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How to enjoy The charm of Haiyuza Theater

“Roppongi,” the most fashionable town in the world.In Roppongi, which attracts us, there is a long-established private theater called Haiyuza Theater that has a long history.

“Haiyuza Theater” is a theater that was opened to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the theater troupe.In the theater where the sense of unity between the audience and the stage is created, theatrical productions, such as its own production performance, are performed, and various stages, such as theater performances and modern dramas, can be enjoyed by actors other than the theater troupe.

In this article, I’ll introduce you to the appeal of Haiyuza Theater, which has a sense of history, so if you haven’t visited the Haiyuza Theater yet, please try to see it.

Attractiveness of Haiyuza Theater and Basic Information

Do you know there are about 200 theaters and halls in Tokyo, including Shinjuku, which has the largest number of theaters?There are some performances in there every day.Tokyo can be said to be one of the world’s leading theater cities.

Haiyuza Theater, which has a history of more than 60 years, has created a stage performing arts and culture centered around modern theater.
The popular “Haiyuza Theater” is popular every day.The actor’s performance in the real sense of reality is different from the actor’s performance on TV, and he continues to fascinate us.

Attractiveness “Haiyuza Theater”

It is the charm of “Haiyuza Theater” that you can see many different actors close to each other.

It depends on the position of the seats, but it’s difficult to find out how to breathe and look at the details of the actors on a large big stage.At the “Haiyuza Theater” theater, you can enjoy the theater while paying attention to the expression of the expressive actors.If you can sit in the previous seat, please try to breathe and feel body temperature.

Before the actors stand on the stage, they have a lot of training, such as training to train their expressive skills and voice training using abdominal breathing to give a strong voice.They show us the best performance in the best condition.It’s nice to hear the real reaction of the customers to the actor’s side.

A place where a sense of unity between the audience and the stage is born.This is the biggest attraction of “Haiyuza Theater.”.Why don’t you try a powerful stage performance at a distance from the customer seats to the stage?

Basic information for Haiyuza Theater

Founded more than 60 years ago as a place to create modern theater, “Haiyuza Theater” was rebuilt in 1980 years ago and has been actively carrying out performances by various theatrical companies and production groups, and is gaining support from many theater fans, including the senior generation.

The popular comic performance of the popular entertainers is popular every year, and it is scheduled to be held in April this year.Live viewing, which is broadcast live from Haiyuza Theater to the movie theater, is also decided, and many people look forward to the fun time at the theater.I understand that Haiyuza Theater is a theater that is popular among many fans from the young generation to the senior generation.

Address : 4-9-2 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106 – 0032 Tokyo
Phone number : 03 – 3470 – 2880 (Haiyuza Theater)
Official homepage : http://www.haiyuzagekijou.co.jp/

The history of “Haiyuza Theater”

The Haiyuza Theatre Company, formed by 10 people in 1944, has been leading the revival of the theater during the post-World War II chaos for 6 years after the end of the World War. 1939.During the post-war period, the traditional values, moral consciousness, and customs are destroyed.In Japan, the people who have been trying to achieve a high ideals and want to pursue the right path.I wonder if there were some difficulties that we couldn’t imagine.

So I’ll introduce some of the “Performance Work” that was performed in the past in Haiyuza Theater.Let’s look at the works that are currently being performed.

Past Work (2016)

  • “Sniper – Dead Metaphor” Canada and one town in Canada
  • The living room in the house of the “castle,” the living room of the family of the family of the “Castle” – the high density conversation drama
  • of the 5 characters

Past Work (2017)

  • “I am sick,” a house in Paris, France in Paris, seventeenth century is a satirical comedy comedy
  • “Sea Irregularity” – Tokyo in the 1980 s – The People’s conflict and the turning
  • of the problem of the problem of the problem of the air pollution.

Past Work (2018)

  • “Always I Remember You” 1923 : The Great Kanto earthquake – The story
  • started from the beginning of the following year.

  • The tale
  • that looks at the distance of the life of the unnecked mantis

Public Works (2019)

Schedule : March 15 – March 31, 2019 (less seats)

  • “Red sunset like blood” Manchuria north and the Soviet Union’s border with the Soviet Union is not far away.

Haiyuza Theater capacity, floor

The Haiyuza Theater floor, founded in 1954, is located on the first floor, and is a small theater with 300 seats in the floor. 1954.The current maximum number of people who were rebuilt in 1980 was 300, so I would like to ensure that the performance I am concerned about is early before the ticket is sold out.

Haiyuza Theater Seat Table : http://www.haiyuzagekijou.co.jp/

“Haiyuza Theater” operating hours

The business hours in Haiyuza Theater are as follows.Please be aware that weekends and holidays are faster than weekdays on weekends and holidays.

  • 11:00 to 19:00 (Saturday and Sunday, national holidays, 11:00 to 18:00)

Access parking lot in Haiyuza Theater

If you are visiting by train, it is a 1 minute walk from the exit 6 of the Toei-Oedo Line Roppongi Station or from the 4 a exit of the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Roppongi Station.

If you are visiting by Toei Bus from Shibuya, take the ⾞ to the “Tokyo 01 (Shimbashi Eki-eki)” or “Astringency 88 (Shimbashi Eki-eki)” bus stop, and it is a 3 minute walk to the ⾞ under the “6 ⽊ Ekimae” bus stop.However, “To Roppongi Hills” of “Tokyo 01” does not stop at “Roppongi Station”, so please be careful when you get on board.

There is no parking for the Haiyuza Theater.If you’re going out by car, use the nearest parking lot.In this article, I’ll introduce you to a parking lot that can be parked with peace of mind, so please take a look at it.This reserved parking lot is located about 190 m (about 3 minutes’ walk) to Haiyuza Theater.

Address : 14-4, Roppongi 7 Chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106 – 0032
Parking name : [Reservation system] EPARK Parking Lot Trust Holdings Rem Roppongi Building
Phone number : 050 – 5306 – 0230
Available time : 8 : 00 to 23:00
Maximum price : (Web reservation parking fee) Full day : Maximum price : 2,500 yen
Closed holidays : No holidays
Credit card : available
Homepage : https://parking.epark.jp/service/

How to purchase Haiyuza Theater and ticket tickets

The ticket price of Haiyuza Theater depends on the contents of the performance.For purchase of advance tickets, please contact each organization.

* You can buy advance tickets in Haiyuza Theater only by “Haiyuza Theater production”.

Contact : 03 – 3470 – 2880 (Haiyuza Theater)
Theater Schedule : http://www.haiyuzagekijou.co.jp/schedule/

You can buy tickets for Haiyuza Theater by Ticket Pia, Lawson Ticket, Eplus and so on.

Ticket Pia : https://t.pia.jp/
LAWSON TICKET : https://l-tike.com/
Eplus : https://eplus.jp/

Leaflet Haiyuza Theater

In Haiyuza Theater, you can request a “leaflet” to put in the lobby.The leaflets that are not performed in Haiyuza Theater, the posters, the postcards, the irregular flyers, the discount coupons, the discount coupons, the discount tickets, etc. are excluded, and the leaflets that are covered with the discount coupons are not covered.If you are asking, you need to make a phone call in advance.(Haiyuza Theater : 03 – 3470 – 2880)

Possible Number of Allowed

  • Theater performance, dance performance, and other performances : 50 tickets
  • Performance performed at the Theater Theater Association : 100 tickets

The Nakatheater Association’s theater consists of 11 theaters : Kinokuniya Hall Kiiokuniya Southern Theater TAKATA, Emperor’s State Galaxy Theater Sunshine Theatre, Haiyuza Theater, Hakuzai Theater, Honda Theater, Mitsukoshi Theater, Bankamura Theatre Cocoon, Theater Sunmall, Theater X (Kai) and other theaters.


This time I introduced you to the attraction of Haiyuza Theater, which has a sense of history.How was it?In addition to the “Troupe of actors,” there are many theatrical companies in Japan, including “Bungakuza,” “Youth Theater,” “Takarazuka Revue” and “Shiki Shiki.” However, “Haiyuza Theatre Company” is also focusing on the development of new writers, directors and actors while inheriting legacy and precious traditions left by the predecessors.

“Actor’s seat” is trying to create a “vibrant new talent” that is responsible for the theater company.The theater company, which aims to restore literature with a view to the next generation, is also a big attraction.

If you haven’t visited Haiyuza Theater yet, why don’t you try to visit this article by looking at this article?