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20 famous hotels in Ginza area

Ginza is a popular town where many tourists from abroad, as well as tourists from overseas, visit.There are many attractive spots in Ginza, such as luxury brand shops, hot topic commercial facilities, restaurants and sweets, and bakery shops.I would like to introduce you to the recommended hotels in Ginza, the popular town where many people are rushing!Make sure to make use of this product for sightseeing.

Imperial Hotel

Imperial Hotel, a 5 minute walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza Station, is a luxury hotel that represents Japan.This hotel was established in 1890 years ago as a guest house in Japan. It is a long-established hotel that has served as a leading service to the current level.

The museum has a gorgeous and elegant space that gives you a sense of traditional weight.There are fitness centers, indoor pools, saunas, business centers, music rooms, and other facilities dedicated to staying in the hotel, so that you can stay comfortably.

There are also good services such as shopping arcades, wedding chapel, photo studios, day-care centers, and esthetic salons.

There are many restaurants in the Imperial Hotel.There are 13 restaurants and 3 bars, including a French restaurant, a teppanyaki restaurant, a Japanese restaurant, a sushi restaurant, a casual dining room where you can enjoy Chinese food, and a buffet.

You can enjoy alcohol, such as cocktails, at the old Imperial Bar.The best hospitality and service backed by the tradition of Japan’s traditional Japanese cuisine will make it a perfect trip.

Dai-Ichi Hotel Tokyo

“Dai-Ichi Hotel Tokyo” is a hotel with the theme of “Elegance & Excellence” that boasts a gorgeous and elegant look that has a history of over 70 years.

This hotel, located a 1 minute walk from Ginza area, has a spacious modern guest room, fitness center, and an indoor pool.

The interior of the building is full of elegant atmosphere reminiscent of a European residence, and it is full of casual feeling.

The front desk also offers laundry services and newspapers.Room service is available for 24 hours.The guest rooms of the warm carpet floor are made with Simmons’ mattresses, which provide a comfortable sleep.

It is attractive that there are 10 restaurants in the hotel, such as sushi, shabushabu, Japanese cuisine and buffet.

It is a Dai-Ichi Hotel Tokyo that is accessible to Tokyo sightseeing, which is a 20 minute walk to the Imperial palace, and a 2 minute walk to Shinbashi Station.Why don’t you spend an elegant time in a gorgeous hotel in the middle of Tokyo?

Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyobashi

The Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyobashi, a 5 minute walk from Tokyo Station within walking distance from Ginza, is located in a convenient location that offers excellent access to Tokyo sightseeing.

The design concept of “Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyobashi” is “Kyobashi Modern.”.In the past, Kyobashi had an important meaning as the bridge which was the first bridge to cross the road from Nihonbashi to Tokai-do Road.

The hotel respects its history and incorporates the culture of the common people of Edo, and expresses the “essence of Edo” and the “History of Kyobashi” throughout the hotel in modern times.The appearance of the hotel and the art wall at the entrance are based on the image of “Kyobashi Takeru”, one of the ukiyoe “100 views of the famous Edo” by Hiroshige UTAGAWA, and it is expressed in modern times.

The guest rooms are based on the concept of “Kyo-bashi Modern”, extracting elements of “Live,” “Raku,” and “Wa,” and express the simplicity of modern Edo.The simple and elegant guestrooms based on purple 檀色 are very popular among foreigners.

The lounge is a lounge with lobby and restaurant, where you can use the lounge, the lounge, the afternoon tea, and the bar, except for the lounge, where you can use the lounge, which is the lounge of the lounge, and the lounge, where you can use the lounge, the lounge, the lounge, and the bar, for example, in the lobby, where you can use the lounge, the lounge, the lounge, and the bar, with 2 f.

The breakfast is a western-style half buffet style, and the healthy menu “Colorful Deli” which offers special vegetables is prepared daily.The omelet made with carefully selected “locally-grown eggs” is reputed to be superb.If you enter a hotel, you’ll find a non-everyday world surrounded by the elegance of Edo.I’d love to recommend it when I go to Ginza.

The Gate Hotel Tokyo by HULIC

The Gate Hotel Tokyo by HULic “The Gate Hotel Tokyo by the Gate hotel Tokyo by HULLIC, which opened in December 2018, is located near the Ginza station and is within walking distance.” The Gate Hotel Tokyo by HULIC opened in December, “The gate hotel Tokyo by HULIC” is a stylish designer’s hotel that has a nice stylish designer’s interior, and is a stylish designer hotel located in the Hulic square Tokyo.

The attraction of this hotel is a luxurious atmosphere that is not too cozy.The design concept of the hotel is “Hana” and “Chic.”.”Hana” expresses a “new culture” and “iki” expresses a “value that doesn’t change.”.

The lobby lounge of 4 f is decorated with gorgeous chandelier themed on Hanabuki and artwork, and it is very gorgeous and beautiful space.From the lobby lounge, you can overlook the streets of Ginza.

The guest rooms are full of 164 rooms.All 6 types of guest rooms designed based on the image of the elegance and gloss of Ginza are selected with the attention of the Ginza’s sparkling scenery, such as wallpaper, curtains and lighting.On the fourth floor there is a restaurant and a bar, on the thirteenth floor of the top floor there is a Teppanyaki restaurant, and there is a premium lounge, a premium lounge with a panoramic view of Ginza.Also, there is a fitness center on the same floor, so you can move your body.

Please spend a special stay with us in a wonderful space where you can express the “Hana” and “elegance” of Ginza.

Solaria Nishitetsu Hotel Ginza

Located at the back of Ginza’s 4 chome, the Solaria Nishitetsu Hotel Ginza is a guestroom with a calm atmosphere that provides guests with high quality healing and peace of mind.

The concept of “Solaria Nishitetsu Hotel Ginza” is “A hotel that makes you feel one rank higher in every scene.”.The appearance is suitable for hotels located in the first place of Ginza, and has an image design such as a jewelry box and a fabric.

The bathroom space is separated from the washwash and toilet space, and there is a washing place in the bathroom to provide a comfortable space.The guest rooms have a large window, creating a relaxing space so that you can enjoy a sense of openness and view.

This hotel also has a women’s priority room, and is especially popular among women’s guests.It is one of the reasons why it is popular for women to prepare high quality products with special attention to bus amenities.

Breakfast is a buffet style, and the toast offered is purchased from a popular bakery near Yoyogi-koen Station, “365.”.You can also have colorful vegetables.The lunch buffet and the night course are popular.Enjoy the comfort and blissful time in the “Solaria Nishitetsu Hotel Ginza,” in which the bathroom is well known and reputed to be comfortable.

Hotel Ginza Daiei

“Hotel Ginza Daiei” is a convenient hotel located near Ginza Station and Higashi-ginza Station where you can stay at a reasonable price.This hotel is a hotel that is popular not only with business travelers, but also with female customers, as it is available until 24 o’clock, and there are plenty of facilities such as laundromats and microwave ovens.

It is equipped with a LAN environment, and it is equipped with large LCD TVs, VOD, micro-bubble shower, and detai bus amenities. It is a cheap accommodation fee, so you can receive the City hotel class service.

The designer rooms, a stylish design with stylish design and dark brown brown furniture, have a Simmons bed that reduces the burden on your body during sleep.It supports a comfortable sleep.

The hotel Ginza Daiei is attractive as it is located in Ginza and offers a reasonable price for staying overnight.Enjoy your stay at the hotel with the best cost.

Hotel the Celestine Ginza

Opened in the Fall of Ginza in the fall of 2017, “Hotel The Celestine Ginza” is a hotel where visitors can enjoy a quiet stay while still enjoying a quiet stay in Ginza.

The appearance looks like a stone built with a stone built in Ginza.Once you get to the hotel, the atmosphere of the outside will become a quiet atmosphere, and the atmosphere will expand.This hotel is designed with the concept of “gorgeous tranquility”.The lobby has an art wall made of glass and a calm sofa, and it has a modern and chic interior.

The guest rooms are full of 104 rooms with “Super double”, and they are spacious and spacious rooms with full height sashes up to the ceiling.The calm green fabric will heal you as well.

The restaurant located on the top floor is a dining restaurant called GINza CA SITA that is famous for its Aoyama and Azabu number.At dinner, we offer premium Italian cuisine centered around seafood.For breakfast, we have a variety of menu such as an american breakfast style and Japanese set meal.It is also attractive that it is open until 12 o’clock so you can enjoy the slow breakfast.

In “Hotel The Serentine Ginza”, you can enjoy the hospitality that is unique to Japan and the space where you can relax and calm.

Mitsui Garden Hotel Ginza Premier

Located in a 10 minute walk from Ginza area, Mitsui Garden Hotel Ginza Premier is the only tower design hotel in Ginza, where you can enjoy the view and view of the tower.Michelin Guide : This is a popular hotel that will be introduced for 9 consecutive years in Tokyo’s hotel division.

If you get off at a shuttle elevator from the hotel entrance to the lobby floor, the beautiful scenery of Tokyo will expand in front of you in front of the lobby floor of the sixteenth floor.It is a wonderful view that you can also enjoy Mt. Fuji on a sunny day.In the lobby, there is a PC corner that can be used for free, a restaurant “SKY” and a bar “KARIN” where you can enjoy jazz performance.

You can enjoy an excellent view from the window of the guest rooms on the upper floors, and the night view of Tokyo, which has been lit up at night, is wonderful, and you can spend a lot of time with a luxurious time.The air purifier with humidifying function and amenities are great, so it is a good point for women.

The restaurant ` SKY ` s breakfast buffet also offers a great view!There are table seats, relaxed sofa seats, and you can enjoy breakfast while relaxing.The concept of breakfast is based on the concept of “healthy,” and the salad that is colorful with lots of fresh vegetables is especially popular among women.There are only things like bread, sweets, fruits, and scrambled eggs that have been served elegantly.

This is a “Mitsui Garden Hotel Ginza Premier” with a superb view of Michelin.Please enjoy the luxurious time that is unique to Ginza.

Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel Tokyo

The Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel Tokyo, located near the Ginza 4 chome intersection at the heart of Ginza’s bustle, is the luxury hotel in this area.

This hotel is the first hotel in mileniamandocoptonhoteles which has more than 100 hotels in 24 countries in the world. Mitsui Garden Hotels is the first hotel in Japan.You can spend a comfortable stay in a comfortable hotel with a combination of traditional Japanese and modern Japanese cuisine.

The appearance design of this hotel means “weave – weave -“, and it seems to be an image of Ginza’s “history,” “present,” and “the future.”.It expresses the “elegance” of Edo, which is handed down to Ginza, in a modern style.The interior of hotel rooms and other hotels is a stylish, modern and innovative design with a designer CL 3 based in Hong Kong.

The “Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotels” combine the high-class sense of Ginza, the stylish space, and the comfortable functionality.Enjoy a comfortable hotel stay in a luxurious space until you get to your heart.

Candeaux Hotels Tokyo Shimbashi

Opened in January 2018, “Kandebashi hotels Tokyo Shinbashi,” opened in January, 3 minutes away from Shinbashi Kasumori exit, is a popular hotel that has a high reputation for its hotel satisfaction rating.

The interior is a Japanese modern design based on the concept of “Japanese cool design, Japanese cool design.”.The bed is a comfortable Simmons bed, and the window is also equipped with a “Kowake sofa” and it is comfortable to wear.

One of the attractions of “Kandeo Hotels Tokyo Shinbashi” is the “health foods buffet”, which has more than 60 items daily.The various menus are rich in quantity and quality, and they are reputed to be delicious.

In addition, there is a large bath with an open-air bath, a water bath and sauna on the twelfth floor of the top floor, so you can enjoy a comfortable stay.There are a lot of chic and stylish interior powder rooms available for women.The “Kandeo Hotels Tokyo Shinbashi”, which is a luxurious feeling that doesn’t seem to be a business hotel, is convenient for transportation access, and is recommended for sightseeing in Tokyo.

Daiwa Roynet Hotel Ginza

“Daiwa Roynet Hotel Ginza” opened in December 2015 in a 1 minute walk from Ginza-itchome Station.This hotel with a concept of “Cool and grown-up Tokyo stay” is a city hotel recommended for a wide variety of applications from business stay to sightseeing.

The entrance lobby with a cool and luxurious marble arrangement is equipped with automatic fare adjustment machines, and the guest rooms are equipped with free rental smartphones, providing the latest facilities.

The guest rooms with a total of 270 rooms have a stylish and functional design.All rooms are equipped with separate bath and toilet.The bed has a reliable brand FRANCEBED, equipped with humidifying air purifiers, Troby presses, and support for staying at a comfortable hotel.

The restaurant in Hotel 2 f is famous for its famous Italian “Ginza the Kitchen Salvatore” which is famous for its pizza that has become the world’s No. 1. It is available for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as bar bars.”Daiwa Roynet Hotel Ginza” is a recommended hotel that can stay at a reasonable price even though it is located in the first place of Ginza, and is well known for its service.

Hotel Intergate Tokyo Kyobashi

“Hotel Intergate Tokyo Kyobashi” opened in April 2018 in a 10 minute walk from Ginza-itchome.The interior of the hotel has a design motif of Edo Kiriko, a traditional craft of Tokyo, as a design motif with a motif of Edo kiriko as a motif of the Edo kiriko, and it creates a space where you can feel the elements of Japanese harmony in the modern interior.

The guest rooms have an original mattress of a high quality hotel that was jointly developed with Simmons bed on all beds, so they are comfortable to sleep.

The guest rooms also have a plasma cluster humidifier and air purifier and a free rental smartphone, handy, which provides free internet access and support for a comfortable hotel stay.You can borrow a bed, a thermometer, an ice pillow, and so on, and you’ll be relieved with your family as well.

At the hotel lounge, you can enjoy soft drinks such as coffee and juice at any time.At this hotel, we also offer free honey buffet, waffles, bread and fruits for free from 15 to 21 o’clock in the check-in time.

In addition, you can also enjoy wine, alcohol and Ochazuke buffet for free by time.The Hotel Intergate Tokyo Kyobashi offers a stylish and comfortable guest room and a number of happy services.The location is excellent, so please use it for sightseeing in Tokyo.

Hotel Muse Ginza Meitetsu

“Hotel Muse Ginza Meitetsu” opened in March 2018 in Ginza 4 chome is a hotel with a new brand called Meitetsu Inn.”Hotel Muse Ginza Meitetsu” is the concept of “a hotel with a wide variety of sensibilities.”.

We are aiming to become a hotel that serves as a space for a wide range of lifestyles and objectives, targeting a wide range of needs, including business guests and tourists from overseas, as well as guests from overseas.

“Musse (MUSSE)” is a coined word that means the meaning of use and Essence (important elements).The guest rooms are equipped with a connecting room where you can stay up to 4 people from a single stay, and on the top floor there is also a guest room with a balcony with a peek at Tokyo Tower.

Except for some rooms, the entire guest rooms have a bed of the British Royal Family.It is a separate bath and toilet, providing a comfortable stay.

It is attractive that there is a women-only floor with women only, and there is a women-only floor for women only.Please spend a pleasant trip to the Hotel Muse Ginza Meitetsu Ginza Meitetsu Ginza Meitetsu in order to meet the various uses of the hotel.

Tokyu Stay Ginza

“Tokyu Stay Ginza” is a good location that is a 3 minute walk from Ginza Station and a good location in Ginza 4 chome.A big feature of this hotel is that many guest rooms have washing dryers and mini kitchens, and it is also suitable for a long time to stay in a business trip or training, a long trip, a long trip, etc.

All 191 guest rooms have a microwave, so not only are guests staying overnight, they are attractive points for guests staying overnight as well.The laundry dryer is complete with 165 rooms, and the residential double room with 26 rooms has a mini kitchen, so it is a very helpful hotel for guests who want to use it over a long period of time.

All rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi, and the bath amenity is full, so it is attractive that it has a separate bath and a separate bath and toilet.When you stay in a hotel for a long time, the sleeping comfort of bed is important, but this hotel’s bed size also has a width of 1.4 meters and a 15 square meter area with the largest number of rooms.

The 51 rooms have a 1.6 m width with a width of 18 square meters.It will be a spacious bed and put it in a comfortable sleep.

Keio Presso Inn Tokyo Station Yaesu

Keio Presso Inn Tokyo Station Yaesu is located a 3 minute walk from the JR Tokyo Central Exit.It is a hotel that is very convenient for business and sightseeing as it has excellent access to terminal stations and airports.

A double bed with a double bed of 140 cm width is adopted by all rooms overlooking a twin room.In the theme of “Healing”, the guest rooms are coordinated with 3 colors : “Cure Blue”, “Cure Brown” and “Healing Green”.

The free breakfast service is popular with “self-sandwich style” where you can sandwich salad with English muffins.We offer rice balls that are good for the Japanese cuisine, as well as scrambled eggs and yogurt.

This hotel offers a comfortable fit for a wide variety of uses, as it offers free internet, Wi-Fi and services such as laundry facilities and dry cleaning.

Hotel Sunroute Ginza

The Hotel Sunroute Ginza, located in Ginza Internet 1-chome, is a hotel that combines the latest facilities and stylish designs.All 165 rooms are equipped with a secure card key system and a state-of-the-art security knob, so women’s lodging is safe.

The museum has a novel design with a theme of Japanese style, with a theme of high karakara in Ginza.The guest rooms have a large window, an oval bath tub and a unit bath with a window, providing a comfortable space.All rooms also have Simmons’ beds, and support for a comfortable sleep.The air purifier with humidification function is fully equipped with all rooms.

In the Italian restaurant “VILLAZZA Daue” which is attached to the Hotel 1 f, you can also find buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner, and Italian cuisine with creative menu at lunch time and dinner time.Enjoy your comfortable time at Hotel Sunroute Ginza, a comfortable and comfortable hotel.

Hotel Monterey La Sur Ginza

Located only 1 minutes’ walk from Ginza-itchome Station, “Hotel Monterey la Scheer Ginza” is a traditional European culture that offers a variety of traditional European culture and lifestyle that is nurtured in European culture.

The elevators and the furnishings in the lobby have a chic atmosphere.The elegant and elegant guest rooms reminiscent of Parisians in Paris are very stylish, with mint green as the theme.The striped curtain and pastel colored walls give you a classic atmosphere, so you can feel the feeling as if you’re staying in Paris.

The restaurant “San Michele” that is attached to the hotel has a glass terrace, and the sun’s sunshine is comfortable and quiet, so it has a bright and calm atmosphere.I can give you a delicious Italian dish with a lot of handmade taste.Each of the interior is a stylish design, so you can spend time with your heart.

Urashima Kan

The Urashima Pavilion, a 2 minute walk from the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Kyobashi Station, is a good business hotel that allows you to stay at a reasonable price at a reasonable price.

This hotel does not have breakfast and dinner, but it is recommended for those who are looking for a hotel that can stay at a hotel close to Tokyo station, walk within walking distance from Ginza area, and stay at a hotel near the station, for a reasonable price, and stay at the hotel for a reasonable price of about 600 meters.There is a single room for single rooms, and a Japanese-style room for the group.It can be used for a wide range of purposes, from business to sightseeing.

“Urashima Pavilion” opened in 1972, “Urashima Kan” offers a nostalgic atmosphere of the Showa retro atmosphere.Why don’t you spend a night in Tokyo at a good Japanese business hotel?

Sotetsu Inn Ginza 3 chome

Sotetsu Inn Ginza 3 chome, a 3 minute walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza-itchome Station, is a convenient hotel that is convenient for business trips, as well as Kabukiza and Tokyo International Forum within walking distance.

All rooms have 147 rooms, and all rooms have contactless IC card keys to ensure security.It is equipped with a large TV with a size of more than 32 inches, Wi-Fi and air purifiers with humidifier, and supports a comfortable hotel stay.

In the restaurant “Yamalaugh Ginza Ginza 3 chome”, you can also serve delicious Japanese cuisine such as shabu-shabu and set meals.The “Sotetsu Inn Ginza 3 Chome”, located in the center of Ginza, has excellent access to all the Tokyo metropolitan areas, so it is a nice point that you can stay at a reasonable price at a reasonable price.Enjoy relaxing time in a comfortable and comfortable room.


The Ginza area has a luxurious luxury brand shop, and there are many famous shopping spots and gourmet spots, and it is a sightseeing spot where many people come from and around Japan.I have introduced some recommended hotels in the Ginza area. How did you like it?

The Ginza area offers a lot of unique hotels, from hotels where you can stay at a reasonable price from a hotel that offers a rich hospitality and services, to a hotel where you can stay at a reasonable price.Choose a hotel that matches your travel objectives from the business and spend a great time on your trip.