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How to Enjoy HOBBY CENTER KATO Tokyo

Do you know “HOBBY CENTER KATO Tokyo” located in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo?”KATO” is a railway model company that has been building models for 40 years, so you can see various models at a wide showroom and a store, and you can see a wide variety of model models and a giant diorama.

This article was renovated and reopened in 2014. It will introduce many railway fans, and will introduce you to the attraction of HOBBY CENTER KATO Tokyo, a popular place called “Holy Land”.Please make sure to use it as a reference when you go out.

Basic information about HOBBY CENTER KATO Tokyo

What is the “HOBBY CENTER KATO Tokyo” that is also known as the “holy land” among the model fans and the place where they rest?

I would like to introduce you to the basic information about “HOBBY CENTER KATO Tokyo”.Please check it before you go out.


“HOBBY CENTER KATO Tokyo” is a showroom and shop of a model sales company, “KATO.”.It is known for its name “hobbsen,” and there are shops in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo and Kyoto City, Kyoto city.

The fun and attractiveness of railway models are introduced by various exhibits, and the popularization and development of railway models are being introduced. The company’s 1 f and 2 f offices are the “HOBBY CENTER KATO Tokyo”.1 f has a powerful giant diorama, and behind it is a corner with a precious model that is irresistible to a railway fan.

Also there is a shop where you can find a model of the railway model, a model of the railway model, and a book related to the model.

2 f also has a driving experience corner, so you can bring your own collection.Also, there is a painting and working corner and a service counter, and at the service counter, you can receive a variety of questions and ask for a variety of questions.

At the event space and event hall, there are various events, such as a new product explanatory meeting for the sales outlets, events for the general public, layout creation classrooms, and other events, as well as various events such as layout creation classes in the event hall and event hall in hovisenfestival.This is a great spot for railway fans.

Access Parking lots, parking lots, and nearest stations

I would like to introduce you to the HOBBY CENTER KATO Tokyo.Please use it as a reference to go out.
Use the train
5 minute walk from Ochiai-minami-nagasaki Station on the Oedo Subway Oedo Line.

Parking is available.Parking is available for 15 cars.

HOBBY CENTER KATO Tokyo Business Hours and Rates

● Opening hours and fees

  • Opening hours : Weekdays 11 ~ 20 Saturdays, holidays 10 ~ 19
  • Closed day : Year-End and New Year holidays (12/30 ~ 1/2)
  • Admission : Free

Appeal to HOBBY CENTER KATO Tokyo and How to

“HOBBY CENTER KATO Tokyo” can fully enjoy the appeal of a model of railway.

As a specialty store specializing in railway models, this shop boasts not only the largest floor space in Japan, but also exhibits many models of domestic and foreign railway models and related products. It also offers a wide range of railway models, including a large diorama, a driving experience, and a railway DVD, as well as a variety of related products, including the repair of trains.

This is a popular spot where many fans are sure to satisfy a lot of fans from a model of a train to a veteran.I will introduce you about the charm of “HOBBY CENTER KATO Tokyo” and the way to enjoy it.Please use it as a reference when you go out.

Giant diorama

One of the big attractions that cannot be missed by “HOBBY CENTER KATO Tokyo” is the “giant diorama,” which is located at the first floor.
It is a great exhibition that the model fan of the railway model fans are surprised, and the people who are not so surprised to be surprised by the exhibits.The diorama that comes into sight soon after entering the store is an N scale with a realistic and long line length, a giant diorama of the HO gauge.

This giant diorama can be said to be a powerful and delicate art work.Under the ground, there is a subway, and there is a miniature signboard designed by a real signboard designer designer, and it has a very elaborate design.

Originally, it is a diorama made for the travel exhibition of the product, but the scene that was made according to the model of the railway is very detailed and comfortable!When I look carefully, I feel like I have entered the world of diorama.

There are various scenes, such as the “Near Future Area, the Old city area, the old town and the World Heritage Site (Shirakawa-go),” and you can enjoy various scenes.

It is recommended that you look up at the point of view and look up and look up the diorama, so the viewing angle is different, so it is recommended to look at it.There is a stool, so you can enjoy it with small children too.As it is possible to take pictures, look at a diorama from a variety of viewpoints and find your favorite place and put it in the photo.

You can look down the stairs to the 2 f that leads directly above the diorama, and you can look down on the giant diorama of 1 f from above, and it is a spectacular view from here.The stairs have a glass fence, so you can look down on the low children, and you can enjoy them like adults.

Monument at the Entrance

Do you know there is a nice art work at the entrance to HOBBY CENTER KATO Tokyo?This is a monument called “Flying! Cato!”.
The author was the president of Tokyo University of Technology and the Ryohei Miyata who made the “Silver Bell” at Tokyo Station.This monument is a work made by arranging a series of dolphins, which is said to be a symbol of friendship and a symbol of friendship, and it was made to pray for the development and popularization of a model of railway and the connection between the same lovers.The excitement of entering the shop increases when you get welcomed by a wonderful monument with a sense of dynamism.

Exhibition Corner of Treasure Model

In the “Collection Exhibition Corner” behind the giant diorama in 1 f, many valuable models of railway models are now on display.This is a treasure corner where you can see the precious old products of KATO, who has been making a model of trains for 40 years.

You can learn from many valuable exhibits of how models have evolved over history.Enjoy the wonderful collection of valuable collections from the model fans.

Operating Experience Corner

At the “Driving Experience Corner” at the “HOBBY CENTER KATO Tokyo” 2 f, you can experience N scale operation with a large diorama.

If you purchase at a sales corner of 500 yen (including tax) at a sales corner of 1 f, you can issue a driver’s license at the driving experience corner at the cash register, so you can drive the driver’s ticket at the operating experience corner of 2 f, so you can experience the driving experience.

In the case of a large diorama, you can also bring your own car, but you can also rent a car from the shop.You can choose from several types of cars, so please choose your favorite car and enjoy the N scale world.

Even those who have never run a gauge can tell you how to handle the model or use the controller, so you can experience the driving experience with peace of mind.The operating experience time is 25 minutes for 20 minutes of driving time and 5 minutes of cleaning.

If you experience the operation of N scale, you will definitely be hooked on the model of the railway model.The experience of driving a model train from children to adults is a corner where you’d love to experience when visiting HOBBY CENTER KATO Tokyo.

Painting and Working Corner

There is also a “painting and working corner” that anyone can use at the “HOBBY CENTER KATO Tokyo” 2 f.In this event, you can learn about diorama production techniques that are not taught elsewhere, such as the diorama workshop, which is scheduled to be held every month.

At the workshop, you can learn techniques while experiencing themes such as “roads” and “rivers.”.Of course, the work at the workshop can be brought back.Full-scale
This product is very recommended for those who want to wear the technology.

Where you can purchase a model of the train

In the showroom 1 f, HOBBY CENTER KATO Tokyo has a sales corner for the largest model of railway models in Japan.These models sell a model of a railway model called “N Scale” which is a scale of about 1 150, and they have a wide range of products from Kato’s own products to regular imports.

I recommend a starter kit for those who want to challenge a train model from now on.It comes with a set of vehicles and controllers, so beginners can easily start up.

Besides the N scale, it also sells a large model of HO gauge, as well as a number of parts that are not amenable to the production of dioramas, such as the home, the people, the trees, the animals, and the animals, called the structure.All of them are elaborately made up to fine parts, and they don’t get tired even if you look at them.

In addition, there are also goods and DVDs related to diorama related books and railways, and it is a shop that is irresistible to railway fans.Please find your favorite items.


I have introduced you about the appeal and enjoyment of HOBBY CENTER KATO Tokyo in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo. How did you like it?
“HOBBY CENTER KATO Tokyo” is a direct store of “KATO”, a model manufacturer of railway models. It is an excellent spot for railway fans to have a full-scale model of trains, a huge diorama, exhibition of valuable model collections, and a diorama that can be used as a driving experience.

With the renovation in 2014, there is a lot of work in the works that children and adults can enjoy, regardless of whether they are old or female!This is a recommended spot that you can enjoy without getting tired of the model or the people who are familiar with the railway model.Why don’t we go out to the world of model models?