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The charm of “Hotaruna” and “Himiko” of water buses around Asakusa and Odaiba.

“Hotaruna” and “Himiko” are a water bus designed by a famous writer, Professor Matsumoto, who is famous for his GALAXY EXPRESS 999, and can tour around Odaiba, Asakusa and Toyosu, etc.Please use the “Hotaruna” and “Himiko”, which you can enjoy only as a means of transportation, in Asakusa sightseeing, Odaiba date, and so on.

What is the

Hotaruna and Himiko?

“Hotaruna” and “Himiko” are the water buses that travel around Asakusa, Odaiba, Toyosu and Hinode.Leiji Matsumoto, the author of “GALAXY EXPRESS 999,” which is popular among adults and children, is designed by the author, and is characterized by an advanced design such as a spaceship.In order to be able to enjoy the fans of the work, there are characters everywhere in the ship, so it is possible to enjoy not only the cruise around Tokyo Bay, but also the water bus that can be enjoyed by the fans.

Hotaruna Appeal

The “Hotaruna” is characterized by its silver metallic streamlined design, so you can enjoy the feeling of getting into a spaceship as if you’re riding on board.The ship is spacious, so the inside of the ship that is lit up at night time is very romantic, so it is recommended to use it as a means of travel.

We go around the sunrise pier and Odaiba from Asakusa.After enjoying Asakusa’s sightseeing in Asakusa, you can take a bath at the Ooedo-Onsen-Monogatari in Odaiba.

where you can view the scenery of the city from the deck deck.
The main attraction of the Hotaruna is the deck deck.From the spacious deck, you can enjoy the scenery of the town from the river.The breeze blowing comfortably is very pleasant, and the experience of enjoying the beautiful night view of the beautiful river Saidotaun at night will be a great memory.

Limited menu and other light meals

As there are only a limited number of time for a cafe break, it is possible to make a cafe rest time for a cafe, a cocktail, an alcohol free drink, and so on.You may get tired of enjoying the outside scenery all the time, so enjoy the water-bus cruise while enjoying a limited menu on the ship.

Available for parties
The ship can be rented at the time of 17:00 to 21:30 and can be used for parties, so you can enjoy the beautiful night view of Tokyo.We have plenty of dinner buffet and party plans, so I hope you’ll be able to discuss it with us.

Himiko Appeal

“Himiko” is a water bus that goes around Toyosu and Odaiba, and the design made with a tearful drop of tears is very popular among children, and it is recommended for families.The inside of the ferry is spacious and there is a table on the left and right, and a deck bench is provided on the rear.Although there is no deck deck, it is made of glass, so you can enjoy the scenery around Tokyo Bay while sitting in the table.

You can see the characters of “GALAXY EXPRESS 999”!

It is also a good water bus for fans of the works, so it is good for a commemorative photo as it stands with signs such as the popular character “Maetel” on the inside of the ship.Also, the onboard broadcast is made by the voice of the character, so you can enjoy the feeling that you are traveling together.

The operation course around Sumida River has beautiful scenery

The course of the course that runs the Sumida river is very nice because the scenery on both sides is very nice.In spring, you can enjoy cherry blossoms in full bloom, and in summer it is possible to watch fireworks in the summer season.The view of the town from the river is fresh, and it gives you a sense of excitement as if you were looking for a new town.

How to get tickets for Hotaruna and Himiko and the fare, and the boarding location

You can buy tickets at the ticket office near each boarding place, but if you want to make a reservation at the popular season or event cruise, you’ll be relieved if you make a reservation in advance, in advance, in the Hotaruna and Himiko.You can make a reservation for tickets from the website of “TOKYO CRUISE”, which is an operating company, so please check it out.

Ticket reservations are


Asakusa is on board a 1 minute walk from Asakusa Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line.It’s next to Azuma Bridge and the exit number 4 and exit 5 are the closest.The main building of the Asahi Group head office, which is famous for the bubble of beer, is located on the opposite side of the river.

Himiko rate list
  • For Odaiba Seaside Park : 1,560 yen (930 yen for children), 50 minutes
  • for the required time.

  • : 2,040 yen for Toyosu (1,170 yen for children), 70 minutes for required time
Hotaruna rate list
  • For Odaiba Seaside Park : 1,560 yen (930 yen for children), 60 minutes
  • for the required time.

  • Hinode : 1,080 yen (690 yen for children), 40 minutes

Hinode Pier

Hinode Pier is close to the’ Sunrise’ station of Yurikamome, and the JR’ Hamamatsu-cho’ station is within walking distance.Famous sightseeing spots such as Tokyo Tower and Zojoji are nearby, and the pier is also a night spot where you can enjoy a beautiful night view at night, so it is recommended to use it on a date.

Hotaruna rate list
  • For Odaiba Seaside Park : 780 yen (540 yen for children), 20 minutes
  • for the required time.

  • : 1,080 yen for Asakusa (690 yen for children), 40 minutes for required time

Odaiba Kaihin Park

On board of Odaiba Kaihin Park, the Daiba Station and Yurikamome Odaiba-kaihinkoen Station are close to each other in. Rinkai Line.The statue of Liberty and the beach are close to the beautiful Odaiba Seaside Park, so it is a perfect place to start sightseeing in Odaiba immediately after going to the boat.The evening time can also be enjoyed by a beautiful rainbow bridge, so it is recommended to use it on a date.

Himiko rate list
  • : 1,560 yen for Asakusa (930 yen for children), 60 minutes for required time
  • : 780 yen for Toyosu (540 yen for children), 20 minutes for required time
Hotaruna rate list
  • Hinode : 780 yen (540 yen for children), 20 minutes
  • : 1,560 yen for Asakusa (930 yen for children), 60 minutes for required time


The boarding place of Toyosu is located near the courtyard of Laladoya and Toyosu and near the monument of Kujira.It is located near the spring, where you can enjoy the beautiful nature, and the Toyosu Park is nearby, so you can enjoy leisure and movies, lunch and lunch, so you can spend a lot of time in the boat, even if you have a lot of time to go.

Himiko rate list
  • : 1,080 yen for Asakusa (690 yen for children), 40 minutes for required time

How to enjoy the Odaiba, Asakusa and Toyosu cruise around Hotaruna and Himiko

The water buses around the Hotaruna and Himiko can also be enjoyed while on board, but there are many popular sightseeing spots around the boarding place.Let’s make a plan to enjoy sightseeing and dates in the area around Tokyo Bay by making effective use of the water bus.

Odaiba Kaihin Park

Decks Tokyo Beach

“Decks Tokyo Beach” not only offers a wide range of tenants, such as shopping, but also has plenty of fun entertainment facilities such as Joypolis Tokyo, Legoland, trick art museum, Madame Tussaut Tokyo and other entertainment facilities.This is a popular sightseeing spot in Odaiba, so please drop by when you get off at Odaiba.

Oedo Hot Spring Monogatari

Oedo Onsen Monogatari is a facility where you can enjoy various baths while enjoying the town that imitates the downtown with a large yukata.There is also a footbath corner available for men and women, and it is recommended to use it on a date.You can see her yukata even if it’s a special day such as fireworks, so you can try to make a date and propose it.

Hinode Pier

Tokyo Tower

Walking from Hinode Pier to Hamamatsu-cho and Daimon, it gradually becomes a business district, and the Tokyo Tower gradually approaches after passing through the area.You can enjoy a walk while walking, so it’s a little distance, so it’s a good idea to walk on foot from the boarding place.After enjoying the scenery of the townscape from the river, let’s enjoy the view of the townscape that is empty from the observation deck.

Zojo-ji Temple

Zojo-ji Temple is the main head of the Jodo sect, and it is one of the largest temples in Tokyo.The vast view from the entrance is so powerful that it doesn’t seem to be located in Minato ward.There is also a fortune slip, so please try to pull it out when you’re on a date.Also, I recommend you to buy amulets as a souvenir for date and sightseeing.



I recommend Asakusa Temple as a sightseeing spot near the boarding grounds in Asakusa.You can visit famous sightseeing spots that you’ve ever seen, such as Nakamise Dori, which is full of emotion from famous Kaminarimon, and five-storied pagoda.You can spend a leisurely time in the temple, enjoy walking around Nakamise Street, and recommend sightseeing for sightseeing.

Tokyo Sky Tree

Near Asakusa Station, there is a “Tokyo Skytree” station, which you can also visit Tokyo Sky tree sightseeing, which is a sightseeing spot in New Asakusa.The view from the observation deck is a masterpiece, so if you haven’t been there yet, please visit it.We also have plenty of gourmet spots, so we recommend you to use lunch time or dinner time.


Lalaport and Toyosu

It is recommended to enjoy Lalaboo and Toyosu, because the boarding place of Toyosu is located in the courtyard of Lalapo and Toyosu.This is a facility where you can enjoy the various events that you can enjoy at a movie theater and seaside deck such as UNITED CINEMAS and a restaurant that you can enjoy while enjoying the night view around Tokyo Bay.

Recommended Event cruise

cruising Hotaruna / Himiko

Night Cherry Blossom Tourism Course

In the night cherry viewing course, it takes about 45 minutes to travel around Sakurabashi from Asakusa.You can enjoy the night view of the illuminated night cherry trees and the sky tree shining in the cherry blossom colors on both sides of the Sumida River, and you can spend a romantic time.It also comes with light meals and alcohol, so it is recommended for adults to date.

Sumida River Light Rafting Cruise

In the rafting cruising, you can experience the summer standard festival in Asakusa called “Toro Nagashi.”.You go from Asakusa to the vicinity of the Tobu Tetsubashi Bridge and leave the boat, and then leave the boat with a wish from the top of the boat.It is very beautiful to have a lantern where you can pray for your ancestors to pray for their ancestors’ prayers and prayers, and you can spend time with mysterious time.

First Sunrise Cruise

On the first sunrise, you can go out to Haneda and enjoy the beautiful sunrise from the beautiful scenery with nothing disturbing the building.The first sunrise from the rooftop deck is very romantic, so you can start a year in a pleasant state if you can look at the beautiful sunrise of the first Sunrise.

Sumida River Fireworks Festival Cruise

In Sumida River Fireworks Festival viewing cruise, you can see the Sumida river, which is an extremely popular fireworks display, while relaxing the Sumida River in a leisurely manner, so you can see the Sumida River Fireworks Festival.If you go on a sidewalk, it is very crowded, but you can enjoy a beautiful fireworks from the top of the boat. You can enjoy the fireworks and enjoy the fireworks, and you can enjoy the fireworks that are more memorable than the fireworks.

Christmas Night Cruise

The winter cruise has a cold and difficult image, but you can enjoy the romantic time elegantly because you can enjoy beautiful night views around Tokyo Bay if you enjoy it inside the boat.Since you are arriving and departing from Odaiba Kaihin Park, you can enjoy gourmet food and sightseeing before and after the cruise, so please consider using it when you’re doing a Christmas date.

Water buses

that you want to use during sightseeing and dating
“Hotaruna” and “Himiko” are attractive water buses that you can enjoy just by boarding on board.It not only makes you feel excited when boarding, but also allows you to appreciate the beautiful townscape of Sumida River and Odaiba from the boat, which is full of romance after boarding.Since various event cruises are also available, it is recommended to use them for special occasions.