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How to enjoy Sensoji Temple

Asakusa is located in the center of Tokyo Metropolis, and it can feel the culture of old good Edo.The attraction of Asakusa is that you can enjoy the history and the urban atmosphere that is handed down right now in the vicinity of Skytree, which symbolizes modern times.The number of foreign visitors visiting Asakusa every year is increasing, and it is a popular tourist spot representing Tokyo.

This time, we have summarized the information necessary for people visiting Asakusa for the first time, such as how to get to Asakusa and use a convenient station.Since it mentions how to access from famous tourist spots in Tokyo, It is also recommended for people who gather information about Tokyo sightseeing.Also, the recommended route to Asakusa Temple, which you can’t miss as a sightseeing spot for Asakusa, is also a must-see.

In addition to Sensoji, we introduced 10 places where you can enjoy 100 times the city of Asakusa.There are lots of amusement parks, comedians, gourmet shops, and shopping.If you read this, it will be perfect to check Asakusa sightseeing.

Asakusa Station is 4!Check the route

I think many people who go to Asakusa for the first time don’t know which route to use.There are 4 “all the nearest stations around the Kaminarimon in Asakusa.

4 station names

  • “Ginza Line” Asakusa Station
  • “Toei Asakusa Line” Asakusa Station
  • “Tobu Line” Asakusa Station
  • “Tsukuba Express” Asakusa Station

From either station, it is within 5 minutes by foot from Asakusa Kaminarimon to Asakusa Kaminarimon.

“Ginza Line” Asakusa Station

Asakusa Station on the Ginza Line operated by Tokyo Metro is located on the east side of Asakusa.Exit 1 is the closest exit to Kaminarimon.

The Tokyo Metro “Ginza Line” extends from Shibuya to Asakusa, so Asakusa and Shibuya can also be visited on the same day .After seeing the famous scramble intersection in Shibuya, it is very convenient to go directly to Asakusa.

Also, you need to transfer, but it is also connected to JR Ueno Station, so it is convenient for Shinkansen and yamanote line users.”Ginza Line” Asakusa Station is connected to the basement by “Toei Asakusa Line.”.

(Toei Asakusa Line) Asakusa Station

Toei Asakusa Line Asakusa Station is located southeast of Asakusa, and is connected by “Ginza Line” Asakusa Station and underground passage.It is better to use A4 exit to go to Kaminarimon.”Toei Asakusa Line” extends from Oshiage Station near Tokyo Sky Tree, so it’s convenient for sightseeing in Skytree.

There is a similar station name called Asakusabashi in front of 2 stations, but if you get off at Asakusa, be careful not to make a mistake.

You can also use this station if you want to go directly from the airport to Asakusa. Keihin Electric Express Railway line’s air port specials stop at Toei Asakusa Line Asakusa Station, so you can visit it without changing from Narita Airport or Haneda Airport.

“Tobu Line” Asakusa Station

Tobu Line Asakusa Station is located in EKIMISE Asakusa, a station building located on the east side of Asakusa.If you go to Kaminarimon, the exit of this station building is the nearest station.

Tobu Line is also called Tobu Isesaki Line or Tobu Skytree Line, and it’s extended from Tokyo Skytree Station, so it’s convenient for sightseeing in Skytree like “Toei Asakusa Line.”.(The nearest station from Skytree is different, so you need to be careful.) The fare from Skytree to Asakusa is 150 yen.

④ “Tsukuba Express” Asakusa Station

Unlike other 3 stations, this “Tsukuba Express” Asakusa station is located on the west side of Asakusa.The nearest exit to Kaminarimon is “Kokusai Dori A”.To Akihabara, which is famous as a subculture of Japan, there are 2 stations on the Tsukuba Express.It is very convenient for those who want to visit Akihabara.

Depending on starting point and destination,

If you use 4 stations properly, you will be able to visit Tokyo more efficiently.Below is a summary of how to access from major tourist spots in Tokyo.

Route Name by Departure

  • From the Sky Tree Direction : “Toei Asakusa Line”, “Tobu Line”
  • From Akihabara : “Tsukuba Express”
  • Ueno, Shibuya, Ginza : “Ginza Line”
  • From Airport : “Toei Asakusa Line”

The subway in Tokyo is easy once you get used to it, so let’s use it.

Introducing the route from each station to Kaminarimon (Senso-ji Temple)

Access from Asakusa Station on Ginza Line

If you go out of Exit 1 of Asakusa Station of Ginza Line, you will walk straight west on Kaminarimon Street.
Down arrow
If you walk 1 blocks, you can see the Kaminarimon on your right hand side.

Access from Toei Asakusa Line Asakusa Station

Go out of the A4 exit and walk on the right.
Down arrow
If you go to Kaminarimon Street, turn left.
Down arrow
If you walk 1 blocks, you can see the Kaminarimon on your right hand side.

Access from Asakusa Station on Tobu Line

After exiting the exit of the EKIMISE Asakusa, turn left.
Down arrow
I will walk along the station.
Down arrow
If you go to Kaminarimon Street, turn right.
Down arrow
If you walk 1 blocks, you can see the Kaminarimon on your right hand.

Access from Tsukuba Express Asakusa Station

After exiting International Street Exit A, go straight on International Street as it is.
Down arrow
If you go to Kaminarimon Street, turn left.
Down arrow
If you walk about 5 minutes, you can see the Kaminarimon on your left hand.

Asakusa, Senso-ji Temple!Recommended Sightseeing Route

There are various attractions, not only the main hall, but also the main hall, which is a sightseeing spot representing Asakusa, “Senso-ji temple” .We have proposed a recommended route to watch it as efficiently as possible in a limited time.

There are hidden spots that are not on the guide map, so you can enjoy it for the first time in Sensoji sightseeing.


It is a famous Kaminarimon gate of Asakusa.It is a spot that represents Asakusa, which is crowded with many tourists every day to put a large lantern in a picture.The official name of Kaminarimon is “Fujin Godo”, and on both sides of the gate, there is a statue of Fujin Kamishin.

While being protected by wind god Thunder God who controls rain wind, Senso-ji Temple is crowded with many tourists today.

Nakamise Street

This Nakamise Street, the approach to Sensoji, is called one of the oldest shopping streets in Japan .This shopping street lined with red color building is a scenery unique to Nakamise Street.Besides the standard sweets such as Ningyo Yaki, there are many Japanese souvenirs such as Sensu, Zori, Kimono and Japanese souvenirs.

There is a tea house where you can get Japanese sweets, so it’s good to fill your stomach lightly before you visit Sensoji Temple.It is always crowded with people, so be careful not to keep your eyes away from valuables.

Nio-mon Gate

When you exit the Nakamise Street, your Wang Men will appear.There is a statue of Nio on both sides of the gate, so it’s called “statue of Nio,” but the official name is “Hozomon”.The origin of the name is that the treasure of the temple is preserved.

The gate that is overwhelmingly larger than the Kaminarimon Gate is Nio-mon Gate. Height exceeds 21 m , so you will be able to experience it when you go closer to it.


There is an image of golden Buddha just next to Asakusa Fudoson, the left hand side of Niomon gate that I just introduced.The name is “ABCD” .There is a legend that it fixes the bad part of the body, so there is evidence that many people were stroked by a lot of people.

If you have some trouble with your body, try to stroke the part of the same image as that part of your body.

Main Hall

After passing Asakusa Fudoson, you will finally go to the main hall of Sensoji Temple.It is said that incense is burned in front of the main hall, and if it is covered with smoke, it will fix the bad part of the body.

If you go up the stairs to the main hall, you can see the palace where the principal image, Saint Kanzeonbosatsu, is enshrined.

If you want to draw a fortune at Sensoji Temple, you can also draw it at the kiosk next to this main hall.Why don’t you think of the fortune of this year at Sensoji Temple?

Amida Nyorai Statue

On the left side of the main hall is Amida Nyorai statue, which is more than 7 m in length.It was built in 1693 and was designated as a cultural property of Daikan ward.

Shadow Hall

If you cross Ishibashi near Amitabha Tathagata statue, there is a shadow hall.It is a place where you can worship the principal image of the 12 oriental zodiac, which protects the Kannon that is enshrined in the main hall.

If you listen to 12 signs, you will be familiar to Japanese and Chinese people.It might be interesting to look for the same 12 divination principal image as your Oriental zodiac.


Yakushido is a Yakushi-do Temple where Yakushi Nyorai is enshrined, which is said to cure the disease.Since it is near Ishibashi, it is said that it was named “Hashimoto Yakushido” by Iemitsu Tokugawa in the Edo period.

Light Island

Located on the west side of Senso-ji Temple grounds, it is a light island that Enshrines Myojima Akijin, a woman god.It is said that she became a god in order to protect women suffering from gynecopathy especially.
I think it is a must-visit spot for women.

Five Story Pagoda

This is a five story pagoda standing in one Saime in the precinct of Sensoji Temple.A limited number of people can enter a limited number of people in a year, but basically they cannot worship the inside of a general tourist, although only 3 times a year.

But the five storied pagoda in the night is lit up, so it looks very beautiful, so why don’t you take a picture of it?


Denpo-in Temple, located just next to the five storied pagoda.It was registered as a national important cultural property in 2011.
When you get inside, you can enjoy a beautiful garden, and you can enjoy walking around.On the water surface of Oike Izumi, which is located in the garden, the five storied pagoda is projected, so it is very fantastic.

In fact, only a few years ago, you can get into this Denpo-in, only the limited general public period , 1 times a year.It is open to the public from mid March to mid-May every year, so if the timing is correct, it will be a must-visit spot.


If you go from five storied pagoda to the front of the main hall and go to the east side of the precinct, there is a small hill called Mount Benten, and there is a god named Benzaiten on the hill.

It is said that it has a merit for performing arts and entertainment, and it is one of the 3 major Benten of Kanto.Asakusa geisha is a hidden famous spot to visit often.

There are lots of spots where you can fulfill your wishes at Senso-ji Temple

There are many spots where you can pray for health and performing arts, such as Yakushido, Yuasendo, Benten-do, and so on, not only famous places such as Kaminarimon and Nakamise Street, but also Yakushido Hall and Yuasendo Hall.I recommend you to visit all these spots just by visiting the sightseeing route you introduced this time.

It is fun to find my favorite spot in Asakusa Terauchi.

Asakusa Temple is not the only one!Recommended sightseeing spots around Asakusa Station

Asakusa is not the only place to see Asakusa temple.There are many spots around Senso-ji Temple where you can enjoy Japanese culture and the traditions of Tokyo.

Here, we have picked up 10 places where we can enjoy especially enjoyable sightseeing spots.Please use it as a reference for Asakusa sightseeing.

(1) Hanayashiki

Asakusa Hanayashiki is the oldest amusement park in Japan opened in 1853 when Perry came to Japan.
It is popular as a “Space shot” from 60 m above ground, a “Space shot” with 3 varieties, and a panda car that travels with a cute panda car, such as panda car, and is popular as a “fcBlue”> adult from adults to children.

Vehicles and buildings in Hanayashiki have a very retro color, so they will be bright even if you take a picture.In recent years, the popularity of photogenickspotto has been increasing again.

There are many ennichi in the park.At the Hanayashiki BBQ Garden, there is a restaurant where you can enjoy BBQ, so you can enjoy your meal as well.There is also a lot of souvenir shops.I recommend the shape of a panda car as a souvenir of this Hanayashiki.

Throughout the year, there are various events such as lighting at night, so please check out the official website.

Address : Asakusa 2-28-1, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Hours of Business : 10 : 00 – 18:00 (Hours vary depending on season and weather)
Phone Number : 03 – 3842 – 8780

(2) Asakusa Kingyo

The summer festival in Japan is a goldfish scoop.Goldfish scooping is a traditional game of Japan’s traditional game of scooping goldfish swimming in a water tank with a paper tool called Poi.Before the paper breaks, there is a need to get a goldfish out of it, but if you get used to it, there are many people who get used to it.

In general, only summer festivals can be carried out, but at the goldfish catching restaurant “Asakusa Kingyo”, you can enjoy the freshfish scoop all year round .This is the only place where you can enjoy the festive mood of the year.For tourists, you can enjoy the traditional Japanese culture at all times.

There are many other cute goldfish goods sold in the store, so you can enjoy your shopping.
※ Please check the website on business day because it is closed.

Address : Asakusa 2-7-13, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Hours of Business : 10 : 00 – 16:30
Phone Number : 03 – 3847 – 5251

Yuzukien Asakusa Main Store

In terms of Japanese sweets, aren’t there many people who think about Matcha latte, parfait, and cake?This is a famous restaurant in Asakusa main store, and it is famous as a restaurant where you can taste the world’s most rich Matcha Gelato.It is a restaurant that is so popular that you can make a line in the store even in winter to eat a special Matcha ice cream.

In this store, you can choose the thickness of Matcha from No. 1 to No. 7.As the number rises, the concentration of powdered green tea increases, so it is safe for those who do not like the bitter taste of tea leaves.No. 7 Matcha Gelato is so rich that you can taste the flavor of tea leaves as it is.

Of course, I can choose a flavor other than matcha, so I want to eat something cold!This is also recommended.

Address : Asakusa 3-4-3, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Hours of Business : 10 : 00 – 17:00
Phone Number : 03 – 3876 – 7932

④ Edo Shitamachi Traditional Crafts Museum

It is “Edo Shitamachi Traditional Crafts Museum” where you can see traditional crafts in Tokyo.It is a banner that is written as “Takaku” in the “Asakusa Hisago Street Shopping District” near Asakusa Hanayashiki.You can find a free 45 industry around 500 items from a famous museum, from a famous one that is not currently being used, to a piece of art that is not currently used.

The production of traditional crafts by craftsmen is demonstrated on weekends, so it is popular among foreign guests too!Please enjoy the process in which you can finish crafted crafts that are refined in Japan.

You can buy real traditional crafts at the goods sales corner.There are some items like chopsticks and fans that are easy to take out, so I recommend you to choose a souvenir.

Address : Asakusa 2-22-13, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Hours of Business : 10 : 00 – 18:00
Phone Number : 03 – 3842 – 1990

⑤ Asakusa-Jinja Shrine

Apart from Senso-ji Temple, there is also Asakusa-Jinja Shrine.Senso-ji Temple was built after a Buddha statue was found in a Muddagawa river.Asakusa-Jinja Shrine is worshiped by the 2 fishermen who found Buddha statues and the men who found the Buddha statue as Kannon Bosatsu.Since a total of 3 gods are enshrined, they are called “3 companies” from the local people.

In Asakusa-Jinja Shrine, it is called “Yoshinari”, and it is said to be a shrine where you sincerely wish.Would you like to pray for love, health prayer, academic and gold luck, and so on?

Asakusa-Jinja Shrine is also famous as a shrine where you can buy unique amulets.The card-type amulet , which can be used as a point card in particular partnerships, is modern and interesting.A thin card that fits into any small purse of the god of Asakusa-Jinja Shrine is put in a little purse.It seems to be more profitable, because it can be carried anywhere at any time.

The charm written “All right” is also popular as a souvenir.

Address : Asakusa 2-3-1, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Phone Number : 03 – 3844 – 1575

6. The entire part is


This shopping mall is a shopping mall full of “good things” gathered from all over Japan.From crafts to ingredients, you can enjoy high-quality things throughout Japan at once.The location is a good place to walk on foot from the “Tsukuba Express” Asakusa Station.

On the first floor, you can buy selected ingredients from all over the country, including vegetables, fresh seafood, and tea cakes, which are delivered directly from the production market.

In the second floor, there are products that are packed with the wisdom of lifestyle such as cosmetics and interior, so you can just look at it.There is also a foot bath on the floor, so you can rest your legs in Asakusa sightseeing.

On the third floor, you can experience the PR corner and cooking experience of local municipalities, and the fourth floor is a restaurant district where you can enjoy “Local treats” in Japan.You can enjoy everything from shopping to meal and culture experience.Please visit it.

Address : Asakusa 2-6-7, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Hours of Business : 7 : 00 – 23:00

7 Asakusa Entertainment Hall / Asakusa Toyo Museum

If you want to watch Japanese traditional comedy, it is the Asakusa Entertainment Hall and Asakusa Toyo Museum.Why don’t we laugh at the Rakugo Teiseki, which was founded in 1881, which was founded in 365?
You can enjoy a variety of programs such as imitation, conte, acrobatics, magic and so on.

Some of the comedians also appear on TV programs, so they might be able to see that kind of material.

The ticket is 2,800 yen per adult.It is not a time system, so you can enjoy it while you allow time.After 18 o’clock in the evening, there is a bargain night discount ticket.

Address : Asakusa 1-43-12, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Hours of Business : 9 : 00 – 21:00
Phone Number : 03 – 3841 – 6545

⑧ Hoppy Street

Here is “Hoppy Street” where you can feel the atmosphere of downtown in Asakusa.It is behind Senso-ji Temple, and there is a public drinking house lined up.Most restaurants are open during the day, so they can be used for lunch.

The famous Hoppy Street is stewed with Beef Tendon Stew that can enjoy different flavors at each store.Enjoy it with hoppy, where you can enjoy the taste of beer at a lower price.

I want to drink delicious sake!I recommend Tavern Hoppy with “Izakaya Suzuyoshi”.Fine foam and throat are best.

I don’t drink alcohol, but I want to enjoy cooking!I recommend the “Public Sake Pub Tanuki”.The beef rice bowl topped with soft Beef Tendon Stew on top of the hot rice is superb.If you have time, it might be fun to try multiple shops.

Tavern Suzuyoshi
Address : Asakusa 2-5-1, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Hours of Business : 11 : 00 – 21:30
Phone Number : 03 – 3841 – 6081
Popular Izakaya Tanuki
Address : Asakusa 2-5-12, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Hours of Business : Monthly Fire money 15:00 – 22:00 / Saturday holiday 11:00 – 22:00
Phone Number : 03 – 3844 – 6346


If you come to Asakusa, everyone wants to ride on it at once.Especially around Kaminarimon, there are many Jinrikisha, so you may be able to get a voice from Shao.It is nice to be able to ride together with your family or your family.

In the Jinrikisha course, from Kaminarimon to Senso-ji Temple, there are various courses ranging from the short course from Kaminarimon to Senso-ji Temple, where you can enjoy an elegant course of about 2 hours.You can choose depending on time, budget, and destination.

The good thing about Jinrikisha is that you can listen to the explanation and history of the city while moving.There is no doubt that you will be more knowledgeable than taking a stroll around Asakusa.In the shooting spot, you can take a commemorative photo of Shao, so you can leave a piece of memory.

While you feel dizzy in summer, you can enjoy the city of Asakusa while feeling the warmth of a red blanket that is unique to Jinrikisha in winter.

Address : 1-20-4 East Building 3 f, Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Hours of Business : 9 : 30 – Sunset
Phone Number : 03 – 3847 – 4443
Address : Kamito-ku, Taito-ku, Tokyo Prefecture, 2-3-5
Hours of Business : 9 : 30 – 17:30
Phone Number : 03 – 3843 – 0890
Kosugi store
Address : Kamito-ku, Taito-ku, Tokyo Prefecture, 2-15-3
Hours of Business : 9 : 00 – 19:00
Phone Number : 03 – 5637 – 8568

Asakusa Culture sight-seeing center

This Asakusa sight-seeing center is very convenient for tourists and foreign visitors to Japan.It is said that a strangely shaped building was designed in a design designed with a flat roof so that it does not destroy the scenery of Asakusa even in a tall building.

If you enter the first floor, you can get a tourist guide in Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean .I recommend you to collect information before you start sightseeing in Asakusa.Also, a miniature model of Asakusa town is installed, so it might be interesting to plan a sightseeing plan while looking at the model.

On the second floor, there is a personal computer and a guide book for searching.It is equipped with a desk and WIFI at the time of an outlet, so it is convenient for a small check or a break.

The sixth floor is a multipurpose space, and events are held every day.You can bring food and drink to watch a show.Sometimes there is a free show, so let’s stop by.

On the seventh floor, you can see the exhibits and event information that can learn the culture of Asakusa.

You can see the scenery of Asakusa from the observation room on the eighth floor, and you can get a panoramic view of Skytree and Sensoji Temple.There is also a restaurant, so it is convenient.
After sunset, you can see the night view of beautiful streets, so it’s better to come on the first.

Address : 2 chome, Kami-ku, Taito-ku, Tokyo 18-9
Hours of Business : 9 : 00 – 20:00
Phone Number : 03 – 3842 – 5566


I think Asakusa is a good old city where you can enjoy the history, tradition, laughter, food, popular culture, and everything, including Senso-ji Temple.You can visit the shrines, temples and shrines to meet your interests and interests, such as visiting shrines, temples and shrines, shopping, and meals.

If it takes time, you won’t be able to say 1 days, but you won’t be tired even if you stay on third day on 2 days.

How about making Asakusa a hub for sightseeing in Tokyo, where you can easily access to other tourist spots by using 4 stations?Please make a memorable memory of Asakusa in Edo.