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How to enjoy hedgehog cafe “HARRY” in Roppongi

The first hedgehog cafe in Tokyo, the world’s first hedgehog cafe, is a cafe where you can interact with hedgehogs in the world’s first 5 stores.It seems very difficult to find hedgehogs and their bodies, but it seems to be dangerous, but the number of people who keep them as a pet is very pretty, and the number of people who keep pets as a pet is increasing.

It depends on the Hedgehog cafe, but it is possible to interact with other small animals such as hamsters, chinchilla, meerkat and so on.Why don’t you try the best time surrounded by small animals?

“Hallrat Cafe Harry” Appeal

Hedgehogs are said to be cowardly animals, but Harry have many friendly hedgehogs.It will be healed by the hedgehogs who freely act in the basket, and they will forget their time.It is adorable to eat food that eats food too much.The pattern and character of the body are different, so no matter which child you look at, you won’t get tired of it any more than every 1 animals.

Now I’ll introduce you to the fascination of hedgehogs in Harmouse cafe, a hedgehog cafe.

The appearance of moko is just cute

The back is covered with hard spines, and when he gets angry, he makes a big bump, threatening him, but usually it is very sticky and he is very adorable.The hair in the abdomen is fluffy, and I can’t find the belly in my stomach, especially when I hold it.

The character is different among the hedgehogs, and some of the children who run around in the naughty way, while others are curled and sleeping alone.It is sure to be healed with hedgehogs that show you a lot of different styles.

Size on the palm of the hand

Hedgehogs in HARRY are palm-sized children.The round round look is very cute on the palm of my hand.Some of them are big sized hedgehogs, and may they not fit in one hand?

The tips of the way of holding it doesn’t hurt when it is conscious of the direction in which the spines are asleep.

Some hedgehogs like to put their backs on their backs.There are some children who fall asleep with the feeling of being sleepy, and some children who stretch their body.When you come to a hedgehog cafe, try to gently rub the back of the hedgehog.

If you are lucky, you can see the way around the wheel.

Hedgehogs have a habit resembling hamsters, like those that are nocturnal and like narrow areas.Therefore, when you come to Harry during the day, there are many children who are asleep, but some of them are actively moving, some of them are moving their wheels energetically, and some are turning their wheels energetically.If I’m lucky, I can see the hedgehog that is turning the wheel, right?

The swoosh sensation of the sleeping face is amazing

There are various types of sleep in the exhibition case.Each character has its own individuality, such as a baby lying in bed, or a child lying on top of a hedgehog.Also, there are some children who are holding their arms, or who fall asleep as they are.It is usually a hedgehog that is curled and sleeps, but some children who stretch their body and sleep well are sure to heal.

Basic information of Harmouse Cafe HARRY

In Harmouse Cafe in Roppongi, there is a small animal cafe like a Usagiya prairie cafe in addition to hedgehogs.Please be sure to heal the cuteness of small animals.

In HARRY, you can drink drinks self-service.It is ok to bring it, so why don’t you bring your favorite drink to a hedgehog cafe?However, alcohol and food are prohibited.

Children under the age of 12 can visit the store with their parents with their parents.Hedgehogs in HARRY have children with a gentle child and children, so try to be careful not to get hurt.

Harry also sells hedgehogs.Why don’t you try to pick him up and pick him up at home?

Harmouse Cafe HARRY
Address : 6-7-2 IWAHORI Bldg. 2 f, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106 – 0032, Tokyo
Phone number : 03 – 3404 – 8100

Access parking lot at Harmouse Cafe HARRY, parking

It is a 1 minute walk from the station, so it is convenient to access by train.When you come by car, I recommend you to use the nearby parking lot.Let’s know the parking lot within walking distance.

Access method access to Harmouse cafe [HARRY]

Access by train
1 minute walk from the exit number 3 of Hibiya Line from Roppongi Station.

Access by car

Route 3 / Route 3
302 – Shibuya is about 3 km away from the direction of Roppongi / Minami Aoyama.

Harmouse Cafe “HARRY” parking Lot

Parking / Fee 100 m parking / fee

Ecology Park Roppongi fifth
Distance to HARRY : 34 m
Price : 0 : 00 to 24:00 20 minutes / 300 yen
Maximum price : 6 : 00 to 19:00 / 2,800 yen
Day and holiday : Up to 1.800 yen up to 24 hours from the store.
Maximum night rate : 19:00 to 6:00 / 1,000 yen
Roppongi Piraradedevil parking lot
Distance to HARRY : 48 m
Price : 30 minutes 350 yen a day
Maximum price : 7:00 to 19:00 / 3.000 yen
19:00 – 7:00 / 2,500 yen
Roppongi 6 chome second
Distance to HARRY : 92 m
Price : Full day 0:00 – 24:00 20 minutes / 300 yen
Paracara Roppongi seventh
Distance to HARRY : 93 m
Price : 12 minutes / 300 yen / day
Monthly : Up to 2,800 yen for 12 hours
Day and holiday : Up to 3,000 yen

“Harmouse Cafe HARRY” operating hours

There is no fixed holiday, and anyone can come to the store during business hours.However, HARRY is a popular restaurant every day, so I recommend you to make a reservation on weekends and holidays.HARRY’s HP has a reservation calendar, so you can see the availability, so please take a look at it.By the way, in the evening of the week, it is possible to put it in the store so that customers can calm down.

Operating Hours

  • Weekdays, Saturdays and Sundays : 11 : 00 to 19:00

Harmouse Cafe HARRY’s use

Harry also sells a wide variety of hedgehogs and supplies.Why don’t you try to touch harrats with Harmice 1 degrees when you’re thinking about getting a pet as a pet as well as getting healed at a Hedgehog cafe?Do you have a chance to meet a hedgehog who is a family?

Main usage fee

  • Basic charge : 30 minute / 1400 yen
  • For snack set : 30 minute / 1,630 yen
  • Snack : 540 yen
  • Extended fee : 1,400 yen


In Harmouse Cafe Harry, you can contact with 10 of hedgehogs.It is a cafe where you can experience valuable experiences such as the character, individuality, patterns and colors differ, and some of the rare breeds of hedgehogs are rare.When buying hedgehogs, after-sales service is good, so you can pick them up with peace of mind.

You’ll be soothed with the hedgehogs that don’t have a chance to interact with you.Please try to carry your foot 1 degrees.The cute hedgehog is waiting for you.