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How to go to Kyoto from Tokyo

There are various ways to access Kyoto from Tokyo such as highway bus or bullet train.It is important to consider not only the charges but also the time required and the degree of comfort.To tell you the conclusion, when you want to give priority to the price, I recommend you to take a Shinkansen bullet train when you want to give priority to expressway bus, time and comfort.

In this article, we introduce a comparison of each transportation method when moving from Tokyo to Kyoto.If you are going to Kyoto from now on, please refer to this article in this article to consider how to move.

Geographical distance from Tokyo to Kyoto

Kyoto, located in the Kanto region, and Kyoto, which is located in the Kansai region, is located in a distance of 372 km if it is a linear distance.In the case of the trunk line, the mileage of the line is 513.6 km, and it is 40% more than the linear distance of the line distance.

It’s difficult to realize that it is far from here because there are roads, such as Shinkansen, expressway, and airplane.There are mainly ways to go from Tokyo to Kyoto.

  • Highway Bus
  • Bullet train
  • Plane
  • JR Local Line
  • Car
  • Cab

When considering how to move, it is important to consider the rate, duration, and degree of comfort.Let’s take a closer look at each move.

Fare, time and comfort when traveling from Tokyo to Kyoto on Highway Bus

It takes time to travel from Tokyo to Kyoto by highway bus, but you can move at a low price.

The fare is about 1,600 yen to 17,000 yen, and the night bus is mainly used, but there are buses that operate in the daytime.The price is very economical, but it takes 7 to 9 hours.If you take a night bus, you don’t feel the time required by taking a sleep, but the bus doesn’t have to be used for sleep, so you can get hurt because you have a pain in your body, so please be careful.

Also, when using a long-distance bus, it is important to select a “3 column independent seat” bus instead of a 4 column seat.In the case of “3 column independent seat”, since it is separated by 1 seats, it is possible to avoid a situation in which you have to spend a long time in a short distance from strangers.There is a bus that can close the curtains, so you don’t have to worry about seeing your face on other people.

In case of night bus, you can arrive in Kyoto early in the morning, so you can enjoy sightseeing early in the morning.If you still have a young physical strength, it’s better to consider moving by highway bus.

Fare, time and comfort when traveling from Tokyo to Kyoto on the bullet train

The way to travel from Tokyo to Kyoto by Shinkansen is one of the most popular means, and the short time and the degree of seat comfort are the secrets of popularity.

The price is about 9,800 yen to 19,000 yen, and you can easily move to Kyoto at a reasonably reasonable price unless you take a green car or something like that.

Also, the seat is comfortable compared to the highway bus, and it is reassuring that there is a toilet in the car.If you buy tickets sold at a gold voucher shop or tickets of a Shinkansen with a set of hotels, you can use it more cheaply.

Let’s find a bargain discount and go to Kyoto for economical benefit.The recommended set is the following.

  • Travel to Japan : Bullet train pack
  • JR Tokai Tours : Shaky Kodama
  • Express Reservation
  • Smart EX

Fare, time and comfort when traveling from Tokyo to Kyoto on Airplane

The means to travel from Tokyo to Kyoto by plane is short and comfortable, but it is not recommended as a means of transportation because it takes time and money to travel in airports and cities.

Airports in the Kansai area close to Kyoto are Itami Airport, Kansai International Airport, and Kobe Airport, and airports accessible from Tokyo are Haneda Airport and Narita Airport.If you use LCC, you can reduce the fare of an airplane to less than 10000 yen, but you can travel more comfortably when you take a train or take a toll considering the travel to the airport.

Unless you have a flight, you should consider traveling by bullet train instead of by plane.

Cost, time and comfort when traveling from Tokyo to Kyoto on JR local lines

Even if you don’t use Shinkansen, you can access Kyoto from Tokyo while riding on each JR line leisurely.It takes more than 8 hours, but you can get off at each station on the way and enjoy sightseeing and meals, so it’s a good idea to travel in the city between Tokyo and Kyoto.

If you want to travel by conventional lines, I recommend you to use a free ticket such as Seishun 18 Kippu.The Seishun 18 Kippu is a limited ticket for spring and summer winter, but it is a perfect ticket for a 11,850 yen price, so you can get off while you get off. It’s a nice ticket for those who want to get off while you get off on the way.s

Fare, time and comfort when traveling from Tokyo to Kyoto

The way to move from Tokyo to Kyoto by a car is a way to travel in a relatively short time and relatively short time.You can get to Kyoto by taking a high-speed train from Tokyo and transferring to Tomei Expressway, Shintona Expressway, Isewangan Expressway, Higashi-Meihan Expressway, Shin-Meishin Expressway, Meishin Expressway, and so on.

The price is less than 10000 yen, and it takes about 4 hours and 30 minutes to get there, so you can get it in a short time compared to an expressway bus, etc.Long drive is hard, but considering that you can move in Kyoto, it is a recommended means of transportation for family trips.

I don’t recommend it because it will take more than 15 hours to go to Shitamichi.If you are going by car, let’s take advantage of the expressway.

Fare, time and comfort when traveling from Tokyo to Kyoto by taxi

Taking a taxi from Tokyo to Kyoto costs about 166000 yen in total, so it is a move method that is not worth considering.It takes about 5 hours and 30 minutes, but it’s too expensive, so there’s no way to travel to Kyoto by taxi unless there are any special circumstances.


There are various ways to travel from Tokyo to Kyoto, but I recommend you take a highway bus or Shinkansen.If you are going to a family trip, you can go by a car, but if you think about the driver, it’s better to consider either of the above 2.If you are interested in moving from Tokyo to Kyoto, please consider this article.