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How to enjoy Ikebukuro Engeijo Theate

Do you know Ikebukuro Engeijo Theater?It is Yose at the entrance to the central street of the west first avenue in front of Ikebukuro station.In Tokyo, there are four Yose theaters called Yose, which are held every day, in Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Asakusa and Ueno, but Ikebukuro Engeijo Theater is one of them.

This time I will introduce you to this Ikebukuro Engeijo Theater.There may be some people who think Yose is a high threshold, but it doesn’t happen.Why don’t we go out to Ikebukuro Engeijo Theater to see Rakugo and Manzai, where we get a lot of information from Ikebukuro Engeijo Theater and laugh and cheer up?

Basic information in Ikebukuro Engeijo Theater

First of all, the basic information of Ikebukuro Engeijo Theater.

Address : Toshima City 171 – 0021 Nishiikebukuro 1 chome, 23-1 elkrusevil,, Tokyo 1
Phone number : 03 – 3971 – 4545

The first floor of the building in the shopping street is the entrance, and you get down to the basement from there.There is a lantern and an uphill at the entrance, and you may hear the sound of Taiko depending on the time.It looks like an expedition to a secret room in the basement, and it’s exciting from the entrance.

Ikebukuro Engeijo Theater is

Ikebukuro Engeijo Theater is an entertainment hall that was founded in 19 51.In 19 51, the postwar reconstruction began to flourish, and private broadcasters started to start and people wanted to seek entertainment.In the midst of this, Ikebukuro Engeijo Theater opened its doors.

At that time, Ikebukuro Engeijo Theater was an entertainment hall with all tatami seats on the third floor of the movie theater and also equipped with Sajiki.However, at that time, Ikebukuro seemed to have been struggling to enter the entertainment hall because it was a region where post-war reconstruction was slow and it was a commercial center.

After the renovation after renovation in 1993, the entertainment hall moved to the basement floor and became 92 seats.The back of this chair comes with an assembly table like a bullet train.It is OK to bring food and drink, and it is possible to eat and drink in the same way.

In addition, Ikebukuro Engeijo Theater is a small entertainment hall located in a limited space on the basement floor.I can feel the breathfulness and expression of the performer, and I like this entertainment hall!There are a lot of favorites.

Yose, a traditional Japanese art, is expensive!You may think of it, but you can enjoy Yose at an affordable price, such as various discounts.Why don’t you go to a small, homey Ikebukuro Engeijo Theater?

Access to Ikebukuro Engeijo Theater Parking lots, parking lots, and nearest stations

Ikebukuro Engeijo Theater is a location close to Ikebukuro Station and is very accessible from the train.

Go by train

● 1 minute walk from the east exit of JR East and Ikebukuro station

After leaving the north exit, turn left and move to the left by about 50 m.If you see the gate on the west first avenue, you’ll get there.There’s a Ikebukuro Engeijo Theater on your left hand just after you get through the gate.It’s easy to understand as there is a signboard of up and programs.

● 1 minute walk from Exit 12 of the Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line, Marunouchi Line, Tobu Tojo Line Ikebukuro Station.

Exit exit number 12, go to the Bank of Tokyo-Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, walk to the right, and walk to the right. The left hand, which is about 15 m away, is the gate of’ Nishi Ichiban Bangai’ (west first avenue).Just go through the gate and it’s on your left hand.

Parking information on car

● Coin parking
Park Net Nishiikebukuro 1 Chome fifth parking car 3 (about 90 m)
Park Net Nishiikebukuro 1 Chome fourth parking car 6 (about 90 m)
Park Net Nishiikebukuro 1 Chome second parking car 15 (about 110 m)
8 to 26 15 300 yen 2 to 8 60 300 yen maximum 4 hours 1500 yen
● Public parking
The public underground parking lot at Ikebukuro Nishiguchi City Hall (231 cars) (about 120 m)
6 to 24 30 320 yen 24 to 6 60 320 yen

* The public underground parking lot is cheaper during the daytime, but the maximum price is not set, so if you consider the maximum price, 2.If it is within 5 hours to 4 hours, the coin parking fee is cheaper.Let’s choose the parking time and the number of parking.

Ikebukuro Engeijo Theater operating date and time, rates, congestion time, ticket reservation method

Business Day

12:00 ~ 21:00 every day except between 12/29 and 12/31 of the year-end
On the first to tenth of every month, it is held.
On the eleventh to the twentieth of every month (Nakaba)
The twenty first to thirtieth days of every month
On December thirty first (month in which there are 31 days in December), the plan of the project is held.
* The Rakugo Association and the Rakugo Art association are in charge every 10 days, and the program and the performer change.

Business Hours
(first – tenth) (11 – 20 days)

Day and night open Performance Final performance
Day of day 12:00 12:30 16:30
Night 17:00 20:30

* Except for the special show, you don’t have to change the day or night.You can see it from noon to night.

(from August twenty first to thirtieth)

Day and night open Performance Final performance
Day of day 13:30 14:00 17:15
Night 17:30 18:00 20:30

※ There is a daily change between the day of the day and the evening of the night.

– 31 days’ remaining meeting
On December thirty first except December, the performances are held, but the time is different depending on the plan, so you need to make sure to check.

Ikebukuro Engeijo Theater’s rate (Kido, Kikido)

(first – tenth) (11 – 20 days)

2,500 yen, 2,000 yen for students, 1,500 yen for children
(The special show may change the price.)

Yukata and Kimono discount : 2,000 yen (for both day and night)
Junior high school student discount : 1,500 yen
Silver discount : 65 years of age or older : 2,000 yen (presentation of certificates for both day and night)
Parent’s discount : 1,000 yen for children’s fee

(from August twenty first to thirtieth)

Day : 2,000 yen for general and student, 1,500 yen for children (special show may be changed)
Evening : The daily fee varies depending on the daily special meeting.

Parent’s discount : 1,000 yen for children’s fee

● The fee varies depending on the plan on the thirty first.

Congestion Time and Congestion Information
It is often available during the daytime on weekdays, but at the time of the popular Rakugo storytellers, there are some cases where there is a standing watch.It is also crowded during the year-end and new year and Senshu Raku, and it may be seen as standing or overflowing.Get information, and try to get there early at the time of the popular performers and programs.

Ticket Reservation Methods

Tickets for Ikebukuro Engeijo Theater usually don’t have to be reserved or pre-sold, but they are purchased at the ticket counter at the local ticket office on the day.However, the special performance of the popular Rakugo storyteller and the special meeting of the Rakugo Association seem to sell advance tickets.
Get the latest information on the web page.
Ikebukuro Engeijo Theater URL : http://www.ike-en.com/
Rakugo Kyokai URL : http://rakugo-kyokai.jp/
The Rakugo Art association URL : https://www.geikyo.com/index.php

Entry Ikebukuro Engeijo Theater
Yose in Ikebukuro Engeijo Theater is a non-reserved seat, and it is a uniform fee.You can go to and out of the hall freely, so you can casually go to see Yose without being swayed by time.Especially (from August first to tenth) (11 – 20 days), since there is no change between daytime and night, it is possible to enter at the afternoon part and leave at night.

In the case of entering halfway, be careful not to disturb other visitors, such as the time when the performer shifts to the front seat.

Attraction and enjoyment Ikebukuro Engeijo

Ikebukuro Engeijo Theater has fewer seats than other seats, so the storyteller and the audience can enjoy a sense of unity.In addition, every seat is close to a storyteller, and the gesture, expression and gesture, and voice are very well conveyed.

In addition, Ikebukuro Engeijo Theater has a long time per person compared to other seats, so it seems that Rakugo storytellers sometimes perform a new program or challenge other programs that can’t be performed at other Yose.It is a small entertainment hall, but there are many good things.Why don’t you go to Ikebukuro Engeijo Theater?

Here are some highlights of “Rakugo” (Rakugo), Manzai (manzai), and magic (“magic”) held in Ikebukuro Engeijo Theater.


Rakugo is a kind of storytelling performance, and it is characterized by the fact that there is “Ochi” at the end of the story.A storyteller sits on a Zabuton, with gestures and gestures, while changing his voice, he performs the story by himself and continues to speak.

It expresses everything from a storyteller, a background of a background, a storyteller, and a small instrument such as a fan or a towel to express everything.It is a traditional performing art that requires sophisticated conversational skills because it is simple.

Let’s enjoy the world of imagination by being drawn into the story by the storyteller of the storyteller.


Manzai is a speech performance by 2 people mainly.He laughed at the 2 funny quarrels.Many have a role called blur and tsukkomi, and jokes often talk about funny things during conversation, and they get laughed at by a clear mistake or misunderstanding in the conversation.

On the other hand, the role of Tsukkomi plays a role to quickly make the mistakes of the fool and the role to inform the audience of the blur and the role of the story.

You can enjoy it with the exquisite combination of 2 people, and you can enjoy it with a smile!


In Ikebukuro Engeijo Theater, there are a variety of arts called Iromono in the program in the programs so that the audience doesn’t get tired other than Rakugo and Manzai.It is a melody that uses shamisen (a traditional Japanese shamisen), a folk song, a paper cut, and a magic.

In Ikebukuro Engeijo Theater, magic is described as magic in the program table.The magic show, seen between Rakugo and Manzai, is fresh!

Ikebukuro Engeijo Theater Summary

Ikebukuro Engeijo Theater is an entertainment hall where you can smile from the bottom of your belly and cheer up.And the traditional Japanese performing art called Yose is a place where it seems wonderful.

Unlike when you hear Yose in a big hall at a local performance, Ikebukuro Engeijo Theater is a small space, and it is very close to a storyteller.The sense of unity between the Hanashika and the audience is exceptional.

The Rakugo that I hear live is the best.Why don’t we go to Ikebukuro Engeijo Theater to experience a very pleasant time that we can share energy from a storyteller?