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How to enjoy Fire Museum

Fire Museum is a museum in Shinjuku Dori, Shinjuku Dori, Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo where you can learn about the history of Tokyo Fire Department, disaster prevention, and fire prevention activities.At Fire Museum, you can learn all about the fire fighting activities from the Edo period to the present day, and fire engines and ambulances at that time are exhibited as well.

The children who are longing for a firefighter are very excited, but as you learn, they can enjoy it together, so you can enjoy it together with the adults.

There are many temples and shrines around Yotsuya, and historical historic sites and buildings are scattered as well.I’ll introduce you how to enjoy Fire Museum in such a corner.

Basic information Fire Museum

It is the basic information of Fire Museum from here.Please check the information beforehand and visit it.

It is recommended to visit the Fire Museum from the upper floor.We also have a guided tour in the building.It takes 30 minutes from 1 45 to 2 15 pm every day, so please try to participate casually.

Floor Information

  • tenth floor : Disaster Prevention Lounge
  • seventh floor : Library Information Room
  • sixth floor : Planning Exhibition Room
  • fifth floor : Fire Department’s dawn
  • fourth floor : The fire department’s change
  • third floor : Modern fire
  • first floor : Entrance
  • The first basement : The change of the fire truck and the museum shop

Fire Museum is

The Fire Museum was opened in December 1992.The Fire Museum is located from the first to the tenth floor, so you can say it is a very big building.At the entrance to the first floor of the Fire Museum, a fire helicopter that was actually used is enshrined and is welcoming you to the guest.On the second floor, there is a fire department, the Yotsuya Fire station, and it is not open to the public, including the Fire Museum office on the eighth floor and the office on the ninth floor.

At Fire Museum, you can display a diorama of a fire fighting operation in the Edo period, show a disaster prevention animation, and take a commemorative photo as a fire fighter.In addition, there are several devices that can display of tools and tools used in fire fighting activities, and equipment that can provide quizzes about disaster prevention and fire prevention.It is a museum where you can spend a lot of time and see the museum as it is full of attention.

There is no restaurant, but you can eat and drink at the disaster prevention lounge on the tenth floor.You can see Mount Fuji on a sunny day.

Address : Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo : 3-10

Access to the Fire Museum and the parking lot and the nearest station


  • Exit Tokyo metro Marunouchi line Yotsuya-sanchome Station exit number 2
  • 7 minute walk from Akebonobashi Station exit of Toei Shinjuku line


There is no parking lot, so please use the parking lot in the neighborhood.

SAN Park Shinjuku Aizumicho 1

  • Fire Museum : 1 minute walk
  • Operating hours : 24 hours
  • Normal fare : 8 to 22 25 200 yen, 22 am to 8 60 100 yen
  • Maximum price : 2,400 yen for daytime (8 – 22 o’clock), 600 yen for night (22 – 8 o’clock)
Time Shinjuku Aizumicho third

  • Fire Museum : 2 minute walk
  • Operating hours : 24 hours
  • Normal fare : 8 to 18 15 200 yen, 18 am to 8 20 200 yen
  • Maximum price : 2,000 yen for daytime (8 – 18 o’clock), 600 yen for night (18 – 8 o’clock)
Le Parque Yotsuya first

  • Fire Museum : 2 minute walk
  • Operating hours : 24 hours
  • Normal fare : 8 to 24 15 200 yen, 24 am to 8 60 100 yen
  • Maximum price : 1,900 yen per 12 hours, maximum night 500 yen

Fire Museum business hours and holidays, and rates

Operating Hours

9 30 to 17 (although the library information room on the seventh floor is only on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. PM 1 AM to PM 4 30 PM)


Mondays (the following day in the case of national holidays) and the year-end and new year (December twenty eighth – January fourth)



Fire Museum Charm and Fun

It’s the charm of Fire Museum and the way to enjoy it.Let’s look into the whole aspect of Fire Museum.

To learn about the history of fire fighting in the Edo period

From the third to the fifth floor, you can learn about the history of the fire department from the Edo period to the present day.

First on the third and fourth floors, the Meiji period and the Showa period and the history of the modern fire department are expressed by the animation and the photographs at that time.And on the fifth floor, the streets of the Edo period and the scene of the fire department are reproduced beautifully with a diorama.You can see a glimpse of the scenery you’ve seen once at the time of the period.

And on the sixth floor, there is a special exhibition for every period, and there is a book library with a complete collection of books on fire related to the seventh floor.

Where you can sit in the cockpit of a fire helicopter.

There is a fire helicopter, Kamome, on the fifth floor of the Fire Museum.It is a very rare experience because you can sit in the cockpit.Please try to experience the feeling that the control stick is firmly grasped and actually drive it.

It may be closed due to the weather on the day.

to enjoy the world’s fire engines

On the first floor of the Fire Museum, Japanese fire engines and ambulances are exhibited, but there are also fire engines around the world.

In the pump vehicle, there are “Arenence Fox fire pump automobile” imported from the United States, “Stutz fire pump automobile”, and “Maxims fire pump automobile.”.In addition, the “Isuzu Mets Ladder Automobile” imported from Germany, the “Benz Mets Sitz Vehicle” and the “Iveco Iveco Magirus Ladder car” imported from Italy are exhibited in the ladder car.

I think it was very convenient to think that the fire fighting activity was conducted by such a fire truck.I can see that there are a lot of equipment in comparison to the old fire cars.

where you can wear a firefighter and take a commemorative photo.

On the third floor of the Fire Museum, you can wear fire engines and take a commemorative photo of the fire engines.The children who are looking for fire fighters are especially very popular, but the fire clothes can be captured by fire fighters, as well as adults.There are 3 types of fire protection clothes, the “Pump unit”, the “Special Fire company” and the “Special Rescue Team”, and the helmet and the helmet.

There is also a picture panel where you can see the appearance of the emergency staff, police and the police and so on.Try various poses and try to enjoy shooting.

Show where you can enjoy the fire from the fire.

On the third floor of the Fire Museum, there is a stage where you can enjoy a series of flow from fire to extinction by using a model or a video.It is a very popular corner where children can learn about the fire extinguishing activity and start of fire extinguishing activities, so it is a very popular corner for children to understand, and it is a very popular corner for children in the 119.

There is also a game corner where you can experience fire fighting activities from the operation of fire engines through the screen.The game points will be stored and the results will be announced at the end of the game as the fire will extinguish the fire.

At each of the points, the Fire Department, Fire Chief, Fire Command, Fire Command, Fire Chief, Fire Station, Fire Marshal, Fire Chief, Fire 司監, Fire Chief, and Fire Department will be awarded.I really want to aim for the fire commissioner.

Museum shop where you can buy souvenirs

On the first basement floor of Fire Museum there is a museum shop where you can find the original goods of the Fire Museum and the disaster prevention goods.In particular, there are a lot of products that are different from those sold on the streets.In particular, there is a so-called “Mutsu Hood” that can run through the smoke for about 3 minutes.

Why don’t you touch the rare disaster prevention goods?

Fire Museum

I have introduced you how to enjoy the Fire Museum. How did you like it?This is a facility where you can learn about fire and disaster prevention and fire prevention, so it’s a facility that you’d love to visit.It is also an empty spot where you can experience various experiences free of charge.

Recently, I often think that there is a disaster and a disaster in Japan and that it is not a matter of course.Please know all about disaster prevention and fire prevention, and try to use it for everyday life.