30 ~ 22:00 (L. O. 21:00)
Dinner : (Sparkle Course or Brightness Course)

  • Breakfast buffet : about 1,500 yen
  • Sat and Day Holidays Lunch Course 2,500 yen, Pasta Lunch 1,200 yen
  • Spring Dinner Course 4,800 yen ~ 6,000 yen

Hotel around the hotel

Around the hotel, there are Hamarikyu Gardens, World Trade Center Building, Shiodome Italian town, etc. within 10 minutes’ walk, so you can enjoy walking around.

Odaiba’s popular hotel 9.Hotel MONday TOYOSU

The ninth recommended hotel in Odaiba and Shiodome area is the three Star Hotel Hotel Monday.Opened in October 2018, the hotel is a pleasant space created by the Wagokoro.This is a popular hotel that is popular among tourists from overseas.

Address : 1 chome 2-11, Higashicloud, Koto Ward, Tokyo 135 – 0062
Access from the nearest station : About 10 minutes’ walk from the exit 5 of the Toyosu Station on the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line, about 12 minutes’ walk from the exit 2 of the Tokyo High-Speed Rinkai Railway Higashi-nebula station.
* If you are using a shuttle bus, the bus stop at the bus stop on the right side of the exit number 7 on the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line, and the new traffic Yurikamome “Toyosu” station Yurikamome North Exit is the Toyosu Station shuttle bus stop.
Phone number : 03 – 3532 – 8141
Official homepage : https://hotel-monday.com/index.html

Facility Content

In the large bath, Mt. Fuji and cherry blossoms are depicted, and you can enjoy hot spring in Atami.It is nice that you can relax the fatigue of your trip slowly.There is a nursery school where you can leave your child in the hotel, so you’ll be relieved at the time of emergency.

View from guest rooms

Guest rooms with a refined design with a refined design are clean, spacious and comfortable to stay in.From a wide window with a sense of openness, you can see the view of the city.

Accommodation Rates (Normal Period)

“Hotel Monday TOYOSU” with 2 adults

  • Standard twin room : about 20,000 yen
  • Deluxe twin rooms : about 21,000 yen
  • Standard double room : about 18,000 yen

Restaurant “Monday Dining & Kitchen”

The Restaurant Monday Toyosu restaurant uses domestic fresh ingredients.You can use the chef’s favorite buffet from the dishes from Arita Ware (Saga Prefecture), Mino Yaki (Gifu Prefecture) and Shigaraki Ware (Shiga Prefecture).


Business Hours [Breakfast] 6:30 ~ 10:00 (L. O. 9:30)

  • Breakfast buffet : 2,000 yen

Hotel around the hotel

From the hotel located opposite the Aeon East Store, the Tokyo Disney Resort (pre-reservation system) and the shuttle bus to the nearest station are operated every day.It is convenient for outing and shopping.Around the hotel, there is a Toyosu market 1.6 km (20 minutes’ walk).

Odaiba’s popular hotel 10.Hotel Sunroute Ariake

The tenth recommended hotel in Odaiba and Shiodome area, where we introduce you, is Hotel Sunroute Ariake, a three star hotel.You can see the beautiful night view of the Bay Area.

Address : Ariake 3 chome 6-6, Koto Ward, Tokyo 135 – 0063
Access from the nearest station : 3 minute walk from the Rinkai Line “Kokusai Exhibition” station, 3 minute walk away from the new Yurikamome “Tokyo Big Sight” bus stop.
Phone number : 03 – 5530 – 3610
Official homepage : https://www.sunrouteariake.jp/

Facility Content and Service

The hotel includes convenience stores, business centers, free PC corners, foreign currency exchange machines, etc.Free Wi-Fi is available in the building as well.You can also use a delivery service and a laundry service.

View from guest rooms

From the guest rooms on the upper east cloud side, you can enjoy beautiful scenery such as the large Ferris wheel from the night view of the high-rise tower and the Rinkai sub-center, and from the guest rooms on the Odaiba side.

Accommodation Rates (Normal Period)

“Hotel Sunroute Ariake” with 2 adults

  • Economy Twin Room : About 14,000 yen
  • Standard double room thirteenth – fourteenth floor : about 15,000 yen
  • Economy Double Room seventeenth Floor (w / balcony) : About 17,000 yen

Restaurant “創菜 Paio” and

At the restaurant “創菜 Paio” on the second floor, you can enjoy breakfast and lunch buffet and authentic Italian dinner.You can also eat lunch and dinner at the Blend Meister Café on the first floor.

Breakfast & Lunch Buffet Day

Restaurant : 創菜 Paio
Business Hours [Breakfast] 6:00 ~ 10:30 (Last Entry 10:00) [Lunch] 11:30 ~ 14:30 (Last Entry 14:00) [Diner] 17:00 ~ 22:30 (L. O. 21:30)

  • Breakfast buffet : 1,600 yen
  • Lunch buffet : about 1,400 yen
  • Dinner : ~ about 3,999 yen

Hotel around the hotel

It takes about 5 minutes by walk to Tokyo Big Sight, and it takes about 20 minutes by walk to Aqua City Odaiba.If you are visiting by train, take the new transportation Yurikamome to Kokusai-tenjijo-seimon and get off at Taiba station, and it’s a 4 minute walk from there.

Odaiba’s popular hotel 11.Odaiba Oedo Hot Spring Monogatari

The recommended hotel in Odaiba and Shiodome area, the eleventh most popular hotel, is “Odaiba Oedo Onsen Monogatari”, a hot Spring theme park.The Odaiba Oedo Hot Spring Monogatari, which you can go empty-handed, is the best accommodation when you want to enjoy hot springs in the Bay Area.Please be aware that the use of only the minor is limited to the time when you stay.

Address : 2 Chome 6-3, Ehai, Koto Ward, Tokyo 135 – 0064
Access from the nearest station : a 4 minute walk from the new Yurikamome Telecom Center station, 11 minute walk from the new traffic Yurikamome Fune-no-kagakukan station.
* There is also a shuttle bus service between Telecom Center and Odaiba Oedo Onsen Monogatari.(about 6 minutes)
Phone number : 03 – 5500 – 1126
Official homepage : https://daiba.ooedoonsen.jp/

Facility Content

In the “Odaiba Oedo Onsen Monogatari Monogatari” there are many facilities that can be relaxed except for the “Kuroship Cabin” for men, the fish therapy, foot bath, bedrock bath, esthetic and other hot springs.

Lodging Rates

“Odaiba Ooedo Onsen Monogatari” with 2 adults’ use
Hotel “Iseya”
* Admission fee and midnight fee are included in the accommodation fee.
Business hours : 11 : 00 to 9:00 (use of minors until 22:00)

  • Western-Style twin room (without bath and toilet) : 18,000 yen ~
  • Japanese and Western style (without bath and toilet) : about 22,000 yen ~
  • Japanese-Style Room (with open-air bath) : 28,000 yen ~

Restaurant in the facility

You can use Japanese restaurants and izakayas at the facilities within the facility.There are also ramen and the sweetness which is perfect for the bath.You can enjoy your friends and family slowly.

Breakfast Privilege

Place : Dashi-Manju-Kataguchi-ya
Business hours [Breakfast service] 6:00 ~ 8:30
* The accommodation fee does not include dinner.

  • Breakfast : 0 yen
  • Lunch : ~ 2,000 yen
  • Dinner : ~ 3,000 yen

Hotel around the hotel

After relaxing at the hot springs, let’s walk around Odaiba.It takes about 19 minutes by walk to the Divercity Tokyo Plaza and 15 minutes by walk to the Palette Town Ferris Wheel.

Odaiba’s popular hotel 12.Tokyo Bay Ariake Washington Hotel

The most popular hotel recommended by Odaiba and Shiodome is Tokyo Bay Ariake Washington Hotel, a three star business hotel.There is a shuttle bus (free shuttle bus) for guests only and reservation capacity, so it is convenient for access to Tokyo Disney Resort.

Address : Ariake 3 chome 7-11, Koto Ward, Tokyo 135 – 0063
Access from the nearest station : 3 minutes walk from Ariake Station, New traffic Yurikamome, 5 minute walk from the new Yurikamome Kokusai-tenjijo-seimon station, 4 minute walk from the Tokyo Waterfront Area Rapid Transit International exhibition station.
Phone number : 03 – 5564 – 0111
Official homepage : https://washington-hotels.jp/ariake/

Facility Content

The Tokyo Bay Ariake Washington Hotel from the first to the twenty first floor has banquet halls, restaurants, izakayas and wedding salons, and convenience stores (Yamazaki Daily store) are located next to the hotel.

Guest rooms

The guest rooms have various types of rooms, such as the Ladies room for women’s limited rooms, the superior floor of the superior floor, the floor room for the family, and the rooms for the family.You can choose depending on the style of travel and the budget.

Accommodation Rates (Normal Period)

“Tokyo Bay Ariake Washington Hotel” with 2 adults

  • Superior Room sixteenth Floor or above : About 18,000 yen
  • Single room woman : about 11,000 yen
  • Deluxe double room seventeenth floor or more : about 21,000 yen

Restaurant “Georgetown”

There are many restaurants in Tokyo Bay Ariake Washington Hotel, but in this article, I’ll introduce you to “Georgetown,” a directly-managed restaurant in the first floor.In Georgetown, you can enjoy a wide variety of breakfast and dinner buffet and lunch buffet.(Dinner limited All-You-Can-Drink Plan is from 1,200 yen)

Breakfast Lunch & Dinner Buffet

Period : Lunch, March 1 to April 30, 2019
Business Hours [Breakfast] 6:30 ~ 10:00 [Lunch] 11:30 ~ 14:30 (Drink L. O. 14:00) [Dinner] 17:30 ~ 21:30 (L. O. 21:00)

  • Breakfast : 1,700 yen
  • Pokpo Spring Lunch Buffet : 2,000 yen
  • Dinner Buffet : 3,000 yen

Hotel around the hotel

At the hotel front, we sell the open tickets at Regland Discovery Center Tokyo at a discount price.The hotel is a 1.6 km walk from the hotel, but if you take a train, you can get off at Rinkai Line Kokusai Exhibition station and get off at Tokyo Teleport. It’s a 7 minute walk from the “” station. 20.


This time, we introduced the recommended hotels in Odaiba and Shiodome area.There were a wonderful hotel with a nice view, a hotel with high reviews, a hotel close to the entertainment spot in Odaiba, a hotel that I wanted to stay at once, and many other hotels.How was it?I understand that the hotel in the Odaiba and Shiodome area that is very popular is a high setting even if it’s a regular accommodation fee.

During Golden Week and other busy seasons, the hotel fee rises abnormally, but at the five star hotels introduced this time, there is a room with a fee of more than 100000 yen per night, which is more than 1 nights.

The Golden Week 10 holidays in 2019 are also approaching.If you want to stay at a high-class hotel at a low price, please refer to the accommodation fee introduced in this article, and enjoy a wonderful hotel stay by using a reservation accommodation for high-class hotels, etc.