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How to enjoy “Billboard Live Tokyo”

Do you know “Billboard Live Tokyo”?This live house is a live house where you can enjoy live performances while enjoying delicious dishes and alcohol.It may be good to go with an important person, enjoy music and meals, and go to meet a friend of the same hobby by himself.

In this article, I will introduce you to the charm of the live house “Billboard Live Tokyo” of adults, and how to enjoy it!

Billboard Live Tokyo’s Appeal and Basic Information

Now let’s look at the basic information about Billboard Live Tokyo and its appeal.

The Billboard Live Tokyo is located on the fourth floor of Tokyo Midtown connected directly from the Toei-Oedo Line and the Hibiya Station on the Hibiya Line.It is easy to go even if the weather is bad, so it’s convenient to go there.

Where you can enjoy the music live in the world’s top class.

Billboards Live Tokyo is a space where you can enjoy the music of your favorite artist.You can sit down and watch slowly, some of you are sitting around the stage from the stage.The closer distance to the performer is the charm of the Billboard Live Tokyo.

Many artists outside Japan come to other than Japanese artists.It’s fun to see the music in a quiet period while soaking in music slowly.

Don’t miss the live schedule frequently and try not to miss it!
You can check the live schedule from here.

You can enjoy the cuisine of a first class chef in a sophisticated adult space.

All of the live house are table seats and counter seats, so you can enjoy delicious dishes together with drinks.All seats are non-smoking, and depending on the location, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Tokyo’s night view.

The dress code doesn’t have a dress code, so you don’t have to go to the hotel dinner show at a hotel dinner show (if you don’t have any particular instructions from the artist).The main focus is to eat while listening to a live performance, so be careful not to wear it too rough!

Where you can spend a lot of time with the time to enjoy your music and meal together. 3

The holes in the hall are described in detail below, but there are 2 areas in a big divide.It is the service area and the casual area.

The service area is a table seat and a table sofa, so you can order drinks and food to the staff members.

The casual area includes 1 drinks, and you can order it by going to the counter when you order a drink or food.

If you want to participate casually by yourself, it’s a good idea to enjoy the difference in the atmosphere with the “casual area” and the “service area” when you want to enjoy the meal with a few people.

The floor has a 3 layered structure with a different atmosphere with a different atmosphere

In the Billboard Live Tokyo, it has a 3 layer structure.There are the front area of the stage on the third floor, the front area of the fourth floor, the left and right area, and the counter area on the fifth floor.Basically, the third and fourth floors are the service areas, and some seats on the fourth floor and the fifth floor have a casual area.

Each of them has a different atmosphere, and there are advantages and disadvantages, so you should choose a seat with a person who is going to go with you.If you are going to spend the day, you can enjoy the BOX seat on the fourth floor, where you can relax, and the third and fourth floors are basically sitting on the floor, so you can enjoy fun while riding music, so you can enjoy the counter area on the fifth floor.

Billboard Live Tokyo Access Parking Lot

Address : Tokyo Midtown Garden Terrace 4 f, Garden Terrace f, 9th Street No. 4, Akasaka, Tokyo 107 – 0052 Tokyo 7
Phone number : 03 – 3405 – 1133
Business hours : Weekdays 12:00 ~ 21:30 / Saturday and holidays 12:00 ~ 19:30

By train, take the Toei-Oedo Line to Roppongi Station and from there it is a 10 minute walk.It is connected directly to exit 8 at exit Tokyo Midtown.

In the case of a car, there is a parking lot in the Tokyo Midtown.The business hours are 24 hours, and it costs 10 minutes / 100 yen.However, there is no parking ticket service, so please be careful.

Bill Booking Method for Billboards Live Tokyo, Ticket Reservation Method

The price of billboards Live Tokyo is different depending on the artist, so I can’t say it all.In the case of drinks, it costs a lot to get a drink.Many of the drinks are about 900 yen to 1500 yen per 1 bowls.The food costs about 1000 yen to 5000 yen for 1 items.

In this section, I will only mention the basic seating fee.

Third floor free seat → Free seat fee (basic charge for service area)
Third floor Members Seat – Free Seating Fee + \ 1080
Fourth floor Duo seat – Free seating fee + \ 3240
Fourth floor DX seat counter – Free seat fee + \ 2160
Fourth floor DX seat Duo front – Free seating fee + \ 4320

There are three ways to reserve tickets.

  • Official Home page reservation
  • Phone reservation
  • External site reservation

You can take it in any way, but the big difference is when you cancel.Only the phone reservation and the official website are allowed to cancel.However, the cancellation on the day is only available on the official homepage, so I recommend this method because it is 3 hours before the start of the performance, so I recommend you to get a sudden schedule or a job.

Available for private parties

The Billboard live Tokyo is available for rent!You can open the company’s announcement venue, fashion show, party and wedding ceremony from the ceremony to the second party.I would like to take a second session at a place close to the exhibition hall as much as possible during the wedding ceremony.You have good access to Roppongi in Tokyo, and you can also enjoy a wedding where you can enjoy a new bride and groom.

Besides that, you can also lend the performance of the concert itself.You can enjoy the performance of artists only by a small number of people.It’s very luxurious and I’m sure it’s very satisfying.

Billboard Live Tokyo Floor Structure

The floor has 3 layers, the third and fourth floors and the fifth floor.There are a variety of variations such as a table seat and a sofa seat where you can enjoy a meal from a casual counter seat.

Depending on the location of the seats, there are different ways to hear music and a different range, so you can enjoy various ways to enjoy it!

It is also good to watch the stage from the counter by yourself and enjoy the music, so you can casually sit in a non-reserved seat and enjoy the close distance to the artist.Then I may be able to do the same hobby.

Stage and Members Seats, and the “third Floor” where the free seats are filled with hot air.

The most attractive attraction of unreserved seats is the proximity to the stage and the distance to the artist!If you make a reservation immediately after the reservation starts, you can choose your favorite seat, so you can sit in the middle of the middle of the middle row.

It is close to the stage, so you can see the artist’s expression, and it has a very realistic feeling.The seats are arranged with seats and non-reserved seats, so it may be a bit tight.

However, in the case of unreserved seats, you should go there earlier than the performance, because they enter in order by order number, so please be careful.

2 sofa boxes and box seats, and the “fourth floor” where the counter seats are full.

There is nothing blocking the fourth floor, so you can see the whole stage from a little above.The seat is a box seat and a counter seat at the front of the stage, and you can also see the night view from the outside of the window behind the stage.

You can enjoy eating and drinking more than the third floor.The sofa seats on the left and right are not the front of the stage, but you can relax by eating and talking with your lover, so I recommend this as well, as you can relax by 2 people.

There are many kinds of seats, so it is a characteristic of this floor that you can enjoy the fun of choosing the situation at the time of the situation.

The “fifth floor” can be enjoyed casually at the counter seats.

I think this casual area is the first for the first time since this casual area is easy to come.The casual area is self-service, so it is nice that the ticket price is at an affordable price compared to the service area.

There is a counter where you can order drinks and food at the back, so you might feel a bit noisy.The sound quality of the speaker is louder than the lower layer, so it may be difficult to hear it in this sense.

However, the counter seats in the casual area don’t need to be full reserved, and it has 1 drinks.I recommend this area where you can enjoy music at the lowest price, so I recommend this area where you can experience the atmosphere for the first time.

Billboard Live Tokyo Cuisine and drink

The dishes in Billboards Live Tokyo are a bit expensive, but the taste is also reputed to be delicious.It is a food that you’d love to enjoy with the live, but actually the menu is different from the service area and the casual area.

The service area has a wide range of dishes, including authentic Italian hors d’oeuvres, pasta and pizza, while casual areas are easy to pick and hamburgers and hamburgers are mainly served.

I’d love to eat 2 kinds of food.It’s fun that you can play different ways to choose a different way to choose from a different style.

The main dish is Italian cuisine, side desserts, and side desserts, etc.

There are a lot of dishes made by salads, pasta, pizza, main meat, fish dishes and first class chefs from various appetizers and so on, and they are full of dishes.

Especially margherita pizza, fried chicken and potatoes are popular products, and they are also recommended dishes.There are hors d’oeuvres, side dishes, and dessert assortment, so it seems fun to share and eat with some people.It is very nice to have a variety of bagna cauda and desserts!

Cocktails Wine, beer and soft drinks, drink and various kinds

There are also various kinds of alcohol.You can choose what you like from among more than 100 kinds of drinks!I am very happy with those who like alcohol, and there are more than 20 kinds of people who can’t drink, including non-alcohol.

Depending on the season and the artist, the original cocktail for the time of the season may come out, so I’d really like to check it out when I go there!

Reservation of course meals

There are also 4 kinds of courses, “Meat Dishes Course”, “Fish Course”, “Chef’s Recommended Course”, “Party Course” and “Party Course”, and you can enjoy the dishes according to the person’s mood and the number of people.In addition, there are seasonal restrictions, so let’s check it when making a reservation.

I also recommend a course meal when you use it for an important person and an anniversary.

It is very busy when the performance starts, so it is best to start a meal before the start of the performance, so you should consider the course as it is best to have a meal.


The charm of Billboards Live Tokyo is live performance and delicious meals.As I mentioned, you can enjoy a lot of fun in a seat or a meal way.There may be a new music and encounters with people on the way to work on the way to work.Of course, I think it would be nice to invite a good friend, family and lover.

Please try to visit the adult space “Billboard Live Tokyo” by all means.