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Best sport around Lake Biwa

Lake Biwa, the largest freshwater lake in Japan, has many tourist spots.There are many attractive places around Lake Biwa, such as sightseeing spots where you can feel the nature of Lake Biwa, castles and museums that can feel history from the Sengoku period, and gorgeous food spots, so you can enjoy sightseeing all day.

This article introduces the basic information on Lake Biwa and the popular tourist and gourmet spots.Please check this article if you are considering sightseeing in Lake Biwa!

Basic Information on Lake Biwa

Lake Biwa is the largest freshwater lake in Japan, with a size of 670.3 kmk, a circumference of 241 km, and a maximum depth of 103.6 m, located in Shiga Prefecture.The area is the size of 1 sixth of Shiga Prefecture, and it is a lake that has existed in Japan since ancient times such as Kojiki and Makura no Soshi (the Pillow Book) in Japan.

There are more than 1,000 species of ecology, and there are also more than 50 species of indigenous species, and it is also a popular spot in Kansai, which is connected to a famous river in the Kansai region.

Origin and History of Lake Biwa

Lake Biwa is one of the ancient lakes, and it has settled down from about 40 years ago to the present place, and it has been the center of Japanese life since ancient times, such as people living around Lake Biwa around the Jomon period.

At around 1972, the Lake Biwa Comprehensive Development Project was promoted. Since then, the lake shore levees have been developed, and the ecosystem of Lake Biwa has been affected by the lake Biwa ecosystem. The prefectural citizens’ activities have been actively carried out in order to protect the ecosystem of Lake Biwa, which led to the enforcement of the “Biwako Ordinance.”.

Environmental conservation activities have been actively conducted at present, and have been designated as wetlands for Ramsar Convention in 1993.

Access Information

for Lake Biwa

If you want to visit Lake Biwa, I recommend you to access from Kyoto area where many sightseeing spots are located.You can go to JR Otsu Station in about 10 minutes from Kyoto Station, and you can go to Lake Biwa in about 10 minutes from this Ōtsu Station.

There are many leikrizoat near Lake Biwa, and there are many accommodations and restaurants, so you can enjoy sightseeing that you can feel Lake Biwa more.

Sightseeing boat cruise

that tastes like Lake Biwa

There are many restaurants in Lake Biwa where you can enjoy the scenery of Lake Biwa while enjoying a meal.The most popular cruise service is Lake Biwa Boat Tour, which is from Otsuko.

It is a cruising around the southwest of Lake Biwa for 60 to 80 minutes, and you can enjoy breakfast and lunch in buffet style.The cheerful music and comfortable boat travel have become popular attractions for sightseeing in Lake Biwa.

Recommended sightseeing spots around Lake Biwa

There are many attractive sightseeing spots around Lake Biwa, so you can’t be able to visit it in only one day.There are many popular sightseeing spots where you can enjoy beautiful scenery and history of Lake Biwa, and in Lake Biwa, there are many attractions that are only available in Lake Biwa.When you come to Lake Biwa, I will introduce you to Biwako sightseeing spots on iron plate, which you can’t take off here.

Biwako Valley

Biwako Valley is a popular mountain resort where you can enjoy mountain activities in Lake Biwa Terrace and summer winter.

In the summer, you can enjoy the superb scenery of Lake Biwa, and you can enjoy the Tarzan, “Skywalker” and “Sky Walker” where you can enjoy outdoor activities in nature. It is a leisure facility that kids can enjoy from children to adults.

In winter, you can change to a snow resort, and you can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, etc.Restaurants and shops are full, so you can spend a lot of time.

Biwako Terrace

Biwako Terrace is a popular tourist spot that is an iron plate on the iron plate of Lake Biwa sightseeing.From a place about 1,000 meters above sea level, you can see a panoramic view of Lake Biwa, and you can see the great day on Lake Biwa on the other side of Lake Biwa.

The secret is that you can enter the entrance fee free of charge.It is a tourist spot that is very satisfying from adults to children.

Also, there is a cafe in Biwako Terrace, where you can drink original drinks, Gelato, sandwiches, etc. that you can only drink here.There are many photogenic spots, so let’s take a picture of those who like photos or use instagram.

Recommended “Biwako Bridge” on drive (


“Biwako Ohashi” is a huge bridge that is 1,400 meters from Lake Biwa, which connects Lake Biwa and Kohigashi.It is a tourist spot that you should definitely go to for people who want to enjoy Lake Biwa.

If you run at a speed of about 60 km per hour, you will be able to enjoy a Melody Road where you can hear a song about traveling around Lake Biwa, so please enjoy the music that you can only listen here when you drive.

At night, lights on the bridge come together, and you can enjoy the fantastic scenery from the base.In particular, the Magic Hour at night will be a romantic space, so it will be necessary to check out the romantic space.

Hikone Castle

Hikone-jo Castle is a national treasure located in Hikone City, Shiga Prefecture, and is a popular tourist spot that is believed to have been inhabited by the local character “Hikonyan”.Hikone Castle has many attractions, but you can also enjoy a full view of Lake Biwa, a restaurant where you can eat nearby Omi beef, and a restaurant where you can spend a day around Hikone castle.

You can enjoy the spectacular view of Lake Biwa from the tower of 3 f, so please climb up to the castle tower when you visit Hikone-jo Castle.

You can participate in a tour to stroll a moat around Hikone Castle with a view of another new d landmark.The boatman will teach you about the history of Hikone Castle, so let’s actively participate in the sightseeing of Hikone Castle.


“Omihachiman” is a popular tourist city that is often used to shoot movies, and it is popular in old times.There is a shooting spot for the famous morning series TV drama “Asashio”, and it is also a tourist attraction for those who like movies and dramas.

There is also a Azuchi Castle Site and a Scarecrow Museum nearby, and it is a tourist city that you can enjoy as a person who likes history.You can enjoy the Yawata Moat, which is famous for its historical dramas, and the small boat swimming around Suigo.

Ramolina Omihachiman

Lalyolina Omihachiman is a flagship store of Taneya Group, which is famous for its “Club HARIE” and “Taneya,” famous for its baumkuchen.

There is a promenade and fields on a large site, and you can enjoy delicious sweets while feeling the nature of Shiga.The freshly baked fluffy baumkuchen that has been baked in the midst of a natural nature is a special flavor.Soft ice cream and dorayaki made with fresh ingredients are also delicious.

There is a tour to learn more about “Lalyolina”, so if you want to keep up with the secret of delicious sweets such as sweets and Japanese sweets, please participate in it.

Chikubu Island

Chikubu Island is an island of 2 kilometers around the northwest of Lake Biwa, making it an island that is popular as a power spot with the thirtieth place of pilgrimage, “Hogon-ji Temple,” a pilgrimage of 33 Kannon pilgrimage sites.

You can access it by boat because Nagahama port on Nagahama Port, which Hideyoshi Toyotomi once ruled, and Imazu port have a regular sightseeing boat.Why don’t you try sightseeing in Chikubu Island as a military commander in the Sengoku period?

Hieizan Enryakuji Temple

Enryakuji Temple on Mt. Hiei is the head temple of the Tendai sect opened by the famous Saicho.It is also famous as a mother mountain of Japanese Buddhism, and it has been a place where many Buddhist priests, regardless of religious sect, have received a lot of influence from Enryaku-ji Temple since the Enryakuji Temple, where many Buddhist priests, including Buddhist priests, have been given a great influence over the lives of the Japanese people.

The National Treasure “Konponchudo” is also the main hall of Enryakuji Temple, and it has been a must-see spot for more than 1,200 years since the “Eternal Light of the Law”, in which “to illuminate the world forever without disappearing” has been kept for more than a while.In the Sengoku period, Nobunaga ODA’s army carried out a fire attack on Mt. Hiei, and at that time the light of Mt. Hiei disappeared, but it was turned on the Yama-dera at present in Yamagata Prefecture, so there was a history in which it had been repeatedly turned on Mt. Hiei at the time of reconstruction, and it was possible to continue without having to stop the light.

Ishiyama-dera Temple

Ishiyama Temple is a popular tourist attraction, and you can enjoy blooming seasonal flowers according to the season of spring and summer, autumn and winter season.The seasonal flowers such as cherry blossoms, plum trees, and other seasonal flowers, which bloom beautifully in bloom, are attractive to visitors.

It is also famous as a temple of literature, and the “Tale of Genji” of Murasaki Shikibu is said to have been beginning the brush stroke in the 3 baskets of Ishiyama-dera Temple.Basho-an, where Matsuo Basho had a temporary residence, and “Kanzo-in,” where Toson Shimazaki is a guest, are also one of the attractions.

Kurokabe Square

Kurokabe Square is a stylish tourist spot where you can enjoy the glass art that spreads around Nagahama Station.Centered around the Black Lacquered Wall, which is characterized by its black plaster walls, it has become popular in the Edo period, where you can enjoy not only beautiful glass art, but also restaurants and experience classes.

The Black Wall Glass Museum has a collection of traditional and state-of-the-art glass products from all over the world, so you can buy fancy glass that you have never seen before.In addition, there are many spots where you can enjoy shopping, such as a “Black Wall Glass Studio” where you can buy items by looking at places where craftsmen actually make glass products.

There is also a lot of experience classes, so you can make glass, stained glass, gel candle, etc. with your hands.Please visit the Kurokabe Square where you can experience a cute and beautiful world.

Yanagasaki Yacht Harbor

Yanagasaki Yacht Harbor is a place where you can enjoy sailing sports in Lake Biwa, and it has been established for the purpose of popularizing yacht games and improving athletic skills.There are plenty of experience classes, and there are many opportunities for children and parents to experience yacht experience.

During the season, you can see many yachts coming to Lake Biwa, and you can enjoy the spectacular scenery.

Lake Biwa Museum

The Lake Biwa Museum is a comprehensive museum that introduces the history of Lake Biwa, the history of people and animals living around Lake Biwa, and the life of the lake, based on the concept of “Feeling all of Lake Biwa.”.From Lake Biwa, about 400 years ago, you can follow from Lake Biwa, and you can learn the history of people who have lived together with Lake Biwa, along with the magnificence of history.

The Aquarium is one of the largest freshwater creatures in Japan where visitors can see aquatic creatures living in Lake Biwa, where they can enjoy a wide variety of living creatures.There is also a room for adults in the Discovery Room, where you can display real and old documents, organize museums, organize museums, etc.

There are souvenir shops and restaurants, so it’s a tourist attraction that you can recommend to play for a day.If you are planning to visit Biwako with your family, please visit the museum.

Biwako Otsu Museum Ing English Garden

Biwako Otsu Museum English Garden is an English garden with seasonal flowers planted on a 5,900 m 2 wide site located on the shores of Lake Biwa.The garden is divided into 5 areas, each of which has several different types of flowers, each of which has been planted for each theme.In particular, there are about 300 varieties of roses planted in the popular fragrance Rose Garden area, so you can enjoy not only eyes but also fragrance.

From inside restaurant, you can enjoy lunch while enjoying beautiful garden and Lake Biwa scenery.


Lake Biwa is an attractive tourist attraction where you can enjoy the nature of nature, tourist attractions, temples and castles where you can enjoy history, and many delicacies that you want to visit.When you visit Lake Biwa, please make a plan to spend the best day as a reference for this article.