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How nice Hotel Monterey Akasaka is

Are there many hotels in Tokyo that you can use for staying in Tokyo sightseeing or taking a break, so you have no choice but to choose a hotel?I’d like to stay in a comfortable place for a trip, too!

The popular hotel, Hotel Monterey Akasaka, which is located close to Tokyo Station and is a 5 minute walk from Akasaka-mitsuke Station, is perfect for a trip to stay!The elegant atmosphere, convenient location of access, and the interior building of your mind will soothe the fatigue of your trip.

We will introduce the charm of Hotel Monterey Akasaka, the 3 star hotel that we want to stay in!


Basic information and attractiveness of Hotel Monterey Akasaka, access information

Hotel Monterey Akasaka is very attractive in its appearance and interior, but it is also located in a place where you can access it very well.Details of the basic information and access will be introduced!

Concept of Hotel Monterey Akasaka

Hotel Monterey Akasaka can feel the direction and beliefs of hotels from a building structure with its stylish appearance and its unique artistic properties.

Hotel Monterey, which opened in 1986, has been developing hotels in various locations as a unique hotel.The concept is based on the history and climate of all parts of the world, while the European style building is based on the basic concept.

Its unique appearance and sophisticated stylish design have won a variety of urban landscape prizes, as it has become more artistic.

Monterey, the name of Hotel Monterey Akasaka, means “King of Mountains” in Spanish.The Hotel Monterey was founded on the theme of the tradition of European culture such as medieval Europe and European culture.

Also, it means that you can enjoy a high quality service by welcoming guests with Spanish best hospitality and relaxing, so you can enjoy the space that you have lost in European space!

Atmosphere at Hotel Monterey Akasaka

The appearance of Hotel Monterey Akasaka is wonderful, but the atmosphere of the building is excellent, so it is very nice!You will be fascinated by the atmosphere of the traditional appearance of the museum, and you will be surprised again by the atmosphere of exotic mood.

One of the most striking places in the museum is Swarovski Chandelier Chandelier, which has a gorgeous look of the middle ages.Also, you can enjoy the atmosphere of different countries from the decorations such as the interior of a fireplace in Europe, paintings that feel artistic, and carefully crafted stairs and doors, etc!

The elegant and elegant lobby will let you relax away from the everyday hustle and bustle.Also, the kindness of the receptionist’s kind hotel man’s response to the hotel man is well matched with the atmosphere of the building, so it is very popular.

The British style atmosphere like you are in Europe will heal your tired heart and body perfectly!

Access information and nearest station / parking lot at Hotel Monterey Akasaka

Hotel Monterey Akasaka is located in a quiet place away from the bustle and bustle even though it is close to Tokyo Station.It is located in the office district, and around the area is the Imperial Palace, Akasaka Goyochi, Jingu Gaien, and so on. The surrounding environment is good and the security of the surrounding area is good.

JR and subway

  • Get off at the Marunouchi Line on the Ginza Line of Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, and then walk 5 minutes
  • on foot A exit

    . Akasaka-mitsuke Station

  • Get off at Toei Subway Oedo Line “Aoyama 1 chome station” on Hanzomon Line, Ginza Line, and walk 8 minutes
  • 4.

  • From the JR Yamanote Line (for Tokyo), get off at Shinbashi Station, Shinbashi Station, and then get off at Marunouchi Line Akasaka-mitsuke Station on the Ginza Line of Tokyo Metro Ginza Line.
  • 5 minutes


  • It is about 5 minutes from the Metropolitan Expressway Kasumigaseki exit.Go from Uchibori Street to Aoyama-dori, and go straight straight.From Akasaka Mitsuke Intersection, you will arrive at a 400 m distance on the left side.

from Haneda Airport

  • Get off at Shinagawa Station → JR Yamanote Line (Tokyo direction) → Shin-bashi Station → Tokyo Metro Ginza Line → Akasaka-mitsuke Station on the Keihin Kyuko Line and walk 5 minutes
  • Get off at Hamamatsu-cho → JR Yamanote Line (Tokyo direction) → Shinbashi Station → Tokyo Metro Ginza Line → Akasaka-mitsuke Station, and walk 5 minutes
  • . Tokyo Monorail

  • Take the shuttle bus to Tokyo Station for about 50 minutes, then get off at Tokyo Metro Ginza Line on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line and get off at Akasaka-mitsuke Station (5 minutes
  • ).

from Narita Airport

  • Take the shuttle bus to Tokyo Station for about 80 minutes, then get off at Tokyo Metro Ginza Line on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line and get off at Akasaka-mitsuke Station (5 minutes
  • ).

  • 80 minutes by JR Narita Express, get off at Tokyo Metro Ginza Line on Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, and walk 5 minutes
  • Akasaka-mitsuke Station

The hotel parking lot is a three dimensional parking lot.Also, you need to make a reservation by a reservation system.

Address : Akasaka 4-9-24, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107 – 0052
Phone Number : 03 – 3401 – 7111
Parking time : PM 15:00 to the following AM 11:00 (PM 15:00) and AM 11:00 (30 minutes every minutes). 400.)
Usage fee : 2,000 yen per 1 night stay for 1 guests
Parking Style : Mechanical
Parking space : 5.3 m in car length, 2.0 m in height, 2.0 m in car width
Number of parking units : 20 units

Hotel Monterey Akasaka is a 5 minute walk from Akasaka-mitsuke Station, so it’s really convenient because you can walk by walking from the station!

Hotel Monterey Akasaka Check In / Out / Number of Rooms

The guest rooms in Hotel Monterey Akasaka have little extra decorations, and they have a relaxed atmosphere in British style.In addition, the amenity of each amenities is excellent, and the comfortable living environment of the hotel is established.

  • Number of guest rooms … 196 rooms (all rooms in non-smoking rooms)
  • Check In : PM 15:00
  • Check Out : AM 11:00

There are many bed types, so it’s nice that you can choose a variety of bed.All rooms are non-smoking rooms, so you can enjoy it without worrying about the smell!

What is the free rental smartphone that can be used in Hotel Monterey Akasaka?

In recent years, public phones have almost never seen public phones, and mobile phones have become a key tool for communication.But there should be people who don’t have a mobile phone, and some people forget their mobile phone on their destination.

Hotel Monterey Akasaka has installed a portable phone called “handy” in all rooms, which is free of charge for people without mobile phones, in all rooms.It’s convenient as a contact tool because it’s very easy to use just by default.

Not only is it possible to use a phone in a hotel guest room, but it’s convenient that you can use it on any outside trip!Moreover, it is attractive that not only the Internet and Japan but also the international call (6 countries) can be used free of charge.

I have come to Tokyo sightseeing, but if you want to carry a heavy tourist book, I would appreciate it if you could lend me a free mobile phone for free of charge.

What is “Best Rate Guarantee” at Hotel Monterey Akasaka? 3.

When you want to stay at Hotel Monterey Akasaka, it is guaranteed that it is the cheapest to apply when you apply on the official website.

If you make a reservation on the official site of Hotel Monterey Akasaka, but you are selling it at a lower price at the same hotel (under the same condition), it is better to contact the hotel’s exclusive form within 24 hours of the reservation.

In that case, if the best rate is not met and the best rate is protected, you can stay at the lowest price that you heard from the customer’s notice.

Best Rate Guarantee Condition

  • Same Hotel
  • The same number of people
  • The same date (arrival date and departure date)
  • Type of same room
  • The same Liquidation Method
  • Same stay time (Check In / Out)
  • The same cancel condition
  • The same service benefit

The Hotel Monterey Akasaka, which has the best rate guarantee system, is not subject to the following, so it is important to check it out!

Best Rate Guaranteed Condition

  • Charges
  • for a particular member organization

  • Fees
  • that do not generally public, such as corporate contract fees

  • Charges
  • that cannot be reserved on the Web, such as phone reservation only

  • Charges for prepaid pre-requisites such as a fee credit card coupon voucher, a voucher and a voucher with facilities other than accommodations, meals, and transportation
  • The fee
  • where the credit card number is required when booking is made.

  • Auction Site Fee
  • Travel fee by travel agencies
  • that the hotel can’t be involved in

  • Rates that vary with exchange rates

I would love to stay at Akasaka Hotel Monterey, which is safe and safe, and pays careful consideration to money.

Wi-Fi Internet Environment at Akasaka Hotel Monterey

You can use it only if Wi-Fi is connected to Wi-Fi, but when you go out, the Internet environment will be limited.At Hotel Monterey Akasaka, the Internet environment has been set up so that the Internet environment can be used comfortably.

You can enjoy the internet by 1 people, and you can also find a lot of sightseeing spots around your friends and family!I recommend you to use the Internet while enjoying the schedule of the next day.

We have wireless LAN access points on the lobby and guest room floor immediately after entering the hotel.Also, I’m happy to be able to make a Wi-Fi connection to each guest room in the hotel and use the Internet fully.

Hotel Monterey Akasaka in Early Check-in / Late checkout

I’m expecting an important time to stay on a trip!It’s a nice Hotel Monterey Akasaka, so I’m sure you’ll want to use it faster than check in!Also, it will be comfortable, so you will want to stay longer.

At Hotel Monterey Akasaka, you can pay for early check-in which is faster than prescribed time and late check-out, and you can also pay extra fee by paying a late check out!

But the room reservation and vacancy conditions on the front and back sides will also differ.Therefore, you might want to ask them when they are available or when they are not.

Staying with pets at Hotel Monterey Akasaka

It is hard to ask whether you accompany your pet with you or not.At Hotel Monterey Akasaka, it seems that you don’t accept accommodation with pets.I want to knead the plan of travel with my mind.

As an exception, it seems to be accepted for a guide dog or a guide dog that is part of a life and help.In that case, if you ask beforehand, you will be able to give a detailed consideration!

Advance shipment of luggage at Hotel Monterey Akasaka

If you want to send your luggage to Hotel Monterey Akasaka before your stay, you can enter the date and the name of the reservation in the note column of the parcel delivery letter and advance mail.If there are many packages used for sightseeing and business, it is convenient to use this advance mail.

Hotel Monterey Akasaka Guest Room and Lodging Fee

Let’s know the attractive guest rooms of Hotel Monterey Akasaka and their lodging fees!

Hotel Monterey Akasaka Guest Room

  • Standard Single
  • Standard Double
  • Queen Double
  • Casual Twin
  • Standard Twin
  • Corner Twin
  • Deluxe twin (* Extra bed is 4,000 yen, baby bed free)

There are many bed types, so you can choose depending on the number of adults and children, and the usage situation!It is very nice to have free baby bed for families with small children!

There are many kinds of amenities such as pajamas and facial wash goods, so you can stay in the room for a night even if you forget to bring them.If you don’t have enough, you will be able to deal with it at the reception desk.

So that you can enjoy comfortable hotel life, you can make a calm bed or a room with a room!

Hotel Monterey Akasaka Accommodation Fee

When you stay at Hotel Monterey Akasaka, the accommodation fee differs depending on the plan.It is very convenient to stay at the cheapest standard plan, such as 1 night and 1 person 4,500 yen (breakfast selection system), so I’m glad to hear that!

In a typical style of lodging, check in is 15:00 and check out is 11:00, but there are plans to check out for those who want to be slow up to 12:00.

There is also a plan that can be used for day-use without any day.I have come here for sightseeing, and it’s convenient to have a plan that can be used casually when you don’t have to stay for 1 nights or if you want to take a break.

You can use the fare at a reasonable price, depending on the purpose such as sightseeing, business, break, etc.To stay at Hotel Monterey Akasaka, it is important to make a lodging style and a plan!

Hotel Monterey Akasaka Offer Lodging Plan

I’d like to use Hotel Monterey Akasaka if there is a recommended accommodation plan!I will introduce a hotel plan where hotels can be confidently introduced!

Recommended lodging plan

  • Upgrade Commitment / Special Sale (Breakfast Selectable) : 1 person 5,000 yen ~
  • Family and Girls’ Association!Loose safety stay (Special Bonus : Late out 12 pm) (Breakfast selectable) : 1 person 5,700 yen ~
  • (Limited to day / month) Akasaka STAY!(Choice of breakfast) : 1 person 4,500 yen ~
  • (Web only) Full bovic acid Aromatic treatment (Facial & amp ; Body 180 minutes, Breakfast selectable) : 1 person 34,000 yen ~
  • (Limited to women) The best lady plan (choice of breakfast) with a happy scent of fragrance (choice of breakfast) : 1 people 7,700 yen ~
  • (Limited Esthetic Plan) 60 minutes of price!90 minutes of free upgrade (choice of breakfast) : 1 people 19,000 yen ~
  • (Limited Esthetic Plan) 90 minutes of price!120 minutes of free upgrade (choice of breakfast) : 1 people 22,000 yen ~
  • (Running to the custom) RunningAKASAKA (with a fresh morning feature) : 1 people 7,450 yen ~
  • Akasaka’s long-established sweets shop, “Tatae” coffee ticket, and Akasaka (breakfast choice) in Akasaka (breakfast selection) : 1 5,850 yen ~
  • Tokyo Search Plan (TokyoSubway 24 – including hourTicket, breakfast selection) : 1 people 5,200 yen ~
  • (incl. official site limited privilege), night plan, special privilege, breakfast selection : 1 4,200 yen ~
  • (Official site limited / Early discount 60) Early reservation (choice of breakfast) : 1 people 4,650 yen ~
  • (Casual 60 minutes) Relaxing Relax Stay (choice of breakfast) : 1 people 19,000 yen ~
  • (Slowly 90 min. Esterase) Relaxing Relax Stay (Choice of breakfast) : 22,000 yen ~
  • 1 person

  • (extravagant 120 minutes) Relaxing relax Stay (choice of breakfast) : 1 people 26,000 yen ~
  • (Limited to date) Day off plan (choice of breakfast) : 1 person 4,600 yen ~

It is difficult to choose a lot of lodging plans because it has a detailed setting and a good sense of interest, but it is also a 1 fun.If you can use the plan well by the purpose of lodging, you can fully enjoy Hotel Monterey Akasaka!

Cancellation fee for Hotel Monterey Akasaka

Even though I have made a reservation at Hotel Monterey Akasaka, I have a chance to work suddenly, but sometimes I’m not feeling well.In such case, you can cancel the reservation until when you cancel it, and you will be concerned about the cost of the cancellation.

There is no cancellation fee of 20% on the day before staying at Hotel Monterey Akasaka, 80% in 不泊, and 100% in the day.The cancellation rule may differ depending on individual circumstances such as plan and reservation situation.

Because it depends on which way your reservation path is, you should be sure to ask for more information.

Meals and restaurants at Akasaka Hotel Monterey

In Hotel Monterey Akasaka, there are delicious dishes from various countries!It is a key point to decide whether to enjoy a high-class dish that is unique to hotels, so I’m looking forward to it.

Breakfast style breakfast buffet style breakfast Hotel Monterey

The meal that is one of the greatest pleasures to stay on a trip would be expected to be a hotel!At Hotel Monterey Akasaka, breakfast is held in buffet form.

The buffet style breakfast room with luxurious taste is crowded with guests staying leisurely, but it seems to be eaten in a relaxed atmosphere.It is a perfect breakfast in the morning when you welcome it in an elegant mood!

You can eat breakfast menu that combine Japanese food and Western food with a delicious dog bread in a hotel, or you can make it freely with a morning parfait.There are plenty of dishes available in both Japanese and Western dishes, so you can enjoy the fun you choose!

There are various fruits and serial drinks, so you can get energetic power from the morning from the morning!Also, coffee can be taken out to your room, so you can enjoy it slowly later.

Sum and Western buffet details

  • Business Hours : AM 7:00 ~ 10:00 (last order … AM 9:30)
  • Buffet fee. 1 people 2,200 yen (including tax and service charge)

Recommended restaurants near Akasaka Hotel Monterey Akasaka Spagna Akasakamitsuke / Spanish cuisine

The viking that is attached to Hotel Monterey Akasaka is also nice, but I recommend you to eat a dish that is delicious around the hotel!

“Balmal E Spagna Akasakamitsuke” is a chain store based on Spanish cuisine.Because we have a lot of wine that we have bought directly from Europe, it’s an exciting store for wine lovers!

We recommend Ajillo, which is rich in Spanish cuisine line-up, and Ajillo, which is a standard Spanish omelet.You can enjoy casual meals with family and friends!

Address : Akasaka 3-20-6, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107 – 0052
Business Day : Daily
Business hours : Month to Tree, Soil, Holiday, National holiday, PM 17:00 to AM 2:00, Gold. PM 17:00 to AM 3:00
Phone Number : 03 – 6426 – 5955

Recommended restaurants around Hotel Monterey Akasaka Akasaka-Akasaka-Mitsuke / Italian

For those who like Italian and oyster dishes, I recommend the “Oostrea Akasakamitsuke” store!At this store, it is a Oyster Bar & restaurant that mainly sells oysters.

Oysters are food that tastes very different from fresh oysters, but this oyster is really fresh oysters, so you can enjoy the delicious taste of fresh oysters.There are various kinds of oysters, so they want to try oyster lovers at once.

Not only seafood oysters, but also restaurant menus, we focus on cooking new kilns and steak.If you want to eat a unique and delicious dish!

Address : 10-4 moon Building 1 f, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107 – 0052
Business Day : Monday to Saturday, Sunday holidays
Hours of business : AM 11:30 to PM 14:30, PM 17:00 to AM 1:00
Phone Number : 050 – 5303 – 4457

Recommended restaurants around Akasaka Hotel Monterey [Norita] / Yakiniku

If you like a meat lover, how about Yakiniku with “Norita”?You can enjoy the rare phantom kuroge wagyu “bean” of the Imperial family in this store at this store in this store, and you can enjoy it for 1 times!It’s best that you can enjoy the meat that you can only enjoy here in Tokyo near Akasaka Hotel Monterey.

It is not a popular atmosphere of Izakaya, but it is a store that is rich in luxury, and it is also a shop where celebrities often use it.It is said that the unique rare “Wagyu beef tongue” and “3 seconds roast” of “Gentta Taro” will melt in your mouth when you enter 1 mouths.I would like to try meat that I can’t usually eat!

Address : 2-8, Akasaka, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107 – 0052, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan, 4
Business Day : Daily
Hours of business : PM 17:00 PM to PM 23:30
Phone Number : 03 – 6441 – 2953

Recommended sightseeing spots around Akasaka Hotel Monterey

The area around Akasaka Hotel Monterey is a quiet office district, but there are many sightseeing spots with a history!Since there is a famous place to visit when you come to Tokyo, it is convenient to access it, so I recommend it!


The famous Kabukiza, located in Ginza, located in Ginza, about 25 minutes by train from Hotel Monterey Akasaka, is one of the sightseeing spots that you will want to visit!It is worth seeing a Kabuki actor’s watch at once in his life!

Not only watch theater, but there are also souvenir shops where you can buy many ornamental goods, a rooftop garden with beautiful scenery, and a sweets shop where you can relax in a relaxing mood.

Also, you can visit Kabukiza gallery where costumes and props are displayed on the stage.Kabuki is a place where people who like Kabuki for the first time can enjoy Kabuki, too!

Address : 4 chome, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104 – 0061, Tokyo, Japan, 12-15
Business Day : Year-Round
Hours of business : AM 8:00 to PM 21:00
Phone Number : 03 – 3545 – 6800

Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace, located about 20 minutes walk from Akasaka Hotel Monterey, is a unique spot in Japan.It is also a place where you can see the Edo Castle, so it is wonderful to stroll with your thoughts on history!

Of course, because it is the Imperial palace, the security of the surrounding area is excellent.Walking in a relaxed mood is perfect for relaxing time!

Also, there is a lot of greenery around the Imperial Palace, so it is famous as a place for walking and running, and it is also famous as a place for walking and running.Why don’t you try walking or running as you refresh in the morning’s cool time?

Senso-ji Temple

Asakusa Temple, located in Asakusa, about 40 minutes by train from Hotel Monterey Akasaka, is one of the most famous tourist spots in Tokyo, and it is famous for its “Kaminarimon” as it is famous for sightseeing in Asakusa.

The giant lantern of Kaminarimon has a strong presence in the torii, and it appeals to Asakusa.The height is about 11,7 m, so it’s really great!If you come for sightseeing with your family or friends, it will be a beautiful spot that you will definitely want to keep in your photo.

Many souvenir shops are known as “Nakamise Street” as there are more than 90 shops.After passing through this street, you can see the main hall of the shrine, such as five storied pagoda, Hozo gate, and incense burner.

I also recommend you to draw a fortune on Tokyo tourist memorial or lucky luck!

Address : 3-1 chome, Asakusa 2 chome, Dai-ku Ward, Tokyo 111 – 0032
Business Day : Daily
Hours of business : Gates AM 6:00 to closed gate PM 18:00 (AM 6:30 open from October to March, 3 excluding New Year’s Day of the day)
Phone Number : 03 – 3842 – 0181

Tokyo Sky Tree

Tokyo Sky Tree, located about 45 minutes by train from Hotel Monterey Akasaka, is a new name in Tokyo.If you climb Skytree’s skyscraper, you can get a panoramic view of Tokyo!

The height is 634 m, Tokyo Skytree is the highest in Japan, so there are many places to see when you climb.You can enjoy the application that allows you to navigate around the best spot that can look around 350 degrees from the top deck.

At a restaurant on 345 m above ground, you can enjoy a nice view of Edo Tokyo, where you can enjoy eating and resting while enjoying a beautiful view.

After seeing the beautiful scenery, you can find a good souvenir when you go to a souvenir shop in Tokyo Sky Tree!

Address : Sumida City Oshijo 1 chome, Oshijo chome, Tokyo 131 – 0045 1-2
Business Day : Daily
Hours of business : AM 8:00 to PM 10:00
Phone number : 0570 – 55 – 0634 (full day 9:00 ~ 20:00)

Water Bus

About 45 minutes from Hotel Monterey Akasaka, there is Odaiba where you can enjoy shopping and amusement, and there is a hot spring resort Odaiba.

There are many facilities where you can play, and there are Palette town Ferris wheel, Rainbow Bridge, and Odaiba-kaihinkoen.On a sunny day, you can also enjoy sightseeing from Odaiba to Asakusa on a water bus.

The “Hotaruna” and “Himiko” of water buses that connect tourist attractions in Tokyo on water will be around Odaiba, Asakusa, and Toyosu.There are different routes from each location, so you can get a lot of space from various places!The view from the water, which is different from the scenery seen from the ground, has a superb view, and it has a special feeling.

The Hotaruna and Himiko, which look a bit stylish, will make you feel better just by riding, so it will be fun to ride together with couples and friends!The price is 1000 to 2000 yen, so you can buy it without hassle, so I recommend you to buy it!

Address : Odaiba 1-4-1 (Odaiba), Minato-ku, Tokyo 135 – 0064
Business Day : Daily
Hours of business : AM 9:30 ~
Official Site : https://www.suijobus.co.jp/index.html


Hotel Monterey Akasaka not only has a wonderful atmosphere of European style, but it has various consideration and service unique to Monterey, so you can enjoy it!It would be very valuable to spend a trip life in a calm atmosphere in Tokyo, a big city in the city.

In addition, Akasaka in Tokyo is excellent, and the security of the surrounding area is excellent.It is convenient access for sightseeing, so there are many recommended points to enjoy such as business trip, a little break, a break, etc!

Please be sure to enjoy a wonderful hotel life by using Hotel Monterey Akasaka!